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jail and a tiny fine Tonight - killing Australians in Egypt. for the driver of a bus that crashed, to try to reunite the party. How the Labor leader's giving ground the real enemy is John Howard. At the end of the day, And Australia's Dr Death accused over another family tragedy, this time overseas. he sounded like a butcher. In my mind and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello. I'm Charmaine Dragun

Also tonight, has been told to close down. why Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

for the bus driver First tonight, three years jail involved in a crash Australians in the Egyptian desert. that claimed the lives of six

near Cairo on January 11. The bus overturned on a wet highway Of the six killed, from Victoria. two were police officers were injured. 26 others, mostly Australians, have confirmed Tonight, Canberra officials to three years jail the bus driver has been sentenced and given a fine of $385. He's already lodged an appeal. contacting victims' families Consular officials are now to tell them of the court's decision. to his party critics, Kim Beazley's offered an olive branch discuss reforms to reunite the party. telling them he's now willing to has rocked the Federal Labor Party. The preselection brawl in Victoria by the Right The targeting of six sitting MPs last night. reached a messy conclusion defied the war lords The central panel just. and two intended victims survived, the real enemy is John Howard. At the end of the day,

together for the next election. We've got to look to get ourselves lessons of the last couple of weeks. Kim's just got to really look at the I'm sure he's got the ability to it. I hope he does it. Not so forgiving, Gavan O'Connor. Richard Marles He lost out to ACTU heavyweight will lose the next election and is warning Kim Beazley to the faction bosses. unless he stands up

to civility and a focus on policy. The leader is calling for a return to any constructive suggestions I'm happy to listen which helps us go down that road do the people the courtesy but I'm also going to of listening to them in private. is now in peacemaker mode. Kim Beazley reshuffle. There will be no front bench will be left in place Defeated shadow ministers vocal critic Simon Crean. and next week he will meet his most

seems less forgiving But powerbroker Bill Ludwig Julia Gillard. of Mr Beazley's other naysayer, to the Liberals' Bronwyn Bishop, He likens her a lot of attention who 15 years ago attracted as a possible leader.

Bronwyn Bishop never made it. He says it's the hair. he's entitled to his opinion Ms Gillard says but he's wrong. Both women have remarkable hair more conservative in recent years. though Bronwyn Bishop has become any similarity I don't think that there's really

between me and Bronwyn Bishop. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. health and welfare policies. Labor has ditched its own Aboriginal The Opposition says governments failed. the approach of the Hawke and Keating for real results It's now promising to work in health and education and self-determination. rather than emphasise land rights But Kim Beazley denies this approach as the Howard Government's. is the same

practical reconciliation John Howard's has failed. for the Aboriginal community for Aboriginal kids. We have Third World outcomes will be the focus of its new policy. Labor says increasing life expectancy Australia's Dr Death from his American patients as well. is now on the run over the death of a toddler, He's been accused handed their baby to a butcher. whose parents say they unknowingly their toddler son Ian The McClellan family lost

seven years ago, after a routine surgical procedure. he died of a mystery infection. They were told

that mystery is solved. Now they believe Ian's surgeon was Dr Jayant Patel. in one way for six or seven years We thought about our son's death it's all changed. and then one night, boom,

In my mind he sounded like a butcher and it felt like, to someone awful to operate on him?" "Did we just hand our baby over of Patel's record in Australia, After Mrs McClellan heard of news of surgical bowel injuries, including a string she launched legal action. it's all necrotic. His whole bowel has died, So the option was to close him up.

his door in Portland, Oregon, Dr Patel's now refusing to answer papers heralding a $2 million suit. avoiding being served the legal to avoid questioning He pulled the same trick in the Queensland city of Bundaberg. over the crimes he's accused of and the coroner concluded A royal commissioner 17 patients died at his hands. But at this stage, are being considered. only four manslaughter charges The Queensland DPP says

a hefty brief of evidence, it's still processing to the Federal Government which will soon be sent to support an extradition. won't come willingly. It seems Dr Patel Danielle Isdale, Ten News. An office has been named legionnaire's outbreak in Melbourne. as the source of a fatal

in Melbourne's north has been closed The Optus Vision building while investigations continue. have all been tested, The cooling towers in this area and are now considered to be safe. have all been treated monthly maintenance and testing Optus Vision says was done on the cooling tower, an internal inquiry. and it has launched and one died during the outbreak. Nine people were put in hospital Trials are under way for osteoarthritis patients. on a new treatment and oils from an African nut Researchers say a shellfish extract to beating the painful condition. may soon provide the key just some of the symptoms Burning pain, weakness, instability - every day. osteoarthritis sufferers live with so that every step hurts. A feeling of swelling and stiffness It's Australia's most common joint disease. straight out for us. So just bring that knee Associated with ageing, it can also debilitate the young. I love bushwalking and dancing and being active and fit, and you can't do that.

200 patients will take part in two clinical trials being conducted in Brisbane by the Australian Centre for Complementary Medicine. The first one is a marine lipid extract, basically an extract from shellfish, and the other one is a shea butter extract, actually from an African nut. Osteoarthritis sufferers often suffer high blood pressure, high cholesterol and problems with blood clotting. The trial will look at how the therapies affect those symptoms as well as associated pain.

Participants using the drug-free products will report back any changes. Blood samples will also be examined and doctors will oversee the treatment. Getting the science behind the traditional usage of complementary medicines. Results are expected by the middle of next year. Amanda McLeay, Ten News. Australian pro surfer Koby Abberton has been celebrating tonight after escaping a jail term for perverting the course of justice. Abberton's friends and family cheered outside the court after he was handed a suspended sentence, for lying to police in his brother's murder case. The well-known Sydney surfer lied to police by telling them he knew nothing about the shooting death of standover man Tony Hines in 2003. Truck driver Paul Geddes is the latest Cronulla riot suspect to be set free on bail. He was charged after the bashing of a man who appeared to be of Middle Eastern descent. Despite police releasing photos of the suspects to the media, police say they've had very little help from the Middle Eastern community in identifying the revenge attackers. A 12-year-old boy has escaped with a 3-month probation after pleading guilty to six charges of unlicensed driving. The schoolboy was first picked up by police behind the wheel of a Commodore he bought and registered himself. The spree continued the following week when he was caught speeding, mounting the curb and becoming airborne in a friend's Honda Coupe. The PM has branded as 'ridiculous' a media ban on rehearsals for the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony in Melbourne. Organisers threatened any media outlet that broadcast a sneak preview with a $250,000 fine. Games Minister Justin Madden started the day fostering journalists of tomorrow from around the Commonwealth. At the same time he's banned local media from reporting on an important part of its build-up. Fed up with attempts to let the cat out the bag, the banks of the Yarra have been declared off limits to camera crews and journalists during a 2-hour dress rehearsal for the opening ceremony. We're trying to get the media to understand and appreciate that this is a surprise party. This is a surprise party for, not only Melbourne, not only Victoria, but the rest of the world. The Government threatening media organisations with a $240,000 fine and a Commonwealth Games ban. Accreditation will be withdrawn from those members of those media groups who breach those provisions. The PM says it's heavy-handed and has urged Games organisers to lighten up. It is ridiculous. People take themselves too seriously. The Commonwealth Games is a great event but it's not national security, the opening ceremony. It caps a week of bad press which has seen relations between the Organising Committee and media sour. It's very hard to find fault with the Games but of course the media seeks to do that. It's disappointing that's the case. Late this afternoon a last-minute compromise was offered, allowing limited access and a short edited excerpt of tonight's rehearsal.

I think this is a good example of us working with the media. Our teams talk to all the various media outlets and come up with what I think is a good solution that gives everyone the outcome they're achieving. Gerard Scholten, Ten News. There's an urgent recall for a certain cheese because it might be contaminated with a deadly bacteria. The affected cheese is Cracker Barrel Extra Sharp 500 gram block with a best before date of 12 September 2006. The company says the cheese might be infected with listeria, which is especially dangerous for those who are pregnant, very young, elderly or with impaired immune systems.

I'm smart enough not to get caught. Help us keep the system fair and avoid serious penalties by keeping Centrelink up to date when your circumstances change. We know work and money are not what life's all about, but that's where we put most of our effort. "What's going to last?" I'm not religious call 1300 512 312 or visit for a free information pack. This program is captioned live. A young family is without a home tonight

following a devastating fire in Brisbane. Late this afternoon, the Queenslander went up, sending thick, black smoke billowing across the inner-city suburb. The family, including a number of children, was at home at the time, but everyone managed to get out. Fire investigators will return to the site later today. Another blow tonight for a man deported over his criminal record. The Federal Government wants him to apply for Serbian citizenship. His lawyer fears

that means he'll be booted out of Australia for good. He's lived most of his 39 years in Australia, but Robert Jovicic is being told to call Serbia home. The Federal Government flew him back to Sydney yesterday almost two years after deporting him over his criminal record. Now it wants him to apply for Serbian citizenship, what it calls an act of good faith, despite the fact he's never lived there. I don't wish to entertain the thought myself, personally. I know I would not survive there. His legal team was about to launch a fight for compensation, but now will step up efforts just to keep him in the country. The Immigration Department today extended his temporary visa until April, but he won't be entitled to Medicare or any financial support from the Government. The purpose of bringing him back was on compassionate grounds, and yet they seem to be doing anything but that. The Department's insisting Robert comply with conditions similar to someone bailed on criminal charges. He'll have to report regularly to both the Department and police or he could lose his visa. The Immigration Minister says she is still considering the case, but the Opposition says... We should take responsibility for him. He's not a great member of the community, but he's undeniably Australia's problem. Evan Batten, Ten News. A mystery illness has hit Australian holidaymakers on a luxury cruise to Bali. Some ended up in intensive care, with one young man losing his fight for life this week. She's called the 'Funchal', but these passengers are far from happy - more than a dozen devastated by chest infections and pneumonia, among them disabled 28-year-old Zane Sharrett, on board with his carer Garry. I really did feel for Garry 'cause he was like a son to him. The health scare intensified when the ship hit Cyclone Darryl in mid-January returning to Fremantle from Bali. All up, 31 passengers complained of coughs. There were so many people sick and at one stage, they called to see if there was a registered nurse on board.

Zane returned with an apparent cold, then was hit by pneumonia, dying this week. Doug Russell, who was back for his second 'Funchal' cruise, collapsed on board, spending almost a week in Royal Perth Hospital's intensive care. Ina Agnew was on a respirator within days of disembarking. She wants an inquiry. I couldn't breathe. I was dreadful. I didn't think I was going to last it anyway. The WA Health Department was called in, diagnosing three former passengers with the Influenza A virus. Authorities were alerted at the 'Funchal's next port of call, Darwin, though WA investigators said the reported epidemic posed no ongoing health risk. A spokesman for Classic International Cruises says the ship continues to pass all Australian health regulations with flying colours. But US studies show with cruising on the rise, ship disease scares have doubled. Over 70% of the Bali passengers surveyed said they'd be happy to cruise again on the 'Funchal', but those recovering aren't among them. At the moment, no. I would never go on another cruise, no way in the world. Nick Way, Ten News. Proof tonight playing school sport can be a dangerous exercise but parents are being told the risk is worth it to keep kids fit and healthy. Hoping to score a few healthy goals, Health Minister Tony Abbott kicked off a campaign to get kids onto the sports field, but out of hospital emergency departments.

New figures show over the last year, one in five Australian school students have been injured playing sport. The fact is that up to half of children's sports injuries can potentially be avoided. 12-year-old Dylan is what his mum calls accident-prone. He's had a fractured hand He's had a fractured hand from cricket and recently fell off his bike. I cut my knee open and I had 4 internal stitches and 15 external. But with Australia battling an obesity epidemic, the Health Minister says trying to avoid injury shouldn't mean stopping sport. Don't wrap your kids in cotton wool.

Don't think sport is bad, that exercise is dangerous. You are much better off engaging in regular exercise. The best safety tips - make sure your child is wearing protective clothing, they're properly supervised and don't overexert themselves. Playing too hard accounts for 60% of all injuries. And sporting injuries hurt parents as well. New research showing the average cost of a child's injury is between $7,000 and $16,000.

Some of the most expensive claims come from: Experts say whatever the sport, warming up first is a must and pick a sport that suits your child. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News.

After the break - why Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch has been told to close down. We know work and money are not what life's all about, You start thinking, "What have I done? I'm not religious but I know there's something more to life. I'm not into religion, but I must admit a lot of what Jesus said makes sense. MAN: To find out what Jesus had to say about life, This program is captioned live. Michael Jackson is experiencing a new cash-flow crisis. Authorities today closed his Neverland ranch after he failed to pay his employees or their insurance. The workers, who haven't been paid since December, are now owed more than $400,000. The ageing pop star was also fined nearly $250,000. Jackson, who last year was cleared of child sexual abuse charges, has spent much of his time since the trial in Bahrain. He wasn't at his ranch when authorities arrived. Finance news now,

and at Commonwealth Securities, Tom Piotrowski. Tom, investors were happy to stay out of the market today. They were, and for good reason, Charmaine. The US jobs report will be released a few hours from now and it will have a major bearing are concerned. So local investors today were pretty happy to sit in the bleachers rather than roll their sleeves up and get involved. So looking at the details: Thanks. Tom Piotrowski at Commsec. More debate tonight over the British ban on our new tourism campaign - the Brits now copping a blast for having double standards. It's the sheer hypocrisy that hurts the most. Where the bloody hell are you? The word the British find so offensive that it can't possibly be used in our tourism ads seems to spout from the lips of their rich and famous with gay abandon. Oh bloody hell, Myfanwy, I'm so down. In fact, it's been something of a staple on British television for years now. Who won the bloody war anyway?

Clearly, it's OK for the kiddies since it featured in 'Harry Potter'. What the bloody hell was that all about?

For Pete's sake, even Prince Charles says it. Some say it's a shortened form of "by Our Lady". Others suggest it comes from a band of 18th-century thugs. Either way, Australia's greatest adjective was invented by the Poms. A British band even immortalising it in a bloody number one song. 'BLOODY WELL RIGHT' BY SUPERTRAMP PLAYS But the ban could turn out to be a blessing in disguise,

the ad getting far more attention in the old Dart thanks to all the fuss and it's not even officially launched there until next week. The only other country to have a problem is Singapore. They got their own sanitised version from the start. But the final word on the word should go to the star of the commercials, Lara Bingle. To UK, maybe they just need a holiday. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Pandemonium has been unleashed in a special new kindergarten that's opened in China. Having the time of their young lives, 16 baby pandas hurled themselves into playtime activities, crashing down slides, wrestling on swings,

even taking over the cameraman's tripod. The custom-made panda paradise

has been built as part of a new research project.

The cubs were all weaned from their mothers after birth. It's hoped raising them together will ease the separation process. 'Sports Tonight' is next with Leigh Diffey. And Leigh, Friday night football has never been so good. Charmaine, we had it all - NRL, AFL and Super 14. The Waratahs wonderful as they thrash the Cats. COMMENTATOR: Oh Rogers, what a try. And last year's NRL premiers kick the new season off but was it the way they wanted? And it goes to Fitzhenry. Can they score a try?

And and we found that 80 percent of our waste is a tually recyclable, like these cardboard boxes. So we changed our garbage services and now w 're recycling...

So, it's good for business and the environm nt. Yeah... Actually, I've got a plant that could do with your help! What have you done...

Bit of extra cash - who needs to know? Help us keep the system fair and avoid serious penalties by keeping Centrelink up to date when your circumstances change. This program is captioned live. Now to national weather and the satellite shows widespread cloud across the north, generating heavy showers and storms. Skies are mostly clear across the southern States, under a weak high-pressure ridge.

Skies are also clearing over Tasmania. On the synoptic map, hot, dry north-easterly winds will develop across western NSW, Victoria, and South Australia. Onshore winds along the east coast will bring showers, which will be heavy in the tropics. A cold front will bring cool showery winds to south-west WA. And a monsoon trough will cause more showers and storms across the north. So for later today, a possible thunderstorm for Cairns. In Brisbane a possible shower and a top of 30. Increasing sunshine is forecast for Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. Mostly sunny in Hobart and Adelaide. Showers for Perth and Darwin. And thunderstorms for The Alice. And that's the latest from Ten News. 'Sports Tonight' with Leigh Diffey is next. I'm Charmaine Dragun. From the Late News team, have a great weekend. Goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.