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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Terror strikes again - wounded in Jordan hotel bombings. more than 50 dead and hundreds

the Bali and Jakarta Embassy attacks And the master bomb-maker behind

blows himself up. Ten News with Natarsha Belling. Good morning. this time in Jordan. Another major terrorist attack, three hotels popular with Westerners Suicide bombers have targeted in the capital, Amman. and hundreds wounded At least 67 are confirmed dead with authorities saying of al-Qa'ida. the explosions bear the hallmarks the attacks were coordinated Once again maximum death and injury. and timed to inflict

SIREN Within moments of each other, inside the Radisson Hotel - suicide bombers detonated themselves tourists - popular with Israeli and Western and the Days Inn Hotel. the nearby Grand Hyatt some 250 friends and family This was where when one of the blasts happened. had been celebrating a wedding terrible aftermath all too obvious. The size of the explosion and its the immediate areas around the hotels As troops sealed off fearing more explosions, battled through traffic convoys of ambulances

of critically injured to hospitals. to get the scores left to fend for themselves. The walking wounded keep up with the soaring death toll. Jordanian authorities struggling to of injuries and deaths. TRANSLATOR: There are a number

has not been determined. The exact number suicide attacks. They are believed to be All three hotels are in high demand business people and diplomats, by American and European on the number of Westerners but so far there's been no breakdown in the attacks. who may have been caught has described the attackers Jordan's King Abdullah as deviant and misled, adding it would not sway against terrorism. his country's continuing battle Tim Collits, Ten News. a new JI terror bombing campaign Warnings in Indonesia could be about to strike targets terror group's chief bomb-maker. following the death of the Indonesian police believe after a violent shoot-out in Java. Dr Azahari Husin blew himself up have been on the trail Indonesian security forces for almost five years. of master bomb-maker Dr Azahari

is believed to be among those killed The Jemaah Islamiah terrorist with a counter-terrorism squad in a shoot-out in East Java. police followed a terror suspect The operation began after to the suburban house. when police moved in. Seven terrorists were holed-up there Local residents heard gunfire for more than two hours which continued tried to fight off security forces, as the desperate JI terror cell devices to keep police back. at one stage lobbing explosive rocked the neighbourhood, Witnesses report several explosions that blew the roof off the building. culminating in a huge blast set off suicide backpacks. Police said some of the terrorists

is among those killed They believe Dr Azahari but his body is yet to be identified. The 48-year-old Azahari, most wanted men, who was one of South-East Asia's turned to terrorism in the late 1990s of JI leader Abu Bakr Bashir. after becoming a follower of Australians on his hands Azahari has the blood of scores

from al-Qa'ida in Afghanistan, Learning his bomb-making skills that wrecked Paddy's Bar in 2002 he constructed the bomb that exploded outside the Sari Club and designed the truck bomb that followed. but escaped the police dragnet It's believed he was in Bali

that left 20 tourists dead, supervising the recent attacks including four Australians. Azahari was also being hunted

of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta for his part in last year's bombing

in 2003. and the Marriot Hotel bombing suicide bombing into JI He's credited for introducing suicide bombers around the place. recruiting a number of

a number of people But the fact is they still have who can undertake those tasks. role tracking down Azahari, Australia has played an important Indonesian counterparts since 2002. with Federal Police helping their John Hill, Ten News. arrested in Sydney's terror raids The six men amid extraordinary security. have been taken to prison Late yesterday afternoon, followed two convoys, police helicopters and two unmarked wagons both with two police cars of four-wheel drives. at the front and back guarded those inside the vehicles. Heavily-armed police at Lithgow Correctional Centre, One of the convoys arrived two hours from Sydney the other drove the most secure jail in the country. to Goulburn's supermax prison, went to which prison. It's not known which of the suspects yesterday, Charged at a bedside hearing police guard in hospital actor Omar Baladjam is still under

a gunshot wound in the neck after sustaining with police. during an alleged shoot-out suffered a huge defeat in Parliament. British Prime Minister Tony Blair has voting against him 41 of his own Labor MPs new terror bill. to reject a controversial Mr Blair wanted the power for up to 90 days without charge. to hold terror suspects Watch very carefully. you've never seen before - You're about to see something a PM only just re-elected. MPs defeating Tony Blair, Ayes to the right, 291. The nos to the left, 322. (MPs cheer) but overwhelming defeat Not just defeat, personally championed on a proposal the Prime Minister of his own ministers. against the advice not just today but for many weeks. He had been warned to expect defeat, some leadership. Some called it reckless to press on, and do the right thing Sometimes it is better to lose than to lose and do the wrong thing. Can he identify a single case 90 days after arresting a suspect in which it has taken the police to charge that person to find evidence sufficient with a terrorist offence?

He didn't answer directly. he did say this. But in increasingly tense exchanges, we have learned that since July 7, In the last week, have been foiled in this country. two further terrorist plots Yesterday, Australia announced... (MPs call out) That noise, the angry protest of those who think the police have been dragged into politics. Well, perhaps those that foiled the plot might have their advice taken a little more seriously. Staring his opponents long and hard in the eye, he insisted that at stake was not just his leadership, but theirs. Ever since the bomb attacks on London on July 7,

Tony Blair has insisted he knew what was necessary to protect us. He said the same, of course, after September 11. And that led to war and that led to the divisions he's now suffering from. Hotels in China are on terror alert. Chinese police warning Islamic extremists could be planning to attack four- and five-star hotels that are popular with tourists in the coming week. The US Embassy in Beijing has warned Americans to revise their travel plans.

US President George W. Bush is due to visit Beijing later this month. John Howard's workplace revolution has entered a new stage with his controversial changes passing through Parliament. The bill has triggered furious scenes both inside and outside Parliament. Tensions were high in Brisbane. (All chant) He rules for the rich, he hates the poor, Johnny Howard out the door! Protesters venting their anger at Prime Minister John Howard over industrial relations reform. Attacks on workers rights! Mr Howard wasn't listening. And that's a key complaint from the Opposition. Rowdy scenes in Parliament as the Government gagged debate over the contentious reforms in the house this morning. This Government has come up with something that's fair We on this side of the house don't believe it needs to be dog-eat-dog. The Government says the changes will improve living standards, further lower unemployment

and help protect against a future economic recession. Labor has branded them extreme, unfair and divisive. There is not a serious economist in the land who argues that this is a key to better productivity. The bill was introduced only last week. Shutting down the debate prevented more than 20 Labor MPs from speaking. The Opposition harking back to the unrest created during the waterfront reforms. There was more scrutiny, more parliamentary deliberation and more parliamentary time in '96 when John Howard had Peter Reith, Alsatians and balaclavas. It has been discussed long, wide and broad in the community and in this parliament. Listening to most of the debate that's going on it has been nothing but rhetoric. The bill is expected to go to the Senate next week. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. The unexpected health bonus for women who like their morning latte. That story when Ten's morning news returns. Also, Paris Hilton's Bentley bingle. What led to the party girl's car crash outside a nightclub.

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This program is captioned live. Irate motorists in Sydney have more reason to complain after another major disruption to peak-hour traffic. A major arterial road of the city, Burwood Road, was closed early this morning after a water pipe broke underneath a footpath.

It caused so much pressure it erupted in five spots, wrecking the road surface. Authorities have begun to patch up the holes but the street now needs major roadworks. Traffic is being severely disrupted, with the road completely closed

and not expected to reopen until early this afternoon. For the first time in almost two weeks signs that the French race riots are easing. While more than 600 cars were torched overnight, that's almost half the number destroyed the night before. Authorities say that's thanks to emergency measures like curfews that have been imposed in 38 suburbs, towns and cities. About 200 people have been arrested. The French Interior Minister has ordered the expulsion of all foreigners convicted of being involved in the riots. A gas leak has triggered a massive house explosion in America. The Civil War mansion was levelled. It took firefighters two hours to shut off the gas and get the blaze under control. Luckily, the owner and her son were in the backyard when the home exploded. They suffered minor injuries after being hit by debris. Some comfort for the family of a 12-year-old Palestinian boy, shot dead last week, Ahkmed Kateeb was killed when an Israeli soldier mistook his toy gun for a real one. Now his donated organs are helping both Jews and Arabs. This is how the children of Jenin grow up. And sometimes get killed. Last Thursday, Israeli forces came into town to catch a gunman. One 12-year-old boy got in the way. This is where Ahmed Hatib was standing with his toy gun when he was shot in the head by Israeli soldiers who were just down the road there.

Later on, when Israel realised what had happened, it transferred Ahmed from Jenin to a hospital in Israel. And there he died. And Ahmed's father decided to allow his organs to be used for transplant. Ahmed's father, Ismael, shows me his son's grave in Jenin's martyr cemetery. There is a simple question to ask him. Why help the country that killed his son? It was to give a symbol of peace so that people could live together. Everyone knows that the olive branch is a symbol of peace.

So instead of an olive branch, I've sewn the seeds of my son's organs inside the children of Israelis. A poster in his home town commemorates Ahmed's life.

He wanted to be a computer programmer when he grew up. But that didn't happen. Now his organs have been used to give six Israelis life of their own. Good news for women who love coffee.

A new study has found a cappuccino or morning latte may reduce your risk of high blood pressure. But the news isn't as good for women who get their caffeine fix from soft drinks. Researches found women who consumed cola drinks were more likely to develop the problem. Another Paris Hilton scandal - she's been involved in a drunken car crash. Leaving an LA night club at 2:30 in the morning, the heiress squeezed into a Bentley being driven by boyfriend Stavros Niarchos. The shipping heir wearing a jacket on his head to escape the paparazzi. But he forgot to avoid a truck parked directly in front. Niarchos was the only one hurt with a slight bump to the head. Despite being told it was drink-driving, police took no action. Rod Stewart's daughter Kimberly was also in the car. Ahead - Australia's rugby league team

takes in the famous Moulin Rouge nightclub in Paris. That's when Ten's morning news returns. Also, the Socceroos lose out in the wrangle over a kick-off time against Uruguay.

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the choice has never been simpler, because with Optus you'll enjoy 6 months free broadband when you also have an Optus home phone or eligible mobile plan. Plus you'll receive $0 connection. So call now, because we'll also give you a free pre-paid mobile package worth up to $319 dollars. The choice is simple. So call 1800 555 558 now. Yeah. This program is captioned live. A man has appeared in a Brisbane court charged with two counts of indecent dealing with children. 57-year-old Dennis Ferguson was arrested in the inner Brisbane suburb of Kangaroo Point last night. It's alleged the offences took place in Dalby, involving 4- and 5-year-old girls.

At this stage, he's been remanded in custody until January, but will apply for bail next week. A lucky escape for an elderly man in Melbourne's north when a 4-wheel drive crashed into his weatherboard home. The vehicle lost control, ploughing through a timber fence, hitting the home,

disrupting the 81-year-old's evening meal.

I was coming to have my tea. And

I was coming to have my tea. And getting everything ready. And all of

getting everything ready. And all of a sudden, everything started flying around. The 35-year-old learner driver says she accidentally accelerated instead of braking. In finance news, the Australian share market is relatively steady this morning. Jacqui Maddock at Commonwealth Securities and the battle of our giant retailers continues?

It does. Coles is Myer has quote

It does. Coles is Myer has quote add 5.5% rise. To $9 billion. But

add 5.5% rise. To $9 billion. But Australia's biggest retailer

continues to be outperformed by

continues to be outperformed by Woolworths. The big W store has

outgrown it. Coles's Myer

department store is still up for

department store is still up for sale and there's ruemered to be 20

interested parties. And Coles has

given each of them until December

to make a bid. And I see monthly

employment figures have been

released. What do they show? We've

seen a drop off in October

employment figures. Prior to that, we

employment figures. Prior to that, we saw 13 months of solid gains.

Interestingly, we've seen a sharp

drop off in full time employment

drop off in full time employment drop off in full time employment and a spike in the number of people

accepting part time jobs. The

accepting part time jobs. The figures have pushed the

figures have pushed the unemployment rate up 0.1% but the

unemployment rate up 0.1% but the

unemployment rate up 0.1% but the job market is still in good shape. Soccer's world governing body FIFA has ordered a 6:00 kick-off for Australia's World Cup qualifier against Uruguay this weekend. The new time a win for the hosts. But Australians say it won't matter, they're ready to go anyway. The only negative for the Socceroos at training, Marco Bresciano's inability to get behind a light run

because of an ongoing ankle problem. Coach Guus Hiddink won't be taking chances with anyone. I have my doubts at this moment, although they're saying he's rather OK, although for this game you have to be very fit. The influence of the new coach in this campaign is significant according to the senior players. There's more cohesion to this camp.

I think Guus has brought in a lot of confidence into the team. You know, with every training session you can see that, and people work for each other. I think it's our time to get to the World Cup and I think there's a lot of people supporting us, not only in Australia. In Spain, a lot of my Argentinean team-mates want us to beat the Uruguayans. about his final line-up, Hiddink remains guarded leaving it to players to fight it out for positions at training. Tania Armstrong, Ten News. Wallabies coach Eddie Jones and his skipper George Gregan remain under fire ahead of this weekend's test against England. The wobbly Wallabies are down after six straight Test defeats. After copping plenty of criticism, George Gregan finally had a moment to grin about. Former English prop Jason Leonard presenting a 1973 bottle of Bollinger to the veteran captain for passing his world record mark of 114 Test caps. But he's not so bubbly about the Wallabies' long losing streak. You don't always win. I think that's one thing you learn through a career, especially a long career. The patience of Wallabies fans is wearing thin. Six embarrassing losses in a row and Eddie Jones is clearly under attack. I take full responsibility for our results. That certainly hurts a fair bit, but we've all got the resolve to make sure we get out of this. Despite the current lack of form, Jones believes Australia is on the right track and will persist with captain George Gregan for now, at least. He's got to play well. He's got our support to play well. He's the captain of the side

and his experience as captain is very important for us. With the old faithful fumbling, Jones is expected to use some new blood for the English encounter. Hugh McMeniman, Mark Gerrard and John Roe all expected to run on at Twickenham, along with exciting back Drew Mitchell,

who's now been nominated for the International Rugby Board's newcomer of the year. The cricketers have bounced back pretty well, and we intend to bounce back pretty well on Saturday.

Just basically go to the gym every morning and try to work out how we're gonna win a game. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. The Kangaroos have sampled the Parisian nightlife ahead of Sunday's rugby league Test against France. The players treated to a show at the world-famous Moulin Rouge. Halfback Scott Prince clearly enjoying the visit.

Two of the performers were Australian, including former Melbourne Storm cheer girl Jolene Slater. It was very impressive. The closest thing I've got to this is probably a Friday night at the RSL in Casino. It was a pretty big thrill and pretty exciting. Injured captain Darren Lockyer finally able to muster a smile. He'll complete the Tri-Nations tour, despite being unable to play with a broken foot. Next in Ten News weather around the nation.

This program is captioned live. National weather: Hundreds of people have turned out in Thailand to witness a very unusual wedding.

The zoo's two giant pandas have reached mating age and officials thought the couple should make their union official. But Chuang Chuang and his female partner Lin Hui weren't terribly interested in taking vows, so some panda proxies had to be called in

to cope with the publicity. But everything else at the wedding was traditional with a Thai wedding procession, including marching and music, a tea ceremony, huge decorations, and of course, a cake. The bride and groom showing great interest in an ice sculpture filled with fruit suitable for the panda palate.

That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling, good afternoon. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.