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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Military mix-up. The wrong body sent from Iraq as to how Private Kovco died. as conflicting report emerge

recovered from a Tasmanian mine. The body of a man for his two trapped colleagues. Hopes now fading Ten News with Natarsha Belling. Good morning.

by the Defence Force - An extrodinary blunder killed in Iraq left in Kuwait, the body of the Australian solider in its place. and another body sent home

And in another twist, the Defence Minister has revealed

cleaning his gun when he died. Private Jake Kovco was not It's been widely reported accidentally shot himself Private Kovco in Baghdad on Friday. while he was cleaning his pistol Defence Minister Brendan Nelson this morning stepping forward for the first time to say that's not the case. The information I now have cleaning his weapon, is that he wasn't in fact it was near him, in his vicinity, which suggests it discharged. and he made some kind of movement

which there should not have been. in it, Obviously there was a live round

was describing a different mystery - Less that two hours earlier Mr Nelson Private Kovco's body how the coffin supposed to contain

of a different man. instead contained the remains as they waited at the airport. The news broken to his family in other countries, When we are are dealing we don't directly control, other companies

whether we want to accept it or not, unfortunately, can occur. these kind of dreadful mistakes in the middle of the night PM John Howard was woken Kovco's distressed wife, Shelley, and berated over the phone by Private the death of her husband felt surreal who only yesterday said had not returned home. because his body I don't know, I don't know. I don't know. It's, as I said - get him home, when the doorbell rang. I know my life changed private's body is still in Kuwait. It's believed the 25-year-old Veronica Buck, Ten News.

joins us now from Canberra, Ten's political editor Paul Bongiorno Brendan Nelson's version of events and Paul, Defence Minister surrounding private Kovco's death than they answer? seem to raise more questions

It certainly does, Natasha. The radio

revealed today that Private Kovco

actually had two maids in the room actually had

with him when he was, according to

the minister, accidentally shot. It

was described on Radio that the

weapon may not have been in Private weapon may not have been

Kovco his hand, although the press

secretary has since clarified that

and said that it was. On Saturday

this was what the minister told this was what the minister told a

news conference. I am advised that

the soldier was handling his weapon

and maintain it as orders are

required to do and for some

unexplained reason the firearm

discharge. That - - this suggests

the story given to Brendan Nelson is

changing and gives weight to it changing and gives weight to it the

call for an inquest, there

call for an inquest, there will also

be a military inquest. An independent

pathologist is being sent to Kuwait.

This raises questions about why? It

is to examine the body? The Prime

Minister was very surprised that the

body wasn't brought back by body wasn't brought back by our

military aircraft the protocol is

that it is the responsibility of the

department and that is a bit

cost-effectiveness. This raises some

eyebrows in this defence town because eyebrows in this defence town

they feel that it does not treat

Private Kovco, or indeed any other

casualty on servers, with the due

respect that they deserve and

require. The Americans, of course,

use their an aircraft to use their an aircraft to repatriate

their own bodies. unfolding in Tasmania. Now to the tragic situation recovered from a gold mine And the body of a man has been in Beaconsfield. for more than 30 hours. He was trapped 900m underground is still unknown. The fate of two of his colleagues joins us live from the scene. For more, Ten reporter Keiva Matheson coping with the news? Kevia, how are locals

Good morning, Natasha. Grief-stricken workmates have started

arriving here at the side of the

Beaconsfield gold mine. Beaconsfield gold mine. They are

shocked and devastated by the news.

They are also cling to hope that the

two remaining miners trapped us to

live. We will go to how the news

unfolded here this morning. delivers news The manager of the Beaconsfield mine who the deceased is. It is currently not known trapped miners is not known. The fate of the other two and Brant Webb Todd Russell, Larry Knight almost a kilometre underground became trapped

after a rockfall at the mine. on Tuesday night a vigil at the work site Family and workmates have maintained rescue operation. during the difficult Their worst fears realised. before at other mines I've been through this situation

and never, never nice. REPORTER: Were you holding out hope? You never stop. Always hold out hope.

It is understood into the shaft overnight a remote camera that was sent found the body, but it is yet to locate the other two miners.

but grave fears are held. Rescue efforts are continuing, We are devastated by this discovery. We have informed their families, to confirm the identity. but we are unable

around the community today. Here is a very sombre mood demanding a full investigation, The union also on hand, this tragedy has occurred. saying its members are angry

Right now, and unions are meeting

with the the Tasmanian state

government to use them to their anger

over this tragic situation. They have

set up a relief fund and any

contributions can be made to the contributions can be made to

strain in workers' union. A gunman is on the run in Sydney guard in the city's south-west. after threatening a hospital security

a patient in Auburn Hospital It's believed the man was visiting when the two began arguing. on a security officer Police say the man then pulled a gun who tried to intervene. The gunman then fled the scene. No-one was injured in the incident. Three more people have been charged on the NSW South Coast over the murder of a couple earlier this year. will face court today, A 31-year-old man and a 55-year-old woman while a 30-year-old have been bailed to appear later. The arrests come three months after the bodies of Greg Hosa and Kathryn McKay were found in smouldering drums south of Nowra. Two other people are already in custody over the deaths. Just days after tourist terror attacks,

Egypt is rocked by another series of terror bombings. Details when the Morning News returns. And tie the knot or leave - the parents hounded out of town because they won't get married.

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This program is captioned live. Egypt has been rocked by more bomb attacks two days after blasts killed at least 18 people

in the Red Sea resort of Dahab. Controlled explosions were carried out after a twin suicide attack targeted security personnel in northern Sinai, near the Gaza Strip. The only casualties were the bombers themselves. It comes as police in Dahab are still questioning dozens of suspects over Tuesday's bombing attack. The mother of one of the injured Australian women is travelling to Egypt to be with her daughter. The White House has a new spokesman. Fox News commentator Tony Snow has agreed to replace Scott McLellan as the chief media liason between President George W. Bush and an increasingly hostile White House press. Tony already knows most of you. And he's agreed to take the job anyway. And I'm really glad he did.

Snow is no stranger to politics - he served as a speech writer and media assistant to the President's father. Authorities in a small US town are threatening to kick out parents who refuse to get married. The local mayor says de facto couples provide an unfit environment in which to raise children.

Fondrey and Olivia moved to this conservative Missouri suburb to provide a safe environment for their three kids.

We came to St Louis to have a good life and to start over. But they didn't realise how safe or conservative the suburb was until they had to apply for a compulsory home occupants licence, and were rejected. It's overcrowding because it's not a single family - it's a single-family residence, and they're not a single family. Black Jack, Missouri, doesn't recognise couples who aren't married and doesn't allow accommodation to be shared by more than three people who aren't related by blood or marriage. Just because we don't meet your definition of a family doesn't make us any less of a family. We've been together 13 years. We're raising three kids together. In a letter to the civil liberties union, authorities defended the extreme laws. "While it would be naive to say we don't recognise "that children are born out of wedlock frequently these days, "we certainly don't believe that is the type of environment "within which children should be brought into this world." At first the couple discussed getting married

and then considered moving out. But instead of being bullied,

these modern-day parents are seeking to quash the discriminatory laws. They're suing the city for violating fedreal fair housing rules and the family's constitutional right to privacy. We love this house. We think it's worth fighting for, definitely. In the US, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Ahead - an NRL star on a drink-driving charge.

That's when Ten's Morning News returns. Also - the Aussies wrap up a one-day series victory against Bangladesh.

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Shadow Defence Minister Robert McClelland joins us now. Mr McClelland, it seems unbelievable that this tragic mix-up has been allowed to occur. What must the Government do to ensure it never happens again?

I think Australians would be outrage

at private contractors being

involved in handling a deceased a

soldier. I think we would expect

that it should be done within the

military, and the private

contracting out of these contracting out of these services

should be stopped immediately. should be stopped immediately. They

are all kinds of reasons why this

shouldn't occur. Even a minister

was surprised? In order to keep the

chain of evidence in place chain of evidence in place for a

subsidy an inquiry, it it should not

occur ever again. You're occur ever again. You're calling

for an overhaul to make sure we for an overhaul to make sure we use

our own planes and and personn el.

As old as deserve the best As old as deserve the best we can

provide it may deserve respect. Air travellers can expect to pay higher fares in the coming months with Qantas and Singapore Airlines increasing prices to compensate for higher fuel costs.

From next week, Qantas passengers travelling domestically will have to pay an extra $5 fuel surcharge, while those flying to New Zealand will fork out an extra $10. On international flights, the fuel surcharge will rise by $23 per flight. Singapore Airlines ticket prices will rise by around $13. In finance news, the Australian sharemarket has dropped. Amber Higlett at Commonwealth Securities, and Australian wine-makers are still producing too much?

Yes. Australia's grape harvest is

actually down one per cent this year

is still producing far too much wine.

This harvest is expected to come

close to a record 1.1 9 million

tonnes. It is good for consumers who

will see lower wind prices. Despite

of the quantity problems, quality of the quantity problems, quality is

not an issue. This year's harvest is

re rated as good to excellent. The

best - Chardonnay sav best - Chardonnay sav plonk and

insurers. And another big profit for

a bank? ANZ has marked a 16 per cent

rise in profit to $1.6 billion. It

has 750 branches and says the

improvement is driven primarily by

improvement in consumer borrowing. Australia has wrapped up the one-day international series against Bangladesh. It wasn't as easy as many tipped. A top-order collapse made for some nervous times before Andrew Symonds played a match-winning innings. Another Man of the Match cheque for Andrew Symonds, but the way Katich and Gilchrist began, the big Queenslander would have hardly expected much of a bat. COMMENTATOR: That is a great shot, it's going to go all the way. The moment ball hit bat it could only be six.

The pair scored a run a ball...

50 comes up after eight overs. ..before the Aussies lost three wickets for just 10 runs, A rare failure for Ponting. Bowled him, went in for the pull shot and didn't get over it. Symonds and Clarke forced to curb their natural cavalier style.

Just one slip from the all-rounder... The uncharitable might call it a catch dropped, but I tell you, that was coming back very, very fast at him.

..before he unleashed a brutal run home. All the way for six. Safe and sound and straight. The reward for his patience, his fifth one-day century. I came in under a bit of pressure today, and the pitch was fairly difficult to play a free flowing sort of a game, so it was a day where we had to sort of knuckle down and have a bit of a working-class day, I suppose. An opening spell blast from Lee and Bracken had the visitors eyeing a quick kill. Another wicket goes down for Bangladesh. This innings is disintegrating very quickly for them. But dogged resistance from the locals, led by a half century from their skipper Habibul Bashar, delayed the celebrations, his fall sparking a Tigers' collapse, and when Rafiq was dismissed, the crowd made a bee line to the exits. Australia wrapping up the series with a 67-run victory. Anthony Goodrich, Ten News. Key Collingwood onballer Brodie Holland will miss the Magpies' Round 5 clash against Port Adelaide on Sunday. He's accepted a 1-match ban for striking Bomber veteran James Hird. A poor record at the AFL's Match Review Panel has left Brodie Holland with nowhere to go, the key Collingwood tagger reluctantly accepting a 1-match suspension for striking James Hird on Anzac Day.

He'll miss Sunday's Telstra Dome clash against Port Adelaide. It's not the only bad news hanging over the Magpies. Chad Morrison has apologised to his team-mates for being caught drink driving. He's now waiting on a punishment. But skipper Nathan Buckley doesn't want the 28-year-old sacked. He has our total support. We know that people make mistakes.

We cannot accept mistakes, but we

know that from what he said

and the way he has responded to

that both he and the club will be

doing everything possible to put things It's believed the Magpies will meet with the TAC today to determine if their $400,000 annual sponsorship remains. A blow for the Crows - Brett Burton last night failed to have his 2-match ban for striking overturned. Brett, are you disappointed? Yeah, pretty disappointed. He'll miss massive games against the Bulldogs

and the Showdown against the Power. In other results, Freo's Matthew Carr was cleared of making contact with an umpire. And Port veteran Daryl Wakelin has copped a one-week ban for striking. Tim Hodges, Ten News. Off-field dramas in the NRL with Bulldogs player Reni Maitua charged with high-range drink driving.

The club is investigating the incident. Meanwhile, the Australian Rugby Union has tabled an offer to tempt rugby league player Mark Gasnier to switch codes. But the ARU says it's nowhere near the $750,000 a season that's been widely reported. Mark Gasnier emerged from a 4-hour meeting last night

offering no clues on whether he'll switch codes. I won't be commenting at this stage. Afterwards. Earlier, he'd met with Australian Rugby Union representative Shaun Barry, who tabled an incentive-based offer in conjunction with the NSW Waratahs. Gasnier's management expects further talks over the next few days. Mark still has a genuine interest to play rugby, but, as you can imagine, coming here today and seeing all you people and meeting Shaun Barry for the first time, he has a lot to think about when he gets home tonight. After 13 seasons and 243 games with the Brisbane Broncos, former Test prop Shane Webcke has announced that this season will be his last.

A chronic knee injury forcing the 31-year-old's hand. I felt it would be a very selfish thing to hold on for too long and not fair to the club that's be so wonderful to me. Leanne West, Ten News. More concerns for the Socceroos with Tim Cahill's World Cup hopes in doubt because of a knee injury. The damage is worse than first thought. Scans reveal

Cahill has a partial tear of the posterior cruciate ligament, sidelining him for up to six weeks. He suffered the injury last Saturday while playing for Everton. Australia's opening game of the tournament is just over six weeks away. Better news for Socceroos captain Mark Viduka, who has a chance of making his return from injury in Middlesbrough's UEFA Cup game tomorrow morning. Barcelona will play Arsenal for the Champions League crown after advancing to the final with a scoreless draw against AC Milan. Milan's Shevchenko came closest to breaking the deadlock. His second-half goal disallowed for pushing a Barcelona defender. The Spanish giants progressed on aggregate after winning the opening leg 1-0. In the English Premier League, it was a dress rehearsal between next month's FA Cup finalists Liverpool and West Ham, Liverpool winning 2-1. It was a spiteful end to the game with Hayden Mullins and Lewis Garcia sent off for violent conduct. Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation.

Now for a look at the national weather, and for the rest of the day: That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's newshour tonight. We'll leave you now with pictures from the Australian Fashion Week in Sydney. I'm Natarsha Belling. Good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre