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as police use tough new powers 19 arrests

to wipe out Sydney's race riots. a young man risks his life Everyday hero - of this burning home. to save the residents And gotcha! the life of 3-month-old baby. The remarkable catch that saved with Natarsha Belling. Ten News But first this morning, another busy night for Sydney police racial violence across the city. trying to control simmering after a number of incidents, 19 people were arrested a Molotov cocktail thrown at police. the worst involving with police stopping hundreds of cars Another night of roadblocks in Sydney

checking IDs and looking for weapons. seen earlier in the week It helped reduce the violence of problems. but there was still plenty was thrown at police At Ambarvale a Molotov cocktail at a Cronulla unit. while seven more were seized At Riverwood with a crow bar by a group of males. an elderly man was bashed centre resulted in three arrests. A brawl at a Wetherill Park shopping 23 carloads of males At Parramatta police dispersed armed with baseball bats. four men were arrested While at Kensington armed with steel bars and hammers. already in Sydney The heavy police presence is set to swell this weekend rostered on for Sunday. with an unprecedented 1,500 officers

law policy procedure, We will use the available tactics, for as long as it takes whatever it takes a restoration of order and calm. to bring about Also trying to restore calm from Sunday's riots. is one of the most vocal faces community coming back on the Monday I can understand the Lebanese having seen those images enough's enough from both sides. and I think fair's fair, to Lebanese community leaders. His written apology has been sent Dan Nolan, Ten News. An incredible show of bravery - running into a burning house a Melbourne man to save an elderly resident. perished in the fierce blaze. Tragically the rescued man's wife house in Melbourne's north Flames consumed the old weatherboard in just minutes. around 3:30 this morning. Elias Riskalla was driving past Acting on instinct to rescue an elderly man. he rushed into the burning building drawing on his upbringing The young hero He

was hysterical saying, my wife,

my wife. I put my T shirt on to him

the house. and pulled him out from the side of

drawing on his upbringing The young hero as he risked his own safety.

I come from a Lebanese

background and my parents have

always said, help out others even

if it means risking yourself. to run into a burning house It's hard enough for professionals

let alone a member of the public. 77-year-old wife The body of the man's this morning. was located in a front bedroom had hoarded mountains of junk Neighbours say the elderly couple the blaze and made access difficult. which fire crews claim fuelled

It looks like the occupants have

been storing old beds and

furniture over a number of years

and it's just added to the fuel

load and it's been an intense fire. and it's just added to the fuel a candle sparked the inferno. Firefighters suspect

We certainly don't believe at this

stage that there is anything

suspicious about the fire but our

and is recovering in hospital. The man suffered burns and shock complete. investigations are far from

Gerard Scholten, Ten News. on Queensland's Sunshine Coast Fire has destroyed stores of suspected arson attacks after a number on two shopping strips overnight. Intense flames and thick toxic smoke residents from a nursing home. forced the evacuation of elderly Explosions heard kilometres away. Flames too furious to stop. Just days before from Christmas was consumed by fire the Spotlight complex at Kawana to get to the heart of it and crews fought desperately They also fought it from the air. destroying three stores. But the flames had already spread,

describe hearing an explosion. Residents from kilometres like a car doing a burn-out Strange noises and the sky lit up. and then a big bang

and a flash of light. I was awoken by a loud explosion battled to contain the inferno As firies with a second arson attack. they were stretched to the limit

Move back, there's a gas cylender. was burning in a fruit shop. Just metres up the road another fire It was also destroyed badly damaged. and a neighbouring meat market choked the area Toxic smoke from both fires of a retirement home. forcing the early morning evacuation I was a bit stunned to be honest. We won't get you walking

and there's probably a bus coming. We'll get you a car this morning The fires are still burning as an investigation begins. It's very suspicious from this fire in that it's an hour apart

it's the same person responsible. and we're looking as if facing an uncertain new year. Shop owners and staff Emma Dallimore, Ten News. to form their new parliament. Iraqis have begun counting the votes turned out for the election, So many voters ran out of ballot papers. polling stations a success. Iraqi's have declared the election The new tell-tale sign of democracy - proving they've voted. a purple ink-stained finger start a new stage in our life. We are so excited, because we will Numbers were up and violence was down did kill three people. although bomb attacks had to extend their hours, Polling booths in some cities particularly in Sunni strongholds had boycotted previous elections where most people for an interim government. as far as I am concerned, There is a lot of joy, accomplish this major milestone. in seeing the Iraqi people The election marks the final step in Iraq. in the US blueprint for democracy again promised America will stay But President George W. Bush security forces are up to speed. until the job is complete and Iraqi It may take longer than expected. Iraqi security forces New reports claim Abu Musab al-Zarqawi last year captured Iraq's most wanted terrorist they didn't know who he was. but released him because In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. A double blow for Australian terrorist-suspect David Hicks - London will appeal his British citizenship and the Federal Government says he shouldn't be allowed to return to home. Australian-born Hicks, who's being held in a US military prison in Cuba, won a UK passport this week but the British Government is now launching an appeal. Being British would have improved his chances of escaping trial. But Human Services Minister Joe Hockey says either way Hicks shouldn't be allowed to return to Australia. Peter Costello talks down tax cuts despite a surprise budget surplus. That story when the morning news returns. And catch of the day - the remarkable rescue of a baby thrown from an apartment building. This program is captioned live. and sponsoring a child is one gift we could all share. children like Napendaeli will struggle to survive. Just seven years old, she suffers from chronic hunger and is badly malnourished. and she grows sicker and weaker by the day. (Speaks Kiswahili) by becoming a sponsor this Christmas. Our sponsorship helps provide food, health care, education you'll receive this special folder with a picture of your sponsored child It was a wonderful feeling knowing we could make such a difference to a child's life.

SIZZLING CHOPPING EVIL LAUGHTER ANGELIC HARP CHORD BUBBLES FIZZ COMPUTERISED VOICE DRONES For a real breakfast real fast, try the handmade Bacon And Egg deli roll and real espresso coffee at McDonald's - the best brekkie in town. CUCKOO CLOCK CHIMES MCDONALD'S JINGLE PLAYS This program is captioned live. It was Australia's worst air disaster in 40 years and grieving families of the Lockhart River plane crash in far North Queensland say the Civil Aviation Safety Authority is to blame. 15 people on board the Fairfield Metroliner died when it crashed in remote bushland in May this year. CASA had audited the airline just two months before the accident and gave it the all-clear. An interim report released this morning says the crew should have received warnings before the accident if the ground proximity alert was working. A man is due to face court in Melbourne today, charged with murdering his baby daughter. David Scott Arney is accused of inflicting the injuries

that killed the 5-month-old. She'd been taken to hospital unconscious yesterday morning, but died soon afterwards. An autopsy revealed internal injuries.

24year-old Mr Arney was charged with murder overnight

and remanded in custody for today's appearance. A starvation crisis is developing in Zimbabwe as the African nation's controversial policies take their toll. President Robert Mugabe is now taking extreme measures to hide the problem from the world. And we warn viewers may be distressed by images in this report. A country that once exported food can't feed its own people.

Families who once relied on the churches and aid agencies now have nothing. Those who have money in the bank have to queue several times a day to accumulate the 85,000 Zimbabwean dollars you need to buy a loaf of bred. This 2-mile long queue for petrol has been here for eight days and everywhere there are queues for food. The problems began when Mugabe seized the commercial farms

from white farmers five years ago and gave them to supporters with no farming experience. When earlier this year, the UN offered money for food aid, he turned it down saying "Food shortages, what food shortages?" If he was standing beside me now, he would no doubt say, "Queue, what queue?" But the man looking on was a Government informer and of course food queues don't exist in Zimbabwe. When I got back to our car, a uniformed officer was sitting in my seat. I was strip-searched to check that I had no other subversive material on my person. Thousands now live in open prison camps and we had to ask locals to get us these pictures of the make-shift shelters in this, the rainy season from where they're forced to attend meetings by soldiers. This is what we eat now. There's no other food here. I don't know whether we are going to survive. Back at the hospital, a mother arrives with her 3-year-old son. She's walked and hitched lifts for 200 miles and four days to get here. The little boy died the next day. It's 42 years since the assassination of John F Kennedy but it seems many are still fascinated by his presidency. Thousands of pieces of Kennedy memorabilia going under the hammer in New York. It is history under the hammer. Perhaps the last auction on this scale dedicated to John F Kennedy,

his life and presidency. The Kennedys are perhaps the nearest thing

America has ever had to royalty. Young, attractive, a golden family.

The White House rolls out the red carpet for a state visit by the Emperor of Ethiopia. He is the youthful president in the Oval Office, the rocking chair a famous part of the furniture. And here it is today,

just one of so many items on sale to the highest bidder. The chief auctioneer gave me a sneak preview of some of the other major attractions. What we have here is a gold Omega wristwatch that indeed was on the President's wrist when he was inaugurated President of the United States. In 'Life' magazine came out with a special issue. There indeed is the president and the watch on his wrist. The lots in this auction also give a remarkable insight into the Kennedy administration's politics and policies. There are many official documents, some less formal than others. One of many doodles the president was known to do that are in this auction was done during the Cuba missile crisis. You can see in the president's own hand writing, the words "Fidel Castro", "Blokcade Cuba". Of course, ultimately, there was tragedy. President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas on November 22, 1963. The end of a life and a presidency but not in a magnetic attraction of all things Kennedy. Amazing pictures from America where a man has caught a baby dropped from a third floor apartment. The mother threw the infant to save him from a fire. Amazing pictures from America,

A panicked woman throws her baby.

The 4 week old boy beautifully

caused by a buildings supervisor.

I grabbed the baby like a footballer She threw the baby and I just ran in and grabbed him and gave him a quick mouth. That's mouth-to-mouth. Vazquez is a former lifeguard and he was able to breathe life back into the soot-covered boy

as the fire brigade saved the mum. We rushed in up to the third floor up the stairs, came in, got into the apartment which was really heavily charge, We got her, got a mask on for her, managed to calm her down and shut the floor. And this is the baby - 1-month-old Eric, back in Mum's arms oblivious to all the excitement. The mother has already asked Vasqueuz to be little Eric's godfather. She says they'll have a tie for life with the hero. He's obviously quite a catch. Patric Burns, Ten News. A stunning exhibition of ice sculptures And another incredible rescue from a US fire. A dog has been saved with mouth-to-mouth. The terrier cross was found unconscious in a house fire before being dramatically resuscitated. The dog, Pixie, is now recovering well at the vets. The Sydney Swans take another radical approach to the role of captain. That's when Ten's morning news returns. Also, Liverpool's stunning start at the World Club championship.

This program is captioned live. Federal Treasurer Peter Costello is fending off calls for major tax reform in the wake of the big boost in the Budget surplus. With an extra $2.5 billion on his bottom line, business leaders are among those calling on Peter Costello to give the tax system a major overhaul. But Mr Costello is wary. Where there are realistic proposals, yes of course they'll be considered

but I don't regard higher capital gains or wiping out people's tax deductions

as a legitimate improvement in the tax system. Mr Costello's also warned that the booming surplus could shrink unless Government spending is contained.

In finance news, the Australian share market has opened slightly weaker.

Julia Lee at Commonwealth Securities and there's news on the housing market today?

The news still isn't good for home

The news still isn't good for home owners. Numbers are today showing a

drop in the amount of new

constructions starting for

residential property. The third

quarter dwelling construction has

dropped 5% for the September quarter

and so the story continues with

with little sign of recovery in the

housing market. And McWatery bank

housing market. And McWatery bank in the headlines? -- welcome back

McWatery bank

McWatery bank Mc Wary bank made a bit to the --

Macquarie bank made a bid for the

London stock ex change. Thank you

Julia from Commonwealth securities

fplgs of claiming another major cricket milestone. The champion leg spinner needs just two more victims to set a new world record for the for the most Test wickets in a calendar year, breaking Dennis Lillee's 24-year-old record of 85. He's a sensational player.

He's the best leg spinner I've ever seen - by a mile. Warne has two more Tests this year in which he can overtake Lillee. A taste of Hollywood for Sydney FC as they prepare for tonight's play-off for fifth spot at the World Club championships. A group of players were invited onto the set as team part-owner Anthony La Paglia taped an episode of his US crime show.

For team part-owner Anthony La Paglia it's a slice of heaven.

It's you know, the ultimate

indulgence that I get to come here

and watch Sydney play and get to do

my job at the same time. I watch

all his shows and it's a great

honour and privilege to be here and

see how it is made and see the man in action. But it wasn't just coincidence which brought La Paglias 2 passions together. The Hollywood star now has enough power in Tinsel Town to have the taping of the show moved to Japan at the same time Sydney FC were playing in the World Cup championships.

The most valuable lesson to me

coming out here and playing in this

coming out here and playing in this environment is the experience that

it gives the boys. The players hoping to use some of that knowledge later that night against Egyptian team Al Akly.

We played very well in the first

We played very well in the first game. So if we go out like we did

tomorrow I'm sure we'll win and go

home reasonably happy. Last night, Liverpool booked a spot in Sunday's final against Brazilian team, Sao Paulo after easily accounting for the team which beat Sydney FC, Deportivo Saprissa 3-0. Peter Crouch's opener followed by a superb volley from captain Steven Gerrard. Crouch when ending the job off in the second half. Neil Cordy, Ten News. NRL rugby league club Cronulla has suspended forward Hutch Maiava for a knock-out punch at training. Maiava decked team-mate Jacob Selmes during a fight at a weights session. Selmes needed 17 stitches to the head. Maiava's fate depends on the outcome of an investigation and a board hearing. The Sydney Swans have continued to defy convention today naming three co-captains for the 2006 season. Brett Kirk, Leo Barry and Barry Hall will lead the Swans in their premiership defense. After the success of using six players in rotation last year, the Swans were reluctant to give the captaincy to just one player. And then we narrowed down to the three we felt at this particular stage were the most - the guys who were ready to take the club into next year. But rather than rotate the job from week to week, all three will play the role of captain on match day. The weekend weather details when the morning news returns.

Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day,

After 3,213 shows,

the curtain has closed on 'GMA with Bert Newton'. It was known as 'The Morning Show' when it first went to air in January 1992 and since then television legend Bert Newton has interviewed more than 23,000 guests, pulled out tonnes of hair and said, "Here's Moira" countless times. I know I'm going to miss this very much because it's been a show that's been very important to me.

I've worked with a wonderful crew. It's really not like doing a television show, it's like talking to friends. There's so much to him. He's such a clever, refined, humorous, caring man. Excuse me, I'm going to cry all my make-up off. A new show with a different format will take GMA's place next year. Tomorrow at 2:00pm in a Ten News special we return to the scene of the devastating tsunami to see how survivors are rebuilding their lives - many of them with help from Australia. That's 'Tsunami - Islands of Hope' tomorrow on Ten at 2:00pm. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Natarsha Bellng, good afternoon. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.