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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. his controversial terror laws. The PM backs down over bird flu virus in Thailand. Fears tourists contracted the deadly

make racing history? And will Makybe Diva contesting its third Melbourne Cup. What her team is weighing up before Ten News with Natarsha Belling. Good morning. is backing away from plans John Howard through Parliament next week. to rush his controversial terror laws

about some of the changes State leaders are nervous if they're passed by Christmas. and the PM now says he'll be happy in the laws The most contentious issue

is extending shoot-to-kill powers, which the Premiers say anti-terror agreement last month. was not part of their he's willing to compromise. Now the Prime Minister says providing the situation is covered. I'm quite happy to change it

in a different way. I don't mind it being expressed shoot-to-kill powers. Labor says police already have to put in the bill. It was a silly thing in the bill. It should not have been there

something new, which you're not. It suggested that you're doing John Howard has also backed down into Parliament on Tuesday, from his plan to put the laws the Melbourne Cup. just as we're watching passed by Christmas. He now says he just wants the bill

is that several Soliticors-General The biggest hurdle now

in the High Court, believe the laws could be overturned that can be resolved quickly. and that's not an issue the changes are on track. Nonetheless, the PM is confident of the Labor Premiers I've spoken to I can tell you not one of the commitments they made is other than fully in support at the COAG meeting. most concerned And one of the Premiers

is still upbeat. about the legality of the bill I'm not absolutely sure down and go through these matters until all the Solicitors-General sit and come up with a considered view. they can be resolved. But I'm optimistic we will sign. If they can be resolved, Not quite so much agreement, though, other big-ticket item. on John Howard's has given a passionate speech Former prime minister Bob Hawke the radical workplace reforms. railing against It is an assault of what generations of our citizens upon the very core

have been proud to boast of, at home and abroad, character, the fair go. as the essence of the Australian

Laurel Irving, Ten News. of the deadly London terror attacks New claims the suspected ringleader advantage of the docks crisis And warnings terrorists could take to smuggle in a deadly cargo.

system has led to massive delays A breakdown of Customs' new computer yet to be inspected. with hundreds of containers to clear the backlog Customs officers are scrambling goods may not be found in the rush. but the Opposition says dangerous I think one of our problems are handled around our coastline is the way in which dangerous cargos and the possibilities, it offers terrorists the opportunities we know of convenience shipping lines. who have interests in flag Chris Ellison should resign Mr Beazley says Customs Minister by the weekend. if the cargo backlog isn't cleared

of the deadly London terror attacks New claims the suspected ringleader in July to the 2002 Bali bombers. may have had links a suspect held in Asia told him A leading al-Qa'ida analyst says senior Jemaah Islamiah figures, Mohammed Sidique Khan had met with Hambali. including Bali bombings organiser was secretly filmed and recorded A BBC report also claims Khan

in Britain more than a year ago, speaking to a terror suspect did nothing about it. but intelligence agencies The bird flu crisis -

have contracted the virus and there are fears three people

after visiting a zoo in Thailand. One of the men went to hospital with headaches and a cough. after feeling weak he's contracted the killer flu. Initial tests confirming in contact with birds at the zoo The man and two friends had been

to Reunion Island before returning home in the middle of the Indian Ocean. considering special flights Meanwhile, Qantas is reportedly caught in countries to bring home Australians

of the disease. affected by mass outbreaks have escaped death At least six drivers were hurled at their cars. after heavy objects dropping rocks, concrete and timber A group of boys were caught

in Melbourne's north last night. from a Hume Highway overpass that were thrown off the bridge Some of these rocks were the size of footballs the windscreen and hit the drivers and if they had gone through at the speed they were travelling, the chances of fatalities were quite high. running from the overpass Three youths were caught and are expected to face court. for a fourth boy. Police are still looking Three teenage boys have been charged

on some Victorian bayside icons. over a spate of arson attacks at the famous beach boxes The group allegedly lit several fires south of Melbourne. were destroyed and seven damaged Two of the wooden structures in attacks on Monday night. A 19-year-old male has been charged and criminal damage. with arson, burglary were also charged. Two 15-year-old boys in hospital, A man's under police guard to set two people on fire after allegedly trying

at a pub in Sydney's south-west. Police say in Revesby early this morning. the 33-year-old man went to the hotel and a security guard approached him, When the manager over them he allegedly splashed petrol and then got out a cigarette lighter. managed to overpower the man. The two hotel staff and he was arrested. His arm was injured in the struggle, There's still no official word, towards confirming but Makybe Diva went a long way

towards confirming but Makybe Diva went a long way in Tuesday's Melbourne Cup she will run

this morning. after her pleasing trackwork went to watch the champion filly Our reporter Damian Booth since her Cox Plate win. in her first serious work-out

Yes, good morning, Natarsha. We're

here at the property of trainer Lee Yes, good morning, Natarsha. We're

here at the property of trainer Lee Freedman on

here at the property of trainer Lee Freedman on the Mornington

peninsula and we have been given

the strongest indication yet that

the strongest indication yet that the champion mare Makybe Diva will

the champion mare Makybe Diva will run in the Melbourne run. Glen Boss

was here to work the mare. He road

was here to work the mare. He road her over two laps of the track and

her owner was here and it was

smiles, pats on the backs and

handshakes after the mare's Burke.

It was work indicative of a horse heading

It was work indicative of a horse

It was work indicative of a horse heading to the Melbourne Cup. While

heading to the Melbourne Cup. While trainer Lee Freedman says it is is

a 50-50 bet, keeping his cards

close to his chest, it was hard to

close to his chest, it was hard to keep the smile off the faces of

keep the smile off the faces of Boss and Santic. She felt right to

me. We're progressing in the right

me. We're progressing in the right direction. Do you want to say she's

direction. Do you want to say she's in? I can't say that. I'll leave

that to Lee. He'll

in? I can't say that. I'll leave that to Lee. He'll make that last

decision on Saturday morning but

everything's on track. So trainer

Lee Freedman insists the final

decision on whether Makybe Diva

runs on Tuesday will be made after

runs on Tuesday will be made after a gallop on Saturday morninging but

as we can see from the smiles this

morning, I thing the decision has

already been made. A star of the world soccer fighting for his life. The details when Ten's morning news returns.

And Frank Sinatra like you've never seen him before. His family release previously unseen video. It's the daddy we knew growing up.

Australia has offered to build a technical college in the Pacific region

to ease the pain of refusing to allow Pacific Islanders here as seasonal workers.

Prime Minister Howard unveiling the proposal in Madang, Papua New Guinea. Another traditional welcome for Mr Howard as he arrived at Madang for the Pacific Island Forum retreat. Under pressure to allow Pacific Islanders into Australia for temporary seasonal work,

Mr Howard came up with a compromise - a proposal to build a technical college somewhere in the Pacific

to boost trade skills.

This is a special Australian initiative designed to give hope to the young of the region and to give them trade qualifications which will benefit them in future life either in their own country or in another country.

No cost or location yet. Mr Howard says the technical college will be paid for out of our boosted aid budget. But PNG Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare says

his country has enough colleges

and he will continue to push for access for seasonal workers and fruit pickers to what he called our "Apple Ranches". No, it has not been rejected. The Forum signed off on a new Pacific Plan for the region, with the centrepiece being higher standards of governance for the small states, which is code for less corruption. Australia's concerns about corruption are reinforced here

in Papua New Guinea by the status of the leader of the Opposition Mr Peter O'Neill MP, he's otherwise known as the defendant,

facing eight charges of conspiracy and misappropriation against the national superannuation fund. And that's a far bigger image problem than the one alluded to light-heartedly by Sir Michael Somare. You think we've got a bunch of cannibals up here. In Madang, Greg Turnbull, Ten News.

Israel is preparing a revenge attack against West Bank Palestinians after a deadly suicide blast. At least five people were killed when the bomber targeted an open air market. Terror came back to the streets of Israel today. This woman is looking for loved ones.

"I'm calling," she says, "but no-one answers."

Witnesses talked of chaos, blood and bodies. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility, saying this was revenge for Israel's killing of one of their top commanders this week. As hospitals filled with the wounded, the Palestinian authority condemned the bombing and pleaded for the shaky truce here to be upheld.

We don't want to go back to this vicious cycle. Violence will bring violence, bullets will bring bullets. We've been there before. Israelis and Palestinians will pay the heaviest price if the cessation of violence is undermined.

Tonight the forensic teams are still at work and there's a sickening sense of deja vu but little or no surprise. The reality is neither side is really keeping to a truce

and political steps are limited and slow. Israelis will be wondering will this attack be an isolated case or the first in a series. Palestinians will be wondering what Israel's retaliation will be. After the Gaza pullout, the international community was hoping for progress here, but this bombing is a painful reality check. Anti-war protesters have hit the airwaves

with a new television commercial in the US. The ad, released a day after the 2,000th American soldier died in Iraq, asks the question - 'How Many More?' Protesters again taking their fight to the White House. Most of them, the only way they get out is in a coffin, blown up by a bomb in 1,000 pieces.

Anti-war activists are planning more than 1,000 vigils across America to continue their battle to bring home the troops. The United Nations is warning there could be a second shockwave of death in Pakistan. The UN says survivors of the earthquake aren't getting nearly enough aid.

This is Muscluma, a mother in her mid 30s, being treated by a surgeon from Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in London.

Dr Mucta is seeing close up a disaster still unfolding with people trapped in the mountains and far too few resources to help them. She lost a son and she lost other members of her family,

so they had to bury them first and get her over here and it's taken a long time. And she's broken her ankle and it's a compound fracture, so it's open and a really mucky wound so we need to clean out her ankle and dress that up.

The scale of the task is immense and the United Nations says the world is not responding fast enough.

A second disaster caused by delay must be prevented. 65 countries are meeting at a donors' conference in Geneva. Today they were confronted with very stark messages from the UN's most senior leaders. We are amputating far too many limbs, far too many limbs.

One-third of those we evacuate, we end up taking away their arms or their legs because they're being evacuated too late. More than 3 million men, women and children are homeless. Too many of them are still sleeping in the open. Thousands are trapped in towns and villages, cut off by the quake damage from the rest of the world.

As medical teams struggle to cope, Oxfam is naming rich countries, including Belgium, France, Portugal and Spain it says have done nothing. Tonight the UN is reporting new pledges of money, hoping it's not too late. After being locked away for half a century some rare footage of Frank Sinatra is finally hitting the airwaves.

(Sings) # Every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven. # The films were shot by Sinatra as part of rehearsals for a TV show. It will kind of buoy you up, you know, and give you a new interest in life, which is what you need. That is, if you're not planning to kill yourself. The films will star in a London stage show featuring a huge orchestra and dancers.

Sinatra's family say old Blue Eyes hoarded such footage, calling him the pack rat of the Rat Pack. A tall story for dog lovers. 'The Guinness Book of Records' naming its latest giant. He's the greatest of Great Danes and now officially a giant of the dog world.

I love you. On his hind legs, Gibson stands a towering 2.1m. So tall, judges from the 'Guinness Book of Records' didn't just want to measure him, they insisted on having the photographs to prove they'd found the tallest dog on the planet. Gibson, I love you too. In fact, Gibson, who weighs as much as an average adult and is just three years old, has multiple titles to his name,

including tallest Great Dane and tallest therapy dog on record. Oh my goodness, he's beautiful. I've had Danes since 1981. I've never seen anything like this - ever. But for him it's hardly a dog's life. He's reached the dizzy heights of success, becoming a star on American talk shows, but like all canine companions he does have his weaknesses -

Gibson's eyes are almost too big for his belly. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Selectors name the Australian cricket squad for the first Test. That's when Ten's Morning News returns. Also a special World Cup greeting for the Pope.

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A long night for passengers waiting for delayed flights at Melbourne airport.

A Thai Airways plane blew tyres as it landed in strong winds yesterday. The airport was closed for two hours, creating a massive backlog.

Thousands of patient passengers filling check-in areas,

some waiting more than 12 hours for their flights. Airport officials say flights are now back to normal, but are advising passengers to check the website before flying. In finance news, the Australian share market started the morning lower, dragged down by weaker resources stocks.

Craig James at Commonwealth Securities joins me. Another strong year for the construction industry?

Yes, a survey by Australian

Yes, a survey by Australian industry group today says

construction work could rise in the

order of 8% this financial year, up

from 13% growth the previous year.

The area of strength though is

engineering construction, things

like roads, bridges and dams. There

will be weakness in the housing

sector, expected to fall by 1% this year.

sector, expected to fall by 1% this year. Another major company warns

of lower profits because of the

slowdown in that market. Yes, GWA

which manufacturers Coroma bathroom

fittings and Rover mowers. It

projects its profit could be 10%

lower this year and it's pitting

blame on the housing sector,

particularly NSW housing

blame on the housing sector, particularly NSW housing sector.

GWA shares are down this morning. Australia's cricket selectors have included Nathan Bracken and Stuart MacGill

in the squad for next week's first Test against the Windies. Meanwhile the English cricket team have arrived in Islamabad for their tour of Pakistan amid tight security. Captain Michael Vaughan fending off talk his bowlers used lollies

to achieve reverse swing during the Ashes tour. I don't think mints would have any effect on what the ball does. I think it's a lot down to the skill and techniques of the bowlers, and our bowlers were very skilful and had good techniques. That's why it reverse-swinged so well for us in the summer. The 2-month tour will include 5 one-day internationals and 3 Tests. Manchester United soccer great George Best

is understood to be on life support in a London Hospital. Best was admitted three weeks ago with a liver condition but according to an ex-wife, he's deteriorated dramatically in the past day. The 59-year-old made headlines during and after his colourful playing career for a heavy drinking lifestyle . Best, who underwent a liver transplant three years ago, is said to be suffering from internal bleeding. Soccer legend Franz Beckenbauer

has met with his countryman Pope Benedict at the Vatican. Beckenbauer, who like the Pope comes from Bavaria, is travelling to every country that's qualified for next year's World Cup in Germany. The man who led the Germans to Cup success as both a player and manager is the President of the Cup organising committee and will extend a personal invitation to all World Cup finalists. The Pope sent his best wishes to all teams.

Australia will attempt to qualify next month against Uruguay. There may be a changing of the guard in British tennis after Andy Murray beat Tim Henman at the Swiss Indoors. In a contest billed as a Battle of Britain

the pair, who often practice together, were facing each other in their first ever competitive match. Murray from Dunblane in Scotland has had an outstanding season

rising to 70th in the world while Henman has slipped out of the top 20. The 18-year-old prevailing in three sets to progress to the second round. Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation.

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A legendary TV talent is calling it a day. 'GOOD MORNING AUSTRALIA' THEME PLAYS Bert Newton's long-running program, the hugely successful 'Good Morning Australia', stops production before Christmas after 14 years and 3,200 episodes.

Welcome to 'Good Morning Australia'. What's wrong? Just as that opening was coming through mother over here's calling "Bert! Bert!". What's wrong?

You've got a little bit of fluff on the side here, Bert. Look at that. Oh, yes. That makes all the difference. The veteran presenter says

14 years is a long time for any television show and this show was very special to him. Staff from GMA will soon start work on a new daytime program

that premieres early in 2006. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. We leave you now with pictures from 'Cleo' magazine's salute to swimwear held in Sydney last night. I'm Natarsha Belling. Good afternoon. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.