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(generated from captions) This program is LIVE captioned. This morning, The desperate bid to rescue three men in a Tasmanian goldmine. trapped underground forced out of office. The Solomons new Prime Minister heading for the West Australian coast Ex-Tropical Cyclone Monica now

This is Seven Morning News with Samantha Armytage. Good morning. is under way this morning A dangerous rescue operation in a Tasmanian goldmine. to find three men trapped underground

the Beaconsfield mine near Launceston They were working in just before 9.30 last night when an earthquake hit the region triggering a rockfall. is outside the mine Reporter Chris Rickey

and joins us now.

about the men who are trapped? Chris, what can you tell us

Basically what I can tell you is

there has been no contact with the

three men since 9.30 last night. We

have identified one of those

victims as Todd Russell. He is a

local man and quite a known AFL

player in the region. The other two

are also locals What has mine

management had to say about the

collapse? On arrival we were

greeted by the mine manager and he had this statement to say. there was a large seismic event At around 9.23pm last night underground rockfalls at the mine. that resulted in a number of at the time. Mining personnel were underground

unaccounted for. Three people are still currently

at the 925 level, These people were working in the vicinity of the rockfall 925 metres below the surface for their wellbeing. and we do hold grave fears

Chris, how are the families of

these men in the community there

coping? There has been a lot of

activity here this morning. The

local council has set up a support

centre at the local chambers which

is opposite the mine entrance.

There has been a lot of people

coming and going. In a town of

1,000 or 2,000 people an incident

like this will send a lot of shock

waves through the place. development in the Solomon Islands There has been a significant this morning government corruption allegations. after weeks of riots and Snyder Rini Recently elected Prime Minister

has now resigned from office.

Seven reporter Nick Etchells. For the latest, we're joined by Nick, how has it happened?

This morning the opposition came in

to Parliament. They previously had

been saying there would be a vote

of no confidence. Two members got

arrested and they managed to talk

members of the government to come

to their side and the Prime

Minister was forced to resign. The

scene on the street has been

jubilation. When news broke,

everyone came on the street. You

could order nairly cross the street

with your eyes closed and not get

hit by a car. Every single person

has come ob the streets of Honiara.

They are beeping their car horns

and everyone is hugging each other.

You can see behind me a crowd has

marched. They are on a spontaneous

victory parade and marched to a

hotel that much of the opposition

has been staying. People are saying

that this is an end to corruption

and no-one wanted the Snyder Rini

government It looks like it will

calm tensions over there, is that

right? Or will it trigger del

straigs from Snyder Rini

supporters? Snyder Rini supporters

are out there but I think they are

far and few between. The events of

today will serve only to calm down

the situation here. The mood on the

street is no anxiety, no anger,

everyone is cheering and happy.

There has been talk if Snyder Rini

was ousted from office maybe they

would start lifting the curfew and

bring other concessions to bring

this place back to some sense of

normality. The general sense this

is an end to the rioting and the

violence because the people here

good development. got what they wanted Soupds looic a

Western Australia's Kimberley Coast A cyclone warning is in place for now heading that way. as ex-Tropical Cyclone Monica are cleaning up, Residents in Arnhem Land remote communities. after the storm pounded was worst-hit. The small town of Maningrida passed within 10km of Maningrida The eye of Tropical Cyclone Monica

but it was close enough. There she goes. Whoa! small aboriginal town in Arnhem Land The storm slammed into the early yesterday morning. Residents watched in awe. watched all this come down I just stood at my window and worth. through about five or six hours No, I wasn't scared. buckled up inside my room. I was still inside, apart and flattened trees. Winds up to 200km/h ripped homes landed on the adjoining school The roof of one building where many people were sheltering. Devastating, absolutely devastating. People left homeless, all over their belongings. people with water Luckily, no-one was injured. but the stories will last a lifetime. The clean-up will take weeks, really. Oh, it was both scary and exciting

in yesterday's terrorist attacks Two Australian women injured in Egypt for further treatment. have been airlifted to Cairo as 27-year-old Georgina Blake One of the women has been identified from Wagga Wagga in New South Wales. her 36-year-old friend The other is believed to be

Melbourne woman Serina Baker.

in the resort town of Dahab The pair were walking to a restaurant when the bombs exploded. says they are in a stable condition The Department of Foreign Affairs with non life-threatening injuries. as many as 30 people over the attacks Egyptian police have arrested and injured more than 60 people. which killed at least 18 joins us now Our US correspondent Mike Amor to the blasts. with the latest response may have been a direct response There's talk the bombings from Osama bin Laden. to the latest audio tape

That is right. Good morning. There

is a feeling what thiel - that

while all of those arrested for the

bombings are Egyptians that they

may have been inspired by the tape

which was released 24 hours earlier.

Even local radical groups in Egypt

are distancing themselves fpl the

outlaw Muslim groups said they a

criminala tack. This is the third

attack on resort towns. Egyptian

authorities are expressing

frustration that they keep

happening even though a widespread

crackdown. Tourism is suffering as

a result, Sam Another recording

surfaced today of another

terrorist link to al-Qaeda It combs

from zar quarry . This is the first

time he has come out of the shadows.

In that 30-minute video you can see

him firing a weapon and walking

around with bodyguards. It is

similar to videos released by bin

Laden. The timing is interesting

rumours that because there had been a lot of

Zarqawi had been found. In the video

makes more threats.

Frightening stuff but US

intelligence officials believe it

may backfire because the videos

contain a goldmine of information

that may help them track him down.

He has a US $25 million bounty on

his head Thank you for that. To medical news now. Calcium and vitamin D are essential in the fight against brittle bones and osteoporosis. One of the main sources of vitamin D is the sun. We've been told to cover up to stop skin cancer but now we're being given another message. To tell us more is Professor Peter Ebeling from the University of Melbourne. Good morning, Professor. How can sunlight help prevent osteoporosis?

Good morning, Sam. Sunlight works

because it makes vitamin D in our

skin and we need vitamin D to

absorb the calcium from our

intestine. That is how it fights

against the battle against

osteoporosis What about the no hat

no play policy We are in line with

the cancer guidelines. Midday the

kids need to cover up but what we

are thinking about people in the

southern latitudes of Australia,

below Canberra and southern

Victoria and Tasmania in particular,

during the winter months in July

and August there could be a case

removing the hats during play

times at that time of the year. It

depends on the time of the year how

much exposure you need to generate

vitamin D and it is much longer in

the winter months and by need sun

exposure in the winter months

Beside kids, who else is at risk It

is a growing problem. The other

groups who are at risk are women of

child-bearing years. It could

affect the bones of the growing

baby. But the groups we find a real

problem is house-bound elderly and

people with dark skin or practice

veiling for cultural or religious

reasons What other precautions are

Australians being advised to take

Senator Satoro released guide

guides on how to improve calcium on

behalf of osteoporosis and I

recommend that you get a copy of

this and it tells you some safe tip Next in Seven News, we will have business and finance Mercedes Fashion Week begins. Then, 20 years on

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The Federal Government has praised the behaviour of Australians who attended the Anzac Day Dawn Service at Gallipoli. Thousands of Aussies camped out at Anzac Cove for the alcohol and pop music-free ceremony. Organisers say the commemoration struck the right balance between respect and spontaneity. Today marks the 20th anniversary of the world's worst nuclear disaster when Reactor No.4 at the Chernobyl power plant exploded. Millions of people across Europe were affected by radioactive dust,

and two decades on, it is still claiming lives. It appears innocuous in the struggling spring sunlight but Chernobyl's Reactor No.4 is still casting its cancerous shadow over this part of the world. 70 miles away on the children's oncology ward in Kiev, Oxama Shaeffer recites s prayer. She's asking God to banish the tumours from her daughter's weakening body. Initial figures suggested just 4,000 cancer deaths but a more recent study by Greenpeace says it could be as many as 100,000. Despite the illnesses and the deaths, radioactive material is still escaping from the Sarcophagus which was built to cover Reactor No.4. Radiation around the plant is 50 times normal levels. GEIGER COUNTER BEEPS QUICKLY According to the geiger counter we shouldn't be standing here for too long. It's already off the scale at more than 1,000 micro roentgens per hour. The acceptable limit should be 15 to 20. The reason for the high reading is because we are now very close to Reactor No.4.

That's where the explosion happened. Inside that grey cover, there are still something like 200 tons of enriched uranium and plutonium. That's enough to make about a dozen atomic bombs. Time is also taking its toll on the Sarcophagus. It's so badly damaged severe winds could cause it to collapse, releasing another plume of radioactive dust. At the children's cancer ward, they're praying a new Sarcophagus will be built quickly. These families are still experiencing the pain of the radioactive fallout. They describe the accident as a slow-motion catastrophe which continues to unfold through the generations.

Mercedes Australian Fashion Week is now in its 11th year. To business and finance news. Joining us is Bill Evans, Westpac's global head of economics. Good morning, Bill. The markets are waiting anxiously on today's inflation number. What are you expecting?

We are expecting a reasonably

friendly number of .8% with

inflation at 2.9% and not give the

Reserve Bank any concerns about an

inflation blow-out. If we see a

friendly number today the markets

probably won't give up on that

likelihood but there is still a lot

of market feeling that have the

Reserve Bank raising rates in May.

It is a very nervous time in 45

minutes until we see this number at

11 .30 We had a welcomed pull back

in the oil price but other

commodities continued to boom We

had another record boom in the

copper price anda luem yum price

and we have seen very strong

movement in the gold stocks today.

BHP was down a touch. There was

some talk about production numbers

with regard to their oil. Hour I

think that the general upward trend

in these commodities will put a

strong floor of the resource stocks.

We saw in the US there was stronger

consumer sentiment and housing

numbers. Rinko the housing market

in the US but interest rates may

have to go further in the US Thanks, Bill. Mercedes Australian Fashion Week is now in its 11th year. The five-day annual extravaganza officially opened in Sydney this morning after several colourful pre-show events. Earlier this morning I spoke to Simon Locke, managing director of IMG Fashion Asia Pacific. Good morning, Simon.

You've just come from the first show for Fashion Week, Akira Isogawa. It was something a bit different, it was held in a kung fu academy? Yes, very much keeping I guess with his age and origin. Akira's just shown a brilliant collection and really unveiled his men's wear for the first time which was absolutely fantastic. So a new chic style for men all around Australia from Akira Isogawa. So off to a good start. The big star this week, English teenage model Lily Cole is here for several shows. Do our designers attract much international attention these days and, more importantly, business from Fashion Week? I think so. That's what Mercedes Australian Fashion Week is all about. We have buyers from I think about 27 countries all around the world this week

looking for one thing, and that's new, creative, innovative designs

from the Australian designers. Yes, we're about to see the first appearance of Lily Cole with Charlie Brown on the catwalk at 11am, and she's one of the hottest stars in the world of fashion at the moment. As we mentioned earlier, Fashion Week is in its 11th year this year. You were the founder of Fashion Week. How has it changed since 1996? I think as an industry we've sort of really grown up. I guess back in '96 we were sort of a well-meaning, coming together and seeing if we could really become an important part of the international fashion world.

Now here we are 11 years later. We are now one of the most significant Fashion Weeks in the world of the IMG fashion global empire so much so that we're now part

which also runs New York Fashion Week, involvement in Milan and others. So we're really well and truly on the international Fashion Week map and this is great news for the Australian designers because it gets us in front of more people around the world. Simon, how many designers will be showing this week, what are the highlights? We have about 88 designers showing in the collections, about another 100 or so in our exhibition,

and we always try to have those big mainstream designers, people like Wayne Cooper and Alannah Hill and Charlie Brown who are all showing today. There's that emerging middle-ground, fantastic designers like Marnie Skillings and Alice McCall, and then we've got a whole pile of new guns making their debut at Mercedes Australian Fashion Week. People like Material Boy and others. So it's a really good balance.

I guess in terms of buyers and media, there's something there for everyone. Believe you, me, the collection shows are full of surprises this week. Sounds great. I know you've never missed a show in 11 years

so we better let you get to the next one. Thank you, Sam. Sport is next in Seven News with doctors kept busy by the winning Dragons. Collingwood's coach warns the competition there's more top form on the way.

Collingwood coach Mick Malthouse says his team's second-half performance in the Anzac match against Essendon should serve as a warning to the rest of the League. Malthouse claims yesterday's 17-point victory was a major stepping stone in the year, and they'll continue to challenge for top spot. Collingwood's win means they joined Hawthorn and Adelaide on 12 points on the League ladder. Fremantle midfielder Matthew Carr faces the AFL Tribunal tonight

as does Adelaide midfielder Brett Burton who will contest his striking charge. He is facing a two-match ban. Port Adelaide will decide this morning whether it will contest Darryl Wakelin's striking charge. St George Illawarra at the doctors today will have a number of players

after yesterday's Anzac Day clash with the Roosters. Prop Jason Ryles will undergo scans on a suspected broken hand,

while winger Wes Naiqama will check the extent of an ankle injury. The Dragons won the match 22-12 to move into the top eight. The doors have been opened to the world's media at Brazil's World Cup base for the tournament. The reigning champions decided on their hotel during last year's Confederations Cup and have requested that the hotel organise a play room for the team. That will be fitted out with all the necessities including PlayStations, table tennis, foosball, and pool tables. Next in Seven News we will check the weather around the country and find out why Tom Cruise has left his fiance and newborn baby at home.

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Let's take a look at the weather now.

Monica is slowly moving out to sea but is still causing heavy rain and winds over the Top End and Far North WA. Wet and windy over southern WA.

Dry and warm across the south. Coastal showers expected in NSW and Queensland. Tom Cruise is now in London for the premiere of Mission: Impossible III. He spent three hours in Leicester Square meeting fans and signing autographs after attending the movie's opening in Rome. The decision to tour has surprised many just days after the birth of baby Suri, but the actor says fiance Katie Holmes is not at all concerned.

I talked with Katie and she said, "Go". Everything is so great at the house and I realised that there were people that were disappointed that I wasn't gonna come, the fans, and I just talked it over and said, "Let's do it." He added that he's become an expert nappy changer. That's Seven's Morning News to now. We will keep you up to date throughout the day and in our bulletins at 4.30 and 6.00. I'm Samantha Armytage.

Thanks for your company. Have a great day.

Captioned by Seven Network.