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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Rates rise by 0.25% - and your household budget. what that means to you The Beaconsfield waiting game - from freeing trapped miners. what's preventing rescuers and a likely murder charge. And Gordon Wood en route to Australia

Ten News with Natarsha Belling.

Good morning.

rescue mission It's day 8 of the Beaconsfield two trapped miners and the bid to free its most dangerous stage. is now entering is in Beaconsfield. Ten reporter Eddy Meyer today? Eddy, what is expected to happen

We've just had an update from the

mind. The managers have concerned mind. The managers have concerned - fee be a rescue mission will start today. was a hive of activity overnight The Beaconsfield mine as workers poured concrete to cut through 12m of rock that will anchor the massive drill to the trapped men. physically and mentally fit Keeping Todd Russell and Brant Webb a major priority. have been sending items. Over the night, both of the families some deodorant and some toothpaste - The Webbs have sent down after seven days. probably not a bad idea to their cramped chamber, And down the access pipe a digital camera. they've also been supplied And they're able to point the camera

fairly cramped environment, around the various parts of their the rescuers and that helps actually guide to rescue the blokes, to the best spot rescue themselves. so the blokes are helping

Once the anchor concrete sets, of the rescue tunnel can begin. the all-important drilling until late this week But it may still not be

finally see daylight. that Todd Russell and Brant Webb The strain of the waiting game of Brant Webb's father, John. showing on the face But after more than a week below,

their sense of humour. their sons haven't lost for a meat pie I think there was a request

wanted eggs and bacon, and I know that Brant but that's just not possible.

what's on the menu. Doctors strictly controlling for the patients, We have a feeding regime in place

they're getting food, and they're getting water, to keep them in good spirits. and we're doing our best Gareth Boreham, Ten News. In Beaconsfield, Tasmania, something holding up the mission. Eddy, every day there seems to be Why is it taking so long?

today. Enter is this very complex. It

is not a matter of Loring up a droll.

They need oath stable platform. It They need oath stable platform.

will allow the droll to sit safely in

place. In a few hours when there are place. In a few hours when there are

concrete slab tries, they have added

and accelerate to let. They don't

want to move them quickly. They don't want to move them quickly.

want to go too fast we it disrupts

the rock around it. They want to make

sure that these two miners come out of there are

from Beaconsfield. Thanks, Eddy. Ten's Eddy Meyer live

Bad news for borrowers - rates by 0.25% this morning. the Reserve Bank lifting interest is in Canberra. Shadow Treasurer Wayne Swan of high petrol prices, Mr Swan, coming on top possible news for families. this is probably the worst of there are safely. Enter it will

certainly put a lot of families under

certainly put a lot of families under

pressure. For a family with a

$300,000 alone, it is $49 a month

extra. The government is expected to

give tax cuts to middle Australia in

next week's Budget. Would it be next week's Budget.

enough to offset the mortgage enough to offset the mortgage hike?

Be war have to be attacks reform I

think. At the moment the mothers were

returning back to work by losing

money. We have to do something about

that. That will provide tax relief.

The amount the Government can The amount the Government can spent

is a question mark. We will have to

be pretty tough on spending.

Enterjoining us is David Halliday at

the Macquarie Bank? Enter what's the Macquarie Bank? Enter

behind this decision?

behind this decision? Therehard there

are higher interest rates. There is a are higher interest rates.

precautionary move by lifting

interest rates by 0.25 per cent. interest rates by 0.25 per cent. Are

we going to see more rate

we going to see more rate rises? We we going to see more rate rises?

don't think they will be took many

rises, if any, between now and the rises, if any, between now and

end of the year. Given the fact that end of the year. Given the fact

they have moved rates that, we think

it may be unlikely to be another rate

rise. When Swan was arguing rise. When Swan was arguing it

warhead family is hard. Can families

cope with this? It cope with this? It would definitely

have people hard with people spending

more money on petrol prices. In the

today with market, we have seen the reaction

today with stocks and Harvey Norman

of slower consumer come down. That is her anticipation

other finance figures, A quick look at the day's is trading in positive territory. and the Australian share market

Sydney model Caroline Byrne The man accused of killing

is about to touch down in Singapore. back to Australia Gordon Wood is on a flight as early as tomorrow. and could face court

by New South Wales detectives Handcuffed and accompanied onto the tarmac. heavily armed police lead Gordon Wood

and a suspected murder charge, Bound for Sydney to face court tomorrow the 43-year-old is expected girlfriend more than a decade ago. over the death of his model at the bottom of The Gap, Caroline Byrne's body was found in Sydney's east, a notorious suicide spot in June 1995. to the late stockbroker Rene Rivkin, Wood, who was chauffeur

model's death on several occasions. was interviewed by police about the

further investigations last year But it was only after enough evidence to arrest him. that police felt they had Wood was taken into custody in London last month. this company-paid apartment He'd been living in and working as a business consultant. He's expected to apply for bail so he can stay with his mother.

Kate Donnison, Ten News. after Jake Kovco's funeral, Less than 24 hours about his death in Baghdad. new information has emerged Private Kovco was alone in his room Reports this morning indicate nearly two weeks ago. when he was shot with his own weapon was typing on his laptop computer It's believed the 25-year-old

and handling the handgun shortly before his death. Two other soldiers had reportedly been in the room but neither saw what happened. Jake Kovco was the first Australian to be killed in Iraq. He was farewelled in his home town yesterday.

Investigators have begun sifting through the rubble of the building which exploded in Adelaide's CBD.

A man was found dead inside, and police have retrieved petrol cans.

Ten's Gabrielle Boyle has more.

Here in Adelaide's CBD, Perry Street has reopened more than 24 hours after that massive blast which wiped out several businesses and tore the front and back of many buildings. Yesterday afternoon rescue crews pulled the body of 49-year-old cafe owner, Frank Levato out of the rubble. His business was at the centre of the blast.

His car was found parked at the rear of the shops.

plea is investigations continue into

the cause of the blast. Several

petrol cans were found at the thing. Bewigged earlier suggestions

Bewigged earlier suggestions the

blast may have been fuelled by a gas blast may have been fuelled by a gas leak. Surrounding shop owners are

reporting losses into the thousands.

Crews have pulled down the front of

the building. It has been blocked the building. It has been blocked off

to the public. There is little doubt

the entire building will eventually

have to be demolished.

Three truck accidents have thrown Melbourne's peak-hour traffic into chaos. The first truck jack-knifed and smashed into a barrier while travelling outbound on the Monash freeway around 6:30 this morning. A short time later

a truck travelling in the other direction also hit a barrier spilling diesel onto the road. A firetruck, on its way to help out, also crashed adding to the mayhem.

Real intruders at the 'Big Brother' reality TV set overnight. Three men arrested and charged after being caught inside security barriers at the Channel Ten house on Queensland's Gold Coast. The men, in their 20s, are believed to have spent the day at Dreamworld before trying to access to the compound. Security personnel wasted no time telling them it was time to go. They'll face court on trespass charges today. The emergency plan to protect New Orleans from next month's hurricane season - details when the Morning News returns. And Gary Glitter's jail cell interview - his extraordinary defence for having sex with children.

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This program is captioned live. An Australian contractor in Iraq is recovering in hospital

after being injured in a roadside bomb. It's believed two Fijian colleagues were killed in the explosion which overturned their vehicle about 50km south of Baghdad.

It comes as two German men have been released after being held hostage for more than three months. A militant group kidnapped the engineers in January. The captors later released a video and threatened to kill the men unless demands were met. Police have clashed with migrant protesters in the US. A rally in L.A. turned violent when demonstrators threw rocks and bottles at police. Two men were arrested and charged with assault. Millions of mainly Hispanic migrants took to the streets yesterday in a day of action. Protesters insisted they deserve full citizenship despite being illegal immigrants. One month out from hurricane season

and New Orleans has released a new emergency plan. The mayor determined to avoid a repeat of the Hurricane Katrina disaster which left more than 1,300 people dead.

With New Orleans still rebuilding from the last hurricane, the plan, if they get hit again, is simple - everyone must go. Read my lips - this is a plan for getting people out of the city.

There is no shelter of last resort. Unlike last time, evacuees won't be allowed inside the Superdome or Convention Centre. Instead, buses and trains will be used to take residents without cars to shelters outside the city

with stranded tourists flown out as 3,000 National Guardsmen are brought in. But, as the Mayor announced his plan, construction crews were still working on the one thing that can save the city - the damaged levee system. The levee systems are being rebuilt to better, higher, safer standards than we've ever had in the history of this city. If there is a catastrophe critics say the Federal Emergency Management Agency,

which oversaw Katrina, is not up to job. FEMA is discredited, demoralised and dysfunctional. It is beyond repair. Forecasters predict the US can expect up to nine major hurricanes this season. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. At least 26 people have been killed after a bus plunged off a bridge in western India.

It's believed there were more than 50 passengers on board

when the driver lost control and veered off the bridge into a dry riverbed. 15 other people are in a critical condition. Volunteers pulled survivors from the bus before emergency helicopters flew them to hospital. Disgraced pop star Gary Glitter has spoken out for the first time since being convicted of sleeping with underage girls in Vietnam. From his prison cell the glam rocker says he's not a paedophile,

although he admits he was unsure of the legal age of consent. This is Gary Glitter's second time in prison.

He was convicted in Vietnam in February of molesting an 11-year-old and a 12-year-old girl. In the UK, he served time for downloading 4,000 child pornography images. You've been convicted here,

you've been moved from Britain, to Gibraltar, to Cuba, to Thailand, to Cambodia, to Vietnam. I mean, it's like a beginner's guide to paedophilia. Why is it I am not aware of this? I'm not a paedophile. So I'm not aware of these things. You know, I haven't done anything. You haven't slept with an underage girl? Not to my knowledge that she's been underage. No, I have not. I know the line to cross. It was only until recently that I had found out that underage is 18 in this country. At the trial in February he was convicted of lewd acts with children he only escaped the more serious charge of child rape which carries the death penalty, after he made payments to the girl's families, a practice permitted by Vietnamese law. Sleeping with an 11-year-old is OK? I'm a father, so from time to time, these things happen.

Your daughter will come into your bed in the night because she's scared or something like that. This happened in this case over here. They were scared of ghosts. Under pressure, I said "OK".

Glitter's appeal will be heard in court later this month. Ahead - young Kiwi rugby league star Benji Marshall to be targeted by the Aussies in Friday's test. That's when Ten's morning news returns. And D-day for the AFL - what will be the final outcome of the Fremantle-St Kilda match?

This program is captioned live. It's D-day for the Dockers. The result of Sunday's farcical finish to the St Kilda and Fremantle game will officially be decided

at an historic AFL Commission meeting this afternoon. As if they needed the added stress in a horrid week,

Oath oath if the roles other roles. Oath oath if the roles other roles. I

am for justice. Freemantle wins. am for justice. Freemantle wins. That

is the justice. The is the justice. The aneurysm

Fremantle sure winners if you hide behind the behind the roles. Three mentors

appeal began his speech this

afternoon. The officials went to war at the AFL And both had victories of sorts. The Saints challenged Lenny Hayes's one match ban for striking and had it scrapped. He's now able to play against the Bulldogs on Saturday.

Across in the west, Jeff Farmer fought his two match ban for striking Robert Harvey well off the ball. The Tribunal agreed it was reckless rather than intentional and downgraded his penalty to just one week. Obviously there was no intention to try and cause harm to Harvey. I certainly wish him all the best. The only bad news

is that Farmer will miss Freo's Saturday night derby against the Eagles. In rugby league, New Zealand playmaker Benji Marshall remains a focal point for Friday night's Test against Australia. The Kangaroos coach weighing into likely tactics to stop him.

Ricky Stuart admitting Marshall will be targeted, given his recent shoulder injury.

In defence and attack he will certainly be put to the test. He's a target in club football. In Test football he's only gonna be a bigger and better target. The Australian team flies into Brisbane later today. A blow to St George-Illawarra with a knee injury sidelining in-form half-back Mathew Head for Sunday's local derby with Cronulla. While his team-mates trained, Mathew Head prepared for a visit to his specialist today. I've spoken to the doctor and the physio and they reckon at worse case, hopefully I'll be back the weekend after the bye. So I think that's missing 2-3 weeks. Head's knee injury opening the door for Brett Morris to make his first grade debut.

The 19-year-old utility back is the son of former Dragons and Australian winger 'Slippery' Steve Morris. He was, you know, awesome. He could make something out of nothing. I wouldn't say I have that ability, but I'd like to have it. A former Dragon, Cronulla's Lance Thompson is counting the days to Sunday's showdown with his old club. He'll want to play well. He doesn't want to go out there and take heads off

and prove a point to anyone. He'll want to play well. And Wests Tigers captain Brett Hodgson may make an early return from a broken hand against Manly on Sunday. A calculated risk. I don't want to do it again and then be out for 6 weeks. Leanne West, Ten News. Devastated England soccer star Wayne Rooney is hopeful he can recover from a broken foot in time to play in next month's World Cup finals in Germany.

The Manchester United striker has been having intensive treatment on his foot since he suffered the injury last weekend.

Rooney has been ruled out for six weeks

but he remains positive he can play in England's opening game on June 10. Obviously, I'm disappointed I got injured when I did - when I have done but, you know, I'm going to come in every day and I'm in great hands here with Manchester United

and I'm going to try and give myself the best possible chance.

On the field, Blackburn secured a spot in next year's UEFA Cup with a 1-0 upset of Chelsea. Steven Reid's goal stunned the understrength league champions. Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation.

and we found that 80 percent of our waste is a tually recyclable,

So, it's good for business and the environm nt. Yeah... Actually, I've got a plant that could do with your help! What have you done...

Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day.

Before we go, here's something you'd only think of doing if you have a lot of spare time on your hands. In the former Soviet republic of Georgia the world's first finger puppet theatre has opened and to much acclaim. Four nights a week a 7-person troupe take to the stage their fingers doing the performing. They not only can-can, but treat the audience to a round of traditional Georgian folk dancing and there's even a parody of Michael Jackson. The theatre has become one of the city's most popular tourist attractions. That brings you up to date with all the news.

Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling. Good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.