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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. to be sent to the Solomon Islands More Australian troops to maintain law and order. in a mission The police manhunt was found stabbed to death after an elderly lady in her New South Wales home. And President Bush left red-faced high-profile talks. as a protester upstages Ten News with Natarsha Belling. Good morning. Another 110 Australian soldiers Solomon Islands this afternoon. will fly to the troubled they'll stay as long as it takes Prime Minister John Howard says of this week's riots. to ensure there's no repeat joins us from the capital Honiara Ten reporter Chloe Baker with the latest on the situation.

and Federal Police About 150 Australian troops here in Honiara last night. enforced a strict curfew by 6:00pm. The city was in complete lockdown of Snyder Rini swearing in They were concerned that news would carry out more riots.

the streets until dawn. They carried out patrols throughout all night long. We can hear choppers flying overhead so far. It was one of the quietest nights There was no looting or violence. to know But authorities do want people they will be shot that if they disregard the curfew because they are determined to maintain law and order here in the Solomons. will arrive on the island Police Commissioner, Mick Keelty about 1:00pm Australian time. the peace coordination efforts. He will take over Back to you Natarsha. has just told Brisbane radio Prime Minister Howard

could be in the Solomons for years. that our soldiers and police the bulk of the responsibility He says Australia must shoulder in the Pacific region as a whole. to ensure stability If we do nothing, the stomach or the capacity nobody else will have either

to do anything of failed States in our region and we will have a series

and other countries, the region or Australia at heart, not necessarily with the interest of will seek to exploit that. home from the Solomon Islands It comes as more Australians return with horrifying tales of brutality. Relief shared with joy arriving at Brisbane airport. for the latest plane load of evacuees We just hide at home. all the shops is closed We didn't go anywhere after we knew and they tried to burn the shop. helped me and my sister The Solomon Island people actually maybe because we were white. touching down overnight. Debbie Sang was among those the troubled island She and her family fled had been killed in the riots. after hearing two children Two child. in Chinatown Two child died in the incident

in the homes. because they were in the shops says they were targets Her husband Peter, a shop-keeper,

because of their Chinese origin. they said "Kill him, kill him". As soon as they see any trait also shocked by what they'd seen. Evacuees arriving in Townsville Chinatown I actually walked briefly into and we we threatened once or twice. I was scared. And news this morning will be sent to the Solomons that 120 more Australian soldiers

in the troubled region. to restore order Keiva Matheson, Ten News. a spate of violent attacks overnight, Police are investigating leaving an elderly woman dead fighting for their lives. and two other men in hospital stabbed to death in her home 76-year-old Irene Field was found at Tweed Heads in northern New South Wales. A family member made the terrible discovery late yesterday after visiting the unit her husband Norman and their son. the elderly woman shared with as a good friend Neighbours described her who volunteered at the local hospital to help people. and went out of her way It's a very nice place to live. a 46-year-old suspect Police want to question who fled on foot. has a red rash on his forehead area. We also believe the gentleman another stabbing in Brisbane's west. Queensland police are investigating is in a critical condition A 25-year-old man in the chest and arm. after being knifed several times an argument around midnight. Residents reported hearing A short time later a car sped off began screaming for help. and the victim at this home in the Gold Coast. Further south more violence arms and legs A man suffering burns to his face, by a hooded assailant. after he was attacked answered a knock at his door. The male occupant of the house As he did so of explosive device at him. a person through some sort in a Brisbane hospital. The victim is in a serious condition Kate Donnison, Ten News. for a man arrested in Sydney A court appearance today the Victorian/New South Wales border over the murders of two women on five years ago. was extradited to Melbourne overnight Tuan Dang Nguyen by alleging he was someone else. after attempting to fight the move presented to a Sydney court But DNA evidence as the suspect. confirmed the man's identity stabbed to death in their family home The two women were found at Robinvale in 2001. the worst may be yet to come The weather bureau is warning off the far north coast. as Cyclone Monica re-intensifies to a Category 3 storm It's been upgraded towards the Northern Territory. and is heading north of Cairns, Heavy rain is still occurring posed by rivers has now eased. however the flooding threat would need to be evacuated It was feared more than 1,000 people reached the critical 2m mark if the city's major dam has since dropped. but the water level from the Prime Minister today - A warning with the cost of petrol. the cost of living may have to rise may also be forced up Mr Howard says interest rates as the pump price continues to climb. there is worse to come. If you think it's high now could jump to $1.50 a litre. There are fears the pump price some inflation coming out of this, I do worry that there will be of course I worry about that. by Peter Costello. It's a concern shared is officially debt free Today Australia little time to celebrate. but there will be What we want to guard against is second round effects where people take that increase in petrol price

and then put the price up on other things as well. If that occurred inflation would begin to take off. With the Budget less than a month away tax cuts could ease the pain. Mr Howard isn't ruling anything out,

Well, tune in. I don't want to speculate. Mr Howard is also trying to set the record straight on his future after this slip on Adelaide radio yesterday. You're not considering retiring full stop? I'm not considering retiring, no.

Today, Mr Howard was back on message. Situation normal - I'll stay in the job as long as my party wants me to and it's in the best interests that I do.

Fenn Kemp, Ten News. A top level diplomatic dash to Jakarta today to heal the rift with Indonesia over West Papua. Ten political editor Paul Bongiorno joins me now. Paul, who is leading these talks and how important are they?

The secretary is in Jakarta The secretary is in Jakarta and he is

due to meet the foreign minister.

These are very important talks.

Indonesia plays a crucial role in the

war against terror and it in

containing people smuggling. We've

had some encouragement from Jakarta

today. Now that we've toughened up

regarding asylum-seekers in the

future that is seen as good. future that is seen as good. There

are reports 21 people on a boat which

sank. One body is confirmed. 18

missing. It is clear Australian

immigration does have a immigration does have a belief that

these people would be persecuted. Workers have rallied in Melbourne this morning in support of a man reportedly sacked for smirking. Unions say Harry Rai is the latest victim of the Howard Government's industrial reforms. The 49-year-old was sacked by an engineering company earlier this month along with two other workers. But the business denies Mr Rai was sacked for smirking. The union will now take the matter to court. Sexual assault claims have been levelled against an Australian ballet choreographer

and former Young Achiever Awards finalist. American papers are reporting Stanton Welsh, who now works as an artistic director in Houston, has been accused of sexually harassing a principal male dancer. A suit has been filed by the 27-year-old dancer for unspecified damages. The president of the Houston Ballet Foundation says the claims are baseless. A detention centre detainee is in a critical condition in hospital after a dramatic suicide attempt. Lin Yong swallowed razor blades and bleach overnight at Sydney's Villawood detention centre. The Refugee Action Coalition says the 35-year-old was deeply depressed after being told his application for asylum had been rejected two days ago. Coming up after the break, the multimillion-dollar bounty for the first snaps of Suri Cruise. And the high-profile White House talks that descended into chaos.

US President George W. Bush has made another diplomatic gaffe. He manhandled the Chinese President during an official meeting at the White House. It was an important day for the Chinese President, a chance to show his people the respect he commands in the US. But the carefully choreographed event was marred by a series of gaffes. China's national tune was mistakenly announced as the anthem of the republic of China - the name used for Taiwan not China. President George W. Bush humiliated his Chinese counterpart forcefully grabbing him when he forgot to stop for photos. Then an embarrassing security breach. A protester got in with a temporary media pass obtained by a newspaper affiliated with Falun Gong,

the spiritual movement outlawed in China. She yelled, "Stop China persecuting Falun Gong" and "Mr Hu, you're a killer". The woman was hauled away and arrested just moments after President Bush urged the Chinese leader to grant his people greater freedom of speech. The incident highlights the difficult relationship between the world's two most powerful countries. The US wants China to improve its human rights record but recognises it's a very important trade partner. Mr Hu responded with superficial agreement to requests for action over the low Chinese currency US producers believe disadvantages their access to the lucrative Chinese market and promised to try to help resolve nuclear disputes with Iran and North Korea but insisted on diplomatic not military solutions. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. A major breakthrough appears imminent in selecting a new government in Iraq. Bowing to intense pressure, Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari has just told Iraqi television he will allow Shi'ite lawmakers to choose a new leader, abandoning his claim on another term. Opposition from Sunni and Kurdish elements caused months of bitter argument over a government of national unity that's seen the country slide towards anarchy and civil war.

Police in Nepal have opened fire on protesters, killing at least three people overnight. Angry crowds are continuing pro-democracy demonstrations across the country

in defiance of a curfew and shoot-to-kill policy. Early morning in a city shut down on a shoot-on-sight curfew. The streets completely deserted. Finally a glimpse of protesters. Risking their lives to campaign for a restoration of democracy. By late morning the city had come alive as protesters poured onto streets in their thousands. The curfew began to look like a carnival. The protesters surged forward, already 50m inside the curfew zone they wanted to press further.

each hard fought step another psychological victory. We want our freedom. We don't want to live any more as slaves. Away from the cameras the authorities were ruthless, firing into the crowds and killing three protesters. But most refused to be intimidated. The King is under pressure to end his autocratic rule, to bend to the will of his people. Tens of thousands of people are expected to gather outside England's Windsor Castle today to mark the Queen's 80th birthday. Queen Elizabeth the second will take a tour of her home town to greet well-wishers before a ceremonial parade. Prince Charles will then host a family dinner at the royal residence.

Yesterday, the Queen toured the BBC headquarters in London which was granted its royal charter in 1926, the year she was born. The $2 million bounty for the first pictures of Suri Cruise still stands. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are keeping their 2-day-old bundle of joy hidden away in their Beverly Hills mansion. No photographers are being allowed in though presents are happily accepted. We've already sent some gifts to them and we've already talked to him about his beautiful baby. How great is that for a person who has such a charismatic career. Cruise sent an email to a reporter friend saying daughter Suri is glorious and Katie is a champ. He's cancelled all upcoming promotional appearances for 'Mission Impossible 3'. Ahead in sport, Aussie skipper Ricky Ponting hits out at the hectic Test schedule. And Socceroo Mark Schwarzer keeps Middlesbrough within reach of a coveted UEFA Cup finals berth.

To finance news, and profit-taking in the resources sector has dragged the Australian share market lower this morning. Donahue D'Souza at Commonwealth Securities and the iPod starring strong in Apple's quarterly profit result.

80 per cent of the market for

portable music is controlled by Apple. Eight and a half million Apple. Eight and a half million we

shifted. It now accounts for apples

40 per cent of revenue. Google had 40 per cent of revenue. Google had a

60 per cent rise in profit. Google

does want to enter the Australian

search market. A local search engine

was launched last month. Australia's cricket captain Ricky Ponting says some of his players are exhausted and blames the hectic Test schedule. The Aussies have played five Tests in as many weeks, wrapping up their series against Bangladesh with an innings and 80-run victory yesterday. That's the end of the Test matches for a while we've got some one-dayers before we head home

and we're looking forward to that. Player of the Series Jason Gillespie only joined the side for the two Bangladesh Tests. To AFL, and the West Coast Eagles have given controversial ruckman Michael Gardiner one last chance. Banished from club training all season he's back at Subiaco today. West Coast Eagles' bad boy Michael Gardiner is returning to the club today after convincing coach John Worsold he's re-committed to AFL football.

Gardiner was indefinitely banned by the Eagles for a series of attitude breaches but is now getting another chance. The MCG's transformation from aths track

to the home of the AFL is complete. A sell-out crowd of 92,000 will be there on Anzac Day to see Essendon take on Collingwood

with James Hird back as captain in the absence of the injured Matthew Lloyd. I was shocked. I thought he'd give it to one of the other guys I was shocked but feel very privileged

to captain the side for one last time maybe. It's wait and see for the Hawks on the fitness of Shane Crawford struggling with a hamstring.

As is Robert Harvey of St Kilda which welcomes back Justin Kosistichke and captain Luke Ball. Warren Tredrea's back to lead Port Adelaide against the Saints. The Power promising action after a bad game against Freemantle. It's probably the worst thing you can be accused of as a player and as a club. We had a long, hard look at ourselves during the week and I can guarantee all our supporters we will make a statement this week. Rob Waters, Ten News.

The St George Illawarra rugby league club

is still hoping to keep Mark Gasnier from switching to rugby union next season. CEO Peter Doust has refused to comment on the outcome of a meeting with Gasnier's manager aimed at reaching an agreement to keep the international centre from switching to rugby union. Dragons coach Nathan Brown is due to meet with a key NRL stakeholder today to discuss a possible assistance package. And this morning a stunning effort by Socceroo goalie Mark Schwarzer couldn't keep Middlesbrough from dropping the first leg of their UEFA Cup semifinal tie against Steaua Bucharest. Schwartzer kept 'Boro in it with several saves but he had no answer for this first half strike. Fellow Socceroo Mark Viduka hopes to be fit in time for next week's return match. Aussie golfer Stuart Appleby leads the field after the first round of the Houston Open. Aaron Baddeley is in the hunt just days after picking up his maiden US tour win. Fellow Aussie Stephen Leaney is also well placed.

Appleby won this event in 1999, and he began with a bang today, carding seven birdies and just one bogey. And with the tournament layout only opened recently,

Appleby's 6-under par counts as a course record.

Next in Ten News weather around the nation.

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and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling, good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.