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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Bracing for the onslaught towards the North Queensland coast as Tropical Cyclone Monica thunders at more than 200km/h. Australian troops poised for action in the Solomon Islands. as mass rioting erupts And Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

of their new baby. celebrate the arrival Ten News with Natarsha Belling. Good morning. on Far North Queensland. Tropical Cyclone Monica is closing in Gaining speed and strength, hit the region in the next few hours. the Category 3 storm is expected to isn't taking any chances The Queensland Government with Cyclone Monica. Cairns preparing for the onslaught. Its counter disaster team is in that went through last year It's a wider cyclone that Ingrid to that same cyclone. so people shouldn't be comparing it travelling at 15km/h. Monica is moving west, lies directly in its path The settlement at Lockhart River about 40km inland. as does the township of Coen we are trying to stack away. Everything that's a flying missile Cyclone Tracy, so I'm worried. I'm worried. I went through not after Cyclone Tracy. Never take them cheap Weather forecasters are predicting and widespread flooding. destructive winds but it's still very serious. It's not as serious as Larry trouble withstanding 200km/h winds. Any building is going to have

are charged, radios, torches Basically make sure batteries and bit of a supply of food. are all too fresh, Memories of Cyclone Larry are again standing-by. SES crews who worked in Innisfail in Cairns at the moment. We've got about 3,000 tarps

a stockpile prior from Larry Some of those were already and some left over from Larry. further unwanted rain to the region, Monica is bringing after Cyclone Larry. hindering the recovery process Kate Donnison, Ten News. is expected to cross the coast Cyclone Monica of Lockhart River. near the small community live in the remote settlement Around 800 residents preparing for the storm. and they've been busy is Peter Buckland Joining me live via telephone the CEO of the local council.

what the weather is like at present? Peter, describe where you are and

PETER: I'm sitting in my office at

the moment and looking out the window

the trees are bending over and we're

getting torrential rain. NATARSHA:

how have residents been preparing?

PETER: over the cyclones sleeves and PETER: over the cyclones

we have been carrying out their claim

up. Yesterday the day was spent

making sure everything is battened

down and all and equipment was down and all and equipment

fuelled up and all necessary measures

were taken. NATARSHA: or I guess were taken. NATARSHA: or I guess with

the devastation of Cyclone Larry

fresh in the minds of many residents are residents more concerned than

usual? PETER: I think they are more usual? PETER: I think

concerned than normal we have seen concerned than normal

the pictures of what can happen in a cyclone. Federal Police officers One of 17 Australian in the Solomon Islands injured in an outbreak of violence will be airlifted home for treatment. to keep a thousand-strong mob Peacekeepers used tear gas parliament back from the Pacific nation's when the rioting broke out. With the latest to the unrest in Honiara, on the Australian Government reaction joins us now from Canberra. political reporter Greg Turnbull that troops will be sent? Greg, what's the likelihood

GREG: I think that is looking

increasingly likely. There has been a

quite a request for 120 troops quite a request for 120 troops to be

sent to restore some order. Clearly

from the scale of this right

overnight, the number of injuries to overnight, the number of injuries

Australian Federal Police, and Australian Federal Police, and also

the fact that it is going on that

even now as we speak, people even now as we speak, people in the

City as St more buildings are being

burnt at the moment, there is every

every one of the 200 indication that it is going to take

every one of the every one of the 200 astray in

federal police to restore order

there. People are asking why this was

not foreseen and why the strain not foreseen and why the

federal police did not have more

muscle overnight. Nat NATARSHA: what

prompted this violence? GREG: it

seems to be a cocktail of ethnic and

political tensions election yesterday

of the new Prime Minister has caused

problems. He has some problems. He has some business

connections with Thai business people

and has been quite unpopular with a and has been quite unpopular with

section of the community there, they

then laid siege to the Parliament

building. It is a very dicey situation. Already the Speaker of the

Australian Federal Police Parliament has campaigned for the

over-reacted and should not have used

tear-gas. There is a bit of

investigation to be done over there.

has expressed concern The United Nations' refugee agency to process asylum seekers offshore, over the Federal Government's plans its responsibilities. claiming it's ducking is refusing to apologise to Indonesia Meantime, the Prime Minister asylum seekers protection visas. for its decision to grant 42 Papuan of the Australian public, Perhaps to the delight three quarters of people surveyed a recent Newspoll shows more than support Papuan independence. has mounted a fierce defence Prime Minister John Howard of his family tax payments system. would hurt women. He says any plans to strip it back at shutting down Labor criticism. His attack aimed provides welfare for millionaires. The Opposition says the scheme but the battlelines are drawn. The might be more than a year away

John Howard making it clear is here to stay. his family tax payments system They are not middle-class welfare. for a universial reality - They are tax relief to raise children. and that is it costs money Menzies Institute, In a speech to the Liberal Party's Mr Howard made his pitch, saying women would be hurt most were changed. if the family tax benefit system get their way If the anti-churn advocates

were to be dismantled and the FTB system for individual taxpayers, in favour of tax cuts will be Australian women. the people who will suffer most

Tax Benefit B Labor wants to limit of $250,000 a year to families with a combined income which isn't means-tested. instead of the current system, I don't believe Australians think that we ought to be making family payments to multi-millionaires in this society. In pushing his case, Mr Howard quoted Treasury figures showing that nearly 40% of all families will receive more in cash benefits than they pay in personal income tax. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. Condemned Bali bomber Amrozi will get to leave his death row cell today. Also known as the Smiling Assassin, Amrozi will appear in a south Java court to testify on behalf of radical Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir who's fighting to get out of jail. In March, Bashir was sentenced to 30 months behind bars for his involvement in the 2002 Bali bombings which killed 202 people. He's long been identified as a key militant leader.

Convicted drug user Michelle Leslie has traded in her traditional Muslim clothing for a brand new swimsuit. She's relaunched her career overnight, modelling in her first fashion show since returning to Australia from a Bali prison. When it comes to swimwear, designers tend to think less is best. And Australian label Azzollini is no different. The unveiling of Azzollini's new line saw animal prints roaring back into fashion. Popular accessories included the oh-so-big Jackie O glasses. But the swimwear creations attracted extra media attention - Michelle Leslie's return to the fashion fold. How did it feel being up there, Michelle? Fabulous, phenomenal, great to be back at work. I think she should've returned a long time ago. She's a fabulous person, and she's great at what she does. More recently, the convicted drug user has been used to a different type of spotlight. In Bali she proclaimed herself a Muslim.

Her courtroom attire attracting criticism. Leslie wore by far the most modest loose one-piece, perhaps a compromise to her religion. We're really happy to have her in our show and we'll always support her. Leslie hopes Sydney's coveted Fashion Week will set the stage for her next appearance. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. The massive inferno that tore through a Melbourne industrial estate has prompted calls for compulsory sprinkler installation in all commercial buildings. Fire investigators are searching through the gutted remains of a mattress factory, where the blaze started, but say it's unlikely the cause will ever be known due to the extent of the devestation.

Three factories collapsed in the inferno and another four were badly burned. The estimated damage bill is around $30 million. Recognition for long-running children's television program Coming up after the break, we'll cross live to LA for all the details on Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's new baby. And the Brits get behind the Queen in the build up to her 80th birthday.

This program is captioned live. Israel has pledged not to hit back against the Palestinian Authority

following yesterday's suicide attack in Tel Aviv. In a crisis meeting, Israeli cabinet ministers blamed Hamas for the bombing but decided against a military strike. Instead, it backed plans to revoke Jerusalem residency of a number of Hamas MPs. Israeli forces have arrested more than 20 Palestinians over the attack which killed nine people.

The American city of San Francisco is remembering the victims of a devastating earthquake that shook the city exactly 100 years ago today. 4,000 people died in the 7.8 magnitude quake. 5:12am.

The moment everything changed. Pre-dawn San Francisco. 40,000 people standing in respectful memory. 11 survivors - sitting, reflecting. They had all come to remember the day when the city faced its most perilous moment. 100 years ago 60 seconds of shaking left the city like this. The first disaster caught on film. Whole city blocks decimated. What didn't fall down burned down. San Francisco has suffered many times since. This was 1989. Scientists now believe there is a real chance of a 1906-type earthquake in the next 30 years. It's the type of earthquake that is going to cause a significant number of deaths and a significant number of injuries and impact all of our lives in the Bay area. Amid today's commemorations that is the reality facing people here. 6.8 million of them living on 7 active fault lines. An alleged gang rape of an African American student has ignited racial tensions in the US. Two white students have been arrested for the alleged assault on a woman they paid to strip at a party. The clean-cut college sporting heroes charged with raping a poor black stripper. It's hard to put in words the unfairness and the injustice of the indictment. The arrest of 19-year-old Colin Finnerty and 20-year-old Reade Seligman shocked the community of Durham, North Carolina. It's preposterous, even that they've been arrested. I know them both. There's not a chance that they're guilty of this crime.

The alleged victim was paid to strip at a wild party held at this house by members of the lacrosse team from the prestigious Duke University. She was a student

trying to make a living to support her two children. The 27-year-old woman claims she was dragged into a bathroom and beaten and raped by three men who chanted racial insults. That sparked protests among those who believe the crime was racially motivated. For years players on the Duke lacrosse team have had the reputation of spoiled, boorish frat boys. The scandal has sparked the suspension of the entire team while university officials investigate whether they allowed irresponsible behaviour to go on too long. Lawyers claim the men weren't even present when the incident took place. We are shocked, absolutely shocked. We always thought she would pick out someone who had a conversation with her or paid her. This is absolutely outrageous.

In the US, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. A British poll has confirmed Queen Elizabeth as the most popular member of the royal family with most wanting her to remain on the throne. As Britons prepare to celebrate her 80th birthday on Friday,

special commemorative stamps. the Royal Mail has issued taken throughout her life, They include informal photos including one from 1931 asleep on her mother's shoulder. showing the 5-year-old Elizabeth

of silver stamps are also planned. A special coin and a set

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes High-profile Hollywood couple the birth of their baby. are celebrating Ten's LA reporter Rahni Saddler. With all the details,

RAHNI: Natasha, I can tell you care RAHNI: Natasha, I can tell you

to Tom Cruise and the Katie Holmes

have welcomed a baby girl and have have welcomed a baby girl and

called her Suri Cruise. Apparently in

Hebrew that means princess and means

red rose in Persian. This is the red rose in Persian. This is

first child for them as a couple,

they started dating last year in

April they got married in jail or

shortly after Tom Cruise have jumped

on the couch couch shouting I on the couch couch shouting I loved

this woman! I wonder whether Suri

Cruise will take part, this is the Cruise will take part, this is

third child for Tom Cruise he has a

13 year-old adopted daughter and an

adopted son, who he adopted with

Nicole Kidman. No one quite knows

where the couple gave birth, where the couple gave birth, there

were at camera crews at hospitals and

that of their home in Beverly Hills

where Scientology posters were

brought in last week urging Katie brought in last week

Holmes to have a silent birth in the

Scientology tradition. NATARSHA: or

it seems Katie Holmes is not the only

celebrity to have given birth today?

RAHNI: Brooke Shields has also given

birth today. Tom Cruise of course

famously attacked Brooke Shields?

Let's just hope of their Katie Holmes

does not need any drugs this morning. has angrily rejected calls US President George W. Bush of Donald Rumsfeld. for the resignation President Bush said Speaking at the White House, from retired generals he would not give in to calls for the Defense Secretary to resign. and I read the front page I hear the voices and I know the speculation and I decide what's best and I'm the decider to remain Secretary of Defense. and what's best is for Don Rumsfeld

reporters' claims Mr Rumsfeld later denied on the embattled Bush Administration. his resignation would ease pressure a new boss for Carlton in the AFL, Ahead,

returns. that's when Ten's morning news dizzy heights in Test cricket. Also, the Aussie tailender reaching MAN: Cut! a world YOU create. Action. Major events? TV PLAYS Or the best live sports coverage in Australia? You want to see that again? TV STOPS It's all there on FOXTEL Digital. FOOTAGE REWINDS Cut! Just picture it. This program is captioned live. In finance news - continues to boom. the Australian share market at Commonwealth Securities To Donahue D'Souza our market boom, Donahue? and exactly what's behind

Natasha, it is hard to believe but

today the markets have led on from

yesterday's gains. Crude oil prices

hit a record high of $71 a barrel

overnight and gold stocks also put in

an impressive performance. Good news

also foreign miners? Mining stocks

are currently enjoying are currently enjoying their biggest

ever bone in ever bone in base metal prices in

fact things just don't get any fact things just don't get any better

than this for them. It is important

to remember though that the current

boom in metal prices is yet its peak. boom in metal prices is yet to reach

added a maiden Test ton to his name To sport - and Jason Gillespie the second Test against Bangladesh. as Australia streaked ahead in the first Aussie nightwatchman The 30-year-old becoming to score a Test century since Tony Mann in 1977.

It was 6 hours and 23 minutes in the making. COMMENTATOR: What a shot. Look at that. 100 for Jason Gillespie. with a day to remember. The nightwatchman And treated to a standing ovation. on his way to the magic mark. Gillespie hit 17 boundaries even confusing the commentary team. His sweet strokes Good shot there from Ponting. Sorry, Jason Gillespie. notched up his 34th Test 50. Earlier Ricky Ponting to confusion at the crease. But celebrations soon turned No mucking about from Michael Hussey. The left-hander right in the swing with Australia 167 runs in front. before rain stopped play Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. the president's position at Carlton Graham Smorgon has assumed vacated by Ian Collins. Collins cited business commitments behind his departure as the main reason at a board meeting last night. with the Blues appointing Smorgon that we all stand together It's really important an opportunity to develop over time and allow our young players under Dennis's tutelage get back to where we deserve to be. so that we can win games and 26th president. Smorgon becomes the Blues' Australian rugby union officials to rugby league star, Mark Gasnier. are preparing a formal offer The St George-Illawarra back is at the centre of a tug-of-war between the two codes. capacity if he opts for union. Gasnier is set to double his earning to become a dual international The extra lure being the chance

Rugby World Cup. and play at next year's If he does switch, Matt Rogers and Wendell Sailor he'll join league stars Lote Tuqiri,

in the Super 14 competition. at the NSW Waratahs weather around the nation. Next in Ten News

This program is captioned live. for the rest of the day: National weather

forget about a Big Mac with Pepsi If you go into McDonald's of a Big Mac with push-ups. and think more along the lines McDonald's says In a bold bid to get fit, fitness videos with its fast-food. it's going to start selling with an exercise company The Golden Arches chain has teamed up at restaurants around the world. to sell DVDs of a new Happy Meal for adults. It comes with the launch with all the news. That brings you up to date for updates throughout the day Stay with Ten in Ten's news hour tonight. and the full details I'm Tracey Spicer, good morning. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions