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is Professor Ian Frazer. The Australian of the Year for 2006

for cervical cancer A medical man who developed a vaccine awarded our highest honour. I'm honoured and really excited Australian of the Year for 2006. to be chosen as I don't deserve life. for one of the Bali Nine The sentence recommended better than she'd expected. tomorrow And a forecast of extreme weather Victoria's devastating fire fronts. puts towns under renewed threat from and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello. I'm Charmaine Dragun interview, Also tonight, in an exclusive

of an old mate Russell Crowe comes to the rescue who's been in the wars lately. He's a really lovely kid. a bit more slack. People should just cut him 2006 First, the Australian of the Year

to Australia to change his life, is a professor who migrated changed the lives of others. and has since

national hero tonight in Canberra The honour was bestowed on our newest by 30,000 people. at a ceremony and party attended

For the second year running of a medical breakthrough another mastermind has won Australian of the Year. CROWD CHEERS Brisbane's Professor Ian Frazer for cervical cancer, developed a vaccine the lives of 250,000 women a discovery which could save worldwide each year. I think, I was always driven by curiousity to do good for other people. but of late, also the desire

His next challenge - the drug available getting Government support to make to young women across Australia. it's availability Look, whatever can be done to speed will be done. in a proper clinical way to a brave nurse, From a brainy doctor from Bundaberg whistleblower Toni Hoffman is Australia's local hero. scandal, She exposed the Dr Jayant Patel prompting a royal commission of the State's health system. and an overhaul Whatever this means to me, that this was about the patients. we can't forget professional to win, The third Queensland health Senior Australian of the Year. nurse Sally Gould took out women in her field, She pioneered a path for Aboriginal reconciliation. and works tirelessly toward doesn't exist in Australia, For some people that racism that they are wrong, wrong, wrong. I have to say Trisha Broadbridge. Our Young Australian is Victorian her new husband and her honeymoon. The Boxing Day tsunami stole building a school in Thailand. She turned that tragedy into triumph, would be really proud of me I know that Troy and that's all that matters. contributions to a country, The four honoured for their different punches well above its weight. the Prime Minister says,

was over Once the business of the night the concert got under way,- with Australian acts. a line-up filled, of course, in the country. Pleasing the most patriotic crowd

Thirsty Merc assured... # Everything's gonna be alright # The Rogue Traders rocked. and The Ordinary Fear of God And headline act Russell Crowe

finished off the night. # The land of the second chance # Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A huge show of Aussie pride started the final leg as the Queen's baton to the Commonwealth Games. of its trip in Sydney's western suburbs. The baton was on the run all day on its way to Melbourne, Among those helping it Michael Diamond. Olympic shooting gold medallist and go out onto the road. You'll do your runner exchange here Good luck, mate.

Have a good one. yesterday The baton arrived in Australia other 70 nations of the Commonwealth. after a 10-month trek through the state and territory, It will go through every Australian opening ceremony on March 15. arriving in Melbourne for the Games' amid traditional pomp and ceremony It arrived at Old Parliament House and has been put away for the night. Tomorrow it will continue its trip, and the beach suburbs. heading for Sydney's CBD The only woman among the Bali Nine of all the accused could get the lightest sentence in the drug trafficking ring. for her part jail term for Renae Lawrence, Prosecutors have asked for a 20-year or the death penalty. while the others face life Renae Lawrence looked almost relieved a 20-year jail term on hearing prosecutors' demand in the drug ring - for her alleged part she had expected a tougher penalty - like the other accused mules. a life sentence Her mother embraced the legal team she expressed concern but outside court of the sentence at the possible length Federal Police. and anger at the Australian I do have to say that it saddens me themselves facing life in prison that nine young Australians find

and the death penalty information they had collected. because our AFP decided to hand over Before her court appearance, the only woman of the nine, Lawrence, had revealed how she was feeling of her life in prison. about the prospect of facing the rest about it. There's not much you can do You just have to cop it on the chin. was too harsh, But she believed a life term against the ring leaders especially because she'd testified and believed her life was in danger with the smuggling plan. if she didn't go ahead I did wrong but under the circumstances, no. circumstances, You know everybody knows the is their choice. whether they believe it or not I don't deserve life, or Michael. neither does Martin, Scott

said The prosecutors in Lawrence's case the 28-year-old deserved leniency in the cases against the organisers. because of her willingness to help weren't so considerate But prosecutors demanding a life term. for fellow courier Martin Stephens, is clinging to hope His disappointed mother with the request. the judges will disagree He was forced into it. of our family. He did it for the love sentenced to life imprisonment. I don't believe my son will be I believe he will get less than that. Also learning their possible fate from prosecutors, the men known as the Melasti Three, Matthew Norman, Si Yi Chen and Tan Duc Tanh Nguyen. There was speculation Nguyen would face the firing squad because of his alleged part in recruiting some of the mules.

But the prosecution asked that all three men be punished with life sentences. The judges may have a different view. The judges in these cases are running out of time to deliver their verdict and sentences. The Bali Nine have been in prison since last April and under Indonesian law the judges must hand down their decisions by February 23. The man named the 'Godfather' of the drug ring, Andrew Chan, will hear whether prosecutors will demand the death penalty for him tomorrow. In Bali, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Schapelle Corby is in no hurry

to serve the rest of her drug-running sentence in Australia. Visiting the Bali jail today, her mother Roseleigh Rose said there was no reason

to spend the 20-year term anywhere else. She's innocent. She should not go from one jail to another when she's innocent. She should be let free. She's also worried about what she calls butch women in Australian prisons, and admits in a magazine interview they now regret Schapelle did not bribe her way out immediately after her arrest. Her flamboyant Jakarta lawyer, Hotman Paris Hutapea, has said he's quit the case because he needs cash clients to buy a new Ferrari. Victorian firefighters are preparing to make an Australia Day stand against more blazes tomorrow. It's feared the forecast 40 degree northerly winds will fuel the fires and threaten several towns across the State. Smoking hills to the west of Halls Gap,

an eerie reminder of a dire threat. Backburns are under way in the nearby bushland, crews working feverishly to reduce the fuel loads before the Australia Day crisis. It is virtually uncontained and we'll run with the wind tomorrow. The residents are being warned, the community working with us and working with the CFA have been to the communities many times so the indivuals know what to expect, but still when the fire does come it will be a very difficult situation.

More than 100,000 hectares have been burnt. 24 hours of amber attacks, Halls Gap has already survived northerly blasts but tomorrow's forecasts have emergency crews on red alert. Some relief is on the way from interstate. with reinforcements called in sent to the fire front. 145 firefighters from NSW have been to be greeted by a grateful Premier. They arrived by the busload G'day. How are you? Welcome. sent to the State's worst hotspots, Many of the relief workers have been The Grampians. There's a great cooperation. to fighting fires. The border is not a barrier And I do welcome the relief. stretched by the bushfires, With the emergency services already at home over Australia Day people are being urged to stay and the weekend. and extreme heat Authorities say the fires dangerous place to be. are making country Victoria a start really easily The State's so timber dry, it can and spread real easy people living in the country and everyone from city-dwellers to need to take utmost care. firefighters And four exhausted volunteer

are being dealt a cruel blow by a callous thief. Their wallets and mobile phones stolen while they slept after battling a major blaze. You go down there to fight fires and um, yeah get your stuff knocked off. It's no good. Rakhal Ebali, Ten News. was charged tonight A 16-year-old youth near Melbourne. with lighting bushfires He'll face a Children's Court. After the break - a dire threat from key Nationals. why the PM's not worried despite the Coalition will continue. I have every reason to be confident of a Hollywood actor. And the mysterious death

Yeah. Is that them? All of them. from just $29,990. Mazda2 from just $15,490. While stocks last. This program is captioned live.

Peter Falconio The girlfriend of murdered backpacker about her outback ordeal. is writing a book Joanne Lees said In London tonight, she wanted to set the record straight and misconceptions and correct inaccuracies disappearance. surrounding her boyfriend's has started a 28-year jail term Drug runner Bradley John Murdoch and abducting Joanne Lees. for shooting Peter Falconio dead She said she's still distressed where he dumped the body. the killer won't reveal in Government ranks tonight The PM is staring down a revolt with key Nationals threatening to cross the floor. will survive. But he's confident the Coalition former Australians of the Year, The Prime Minister mingled with unveiling a new walk in their honour. at the Press Club His Australia Day message his fractious Coalition partners. could have been aimed at if we keep our balance. We have a great cause for optimism The loss of a National's minister, of Senator McGauran to the Liberals, thanks to the defection threatening a revolt. has the junior partner

in the Senate Fiona Nash promising defiance like her colleague Barnaby Joyce. on being a Nationals Senator first I will certainly now be focused and a Coalition Senator second. What it has done,

and has pulled the plug on it. it has gone to the well of goodwill Federal MP Bruce Scott, The Nationals Queensland President, of withholding support. is also fuming and talking He blames the Victorian Liberals the McGauran defection. for orchestrating Not so, says the Treasurer.

what motivates Senator McGauran, If anybody wants to know they should ask him. Deputy Prime Minister Mark Vaile has destabilised the Nationals. admits the McGauran betrayal it's a political windfall For John Howard

he could have done without. I did not encourage him to do it I did not want him to do that,

but he has done it. the Coalition will survive The Prime Minister is confident won't be permanent. and any damage Not so sure, the Nationals - of mishandling the episode they privately accuse the Liberals and of poisoning the relationship. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. tonight in the Middle East, Historic elections are under way

parliamentary elections in a decade. Palestinians voting in their first Islamic Hamas movement The poll could bring the militant into government for the first time. Counting starts in a few hours time. Actor Chris Penn, winning actor, Sean Penn, younger brother of Academy Award in his Los Angeles apartment. has been found dead

of foul play, Police say there are no obvious signs

but a post-mortem will be conducted.

Penn has appeared in dozens of films and will best be remembered 'Resevoir Dogs'.'Rush Hour' for his roles in hit movies and 'Starsky and Hutch'. His latest film, 'The Darwin Awards' Festival this week. will premiere at the Sundance In an exclusive interview tonight, of an old mate Russell Crowe comes to the rescue who's been in the wars lately. He's a really lovely kid. a bit more slack. People should just cut him We'll bring you that after the break. And in 'Sports Tonight', of the Australian cricket team one of the stars future. talks about the world champion team's team live on your mobile and watch the Aussie cricket gives you $120 worth The $29 Cap voice calls, SMS and more. of national and international BRASH, BRASSY MUSIC Hard work does have its rewards. I turn to my close friends When I need a little motivation, for support and comfort. Hestia. Support for women at work. This program is captioned live. is under way tonight A desperate operation from a major oil spill. to protect a stretch of coastline

leaked into the water Thousands of litres of oil at Gladstone in Queensland crashed into a bulk carrier. when a tug boat are under threat. Sensitive mangroves and estuaries being killed. There are no reports of wildlife

seen in Australian waters. It's one of the worst spills ever

Sydney are flying to Gladstone Experts from Melbourne, Canberra and to help with the clean-up. Tom Piotrowski. At Commonwealth Securities, And Tom, the inflation figures for borrowers today. brought some comfort

Quite a bit of comfort because the

Bureau of Statistics said in the

Bureau of Statistics said in the

three months to the end of December Bureau of Statistics said in the

last year, inflation rose by 0.5%.

last year, inflation rose by 0.5%.

last year, inflation rose by 0.5%. That means the annual rate is 2.8%,

That means the annual rate is 2.8%, lower than the market expected and

lower than the market expected and it casts some doubt over whether or

not we'll see a rate rise at all

not we'll see a rate rise at all this year. That result helped

this year. That result helped banking and insurance stocks, which

pushed the market towards the best

pushed the market towards the best levels of the day. And encouraging

news for Woolworths shareholders?

news for Woolworths shareholders? It's refreshing to get good news

from the retail seblgtor. They said

from the retail seblgtor. They said today in their second quarter sales

rose by more than 22%, stronger

than expected result, which pushed

the shares up

the shares up by the better part of

4%. Excel coal announced cost blow

4%. Excel coal announced cost blow outs. With a clofr look at today's outs. With a clofr look at today's figures

Thanks Tom. Tom Piotrowski at Commsec. Russell Crowe took centre stage tonight as he and his band headlined the Australia Day Live concert in Canberra. Before the big gig, he sat down with Angela Bishop to talk about bands, babies and a brand new movie. Relaxing backstage in Canberra, with a blowup Rabbitohs chair nearby to make him feel at home, Russell Crowe is chuffed to be part of the Australia Day celebrations. Absolutely it's an honour, and everybody's chuffed about it and very happy to be here and all that sort of stuff, but it's quite a lonely experience, those big stages. We've been playing some pretty small venues lately,

pretty intimate venues, so it's a close party for 30,000 of my closest friends. The star rocking with a new band, The Ordinary Fear of God, which includes Midnight Oil bass player Bones Hillman and Canadian singer/songwriter Allan Doyle. Allan has this sort of thing where he has life's great checklist.

And while he's been performing with us - getting to sing 'Me and Bobby McGee' on stage with Kris Kristofferson - check. Last week we were playing at the Vanguard and Elvis Costello gets up on stage

Do Australia Day concert in front of 30,000 people - check. The crowd's favourite, a little song called 'Testify', written about a rather sensitive subject. (Sings) # Take me down to the river, take me by the hand. # I wrote 'Testify' after I got arrested in New York. The first line is - "I feel the irons on my wrist "and lament it's come to this. "When they hang me from the gallows tree, "'Such is life,' you'll hear me hiss." He's a star living in interesting times. Walking the red carpet at the Golden Globes one minute, playing a gig in a Sydney pub the next. Which does he prefer? They each have their time, Ange. But I could do without any more red carpets for the rest of my life, quite frankly.

It's not fun, it's kind of tedious. But you asked, and silly old me, I always answer, that's how I get in trouble so often. It's fun. Golden Globes is normally more relaxed than all the other award shows. It's cool to attend. Quite frankly, it's one of the only times of the working year that you get to catch up with a lot of your peers. I met Eric Bana for the first time the other night and we'd never met before so if it wasn't for the Golden Globes, we never would have said "G'day". He also thought fellow best actor nominee Heath Ledger was hard done by, being criticised for not staying around to party at the Globes. All that hooha about Heath, what a load of rubbish. I mean he fulfilled all his obligations with grace and dignity and then took his wife home because they've got a 6-month-old baby. Now, that's reasonable, fair and fine and dandy. But we had a meeting worked out, we were going to meet up at the Beverly Hills Hotel because sometimes you don't get to see each other or whatever,

and he turned up when he said he was going to turn up and he and Philip, we stood around, had a chinwag for five minutes

then he went back to the baby. He's a really lovely kid and people should just cut him more slack. Speaking of babies, number two on the way? Congratulations. Why, thank you. How good is that? It's wonderful.

Any idea what you're having yet? No, we don't know what we're having yet, but we will find out. Dani loves the idea romantically of not knowing,

but on the other hand, it's far too practical. She wants to know if she's buying pink things or blue things, you know. And hopefully, a new movie with Nicole Kidman and Baz Luhrmann will keep him in Australia throughout the pregnancy. I don't know. I'll get told in due course. I know the schedule keeps changing because it's quite an expensive movie so they're refining the budget. Because one of the things that Baz wants to make sure he does is make a really expensive movie

for less money than somebody else might make it because that's the point of pride for him. It's like, "It's a big-budget film, yes, "but it's an Australian big-budget film "so I'm sure we can come up with the last $50 million of good ideas "instead of having to spend the cash."

Any which way he wants to do it, I'll be there. Angela Bishop, Ten News. The weather's next and then it's 'Sports Tonight' with Brad McEwan. And Brad, Steve Waugh weigh's into the controversial rotation policy. That's right Charmaine. Waugh can't believe

Ricky Ponting isn't playing against Sr Lanka tomorrow. And I was surprised that Ricky isn't playing on the Australia Day weekend. I think that's a little bit strange. Comeback queen Martina Hingis bows out of the Australian Open.

And I think Kim Clijsters really had to fight against that more than anything else. Waratah's captain Chris Whittaker prepares to pack his bags. for a red-hot 2006. And Ferrari revved up is $9 million. This Thursday's Powerball jackpot ask for a Powerball Megapick. For more chances to win, This program is captioned live. The weather now. will hit western New South Wales, The synoptic tells us hot northerlies Victoria and South Australia. over inland areas. A trough will bring a few storms South Wales and Queensland coast Onshore winds on the northern New will cause showers. showers and storms over the Top End. A monsoon low will cause heavy

The Australia Day forecast, rain in Cairns. increasing sunshine in Sydney. A possible shower for Brisbane,

Mostly sunny for Canberra, mostly sunny in Hobart, cloud increasing in Melbourne, mostly sunny in Perth, cloud increasing in Adelaide, shower in Alice Springs. showers in Darwin and a possible And that's the latest from Ten News. Stay with us, with Brad McEwan's next. 'Sports Tonight' from the Late News team, goodnight. I'm Charmaine Dragun, by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext captions