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(generated from captions) are shutting up shop in Canberra. Our federal politicians it's been a very long year. For them, and us,

a little stir-crazy In fact, some MPs seemed to be going by the end of the week. Take a look. # On the twelfth day of Christmas # My PM sent to me # The end of certainty Jail if I protest Jail if I protest # Much longer hours

Lots of lost conditions # Less time for family

No more penalties # Many bosses sacking

# No rights at all # No redundancy # Lower pay # Cuts to overtime # And a chance to trade away leave # APPLAUSE was like the calm before the storm. That burst of song the House Legislation was rushed through

for the Christmas break. so pollies could take off to the silly season? So have our MPs fallen victim Big Guns of Politics, It's over to our Human Services Minister Joe Hockey Minister Kevin Rudd. and Shadow Foreign Affairs and Trade Good morning.

at this time of year? Do you take your jobs seriously

Yes, very seriously A lot of flack

for pushing bill Bills through the

Parliament at the end of the year

If people can talk, they will talk.

At a certain point in time you have

to take a vote. We had a backlog of

bills and we said enough is enough

There were a lot of important bills,

was there enough discussion about

them. On the workplace legislation,

the problem was there was no time

for a proper Senate inquiry. When

you got big stuff, the Senate puts

aside the inquiry and go through it

in fine detail and they come up

with unintended consequences It was

the second longest debate. Joe, you

know exactly what I am talking

about. You guys control the Senate

and you are not allowing Senate

inquiries to be formed or sit more

than a day or two. On the

anti-terrorism bill that many

people in the media are upset about.

It went through the Senate in six

hours something that goes to what

journalists can do, your ability to

report terrorist acts, that wasn't

enough It tooks hours and hours to

go through the House of Represents.

How many hours do they have to

debate them in the Parliament and

outside Parliament. Let's run the

country, that is what we are paid

for. I am paid and you are paid to

represent the legislation in

Parliament. We are there to

scrutinise the bills. It is not

enough time to scrutinise Do people

stay around and celebrate? Out the

door. I got home at 1 o'clock this

morning. I drive to Canberra and I

was very happy to get out So all

the celebrations have gone on? I

wouldn't go that far. There are

still a few There was a lot to

celebrate. It is an exhausting

period. You got long debates.

People's tempers are frayed. When

do you show any frayed temper It

sounds like it was a bit of the

celebratory mood. I held a party in

the Parliament House and invited

some of the media. And a journo

wrote did it - a journo wrote about

it and I haven't had a party since.

It was meant in goodwill at Easter

time and he convey thad all I do is

party down there by one action in

10 years and I won't do it again.

Question time seemed a little rowdy

yesterday. To conclude my remarks,

I say thank you - Mobile phone

rings. Order, order. You have to throw yourself out. Well,

I must - I must apologise Can I

just - I can't beat that. Such an

interesting ripping for the speaker

of the Parliament. Yes. On to more

serious matters. Peter Costello has

been one of the big stories of the

week. Do you think he has flown the

white flag? Put up and said no,

won't talk to you about this again

for a little while? I suspect he

and everyone else is a little

bored with the questions. I am not

Well, I am sure you are not . We

have taken the spotlight off Kim

Beazley for a little while.

Nothing's changed. Absolutely

nothing's changed as far as I can

see. What has changed? It is a

white flag and it has some tattered

holes in it. The big chance was to

put up or shut up. It got really

tight, really nasty down there over

the handling of the Gerard affair.

He worked out that he didn't have

the numbers and hold up the white

flag. The other thing was John

Howard taking out the Stapp letter

and stapling himself to the chair

and say I am here With the Turkish

Prime Minister coming through

Australia, Gallipoli putting

heritage laws on it? We had a bit

of a botch before. Are remember all

those earthworks at Gallipoli where

they wrecked the historical site.

That should not have happened. If

they can reperfect - prevefrb this

as it was, I think all of us would

be on that Just finally, what are

you blokes up to with politicians

superannuation? You brought it back

in line for new parl men tear yans

with 9% compulsory contribution

like we all have. Reports in the

media that there will be a

submission to the remuneration

tribunal putting it back up to 15%

for Christians Anything can make a for Christians Anything can make a

for Christians Anything can make a

submission to the tribunal. I would

be very surprised if it were

returned. So you think it will stay

at the same as for the rest of us?

What has happened there is pay

differential. New MPs are earning

less than MPs who have been

Parliament Because of super Because

of the changes. I suspect what is

going to happen, new MPs will be

compensated for the loss of income

which is what you advocated in the

past. Well - You advocated that

Don't bring me up Don't go to water

on me, mate. They should be

compensated like everybody else

Correct. I got no problem was that.

You got two MPs doing the same job.

But no change to compulsory? I am

blank on this one. I saw a piece in

the paper this morning. We will see

what happens in the year ahead. We

will be watch thaing one closely I

am sure you will. Where did put get

that tie? It belongs to Channel 7

actually. It looks like it. I don't

have the tie collection that

Channel 7 does. The only time my

son sees me is on TV so I thought

if he is watching - We thought you

cut up your mum's curtains That is

from Kochie's wardrobe. Fat Cat

wants it back He is still wearing

it, mate. Thank you for that.