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(generated from captions) or can it go too far? is it worth protecting at all costs And fashionable sisters. their showbiz empire down-under. The Olsen twins spread Hello, I'm Scott Beveridge. helping kids enjoy learning. a special star of the classroom all over the world in recent weeks. There've been violent protests were offended by cartoons Many Muslim people who printed the images But for newspaper editors have been repeated around the world. But scenes like these His teachings are in the Holy Qur'an. is considered very offensive. Depicting him in cartoons did just that, So when a newspaper in Denmark it triggered a wave of protests.

in the world But we're one of the few democracies into legislation, which has never passed it protecting freedom of speech here. so there's no law of their Constitution of the press and freedom of speech. has laws protecting freedom The Muslim imans in that country

and they were investigated, of that investigation was but what the result that they had no case to answer as a free press in a free country. because they were operating are free to print what they like. newspapers and magazines here

They also want to make sure is in the public interest. the information on how to grow marijuana. gave details was subsequently banned. The magazine issue nothing should ever be banned. More recently, was not in the public interest A court ruled this information of prophet Muhammad - In the case of the cartoons businesses trashed, even deaths. the effects included rioting,

in effect, We should not run cartoons that, against other people's religions. commit blasphemy by Australian news media. kowtowing to everybody We should not be in this country. when it comes to freedom Actually everyone can. Freedom of Information laws. You can apply for documents through that it's extremely expensive The first ground is application. to make a Freedom of Information They can just say to know it at that time, that it's not in the best interests it's government business. if you consider But that's not too bad people live in countries more than one third of the world's where there is no press freedom, by the government. it's strictly controlled for their stories. Reporters can be sacked or jailed Some have even been assassinated. around the world last year alone. 63 journalists were killed reports via email or satellite phone. Journalists can send out their a newspaper office. than shutting down If it's on the Internet, that it's true. it doesn't necessarily mean A lot of people think it does. it's been through filters They think that ordinary media have. what you think about the issue Here's your chance to tell us of the last few weeks? Do you remember the big news events

of the last few weeks? Do you remember the big news events selection of the stories making news. each month we'll feature a Here's what happened in February. Hundreds of thousands of students around Australia. begin the 2006 school year paid to Saddam Hussein's regime. Australia's wheat exporter, AWB, Scientists find a lost world are sent to the Philippines Aussie personnel and aid buries an entire village, after a mudslide including a packed school. their sentences for drug smuggling. All of the Bali Nine appeal Seven received life. Two the death penalty. Australia cruises to an easy victory against Sri Lanka in the one-day series gets the thumbs down. but the crowd behaviour from a bank storage complex. up to $118 million. Bandits steal

its final journey around Australia And the Queen's baton is on from the Ten News centre. She joins us now a huge teenage fashion, but already head magazine and entertainment empire and they're worth $150 million each. flocked to Sydney Harbour Thousands of teens Known as the billion-dollar US twins, and waved to fans the Olsens signed autographs of their fashion range. at the Australian launch

hand-picked the designs the Hollywood stars for the clothing campaign. took to the catwalk themselves And the twins of many young fans. download movies to your computer. which means you can legally to use a credit card. But you have to be old enough for the latest releases It costs $5.95 or burn them to DVD but you can't copy movies your computer erases the movie. and when your rental period expires Finally, China's answer to Garfield. this kitty boats a 80cm waistline. Weighing in at 15 kilos climbing onto the bed. It's so fat it needs help He's one tubby cat. there's four-legged star And Scott, I believe right here in Australia. and we're just about to meet him. There certainly is, and he's not fat. Well, he's not a cat at a Melbourne school. But he is a star with his classmates teacher Bernadette Nicholls. It's the idea of his owner, and Gus! (All) Good morning Ms Nicholls

and a very important role - Gus even has his own staff ID card that makes students feel fine. as the canine and they look after each other They feel like they're a group with how they associate with Gus. and I think that has something to do degree on how animals help learning. His mistress is doing her masters having a pooch in the classroom Ms Nicholls says but not all of them. "Miss, we watch you with Gus Often the kids say, how far can we push you." "and we know hasn't gone to the dogs. Students say their learning Gus gives them paws for thought. Instead because when he's around you do just look at him If you're doing hard work and it takes all the stress away. because he's the favoured member of the community. leeway than most staff members. He probably has a little bit more Christopher Still reporting for TTN. in the bird flu virus. Amelia checks the latest developments

have been killed in India. More than 500,000 birds in Egypt. Eight zoos have been shut down In Germany, soldiers are containing an outbreak.

It's now spread across India to Eastern Europe. In Africa, Nigeria and Egypt have diagnosed cases while infected birds in Germany and France have confirmed the virus has arrived in the Western world. And humans can catch it. In South-East Asia, China, Iraq, and Turkey people have been diagnosed with bird flu and in some cases died from it. It seems bird flu just keeps spreading. It hasn't reached Australia. it spreads quickly among local farm birds It can be passed to humans from an infected bird through their droppings or blood or by eating their meat or eggs. relate to people who are looking after birds in flocks or who are selling them for food purposes or for others and have daily exposure. Luckily for us, We have no immediate threat. I think chicken nuggets at the moment are still perfectly safe. Can bird flu be passed from one person to another? At this stage there's no evidence that any human has passed on bird flu to one another. they don't seen to be able to give it to each other. But our big concern is if the virus actually mutates or changes, so that it is actually then able to be transmitted easily In that situation, we would expect then that it would spread through the world fairly quickly. And if that happens, we need to be prepared. Every country has its own emergency plan to contain bird flu

$6.5 million worth of urgent research projects Scientists are working on a vaccine. They've also created a saliva test to diagnose the virus in humans. Within two hours it can tell if someone has bird flu and whether it's the deadly H5N1 strain. I think people can be pretty confident on making sure that bird flu if at all possible and if it should, that we are very well prepared to manage that. An amazing win

for Aussie golfer Geoff Ogilvy in California this week, The 28-year-old beat American Davis Love in the final meaning he was winning by three holes with two holes to play. Every single day I never really expect it - not expect it - but it's such a hard tournament to believe you're going to keep going. For only his second-ever professional victory he takes home $1.76 million. The AFL season gets under way soon and for a number of talented teenagers it's their first shot at big-time football. But they're about to face even more competition to make it with overseas youngsters taking up the game in increasing numbers None of them is from Australia, but they've developed a love and a talent for the game at a young age. I really want to play AFL level but yeah, just see how it goes. who quit playing rugby league 12 months ago to focus on AFL. John is from PNG. They're two of the seven international teenagers invited to train with the best under 16s in the country at the Australian Institute of Sport AFL academy learning what it takes to become a professional footballer. And these youngsters have not been out of place one bit. and then Michael Hayden from Great Britain was the one with the greatest endurance,

that thoroughly have enjoyed the experience of mixing in They've already been playing junior competitions in Australia. These guys played 5 years and 4 years each and they played well in the Arafura Cup and International Cup this year. I'm learning every single time I go to each training session

so I don't really mind if I make mistakes. The success of Irishman Tadgh Kennelly is proof talented international athletes can adapt well to the game. But never before have they been targeted so young. And the results could be evident in just a few years. And it's only a matter of time before someone takes the punt, gets one onto their scholarship list

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there's a feature section on fun activities. Might try the one with sweets. Sounds good. Catch you next Tuesday at 11:10. Bye for now. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.