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(generated from captions) This program is LIVE captioned. This morning, Life or death in Bali.

their punishment for drug smuggling. Four more Australians to learn An anti-abortion MP under fire

will become a Muslim nation. for claiming Australia to a Winter Olympics medal. The Aussie snowboarder oh-so close with Chris Bath. This is Seven's Morning News Good morning. who've become known as the Bali Nine Four more of the young drug smugglers are to learn their fate today. are expected Indonesian judges Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan to sentence alleged ringleaders to death by firing squad. and Martin Stephens Drug mules Martin Czugaj are facing life behind bars.

It was probably a sleepless night of the Bali Nine. for the remaining members are the group's alleged ringleaders. Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan

They are hoping for life in jail

the death penalty. but prosecutors have demanded his faith behind bars 22-year-old Chan has rediscovered praying for divine intervention. and will spend this morning

and Michael Czugaj Drug mules Martin Stephens are facing life imprisonment. leniency has disappeared. Any hope of the judges showing behind bars for life They put Renae Lawrence called for a 20-year sentence. even though prosecutors would go down. Kay, you told me my sentence the rest of his life in jail. Scott Rush will also spend the Australian Government. His parents blame

would not have been arrested Scott and the others to the Indonesian police but for the information provided by our Australian Federal Police. to launch an appeal. Lawyers for the pair have seven days is covering the trials in Denpasar. Seven's Jessica Adamson She joins me now

Australians face the judges today. Jessica, another four young to be sentenced? When are you expecting them

They will be brought along with the

local prisoners to the court

complex here and led to the holding

cells at the back of the court

where they will spend some time

operating and some time with their

family and legal teams before being

escorted into the courts to face

three judges who decide their

futures Should Sukumaran and Chan

receive death sentences, how long

will they be able to appeal They

have seven days to lodge an appeal.

If that rejected they have seven

days to lodge an appeal to the

Supreme Court. After that they can

ask for a pardon or a clemency. If

that is rejected, a firing squad

isa appointed and they really set

the wheels in motion at that point.

It could take that whole process

two to three years and as we know

the Bali bombers are still here on

death row What was the reaction to

those who got their sentences

yesterday? They were in no mood for

mercy and today is going to be a

chilly climax. Renae Lawrence's

sentence set the scene. The lawyer

was asking for a 20-year sentence.

She is distraught and angry. She

was told by her legal team all

along if they testifies and

cooperates with the authorities

that she will be rewarded and she

wasn't at all yesterday and she is

facing the real prospect of

spending the rest of her life in

prison with the people she says

threatened her life , Sukumaran and

Chan who face the death penalty. If

they are sentenced to death today

it will be the first time I know

proceedings. you will be keeping an eye on

of the sentences here on Seven We'll have full coverage throughout the afternoon. so-called abortion pill RU486 The debate over the has taken a strange twist,

with a government backbencher will become a Muslim nation claiming Australia if the drug is introduced. her Liberal and Labor colleagues The comments have stunned is way out of line. who say Danna Vale Danna Vale's reasons Former Howard Government minister RU486 for trying to block the abortion drug controversial. were always going to be Her claim - that the Muslim birthrate in 50 years. will see them outnumber non-Muslims at the birth rates When you actually look and you look at the fact almost out of existence we are aborting ourselves by 100,000 abortions every year and that's a guestimate, you multiply that by 50 years Australians we won't have here. that's five million potential Australians we won't have here.

Other MP's were stunned. Left field. It's off the planet is what it is. the old anti-Catholic arguments It's got echoes of some of

everybody else out. about Catholics breeding were dopey. I think Danna Vale's comment's and ignorance. I think they reeked of prejudice are backing away from her comments. Even Ms Vale's Coalition colleagues have also condemned them. Both Muslim and Christian leaders There's more heat today public servants answer questions in the government's refusal to let before a Senate hearing for the sale of Australian wheat. into the payment of bribes to Iraq some vigorous clashes. The gag has sparked

and we will. We're entitled to ask questions on the members of this committee? Are you reflecting No, I was reflecting on you. on this committee. Well that's a reflection The latest Newspoll shows into government support the AWB scandal may be biting

a three-point lead. with the ALP taking has been given more powers The Australian Army to respond to a terrorist attack. Parliament has passed legislation

more flexibility giving the Defence Force and legal protection to soldiers domestic security operations. involved in The Bill was rushed through in Melbourne next month. in time for the Commonwealth Games

has been brought to a halt Saddam Hussein's war crimes trial after another explosive session. shouted "Down with Bush" The former Iraqi dictator

yelled abuse at the chief judge. as he and his half brother The main defendant is called

farcical trial. in what's becoming an increasingly portrays a weariness The look on the judge's face with the way proceedings are going Saddam Hussein voicing his anger. but it doesn't stop a haggard looking (speaks Arabic)

Saddam's defence team has walked out in protest of how the trial is being run

complaining with the former Iraqi leader that he is being forced to attend. (speaks Arabic) The arguments continue when Saddam's half-brother Barzan Ibrahim appears. The judge, Raouf Abdul Rahman, calls for calm. The co-defendant has other ideas. "Shame and disgrace on you, Raouf," he shouts. Saddam joining in. (speaks Arabic) SHOUTING The judge has had enough. Security guards are called in.

After a scuffle, Barzan Ibrahim ends up on the floor with his back to the judge.

The trial has now been adjourned until Tuesday. A man has been arrested over a video appearing to show British troops beating Iraqi civilians. British Military Police arrested the man less than 24 hours after the pictures surfaced. They are also talking to soldiers

They are also talking to soldiers from a light infantry unit. Prime Minister Tony Blair says his country will take a zero tolerance approach to military abuse. A draft report by the United Nations says the treatment of detainees at Guantanamo Bay in some cases meets its definition of torture.

It has called for the closure of the detention centre. About 500 prisoners are being held in Cuba, including Australian David Hicks. Australian researchers have discovered a fruit and vegetable blend that packs a medicinal punch. The all-natural potion

has been found to kill off prostate and bladder cancer cells. It used to be a product that nippy's threw away but orange peel has a new role. It's one of a dozen ingredients in this nonalcoholic ginger punch, which also contains five-day-old sprouts, tumeric, green tea, grape skins and olive leaf. A concentrate that's based on the Asian active ingredients and the Mediterranean active ingredients

mainly focusing on anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory capabilities. It's possible that this could be fast-tracked as a treatment for cancer. Test-tube trials at the University of Sydney have found it kills 100% of prostate and bladder cancer cells. The concentration of anti-oxidants block fats called omega-6 from entering healthy cells, often triggering cancer. Omega-6 is found in vegetable oils, meat and dairy products and most of us consume far too much. We're just becoming aware that nutrition is medicine and that food is medicine and this is just one example of that. Prostate cancer patient Michael Phillips has been drinking the punch for two months. He's already noticed results.

Even after the first two weeks I find my energy levels has increased. One bottle costs $28 and makes enough to last 15 days. Trials are about to start on other cancers.

Breast, colon, stomach and pancreatic cancer. Next in Seven's Morning News,

our business and finance report and the death of the man who created Jaws.

(All sing) # Happy birthday to you! # MAN: Hip hip... ALL: Hooray! (Pants excitedly) Yum! Obviously, another Kellogg's Crunchy nut. Well, it is irresistibly tasty!

America's north-east is struggling to cope with the first heavy snowfalls of the season. The blizzard dumped nearly a metre of snow, causing transport chaos as travellers tried to dig their way out. The north-east is still digging out today following a record-setting snowstorm and blizzard that stretched from the mid-Atlantic to New England. The biggest one-day storm in New York City's history dumped 26.9 inches of snow in Central Park. Following hundreds of flight cancellations, New York's three major airports reopened Monday, but thousands are still stranded throughout the north-east. At New York's LaGuardia Airport, passengers spent the night on cots, hoping to get out soon. Probably won't get out until Tuesday. REPORTER: You're not going to get out until Tuesday? Probably because we're standby. Oh, my gosh. I know. We'll be here awhile. The north-eastern stalled over New York and New England, with snowfall averaging two to three inches per hour. It was a chance for many to enjoy the first taste of winter this season. The winter blast follows one of the warmest Januarys on record nationwide. It is a reminder in the north-east that February has just begun. Oscar nominees have posed for the cameras at their first photo call ahead of the Academy Awards. The photo shoot is part of the official Oscar luncheon. It's a chance for all the nominees to spend time together in a relaxed atmosphere before the heated competition and campaigning really begins. Aussie actor Heath Ledger and his girlfriend Michelle were happy to take their place among the crowd. The Oscar winners will be announced on 8 March. The man responsible for scaring generations of swimming witless has died at his home in New Jersey but Peter Benchley came to regret turning the great white shark into the man-eating monster Jaws. He made a whole generation of film-goers afraid to go back into the water. Peter Benchley's fascination with sharks began as a child and heightened in 1964 when he read that a massive great white shark had been caught off Long Island.

Using this as the setting for his novel, he wrote Jaws. Within eight weeks of it rolling off the presses in 1974, it was a best-seller and was being filmed as a gory Hollywood blockbuster. The novel and film made him a millionaire overnight.

it also formed the basis of the public's perception of sharks as brutal man-eaters. In the wild they're not so much a hunter as hunted. Caught and mutilated to make shark fin soup. They're a less popular focus for protesters than whales or dolphins.

Even Peter Benchley himself was passionate about these animals regretted the effect his fictional story had on the shark's reputation.

I couldn't write it again because of what we've learned over the past 25 years makes a lot of the behaviour that we used to think as aggression is really now curiosity. These spectacular shots of sharks feeding on a vast school of fish off Australia's Gold Coast do little to help reverse the shark's bad press.

Swimmers have been warned to not even paddle after an 18-year-old was attacked in just 30cm of water. For others, having watched the film from behind their sofa, nothing can reverse the mystery and horror they associate with these animals. To business and finance news now and joining us is Joe Youssef from Macquarie Financial Services. Good morning Joe. Fosters posted its profit result a short time ago?

That is right. The giant Fosters

released its first half profit. It

adjusts for one half factors and it

was up. It was at the top end of

market expectations. The company

cited continue growth and the local

beer business and import as the two

main drivers. It is slightly ahead

of market expectations. Also

suggested that the sinner jis from

its acquisition would reach about

$50. The company was cautious on

its out look beyond 2006 and 9% in

recent time it has old from 10 cent

to 9.50 We know the resource sector

has enjoyed a strong run but it is

weaker now Over the course of the

last three or four sessions they

have reserviced about 10% or so.

Three major factors, there was

profit taking from traders. We are

in the middle of Chinese New Year

celebrations. China is one ever the

major demanders and they taper

their demand levels over Chinese

newier. Also the valuations have

become very stretched. Most are

trading at significant premium and

it has some people jittery. Today

the resource stocks have rebounded

a little bit. Rio is firmly at half

a per cent to 71.30 and Woodside 69

cents all in a back drop of a

market that recovered. Sounds like

we should still watch out whenever China is partying. Next in Seven's Morning News, sport, the cricket under scrutiny again, and player safety at the cricket under scrutiny again, and Torah Bright - so close to an Olympic medal.

Australia's Torah Bright has missed out on a medal after the final of the women's halfpipe snowboard at Bardonecchia. Bright was in contention from the start but was just pipped for Australia's first-ever medal in the event. She certainly had plenty of support in Bardonecchia but the question on everyone's lips was could Torah Bright live up to expectations. COMMENTATOR: Switching it up. Very tech tricks. The Sydneysider sliced and diced down the halfpipe and came oh-so close to an Olympic medal finishing in 5th, just 0.1 behind 4th place. Another Aussie in action was Hannah Campbell-Pegg in the luge. Despite spending just 25 weeks on ice she managed to finish in 24th place in the first qualification run. Oh, that's great.

A nice clean run to get your first one out of the way at the Olympics, fantastic. But there were some Olympic athletes who had trouble just completing their events. American Samantha Retrosi needed medical attention following this horror crash after she hit the roof of the luge course. But this is what the Olympics are all about. Norway's Froda Estil crashed at the start of the men's 30km pursuit and was immediately behind the eight ball. With a mountain to climb in every sense of the word And didn't he do just that by 9km he was back in contention. then with just 4km he had moved into third. But this story didn't have a fairytale ending. Estil missed out on the gold by just 0.6 of a second.

At the end of day three of competition in Torino, Australia and Sri Lanka are all set for the third VB series final this afternoon at the Gabba in Brisbane. Paceman Nathan Bracken is expected to play a key role for the Aussies following his four-wicket haul in the second final in Sydney. More than 20,000 tickets are still available for the clash. Andrew Symonds' clash with a spectator at the SCG on Sunday is set to spark a review of player safety at grounds across the country. Several players have voiced their concern that fans get too close during matches and that walkways pose a serious safety risk. Wallabies hooker Jeremy Paul will miss at least three of the Brumbies' Super 14 games after tearing his calf muscle against the Western Force last weekend. Paul remained in Perth as the Brumbies flew to South Africa yesterday and will have an MRI scan on his calf today. Australian Davis Cup captain John Fitzgerald says Chris Guccione is capable of winning Wimbledon in the not-too-distant future. The big hitting 20-year-old was the hero of the Aussies' Davis Cup victory over Switzerland yesterday taking out the fifth and deciding rubber. Fitzgerald claims the Victorian's first-serve success makes him a serious candidate. He rained down 39 aces in his Davis Cup triumph. Slovakian tennis player Karol Beck has been banned from the sport for two years after testing positive for steroids at last year's Davis Cup semifinal against Argentina. The 23-year-old won both his singles matches and the doubles clash during last September's tie. His results from the semifinal are automatically disqualified

but the over-all result will stand. The weather is next in Seven News, and the flowers and soft toys everywhere as lovers declare their true feelings.

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With protein and calcium for muscle and bone strength Nutri-Grain as part of a balanced diet helps build them up into iron men. But in Mum's eyes... Oh, Mum. ..he'll always be her baby boy. FRIEND: Oh, come here, give us a hug. # That's my baby now. #

Time now to take a look at the weather. Moist south-easterlies and an inland trough will cause showers and afternoon storms in South-East Queensland and north-east New South Wales. A high will keep the south generally dry. A broad low pressure area in the north

will produce showers and storms across the tropics.

It's been a sleepless night for florists around the country on their busiest day of the year. As some lucky lovebirds wake to roses and chocolates this morning Valentine's Day is proving to be a labour of love for others. Tiring, very tiring. I hope I don't get flowers or a teddy bear. Some are scaling great heights to meet their perfect match. 20 singles this morning climbed Sydney Harbour Bridge. Romeos started from one end meeting the potential Juliets in the middle. That's Seven's Morning News to now. Don't forget we will have full coverage of the Bali Nine drug smuggling sentences throughout the afternoon and in our bulletins at 4.30 and 6.00. I'm Chris Bath. Thanks for your company. Have a great day. Captioned by Seven Network Email -