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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. the flooded streets of Katherine. Tonight - police patrol protecting the town from looters. elite high school for taking drugs. Students suspended from an captured on canvas. And the Princess Mary fairytale Ten News with Tracey Spicer. Good evening.

are patrolling the streets, Police in flooded Katherine deserted homes and shops. fearing looters will target overnight, but no-one was caught. There were some reports of trouble are working together Most people in the Top End town to get back on their feet. that we could, We got most of the stuff up the waters been up to here. but as you can see,

are receding rapidly, The Katherine flood-waters David Bretherton discovers, but as auto-electrician his business has gone under. we've got an exhaust business, We've got a tyre business, auto electrics, mechanical. All of that, gone.

this business has flooded - It's the eighth time

town of Katherine was devastated. the first, in 1998, when the entire Each time, David has rebuilt. and a family of his own. He has seven staff members to support in Katherine is - But the ultimate blow to businesses none of them can get flood insurance. since the 1998 floods, but businesses are on their own. Homes can, not counting this, From the '98 flood, up to, I'm just under $1 million in loss. Around Katherine, a brighter picture. and the bridge at last reopens. The main street no longer under water on the road to Darwin. It's slow going A bread-truck turns taxi. left vulnerable to looters - Flooded businesses have been round-the-clock. police patrolling streets the third to bed down on army cots. For most evacuees, last night was just a different bed. Terrible - couldn't sleep,

We we're just so tired. But last night I slept like a log. returning home, While most evacuees are already in outlying flooded areas some who've been isolated this afternoon. were ferried into Katherine Gerda Jezuchowski, Ten News. be rolled out across the country, 400 more medical school places will

of a health system in crisis. in a bid to counter concerns it's still not enough. But critics say Victorian Liberal Party conference Prime Minister John Howard used the to the crippling doctor shortage. to unveil his answer The Commonwealth will commit over the four years an additional $250 million to training more doctors and nurses. APPLAUSE a lion's share of the new places. Victoria is the big winner, taking its Deakin and Monash universities, 160 new spots at the remaining 240 new places as well as a share of to be distributed among the States. more medical places Victoria will receive for the very simple reason that it has a significantly lower number of medical students per head of population. Queensland left smarting. more to Australia than Victoria. The PM needs to understand there is Labor's welcomed the move but... we will still be short of nurses We will still be short of doctors, running around the world and we will still be to work here. desperately trying to import people to match the Commonwealth cash. Mr Howard calling on the States are in addition The taxpayer-funded places spots the Government announced to the increased full-fee paying earlier this year. with the State Labor premiers The AMA says to provide what it takes it's now time for the States into properly trained doctors. to turn the medical students not just to have capacity and beds, That means hospitals need but the beds need to be open, doing procedures and they need to be for those patients, and medical services get the training. so they can actually

Leonie Mellor, Ten News. Labor frontbencher Peter Garrett Anti-nuclear campaigner and plan to sell uranium to China has branded the Federal Government's as delinquent. has also foreshadowed a major stoush The former Midnight Oil frontman within his own party,

its stand of no new uranium mines. as it moves towards scrapping has always been the same. My position

questions of risk, of safety, I think unless the threshold to nuclear proliferation, of additions prior, proper and informed - of consent - safe and economical capture and of the long-term of radioactive waste, down the nuclear cycle. then we shouldn't go any further debating the issue He says he looks forward to national conference next year. at the Labor Party's will be on the agenda And uranium mining 'Meets the Press' tomorrow morning - when Labor leader, Kim Beazley, from 8:00, here on Network Ten. drugbust at an elite boarding school. Authorities are investigating a smoking marijuana The teenagers were sprung State boys' high school at Tamworth at a selective in northern NSW. and 16 have been suspended. 20 students were caught, Police have been informed whether anyone will be charged. but it's unclear has escalated in Iraq The threat of civil war dressed as women, after suicide bombers, a further 170 at a Shiite mosque. killed nearly 80 people and injured revenge attacks The bombing is expected to provoke targeting Sunni Muslims. of northern Baghdad Chaos in the streets

as Shi'ite worshippers were targeted in five months. in the most deadly attack This eyewitness says inside the mosque the explosion took place the main weekly religious service. immediately after Police believe women's traditional robes, three men, disguised in blew themselves up. Since the December elections, been unable to form a government. Iraq's divided leaders haven't

The bloody incident highlighting

Shi'ite and Sunni Muslims. continuing sectarian tension between Kurdish politicians The Sunni Arabs and refuse to work with the Prime Minister and Shi'ite Alliance leader, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, to step down. who won't succumb to pressure condemned the latest carnage President Jalal Talabani has to derail the political process. as another attempt They are trying to reach agreement with Americans and they have many friendly meeting with American Ambassador in Baghdad. Three years after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, locals are still begging for stability. Of course I am afraid. When we went out from our homes, we don't know if we are return back or not. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. An Australian artist has captured the fairytale life of Denmark's Crown Princess Mary on canvas. Her first official portrait has been unveiled in Copenhagen. After months of secret sittings, svelte new mother Crown Princess Mary unveils her first official portrait. APPLAUSE The life-size painting, by Australian artist Ralph Heimans, depicts a thoroughly modern royal - no tiara or sash. Bathed in sunlight and gazing out a palace window, Mary looks to the future. Her hometown of Hobart looming large over her shoulder, representing the life she left behind. For an artist, it's a great honour. It's not very often one gets the chance to paint a princess. So it was just like such an amazing honour and a delight to do. While Mary was pregnant during the sittings there was a deliberate decision to hide her baby bump in the finished artwork. It's wonderful to see it up on the wall after a whole year of really hard work and really good collaboration with Frederiksborg Museum. The giant oil on canvas was commissioned by Denmark's Museum of National History, and will form the centrepiece of an exhibition of famous Australians, including Kylie Minogue and Dame Edna. Crown Prince Frederick clearly approves of his wife's likeness, although there was no sign of their son Prince Christian. His parents have kept him out of the limelight since his elaborate christening three months ago. Belinda Heggen, Ten News. Playboy magazine accused of moral terrorism in Indonesia. That's next in Ten News. Plus, what Prince Harry said to the stripper. And a London court cracks the case

against 'Da Vinci Code' author Dan Brown. This program is captioned live. Desperate pleas for help

as East Africa suffers one of the worst droughts in decades. Almost half the people in Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti are malnourished. Thousands have died and eight million are now facing starvation.

The United Nations has launched an urgent appeal for food aid.

Too many vulnerable people living in absolutely intolerable conditions and dying massively, not with a big scream, but silently. If you'd like to help, donations can be made to Oxfam's Africa Appeal: Tornadoes have killed at least 11 people in the United States. Twisters and severe storms battered Tennessee, Kansas and Missouri, destroying homes and flipping cars. I looked back and saw the garage door buckle in and then I heard a boom, and then I had block and brick piled on top of me, on top of the homeowner. The whole house is completely gone.

The devastation comes just days after wild weather killed 24 people and flattened 1,000 homes and businesses in Tennessee. An incredible escape in the United States, after an avalanche swept a family car off the road. Four adults and five young children survived after their van was pushed 30m down an embankment. Thank you very much. It was an unexpected end to a great day of snowboarding. I didn't see anything. We were just driving and, man! We're off the road. Michael Thomas, his wife and five young children were travelling with

two teenage resort workers they'd picked up hitchhiking.

Driving down the road, next thing you knew, we're off the road and tumbling. A wall of snow pushed the terrified group 30m down an embankment. It was just my worst nightmare ever. All I remember is flying and my seatbelt holding me right here and bumping around. After hanging upside down, they crawled through a window kicked out by the hitchhikers. When we got to it, there was little kids climbing up out of the snow, all covered in snow. you know, it was little 3-year-old snowballs crawling out of there. So it was pretty exciting to see that they were all OK. 10-year-old Adam suffered the worst injuries. I hit my head a little and cut my fingers a little, (Dad) But we all had our seatbelts on, Yeah, thank goodness. His parents say they're lucky it wasn't much worse. Just a little shook up, but fabulous condition. Happy to be alive. Despite his very precarious day, Michael is vowing not to give up family holidays in the snow. The way I figure it the chances of being hit by another avalanche are about as good as getting struck by lightening twice. In the US, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. The launch of Playboy magazine is causing a stir in Indonesia. Islamic hard-liners want it banned, while fans are complaining it's all news and no nudes. Indonesian buyers really will be reading Playboy just for the articles

because the magazine doesn't feature any pictures of naked women. Religious leaders have accused Playboy of moral terrorism, and claim the magazine is a bigger threat to Indonesia than al-Qa'ida militants. The bad-boy Prince seems to be up to his old tricks again. British tabloids are reporting

Prince Harry went to a London strip club to celebrate the end of his army training. A dancer at the club claims she offered him a lapdance but he turned her down, saying he had a girlfriend. The dancer says she then sat on the Prince's lap for a 10-minute chat. It's a courtroom drama worthy of blockbuster. The man behind 'The Da Vinci Code' was accused of copying an earlier bestseller to make his fortune. A victory for Dan Brown in Britain's High Court, the author of 'The Da Vinci Code' was cleared of using other writers' ideas, in the book that made him one of the highest paid writers in history. The American was accused of lifting key elements from 'The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail' for his 2003 thriller -

which has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. The judge rejected allegations that Brown, worth an estimated $600 million, had breached copyright laws. But unlike earlier court hearings, the reclusive author avoided judgment day. His publisher, Random House, praised the findings. Happily, today's judgment ensures that novelists will remain free to draw on ideas and historical research for their work. Lawyers for Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh say the ruling doesn't mean Brown is innocent. The judge found that Dan Brown copied from their book 'The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail', but just not in a way that UK copyright law protects. We lost on the letter of the law, we won on the spirit

and, to that extent, we feel vindicated. The result sent a wave of relief all the way to Hollywood, where Sony Pictures has confirmed it will release the movie 'The Da Vinci Code' starring Tom Hanks, next month. Sarah Bamford, Ten News. Queensland tries a new tactic to stop speeding drivers - that's next in Ten News. Plus the Australian teenager on a trek to become the youngest person to climb Mount Everest. And pinball wizards discover the fountain of youth. My boyfriend hits me, then he says he loves me and reckons it's all OK. I only had a drink and he thought it meant he could have me. I said no, but he wouldn't stop. I know my sister gets hit by her boyfriend. She won't talk to me, our parents, nobody. But she should tell someone. And then he says it's my fault that he lashed out at me. You don't know who to talk to and if there's any help. VOICEOVER: If assault or violence has happened to you, You can start by talking with an experienced counsellor on this confidential helpline - 1800 200 526. Because to violence against women, Australia says no. of Bunnings - we have everything here so we can, um... Except milk. (Laughs) Brunnings 65-litre feed and mulch block, just $8.98. Bosch cordless drill, $147. 4-litre fence finish, $20.60. Lowest prices are just the beginning. But, finally, I spoke to someone and they really helped me. I was raped and I told the police. It was hard, but I know I've done the right thing. And I just knew I had to leave him. do seek help and support. Call 1800 200 526. Because to violence against women, Australia says no. This program is captioned live. Queensland has introduced double demerit points for speeding in a bid to stem the mounting road toll. The tough new rules kick in from Easter, following the tragic deaths of four people in one crash. Flowers from a mate now lie in silent tribute . All young, happy people and they've been taken away from us so easily. You know, it really tears your guts out. The Queensland Government is desperate to prevent carnage like this near Toowoomba late yesterday. So anyone caught speeding by 20km/h or more, twice in 12 months will now face double demerit points. 9,000 motorists are expected to lose their licenses yearly. Fundamentally, it comes down to a person's responsibility and peoples attitude on the road. But the State hopes tough penalties will save lives and painful memories. There was just nothing we could do. You could smell the fuel, and no, ghastly.

Today the victims' friends and relatives found it almost too much to bear,

the senselessness of so many lost lives. REPORTER: What are you thoughts when you look at that? Pretty depressed. Kind of a bit angry what's happened. Police are still determining if speed was involved here. The driver lost control. taking workmates to a nearby meat factory, the car rolled and speared into the power pole. But locals believe deep ruts in the road contributed. We just waited.

This was going to happen with a little bit of speed. Something had to happen. Three young men from nearby towns and a woman died. A fifth victim of the accident remains in hospital

in a stable condition. Mark Suleau, Ten News. A Sydney teenager has set off on a trek to become the youngest person to climb Mount Everest. 15-year-old Christopher Harris has spent the last few months building up his fitness to tackle the world's highest peak. The Year 10 student has put his studies on hold to venture up the Himalayas with his father and a couple of Sherpa guides. He's an experienced climber, having scaled Mount Kosciuscko as an 8-year-old, so he's not that scared. Oh, a little, but it's more frightening doing all this TV stuff. Christopher plans to reach Kathmandu early next week. Pinball machines are often blamed for a misspent youth but now experts claim, the games could be good for your health. An unlikely form of therapy - an afternoon spent at the pinball arcade could be the answer to many people's health problems. Deaf, and unable to speak, pinball mechanic John Williams travels the country to feed his addiction.

He's the most incredible mechanic on pinball machines, he knows them inside out. Even though he can hear nothing he can fix them. He's joining pinball experts from across the country at this weekend's bumper auction in Melbourne.

Many of which agree all those bells, whistles and flashing lights could hold the key to reducing stress. It's you against the machine, it's a great challenge. You are trying to beat the machine Sometimes it beats you and sometimes you beat it. Also offering an alternative to sitting in front of the television and solution to the nation's soaring obesity rate. It's a physical game. You are moving around and the more you get into the game, the more physical you get with the machine Now it seems Australia is catching up with America's love of pinball, an affair that's lasted more than 250 years. The amount of people who actually put them into their homes has increased over the last five years 10-fold. Keiva Matheson, Ten News. The Commonwealth Games may be over but their legacy lives on. Furniture from the Athletes Village is up for sale. champion swimmer Giann Rooney taught by a youngster, it's not right to write on tables. Very good! Good girl! All up, 150,000 items are up for grabs. The weather's next and then it's 'Sports Tonight' with Leigh Diffey. And Leigh, a super day for Australia in the Davis Cup? Yes, Trace. We are through to the semi finals. We have highlights shortly plus all the latest footy scores. For some it's already been a long season. While for others the grand final can't come soon enough. MAN: Cut! Picture yourself in an entirely new world of entertainment, a world YOU create. WONDROUS MUSIC Action. You want to see blockbuster movies? Whoa! Major events? TV PLAYS Or the best live sports coverage in Australia? TV STOPS You want to see that again? Imagine being able to pause and rewind live TV. FOOTAGE REWINDS It's all there on FOXTEL Digital. Call FOXTEL on: Looking at weather around the nation now. Low cloud is moving across Tasmania with south-westerly gales, bringing rain. Cloud over WA from ex-cyclone Hubert is also generating some rain.

Cloud streaming across northern Queensland along a jetstream is causing patchy rain and isolated storms. Mostly sunny across the south under a high. A high will move into the south-east, clearing showers from Victoria and Tasmania and keeping NSW mostly sunny. A trough will maintain rain and storms across north-eastern Queensland. Ex-cyclone Hubert will continue to decay over inland WA spreading rain from the Pilbara to the south coast. Tomorrow -

And finally, competitors have raced back to the era of rail during a bizarre sporting carnival in South Australia. The Kalamazoo Classic on the State's west coast pits relic against relic. The hand-powered carts were used by rail-workers during the era of steam to maintain the tracks. Teams of five pumped and bumped their way over a 300m course running through the town. That brings you up to date with the latest news. Stay around for 'Sports Tonight' with Leigh Diffey. I'm Tracey Spicer, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

This program is captioned live. Hello. I'm Leigh Diffey. Welcome to Sports Tonight. If it was hit, kicked, dropped or ridden, we've got it. This is a weekend where toughness has been tested.

But strength is not essential when placement is perfect. Power by numbers - it can get you a Golden Slipper. The youth movement - age can conquer experience.