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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. we are all safe because of you. Roses are red, violets are blue, is up to scratch. find out whether Australia Hi, I'm Emily Barker. created especially for talented kids. Also today - the hall of fame to the Ten news centre First let's cross in Sydney and Melbourne this morning. Ebbeny, there's been terrorist raids Federal and State police officers, In a joint operation by hundreds of arrested in Melbourne. with another nine people the raids have foiled plans Police believe specific intelligence claimed to have about a potential terrorist threat. to move back into units of anyone who doesn't want damaged last week. situated above the tunnel. structurally safe and sound It's been declared and most residents can move back in. selling them back to the builders so they have the option of at their pre-collapse market value. has returned to Melbourne And Delta Goodrem unsung medical heroes. to thank Australia's a national day of thanks Delta was supporting who've helped save lives. for health and medical researchers battle with Hodgkin's lymphoma. The singer having overcome her own in Melbourne, from the Royal Children's Hospital Kangaroos captain Darren Lockyer And in other news Emily, Tri-Nations series is out of the rugby league he'll have a very speedy recovery. Hopefully, will be commemorated this Friday. Remembrance Day you can do to mark the occasion, You may not think there's much have taken the initiative but some students to soldiers serving overseas and sent letters and gifts their spirits. for you - Sam in our class wrote a cool poem is praying for a safe return home. Be proud, the whole of Australia the soldiers were over the moon. And speaking via a video message and in turn replied to the letter. We all received a letter we didn't know at all are all the more meaningful The messages around Remembrance Day so far away. when soldiers are serving and he's coming home in 15 days, I haven't seen him in a long time those letters the kids sent And what do you think would have meant to him? to him and all the soldiers Oh, it would have been the world because getting mail, or a letter and from anybody, whether it's chocolate right at home. it just makes them feel World War I officially ended. which means "suspension of fighting". It became known as Armistice Day, Now it's called Remembrance Day in various battles, who lost their lives who are still serving. as well as those not only for our veterans, I think it's more so important, to remember. but our current serving members all of us and just to keep us safe. They're overseas to protect they've protected this country. Remember them because both served in the Second World War down at Cobby and the school they went to and plaque for them. did a rather large memorial wall is buy a poppy - Another thing you can do and their families. proceeds help war veterans had been destroyed. even though much of the area in World War II It comes from the days at Flanders the poppies came out where, after a terrible winter, even after death to show that life's still there a great remembrance. and I think that's sir, why are the poppies so red? But whey are the poppies so red, the blood our soldiers shed. Red is the colour of blood, who never came back. for the men and women who have fought and died. remember those has flown across the country And a Darwin schoolboy of his State's wartime history. in a quest to reclaim a piece of Northern Territory residents, Supported by thousands to bring home a battered flag Zak Menzies is fighting lost in Darwin during World War II. symbolising the hundreds of lives Darwin's Government House It was flying over harbour and township, Bombs fell on the wharf, killing 243 civilians and military, and tearing up the flag. injuring hundreds more A bomb landed near it and kind of damaged the flag. and shrapnel flew up in the air has headed to Canberra, Darwin schoolboy Zak Menzies at the Australian War Memorial. where the flag is kept can study its story. so other schoolchildren in his town Zak even delivered a petition of the House of Representatives. to the Speaker you get people to sign A petition is something that or get something changed to try and do something and we gathered 4,450 signatures. How you going? to the Australian War Memorial. My name's Andrew. Welcome Thank you. to students across the country. the flag's history should be taught that was submarined, because it's not just Sydney by Japanese aircraft. but Darwin was actually bombed after World War II, Donated to the War Memorial thousands of other war artefacts, the flag, along with visitors who come here each year. can be seen by the million or so Peter Adamson, say But Zak and the Lord Mayor of Darwin, like terrorism Even though we hear about things war could happen here, I don't know whether we really think in a big way. Danielle Isdale reporting for TTN. in our online poll om daylight saving Time now for the verdict First a recap of last week's story. The results in a minute. or Coolangatta. Try living here in Tweed Heads and New South Wales The border between Queensland the middle of this street. runs right down to breakfast, you might just be sitting down you'll already be in school. State borders for work People travelling across whether they lose, or gain, an hour. have to plan ahead according to spend time with family and friends. work, play, it's not that far away from bedtime, By the time it gets dark, And there are less accidents Ahead on TTN - on Australia's recycling. who's just scored a hole in one. with this quiz: Right, now test yourself TECHNO ACTION MUSIC MUSIC INTENSIFIES WHOOSH! BOING! THUD! BEEP! MUSIC FADES ALARM BLARES, MOBILE PHONE RINGS Got you! Honey, can't you just keep your money in the bank? COMPUTER: Which bank? WOMAN: You'd be surprised how many adults or a tax form. But it's never too late to learn. # 1300 6555 06. # a well-earned retirement after winning the Melbourne Cup. COMMENTATOR:...but a champion becomes a legend! The Diva's memorable victory gave her three straight Melbourne Cups, Australia clinches a one-nil lead in the Test series against the West Indies. Chasing 509 to win, the Windies were bowled out for 129. The Wallabies slump to their sixth successive loss. Widespread changes are now likely in a bid to reverse the form slump. Better news in the rugby league Test though, the Kangaroos notching up their second win of the Tri-Nations series. Defeating Great Britain 20-6. Well, it's not as popular as rugby league but electric wheelchair hockey is one sport that's on the rise. It's helping develop players physically while improving their confidence and self-esteem. Scott suffers from a physically disabling illness, which means he can only move around using an electric wheelchair. Since taking up the sport he's become a young man with a lot to look forward to. his grades have improved in school, he's got more friends. He's got more confidence to go and join in other things. is that none of them have enough strength in their arms concentrate on play and communicate with each other. And rest assured, this is no place for the fainthearted. The worst thing that could happen is fall out, Currently, electric wheelchair hockey isn't a recognised Paralympic sport, but everyone involved hopes that will change. And while there isn't any drug testing in electric wheelchair hockey, No player can go over 10k and we have random speed testing To find out more about electric wheelchair sports Brendan Henderson did just that and hasn't looked back. Oh, no way. I do my stuff, play sport and to anyone you can do it. you'll know scoring a hole in one is one of the ultimate challenges. at an age most people haven't even taken up the sport. He's only been teeing off for six months but already Liam Robertson has achieved a hole in one... ..and he's just eight years old. but then when we came to the ninth I got a hole in one. I felt like I'm up in heaven. Liam's dad, Greg, doubles as his coach. They only play once a week He relies on natural talent and a few basic tips. Line up the ball, get your feet right. When Liam shot the ace his Dad couldn't believe it. All he did was - bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, in the hole, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep. I was hoping it would happen to me first before them but he did well. Liam's a sporting hero at his school, too, His classmates are convinced he's the next Tiger Woods. I reckon he was a great sportsman and he never gives up, so... Yeah, I'm really proud of him. and he might win like a real big cup one day. Liam just misses out on making it into the 'Guinness Book of Records' - a 4-year-old American boy already holds the title of the World's Youngest Hole-in-One Golfer. But record or not, Liam knows what he wants to do when he grows up. Yeah, yeah, golfer, definitely. Tiger Woods look out. we thought we'd take a look at why recycling is more important now than ever before. recycling is good for the environment, but - In Australia we produce 2.2kg of waste a day per person, the biggest per capita producers of waste in the world. It's not a very good record. A recent survey of 11 countries, including Australia, showed we get a good news/bad news rating when it comes to recycling. for more than 1.5 million handsets and batteries. Well, we recycle about two billion of them a year - about 63%, but Switzerland recycles 91%. We're the best newspaper recyclers in the world - But around 18 million of these - printer cartridges - ended up in landfill, and they can be recycled. According to Planet Ark, too many Australians don't know what to recycle. We are making a lot of mistakes in some funny ways. For example, we still put in the recycling bin, they shouldn't go in there. wrap up our glass bottles and plastic bottles in plastic bags and put them in recycling. And think about ways to re-use items. before it's eventually thrown away. Art and craft people re-use almost anything. They might be interested in textiles, So what might be a bucket of bits and pieces today can be transformed tomorrow into a work of art When you buy recycled goods The key is we can all do more with less. Still to come on TTN - the hall of fame for talented kids. Tai Shan takes his first steps. WOMAN: You'd be surprised how many adults aren't able to write a letter, or read a website, or a tax form. But it's never too late to learn. # That's the Reading Writing Hotline # 1300 6555 06. #

This program is captioned live. Welcome back. Get your pens ready for another weekly teaser. The question is on our website if you need to check it. Relief supplies are being delivered to Pakistan That may not seem so amazing, but when you realise part of a controversial border through Kashmir is being opened up, Opening the border is even more important because of a series of recent bombings on the Indian side of the border. and these ones in New Delhi, the capital of India, were no different. The people who claimed responsibility have ties to a radical militant group based in Kashmir. To find Kashmir, you have to go into Asia, on the border with China, India and Pakistan. There's Pakistani Kashmir, home to about 3 million people and Indian Kashmir, home to about 9 million. The border between the two areas is called the Line of Control. Kashmir used to be an independent state, like Australia. India. home to mostly Hindus and Pakistan, home to mostly Muslims. Tribesmen from Pakistan subsequently invaded Kashmir. So Kashmir called on India to help out, Since then, both countries have fought for control, That's unlikely. have never really had a say which way they'd like to go. the earthquake which struck mainly on the Pakistan side early last month is helping bring the two countries closer together. Parts of the Line of Control are being opened to allow relief supplies through to earthquake survivors. Many troops have also been withdrawn from the Line of Control. And hundreds of prisoners jailed for crossing the Line have been released by both countries. Pakistan and India have also been negotiating a peace process for nearly two years. Which is something many terrorists don't want. Indian residents are determined the terrorists won't succeed. In Global Goss - 30 kids in the United States 13-year-old Jourdan Urbach is a musician, author and more. I founded an organisation, Children Helping Children, which has raised over $200,000 for charities. 11-year-old Elizabeth Mule is an expert on tarantulas. She's donated some of them for medical research. but after Hurricane Katrina I only have 21, about 20. 16-year-old Richard Foster builds clocks and sponsors sports events. Tai Shan, the first giant panda to be born at the National Zoo in Washington DC, has taken his first steps. he weighs in at 7 kilograms and is 68cm long. Tai Shan means peaceful mountain. While we're on the topic of newborn animals, twin gorillas have been born in a North American zoo. Kuchi, a 21-year-old western lowland gorilla, gave birth to the pair about a week ago, taking zoo keepers by surprise. so this was quite a surprise. There are fewer than 75,000 western lowland gorillas alive in the wild, partly because logging and farming has destroyed much of their habitat. Only six sets of twins have been born in North American zoos Don't forget to keep those story ideas coming in: And check out your local News Limited newspaper You'll find those on Tuesdays in the 'Daily Telegraph' in NSW. In Victoria, look for them in the 'Herald-Sun'. You'll find them in the 'Advertiser' in SA. If you're in the Top End, look in the 'Northern Territory News' While Tasmanians will find them in the 'Mercury'. In WA look in the 'Sunday Times'. We'll catch you again, next Tuesday at 11:00. Have a great week. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.