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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Kersten's redemption - after an emotional Games win. the Aussie cyclist back on top its biggest air offensive in Iraq America launches since the 2003 invasion. first Test against South Africa. And Australia on top in the Ten News with Natarsha Belling. Good morning. at the Commonwealth Games. A golden start for Australia joins us Live from Melbourne. Reporter Max Futcher a pretty impressive beginning, Max while it was

as expected ? we didn't get as many gold medals

Well, Natarsha, this morning

Australian team management say that Well, Natarsha, this morning

the swimmers themselves would

concede they could have done better

last night. Now as it was we got concede they could have done better

one gold and four silver including

the one from Libby Lenton. They

seem to have been upstaged by the the one from Libby Lenton. They

Scots and South Africans in the

pool. Of course that takes nothing

away from the medal winners

including our golden girl of the away from the medal winners

pool Stephanie Rice. This morning including our golden girl of the

she fronted a press conference with

Brooke Hanson and she was a happy

lady because in recent history Brooke Hanson and she was a happy

she's not been able to qualify

ahead of her more fancied

team-mates but this morning she was

paradeing around with her gold

medal and she was over the moon. We

were so proud of each other and had

so much fun and all of the girls were so proud of each other and had

last night, the Aussies, to get a

trifecta in Melbourne with all the

Aussie stands, it was amazing and

the crowd was going off. The most

emotional victory of the night was

cyclist Ben Kersten? What a

turn-around for kor Ben Kersten,

you might remember Athens where he turn-around for kor Ben Kersten,

was brought in as a late you might remember Athens where he

replacement and was ostracised by

team members. He waiz the centre of

attention last night after winning

gold ask was mobbed by family, attention last night after winning

friends and supporters. Plenty of

hugs and tears. Plny of smiles in

the women's side of the camp as

well because the Meares sisters

delivered. Anna got the gold and

Kerry got the bronze. Speaking to

them this morning it was hard to

tell who got the bronze and the

gold because they were both so pleased.

It's very unique relationship we

have as sisters, being competitive

and, you know, pretty much soul

mates off the track. So we're lucky

to have that because you don't

really see it that often. It's very to have that because you don't

special. She's the typical big

sister. If I get into trouble she's

the first one to come looking to

saver me. And the drug controversy

continues to hang over the weight

lifting team? Yes, the forensic

tests are due back today and rob lifting team? Yes, the forensic

waters filed this story on that

topic a short time ago. You can't take the smile Erika Yamasaki's face. off 18-year-old weightlifter

was an Australian first Yesterday's bronze over-shadowd but her big moment has been by the team's drug controversy.

such negative - It's hard to handle being put in it creates a real bad mood. I guess had we hear stuff about it, its findings Officialdom today will complete and while vials and syringes members' bedrooms at the AIS, were found in the weightlifting team they've protested their innocence. the answer clearly taken care of I think they expect to have some time today we have around us because a few reliable sources say it will happen today. some time today. We expect to get an answer no-one add mitts to taking drugs. He also acknowledges

I don't know the answer to that. who are honest and sincere people, I know the peopleb I've talked to anything wrong. they think they haven't done the team doesn't discuss drug issues. Erika Yamasaki says we don't want to think about it. Basically, you know, don't know anything about it A lot of us that we can't discuss really. so it's a topic And she welcomes drug testing the crosswalk knockers wrong. just to prove Actually I like getting tested that we are clean. just to prove to everyone Rob Waters, Ten News.

There you go, Natarsha, all smiles

for the cyclists, lots of work to There you go, Natarsha, all smiles

do for the swimmers and a big day for the cyclists, lots of work to

for the weightlifters for very

its biggest air offensive in Iraq The US military has begun different reasons.

since the 2003 invasion. The assault launched new parliament was sworn in. just hours before the country's of Operation Swarmer, These are the first pictures since the US-led invasion. the largest air assault on Iraq Iraqi and American forces More than 50 aircraft and 1,500 have been deployed. Their mission - near the central city of Samarra, to find insurgents bomb attack on a Shi'ite shrine. the scene of last month's devastating of our ongoing efforts This operation is part on the security front. to help move forward The assault was launched new parliament was sworn in. just hours before Iraq's

was short-lived. Although the show of national unity only 30 minutes The meeting lasting over who should be in charge. because members remain divided violence erupted during a gathering And in northern Iraq, in the Halabja gas attack. to remember the thousands killed blamed on Saddam Hussein. It's one of the crimes a memorial to victims The crowd storming government turned up uninvited. after a member of the Kurdish because of poor local services, Residents are angry

and water supplies. including inadequate electricity sealed off the town, As security forces the riot worsened. eventually going up in flames. The memorial Condoleezza Rice US Secretary of State in Melbourne is heading to the Commonwealth Games with PM John Howard this morning. after official talks Reporter Eddy Meyer visit in Sydney. has been following Secretary Rice's

meeting with the Prime Minister Natarsha, Dr Rice has been in that Committee of Cabinet all morning and members of the National Security

and global issues. discussing regional protesters are from Falun Gung, Among them China, no doubt, and these China persecutes their group. complaining about the way But also on the agenda will be Iraq and Iran, Australia's role in that. Now, last night a less formal meeting for the US Secretary of State, enjoying the hospitality of the Prime Minister and key Cabinet ministers at Kirribilli House, no doubt also enjoying the view. Later today she heads to Melbourne where she will meet Australian troops who have served in Iraq to offer her thanks. She'll also meet those who helped with the tsunami effort and she'll attend the Commonwealth Games. Tomorrow, back in Sydney for tri-lateral talks between Australia, the US and Japan. Natarsha. There's more pressure on the Government over AWB with evidence our intelligence agencies were tipped off about a Saddam Hussein front company eight years ago. A summary of intelligence documents released by the Cole Royal Commission says the Jordanian trucking company Arlia was identified as front for Saddam Hussein in 1998. The Government has dismissed the new information, saying no link was established with AWB wheat sales at the time. Labor's crying cover-up. It's time for just a dose of truth, for a change, out of the Howard Government. I know they are used to lying - they lied about kids overboard, they lied about pre-war intelligence on Iraq and now they are seeking to lie again when it comes to this $300 million wheat-for-weapons scandal. The Opposition wants the terms of reference of the Cole inquiry expanded. Queensland police are continuing their hunt for a crazed driver who led them on a dangerous high-speed chase. It was motorway mayhem for hours between the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane as the driver and his female passenger

dangerously careered through peak-hour traffic. What you're looking at here is a high-speed chase involving this blue ute with a motorbike on the back. Apparently the suspect is carrying weapons. At one point the driver was cornered but he went crazy and speared headlong into the oncoming traffic. There was even a hasty petrol stop. Eventually, officers were forced to abandon the chase when it got too dangerous. Police want to question the man about an attempted murder and ram-raids. One teenager is dead and another remains in hospital after a car crashed into a house in Sydney's inner west overnight. The 19-year-old driver ran off Victoria Road, hitting the house in Westbourne Street just after midnight. A teenager in the house was trapped under his bed by bricks from a collapsed wall. The driver died at the scene. The teenager was taken to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

in a stable condition.

Voters go to the polls in South Australia tomorrow

with the State's minority Labor Government expected to win power in its own right. A last-minute improvement in polling for the Liberal Opposition

might be enough to prevent a catastrophe. Labor's slick campaign is built on its leader.

The unashamed populist Mike Rann talks tough on crime, claims credit for economic growth and even major federal projects like the destroyer contract. Polls point to a 6% swing. It's a choice between the future and past. The contrast - the belated and error-plagued ad campaign by the cash-trapped Liberals who are promising tax relief funded by public service cuts. John Howard made just one less-than-convincing appearance during the campaign. Yet last-minute polls suggest a Rann fatigue in several marginals. We're hoping that might come back to bite them. The big surprise may come in the upper house where Family First could get the balance of power at the expense of the Democrats. Tasmanians will also go to the polls this weekend with three seats set to go down to the wire. They include the seat of Denison held by the former Premier Jim Bacon. Yesterday the Federal Treasurer gave a helping hand to Liberal candidate Rene Hidding. They've got a good chance in this election but you never know the outcome until polling day. But the odds-on favourite is the current Premier Paul Lennon with the latest poll showing strong support for the ALP. Shocking details are emerging about that London drug trial that went horribly wrong, that's when the morning news returns. And Bush-Mush - Pakistan's cheeky take on the cartoon debate. This program is captioned live. Shocking details are emerging from the London drug trial that went disastrously wrong. Doctors appealing for help to find an antidote as they struggle to save a group of volunteers

suffering multiple organ failure. Inside this hospital, six men are still battling to survive. Rasty Kahn was one of the eight men on the trial that received a dummy drug. Today he recounted the terrifying events

as the six men around him fell ill just 20 minutes after being injected. The gentleman on my left, he said,

"I've got really bad headache pains." He said he was hot. They turned the temperature down for him because he said he was burning and then he started hyperventilating and then they tried to calm him down and then he passed out and he came back to consciousness. He vomited and then they got like a big bin liner for him to vomit in. And then very quickly the others began falling ill as well. Literally several minutes after, it was like dominoes, one after the other, and the gentleman on my right then, he said he needed to go to the toilet. Everything was unplugged from him, he stood up and then he fainted. The gentleman on my left again started screaming, he said he's got back pains and he was screaming, saying, "My back, my back, doctor help me." The Bali Nine ringleaders have lodged appeals against their death sentences. Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan have lodged documents with the Bali High Court. In his appeal, Sukumaran points to the fact he didn't have any drugs on his body unlike the four so-called mules who received life sentences. Sukumaran and Chan were sentenced to death by firing squad last month for their part in the heroin smuggling operation. It's been a night of violence in France with mass protests against controversial new employment laws. The worst of the violence was again in Paris. Hundreds of masked protesters took over as night fell. Under siege, riot police responded, firing rubber bullets and tear gas. Protesters are objecting to new youth job contracts which employers can terminate without explanation. The government has appealed for talks, saying the changes are needed to fight unemployment. Pakistanis have hit back at the US with their own spin on the cartoon debate. Move over Bollywood, Bush-Mush animations are sweeping the country. The television satire pokes fun at Mr Bush and Pakistani President General Musharraf. The cartoon uses actual footage of a press conference from President Bush's visit to the country. Due to popular demand

the cheeky send-off is being repeated throughout the day on Pakistani TV. Hollywood starlet Jessica Simpson is causing a stir in Washington, snubbing a meeting with US President George W. Bush. The singer turned down a Republican fundraiser, saying she didn't want to politicise the charity she's trying to promote. I recently just went to Kenya and got to experience Operation Smile first hand and it changed my life. Operation Smile is a non-profit organisation offering free plastic surgery to disadvantaged children with deformities. Australia's swim stars out to make amends on day two of the Commonwealth Games, that's when Ten's morning news returns. Plus, South Africa crumble as Stuart Clark takes five wickets on debut in the first Test. In finance news, The Australian share market is closing in on the 5,000 mark. Juliana Roadley at Commonwealth Securities and it looks like retailers are taking banking into their own hands?

Well, last night we heard that

Well, last night we heard that Woolworths is going to be rolling

out some new ATMs. They are going

to roll out 700 co-branded ATMs

to roll out 700 co-branded ATMs with ANZ over the year and this is

the first step in that new move.

Expect to see the ATMs in

supermarkets, dick smiths and

Petrol Plus stores and we could see

them expanding to insurance and

mortgage products and more banking

mortgage products and more banking products on the table from David

Jones and Harvey Norman. The US

Jones and Harvey Norman. The US military oofsive in Iraq sending

military oofsive in Iraq sending oil prices hizer? Yes, we saw news

oil prices hizer? Yes, we saw news of operations last night and saw

of operations last night and saw the oil price moving above the $

63.50 a barrel mark. This is

affecting energy prices because it

could halt production from the

Iraqi oil fields and could lead to

higher demand for energy products

from the US armed forces. Our Commonwealth Games swimmers will be out to prove a point after being dubbed disappointments. Outperformed by Scotland on day one, the Aussies have gold in their sights. Some of our strongest gold medal hopes hit the pool tonight. World champion Danni Miatke and fastest qualifier Jessicah Schipper to go stroke for stroke in the 50 butterfly. World record holder Jane Edmistone and Liesel Jones competing in the 50 breaststroke. Peerless on the track but beer-less off it,

Anna and Kerrie Meares left the partying to their family as they set themselves for more medals in tomorrow's sprint. Following his upset win in the men's time trial, Ben Kersten to draw on more support from family and friends for a tilt at gold in the kieren. Our shooters begin their campaigns today. Adam Vella and Michael Diamond combining in the men's trap pairs. Surprise gold medal winner at the Athens Olympics Suzy Balogh teaming up with Desirae Byrnes in the women's event. A rejuvenated Kookaburras outfit take on Scotland, keen to continue the Hockeyroos' winning momentum. Cameron Baud, Ten News. Lets check the latest Commonwealth Games medal tally. Australia leads the way with three gold, five silver and four bronze medals. Scotland and England complete the top three. There are 18 gold medals up for grabs today. Australia's decision to give Stuart Clark his first Test cap has been quite a success. Clark taking five wickets on the first day of the match against South Africa in Cape Town. Clark had been included at the expense of Stuart McGill. Brett Lee bouncing back from a lean one-day series with figures of 3/37. South Africa won the toss but were stunned by a new ball and a new star in Stuart Clarke. The debutant taking the prized wicket of Graeme Smith. His first Test scalp quickly becoming three as South Africa slumped to 4/66 at lunch. Bowled him. A beautiful delivery. Michael Kasperwicz kicked Shane Warne into gear after the break. In the air, oh yes! I can't believe it. That was so lucky. The spin king adding a touch of football to the first Test. But Clark was the story of the day. The Newlands pitch becoming prime land for the real estate agent from Sydney. Gone Gillchrist! Stuart Clarke, what a debut he's having. Chasing 205 and Justin Langer started with a bang. But the opener's innings soon came to an unfortunate end. Oh, it's given out. Australia ending the day at 1/63 and still in full command. To golf, and Robert Allenby is two shots off the lead at the Bay Hill Invitational in the US. He's the best of the Aussies trailing American leaders Bart Bryant and Dean Wilson. Allenby carded a 4-under par 68. Compatriot John Senden hit the shot of the day at the 18th. He finished even par and won't forget this in a hurry. Rod Pampling showed some flair as well, he's 2-under after this birdie at the 4th hole. World number one Tiger Woods looked more like a weekend hacker firing a patchy 70. Next in Ten News weather around the nation.

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from BlueScope Steel materials, like XLERPLATE and COLORBOND steel. # When you get the blues. # National weather for today: That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling, good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.