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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. trapped miners were alive Tonight - families told but then comes the sickening reality. Water police release video a dramatic rescue at sea. showing how they made in the boat. Everything inside was going around And Wallabies player Mat Rogers confronting his father reveals the battle

leading up to his sudden death. from some depression, He was suffering as a public figure, and, as a person of his stature,

about these problems he found it really hard to talk with other people. Good evening. I'm Deborah Knight. Welcome to Ten's Late News. the Consumers Association learned Also tonight, what their diet pills to the test. when it asked health companies to put how curing gum disease And Australian dentists explain

and heart problems. cuts back on the risk of stroke I feel 100% better - totally. Since it's been done, First - how could it happen? Families of trapped miners were told and they were alive, there'd been a miracle

but the joy didn't last long. there'd been a dreadful mistake. Word then came through families had been praying for. It's the miracle

CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Thank you, God! explosion trapped 13 miners, 41 hours after an underground in the small West Virginian town church bells rang out in celebration. miners had been found alive. Loved ones believing all 12 missing amen, amen! # (Sings) # How great they are,

I'm glad he's alive. I love him and I miss him. But joy cruelly turned to anger called everyone to the church when mining officials a terrible mistake. to tell them there had been not all 12. Only one miner had survived - There was a miscommunication believing they were told that resulted in the command centre there were 12 survivors, on the part of the rescue team and apparently the intention

that they had 12 individuals was to confirm

checking vital signs and that they were at that point who was a survivor. to try to determine fights broke out inside the church, In shock, "hypocrite" and "liar". with relatives of the dead screaming to their stomach. Everybody is stunned and sickened We feel like we have been lied to. knew about the mistake Incredibly, mining bosses

the men were alive. 20 minutes after families were told

their "miracle" But they let them go on celebrating for another three hours the heartbreaking truth. before finally telling them a 26-year-old father of two, The one man who did survive, is fighting for life in hospital. next to his 11 dead workmates. He was found unconscious to try to protect themselves, They had built a makeshift barricade in the mine were too high. but carbon monoxide levels Earlier, relatives' hopes were dashed

worker was found near the blast site. when the body of another missing calling for the mine to be shut down. Deb, some of the families are now doubt come under tight scrutiny. No doubt its safety record will no for 208 safety violations, Last year it was cited up from 64 the previous year.

the explosion that killed these men. So far, there's no word on what cause Five sailors are safe tonight off the far south coast of NSW. after a dramatic rescue in rough seas near Eden Their small vessel overturned the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. when returning from huddled on the yacht's stern In 6-metre swells, the Swedish crew waiting to be rescued. their predicament had become. Police footage shows just how dire by winds so strong 14 hours earlier they had been hit

the vessel twice capsized. up and down, Knocked down the boat twice, with the steering also, and became some problems totally uncontrollable. and the boat became

It went on the side, was going around in the boat. so everything inside diverted to shield the crippled yacht A freight ship named 'Goliath' was until police arrived. They were pretty much exhausted, for most of the night. they had been seasick

and climb in, The crew told to launch a life raft

treacherous. rough seas making that task Eventually they were towed to safety. Bass Strait is considered to be

in the world one of the most dangerous waterways didn't become another victim and it was lucky that these people

of that area.

were checked by paramedics. Taken back to Eden, the sailors 'Savcor' in the Sydney to Hobart, The crew had raced the rented yacht finishing fifth in their division. Disaster struck as they returned. that I sailed the Sydney to Hobart I'm very happy Hobart to Sydney this time. but I didn't make Some not keen to try again - No. (Laughs) Never. After the crew's rescue,

was left drifting at sea the $450,000 yacht south-east of Eden. about 60 nautical miles to retrieve it. It will be up to its owner

Jeremy Pudney, Ten News. the Middle East has died suddenly A high-profile leader from There's help at last by a firestorm in western NSW. for a community devastated are being given cash in hand The people of Junee

shattered lives. as they struggle to rebuild Junee faces a heartbreaking clean-up. After the New Year's Day bushfires, a natural disaster area, And now it's been declared the politicians have arrived. first-hand the devastation, We're here today to experience at those who have lost property. to have a look brought with him condolences, Acting Prime Minister Mark Vaile John Watkins, but the State's Acting Premier, brought the promise of emergency aid. grant of up to $10,000 There is immediately a helping hand their homes. for people who have lost will also be available Low-interest loans for farmers like Dave Ingram. and with it his livelihood. He's lost his lavender farm Right here there was just thick... Oh... Sorry.

Even with financial assistance, a long time to recover. it will take the people of this area The cost to the community is high -

and 25,000 hectares of land up to 18,000 head of stock all lost in the blaze. and new stock can be raised. But the grass will grow back The community's most concerned for Senator Bill Heffernan's relative John, who's in a critical condition suffering massive burns. He's in the best place in the world. Concord are the best burns unit in the world.

We've all got our fingers crossed, believe me. More than our fingers crossed. The Junee fires are now contained. The area declared safe. But that does not mean the danger is over, even now. A case of preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. If you think it seemed hotter than usual last year, you're right. 2005 was Australia's warmest on record, with the average temperature moving up by a degree, and that's making some towns a little too hot for comfort.

Right across the country, we're feeling the heat, one report even claiming Townsville was has become so hot to handle, it would be uninhabitable within 15 years. Most weather experts agree that's an extreme forecast. Over short periods of time, it's probably going to be very difficult for us to adapt if these trends continue. The national average temperature last year was 22.89 degrees - the highest in recorded history, the increase equivalent to moving southern Australia 100km north. A city in southern Victoria suddenly finds itself with a climate of somewhere on the Murray River.

Global warming is real. The Federal Environment Minister under no illusions about the challenge ahead. It is a long-term trend.

The predictions are for warming of two-plus degrees over the rest of the century.

That's why we need to invest trillions of dollars to find technologies that allow us to create energy with much, much lower emissions. How to beat global warming will head the agenda next week when Australia hosts a climate summit attended by major players like the US, Japan, China and India.

That's positive but limited. Australia needs to be a part of the 157 nations that have ratified the Kyoto protocol, including four of the six nations that are meeting here next week. The good news for residents in our far north is that tropical temperatures are rising at a much slower rate. So I think there'll still be people living in Townsville probably reasonably comfortably in the year 2020.

I hope to be here for the rest of my life anyhow. Surely there are hotter places than Townsville in the earth. Brett Clappis, Ten News. Wallabies star Mat Rogers confirmed tonight A high-profile leader from the Middle East has died suddenly on the Gold Coast. Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid al-Maktoum was the Emir of Dubai and Deputy President of the United Arab Emirates. His brother Sheikh Mohammed runs the world famous Godolphin horseracing stables.

runs the world famous Godolphin horseracing stables. Sheikh Mahktoum was staying at the Palazzo Versace Hotel,

where he died this afternoon, apparently from a heart attack. The Sheikh's private jumbo jet is taking his body home so he can be buried by sunset tomorrow, in line with Muslim tradition. Wallabies star Mat Rogers confirmed tonight his father was battling depression before his sudden death. The rugby league legend was found yesterday at his Sydney home.

A sombre Mat Rogers fronts the media speaking publicly about his father, Steve Rogers. The dual international struggling to remain composed while reading a prepared statement. The family would like to thank everyone for their support during this difficult time. Dad's sudden, unexpected death has been a tremendous shock to all of us. He was suffering from some depression

and, as a person of his stature, as a public figure, he found it really hard to talk about these problems with other people, which therefore exacerbated the problem. The Coroner is continuing to investigate and look into the circumstances of his death. We're obviously devastated with our loss and we ask the media to respect our privacy and allow our family time to grieve. Thank you. Steve Rogers's death came as a shock to all. His best mate and business partner Perry Haddock

spent today at Mat's Cronulla home making funeral arrangements. A grieving Mr Haddock says his friend was a complex character with an infectious personality. e had his extremes but he was just one of those guys, it was so infectious being around him. Throughout the day, floral tributes and messages of support flooded the Cronulla Leagues Club. He touched so many people. People I don't even know have come in and sat around last night.

Mr Pierce says the club will name something in honour of the league legend. One suggestion is to rename the players' Best and Fairest Award

to the Steve Rogers Medal. The funeral is set to be held this Saturday. Kathryn Robinson, Ten News. What the Consumers Association learned

when it asked health companies to put their diet pills to the test. The details when Ten's Late News returns. And... Yeah, I think it's good idea. ..a simple solution to bad behaviour at the cricket.

MATCH STRIKES Cigarette packs use different names, numbers and colours so they all appear to be different. But what you should know is light, mild or low-tar cigarettes are not a healthier choice, because whatever the pack colour, whatever the number, whatever they are called, all cigarettes are toxic and they all cause serious damage.

Call Quitline on 131 848.

This program is captioned live.

Thieves have sunk to a new low, stealing the Christmas gifts of a bashing victim recovering in hospital.

Police are making a public appeal for anyone with information to come forward. Just when the Huxleys thought it couldn't get any worse, thieves broke into a locker in the garage of their new home and stole Christmas presents they'd been saving until Lauren is better. We can't believe anyone would do this that anyone would steal gifts that so many kind people gave to our daughter as she lay in hospital. It's the greatest act of bastardry I've ever known.

She is still recovering in Westmead Hospital,

almost two months after she was attacked after getting off a bus. Lauren was bashed, sexually assaulted and tied up in the family's Northmead home as it was set alight. This family has done miraculous things for their daughter to get a kick in the teeth like this at this time of the year is truly abhorrent. The Huxleys were among five in their unit block who were robbed.

Among the gifts stolen were her mother's wedding, engagement and eternity rings. They haven't told Lauren yet, not when she's showing such good signs of recovery. she's talking and having her first mouthfuls of food on New Year's Eve. Three tablespoons of yoghurt and a little bit of orange juice. It's a very slow process but every day we live in hope. A steady flow of gifts and letters of support

continues to arrive at the Huxley's old house. The trouble is there's no-one there to collect them, so police have set up a secure room here at the Parramatta station where donations can be made. Thank you so, so much for your prayers, gifts, donations and lovely thoughts. Evan Batten, Ten News. Some disappointing news tonight about diet pills.

The Consumers Association asked the companies behind 10 of the most popular brands to prove they work, and half didn't even try. It's no secret we're getting fatter. But for those fighting the battle of the bulge, the news is bad - it appears there's no magic bullet. We didn't find any convincing scientific evidence that these over-the-counter weight loss pills

are going to help consumers lose a significant amount of weight and keep it off in the long term. Consumer group 'Choice' asked the companies behind 10 popular brands to prove they worked. Only four replied. 'Choice' found the scientific evidence to back them up was a bit thin. And doctors agree. A lot of them contain fibre and herbal diuretics so they make you fuller. Sometimes they make you lose a bit of fluid

but really, they don't do a lot to make you lose weight and keep it off. But as many as a third of the population takes either a diet or a vitamin supplement. They've been around for a long time and the sales, I believe, are quite substantial for these products so a lot of people believe

that they work and use them. At least one online researcher says the most popular New Year's resolution is losing weight. 45% decided to end 2006 skinnier than the way we started. Interestingly, only 15% decided to get there by doing more exercise. But the news isn't all bad. 'Choice' found at least some hope in pills containing extracts of capsicum. But the best formula for losing weight is still eat less, exercise more.

Emily Barker, Ten News. Moves to stamp out loutish behaviour at the cricket

seem to be working in Sydney. Arrests have more than halved since the SCG's ban on full-strength beer, but that doesn't mean the fans have stopped drinking. It's cricket's new chant. (All chant) Full strength! Full strength! At the pubs around the SCG, fans are topping up before they get to the game because the only beer they'll get inside is light. Yeah, well, that was our plan, to come here and have, you know, proper beer

and then go there and live off it while we're there. The ban on full-strength came after the crowd's behaviour at the previous two Tests. Out went the heavy and behaviour improved overnight. There's proved to be a dramatic reduction compared to the last two Tests we've had here this year. In terms of people ejected from the ground and infringed or otherwise, we're looking at roughly a 60%-70% reduction in that.

Families going to the cricket noticed the change too. Yeah, I think it's a good idea. They might not be happy about it but I think it's better for everybody else. But die-hard drinkers have already found a way around it. They've simply switched drinks.

Ah, probably some rum. I believe they serve rum and wine so I reckon we'll get into that. People are just going to go straight onto the bourbons and the wine and they'll end up getting even more drunk. While cricket lovers have kissed goodbye to a full-strength beer, the same alcohol restrictions

won't be flowing through to the football season. The Trust says they won't force the ban on the AFL or NRL because their games are shorter. Enjoying a beer at the cricket has been part of the culture for a long time. We recognise that. And, again, it's important to note that we're not banning alcohol. But police will encourage the football codes to follow cricket's lead. James Boyce, Ten News. Australian dentists explain how curing gum disease cuts the risk of stroke and heart problems.

Since it's been done I feel 100% better - totally! More on that in a moment. And in 'Sports Tonight', Australia grabs a late wicket but South Africa on top in the third Test. MATCH STRIKES Cigarette packs use different names, numbers and colours so they all appear to be different. But what you should know is light, mild or low-tar cigarettes are not a healthier choice, because whatever the pack colour, whatever the number, whatever they are called, all cigarettes are toxic and they all cause serious damage. Call Quitline on 131 848. This program is captioned live.

The holiday road toll rose again tonight with the death of a motorcyclist south of Sydney. It's believed the bike rider lost control of his machine near the crest of a hill at Appin, south of Sydney. His bike veered across the road, slamming head first into an approaching car. The motorcyclist was killed instantly. The driver of the car taken to hospital

suffering shock and minor injuries. The death brings the national Christmas road toll to 67. Australian dentists have made a breakthrough that could save thousands of lives.

A world-first study has shown treating gum disease can cut the risk of heart attacks and strokes. It's often said the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but it may be the mouth holds the key to healthy hearts for everyone. A world-first study has shown having severe gum disease

increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes because the inflammation can lead to blood clots. Neville Fortune had such bad gum disease, he, like 66 other patients in this Australian study, had to have his teeth removed. As awful as that was, blood tests showed when the gum disease went so did the risk of a heart attack. I was shocked. Well, you don't think of it. Even Neville's heart medication has been reduced. Since it's been done, I feel 100% better - totally! By reducing the periodontal disease, we reduced the level of these factors that contribute to blood clot formation. This research may well be just the tip of the iceberg. Other studies are also looking at whether gum disease could be linked to other serious health problems such as diabetes, osteoporosis, respiratory disease and even premature birth.

Dentists say with more than half of Australians suffering gum disease, it's critical dentist visits are made more affordable. I think it's a tragedy that in a country of such great wealth and abundance, that people are living with such great poverty of dental health. Researchers at Sydney Dental Hospital are now examining people with milder disease, hoping to prove treating our gums could stop heart disease being our biggest killer. In the meantime, a good brush and floss might be as useful as lowering cholesterol and not smoking. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. To finance, and at Commonwealth Securities tonight it's Julia Lee. And some interesting figures in the job market, Julia. As much as 70% of Australia's workforce may be ready to change jobs in 2006. A survey of 1,200 people around Australia by Talent Two

found that career progression and the new work culture

were the main motivators to move. The most disgruntled group of workers was 45- to 54-year-old group with 80% saying they wished to change jobs in 2006. All this points to a very interesting job market this year. Some new year resolutions. And gold well and truly back in favour? Gold is trading at 3-week highs in London with Japanese investors jumping back into the market

after their holiday yesterday. Gold rose 18% in 2005 and reached a high of $541 in December. Now we're trading at around $534 and at these levels, it won't be long until a new record price is reached. But the yellow metal definitely back in favour tonight. And the All Ordinaries off to a great start to the new year: The weather's next, and then it's 'Sports Tonight' with Rob Canning. Rob, Penrith halfback Craig Gower has paid the price for misconduct.

stripped of the Panthers captaincy Deb, Gower was tonight and fined $100,000. in a dark mood. Gower left the hearing All the fall-out coming up. The comeback continues. Martina's a happy woman. And the Kings dethroned in Brisbane.

This program is captioned live. Now to what the weather's doing. and trough moving into the west, The synoptic chart shows a low the Queensland-NSW border, another around below the continent. with a high pushing through sunny around Cairns, So today looking like being mostly some more thunderstorms, Brisbane could see but clearing from Canberra, showers for Sydney Adelaide and Perth, mostly sunny for Hobart, Melbourne, and late showers in the Alice. with late thunder in the Top End And that's the latest from Ten News. 'Sports Tonight' with Rob Canning is next. I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. See you tomorrow night. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.