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(generated from captions) This program is LIVE captioned. This morning, Ten years on. victims of the Port Arthur massacre. Australia prepares to remember the their desperate search Rescuers step up after the Beaconsfield mine collapse. for men missing finally on the way home. Private Jake Kovco's body

This is Seven Morning News

with Monique Wright. Good morning. worst mass murder The victims of Australia's today will be remembered at Port Arthur of the tragedy. on the 10th anniversary 35 people were killed went on a shooting spree. when Martin Bryant 25 were injured. will join other mourners Prime Minister John Howard at the site of the shooting. at a service at the memorial garden is there, Seven News reporter Gemma Haines and she joins us now. Good morning, Gemma. there today. Take us through what's happening

Monique, the service will get under

way in just over two hours and the

theme is looking forward, looking

back. Today is a day for

remembering the past, evaluating

the present and having hope for

the future. Those at the service

will gather to remember the 35 that

were killed and the dozens that

were injured and for those who

provided valuable assistance on the

day. Candles will be placed in a

pool of reflection and placed by

family members or those who had a

close connection with to the

tragedy They just had a rehearsal.

How would you describe the mood

this morning There is no other way

to describe the mood other than

sombre and the grey skies above me

seem be fitting for a day like today

There are families who are

returning here for the first time

in 10 years and some are still

bearing the physical injuries that

they sustained on that day. There

rt emotional scars. I spoke to

Keith a short time ago. He lost his

two granddaughters and just

chatting to him this morning it is

impossible not to share in his pain.

Listen to what he had to say a

short time ago With the girls going,

I do miss them. There is no doubt

about that. I am not in the clouds

all the time by any means. I have

my periods when I think about them

and something comes up about them.

Just recently I was told at their

local school graduation the girl

making the speech she said there is

one girl who should be graduating

with us but was lost years ago. I

was sent an email from a lady that

was there and it got me right

between the eyes. I realised that

I missed all those years of her

growing up It also sparked debate

about gun control. Is there much

talk of that this morning? Not here.

But in the wake of the Port Arthur

shootings, they passed some of the

strictist gun control laws the

world. Prime Minister John Howard

said that is not enough and he has

called on the State Governments to

crackdown on the hand guns. Perhaps

that is a debate for another date,

another time , another place. Today

is a day to remember those they lost Still in Tasmania, are fighting against time rescue teams trapped in the Beaconsfield mine. to save two men Crews worked through the night little hope of finding the men alive. but they admit there is now Seven reporter Jo Stone is in Beaconsfield and joins us now. They have identified the miner pulled from mine last night.

They have. He is Larry Paul Knight,

a 44-year-old miner from

Launceston. A father and a married

man as well. Two men are

unaccounted for, Brant web and Todd

Russell who is also married with

kids We know it a rescue operation.

What is going on at the mine this

morning It has been a long time and

they are putting an effort in and

they do realise it is a rescue

operation. There is not much

happening at top. While it doesn't

look like much is happening

underground they are working

frantically. They are digging a 30

metre tunnel near the rock fall and

there needs to be quite a lot of

preparations done as the mine

manager Matthew Gill explains. We

need to make sure we don't create

rock fall so we have to put in

ground support before the first

blast. It will certainly happen

during today I understand an appeal

has been set up. Have you got more

information about that The union is

putting together an an appeal. They

asked Australians to donate to the

Commonwealth Bank. It is a tight

community and they always live with

this fear. To have it happen it is

an excruciating wait and they would

like to ease the stresss of the

day-to-day life of these families

The money will be divided between three families and distributed to

them. What they spend it on, I

imagine they spend it on mortgage

payments and school fees and

groceries This is a reality. Thank you very much. The mother of Australian soldier Private Jake Kovco has accused the Army and the government of a cover-up over her son's death.

Private Kovco's body is now on its way back to Victoria after the wrong body was returned to Australia yesterday. Mrs Kovco is begging the Army to tell the truth about how her son died and insists Jake did not accidentally shoot himself in the head with his pistol. I can give her an assurance there will be no cover-up, never been any intention on the part of anybody to cover anything up.

The circumstances surrounding Private Kovco's death will be the subject of an inquiry.

An investigation has also been launched into why his body was left behind in Kuwait. Seven News has revealed the bungle over Jake Kovco's body would not have happened

if the Defence Department had implemented a memorandum drafted last year on the return of soldiers killed overseas. Robert McClelland is the Shadow Defence Minister and he joins us now in our Sydney studio. How would this memorandum have prevented the bungle over the return of Private Kovco's body?

The Defence Force would have

adopted state coronial procedures

so the body would have been

identified at each changover. The

body would have been identified and

marked. At each point we would

known the whereabouts and identified each and every

changover and created a proper

change of identity So what reason

has defence offered to explain why

the memorandum hasn't been signed

The defence says not all States

were happy with the process but we

understand that related to whether

they were going to hand over

jurisdiction or not but the

question is why did defence not

adopt what would be commonsense and

necessary procedures to ensure they

could identify the where abouts the

of body at all time. If there is an

inquiry, as there will be, the

identity of the body is the prime

subject of the inquiry and the

cause of death in what happened to

that body is the focus of that

inquiry. It is a massive, massive

error that occurred and it should

not have occurred and it wouldn't

have occurred if they adopted those

protocols Are you going to ask them

to adopt the protocols immediately

There is no reason that they didn't

adopt these protocols. They should

utilise these protocols should the

event arise in the future And the

family has questions about how he

died. What do you make of the

allegations I think it would be

better to let the inquiry take

place and confirm the cause of

death. Of course that is a very

live issue. There are a number of

parties that have rights here and

the widow and the two soldier who's

gave preliminary accounts. There is

controversy and that controversy

must be resolved. It would be

safer to refrain from making any

comments until that inquiry is

completed. Convicted Australian drug mules Scott Rush and Martin Stephens are considering appealing their life sentences to Indonesia's highest court. Five fellow Bali Nine members had their sentences reduced to 20 years yesterday, including the only female in the group Renae Lawrence. The court found they were young and made a mistake. Stephens had his case rejected by Bali's High Court.

20-year-old Rush did not present an appeal. It may be wedding bells this winter for Aussie stars Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.

The couple have reportedly set a date for their wedding after months of media speculation about their relationship. The New York Post says the celebrity couple plans to wed in Sydney 25 June. Next in Seven's Morning News, a male contraceptive pill one step closer thanks to the work of Australian researchers. And the secret message in the Da Vinci Code court judgment.

The only survivor of the Sago mine disaster in the US has written down details of his horrific ordeal. Randal McCloy's letter has been sent to family and friends of the 12 fellow miners who were killed. It is hoped his words may help them understand what happened. Miracle Road. His survival was called a miracle,

but even at his homecoming nearly three months after the Sago Mine disaster Randall McCloy, the lone survivor, was reluctant to talk about it. Some things happened that I'd rather I didn't see. What he saw, however, has now been put down on paper in a typed letter to families and friends of the 12 miners who died in the disaster. McCloy painfully points out equipment failure. That's a wrenching revelation for the family of mine victim Jerry Groves. His oxygen didn't work and Randall shared his with Jerry and if they both had one that would work they might have lasted a little longer. With the mine collapsed around them McCloy writes

"We attempted to signal our location to the surface "by beating on the mine bolts and plates. "We found a sledge hammer "and for a long time we took turns pounding away." McCloy said they put up a curtain to shield them from poisonous gases but that didn't work either. "We were worried and afraid but we began to accept our fate.

"Junior Toiler let us all in the Sinners Prayer." McCloy wrote he hoped his words offered some solace to those who had endured what no-one should have to endure. A car chase along a freeway on the outskirts of Los Angeles has come to a dramatic end. More than a dozen police vehicles were involved in the high-speed pursuit before one of them rammed the car, forcing it to stop. The driver was killed during a gun battle with police. It is believed he was a suspect in a deadly shooting. American rapper Snoop Dogg has been released on bail

after being arrested over a fight at London's Heathrow Airport. The 34-year-old and five others were held overnight

after the brawl in a business-class lounge. Several police officers were injured. The judge who presided over the Da Vinci Code copyright trial has tried out a code of his own. After British Judge Peter Smith ruled in Dan Brown's favour lawyers in London and New York started noticing some letters in the document were in italics. Judge Smith has confirmed there is a code and issued a challenge for someone to break it. A contraceptive pill for men is now a step closer to being available in Australia. Australian researchers have put to rest fears that the contraceptive can leave a man sterile. I spoke with Dr Peter Liu ahead of the launch of his findings earlier this morning.

Good morning. What have you

discovered? We have known for a

long time that male hormonal kobt

Septemberive methods are effective.

You can use them to prevent

pregnancies. What we discovered for

the first time is not only are they

effective but they are reversible.

It is a major step in the

development of a practical hormone

al contraceptive How does the pill

work It works the same way the

female contraceptive pill works. It

works on the gonad to work on over

laigs. The male hormones go to the

same pituitary gland I assume your

research takes us one step further

but are we far away from seeing it

on the shelves? That is a very

difficult question to answer. For

the last 25 years people have said

the male contraceptive pill will be

on the shelves in the next 20 to 25

years of time. I could be the next

person on that long list to say

that. We now know it is reversible

and there are many, many studies

occurring in a short period of time

and it makes me hopeful that it

will be happen in the next five to

10 years Do you think men will be

happy to use this pill? I think so.

In the research where the men were

asked this question they said they

would be happy to use it and the

female partners said they would be

very happy and trust their husbands

to use it as well Good luck with

the release of your findings. To business and finance news now. Joining us is ANZ economist Cherelle Murphy. Good morning, Cherelle. What's happening on the markets this morning?

Good morning. The market is down a

little bit this morning with the

market not liking the decision by

the Chinese central bank to lift

interest rates that. Caused a

decline in the metal prices and

that has hurt our resource stocks.

BHP is down 2.5%. Overall the ASX

is 5,267 points and that is down 32

point snooze the Aussie dollar has

moved sharply higher this week.

Yes, the Australian dollar has

broken out of that 70 to 75 cent

range. It trade theed at 75.81 and

now sitting at 75.58 but over the

week it was up 1.5 cent. You had

higher commodity prices and

increased expectations of a rate

hike from the Reserve Bank of

Australia, perhaps even as soon as

next week. But most important in

the last 12 hours US chairman Ben

berpb nan key came out and said the

Federal Reserve may come to the end

of its rate hiking cycle. That has

had a negative impact on the US

dollar and our dollar has moved higher Thank you. Sport is up next in Seven's Morning News, including a preview of all the weekend football. And Aussie Mark Viduka in form in the UEFA Cup. Now anyone can get broadband Internet. That's because Optus have plans from just $19.95 a month

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So call Optus now on 1800 555 558. Yeah!

Round 5 of AFL gets under way tonight with Richmond taking on Carlton at the MCG. It is expected to be close with the Blues looking for their fifth win from their last six clashes with the Tigers.

Former Hawthorn skipper Shane Crawford says the Hawks' great start to the season helped him decide to sign a new contract with the club. Crawford will now be a Hawk until 2007. Hawthorn plays the Bombers on Sunday at the G. Roosters full-back Anthony Minichiello is in danger of missing the Rugby League Anzac Test against New Zealand after being ruled out of action with injury. Minichiello is suffering a hamstring strain and missed the Roosters' loss to the Dragons on Anzac Day. The Australian team is picked on Sunday. Tonight, the Sharks and Penrith play in the opening match of round 8. The Waratahs have the chance to go to the top of the Super 14 table tonight when they play the Highlanders in Dunedin. New South Wales can leapfrog the Canterbury Crusaders

with a bonus-point victory. Coach Ewen Mackenzie says he is confident his team can overcome a horror preparation and secure a victory. Bad weather in New Zealand forced their flight to be diverted. South Australian batsman Mark Cosgrove will make his one-day debut today, when Australia takes on Bangladesh in game three. Cosgrove will replace captain Ricky Ponting, who is 12th man. Brett Lee and Nathan Bracken have been rested. Adam Gilchrist will skipper the side.

Australia holds an unbeatable 2-0 series lead. Australian soccer star Mark Viduka has led Middlesbrough to a 4-2 victory over Steaua Bucharest to confirm a place in the UEFA Cup final. Viduka headed home a cracking goal in the 64th minute to even up the tie. Middlesbrough then scored two more goals to book the first spot in the final. That match will be played in Eindhoven in the Netherlands on 10 May. There may be some dispute over whether this next activity is a sport but for a group of American high school students it is certainly a lot of fun. They have swapped their sneakers for some dancing shoes

and there's been some surprising results.

This is how teenagers at Maplewood High School dance. No rules, no steps, it's a freestyle freelance. Come on up here guys. We're doing a new dance today. It changes during third period. Busta Move cut in on by ballroom.

It's more clip-clop than hip-hop and it's hardly the craze sweeping teenage nation

but surprisingly the kids like it. It's easy. It's a pilot program designed to help young people with social skills and one-on-one interaction. It's every bit as important to develop your communication skills for your job, for your future education, as it is to learn math and science and English. Ready, and... Marcus Cantrell is a Maplewood football player. When the idea of ballroom came up he thought, "Tailbacks don't tango." I thought it was corny. All my friends were going to laugh at me. It's an introduction to awkward

and a simple way to show teens they don't know everything but can learn if they try. I thought I was gonna never be able to do it. I'm kind of good at it. The weather from around the country up next in Seven's Morning News, and all the frills and frocks at Australian Fashion Week.

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Now for a look at the national weather.

That's Seven's Morning News to now. We'll leave you now with some designs by Alex Perry from Australian Fashion Week. I'm Monique Wright. Thanks for your company. Have a great day. Captioned by Seven Network.