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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. turned to despair. The moment Melbourne Cup trackwork in a series of Baghdad blasts. Westerners targeted in the wake of Hurricane Wilma. Up to 50 Australians missing Ten News with Tracey Spicer. Good morning. An horrific accident the stars at Flemington racecourse during the traditional breakfast with for next week's Melbourne Cup. has marred preperations Ten's Damian Booth is there. what happened this morning? Damian, take us through exactly

Yes, good morning, Tracey. Well, it

was an amazing morning here at

Flemington. Three of the leading

international contenders, Vinnie

Row and Diamond made it to international contenders, Vinnie

Flemington to have their final Row and Diamond made it to

hit-outs at the track. Cart Diamond

was the first horse on the track

and everything seemed to be going

swimmingly until the last and everything seemed to be going

swimmingly until the last 600 and everything seemed to be going

metres of his gallop when the swimmingly until the last 600

jockey fell and the horse careered metres of his gallop when the

on and crashed into the running

rail and landed on his head and

initially there were grave fears

for the horse's wellbeing. Tanants

rushed to his aid, checked on the for the horse's wellbeing. Tanants

jockey and he was OK. The concern

then remained with the horse. He

had significant gashes from then remained with the horse. He

injuries sustained when he wents

through the fence and a large injuries sustained when he wents

amount of blood was lost and it was through the fence and a large

amount of blood was lost and it was a very, very nasty scene and grave amount of blood was lost and it was

concerns were held almost straight

concerns were held almost straight

away. We spoke to the horse's concerns were held almost straight

trainer Brian Ellison just minutes away. We spoke to the horse's away. We spoke to the horse's

after the accident. What's

happened? The foot came out of the

stirrup and he fell off. I don't happened? The foot came out of the

know if he snap anything but his stirrup and he fell off. I don't

foot came out of the stirrup. The

stirrup leather came undone and I

lost my balance, hit the deck, the stirrup leather came undone and I lost my balance, hit the deck, the

horse goes running through the lost my balance, hit the deck, the

bloody fence and it looks like he's horse goes running through the

out now. The injuries look serious.

What have the vets told you? The out now. The injuries look serious.

horse was treated immediately with horse was treated immediately with

antibiotics and a fairly strong horse was treated immediately with

dose of pain killers and they also

inserted a drip into the horse's

wounds in his hind quarters to help

drain away the flu udand blood and wounds in his hind quarters to help

say she's next to no chance to run drain away the flu udand blood and

in the Melbourne Cup we can see

with the horse being led away, he's in the Melbourne Cup we can see

a very sore animal and he's gone with the horse being led away, he's

back to Sandown and his Australian a very sore animal and he's gone

trip down under is now very much off. by a shocking series of bombings. Baghdad has been rocked after three massive explosions At least 20 people are dead that happened in quick succession. The huge blasts, caught on camera, contractors and journalists. targeted a hotel used by foreign a massive bomb captured on camera A strike in the heart of the city,

in just the space of a few minutes. and there were three a heavily fortified hotel compound The target was journalists. housing foreign contractors and they'd get publicity with this. The insurgents knew coordinated attack It was a well-planned,

on a site protected by the Americans.

The first of the bombs blew a hole separating the hotel from the square, in the concrete wall but there was more to come. a cement mixer appeared, Just after the second bomb exploded, packed with explosives. Close up, you can see the driver right into the compound. desperately trying to get it Seconds later, it blows up. was chaos as the bombs went off. Inside the Palestine Hotel, there out there. MAN: Police are all over the place Are we actually hit? Is it on the roof or what? EXPLOSION There's another one. were blown out. Journalists ran for cover as windows has been targeted before by mortars, This hotel compound but never like this. There were some casualties here, who caught the worst of it. but it was people outside for up to 50 Australians Consular officials are searching after Hurricane Wilma. still unaccounted for has now slammed into Florida, The massive storm killing at least five people. have been destroyed thousands of homes and millions are without power. deadly encore performance. It was Wilma's Mexico's Caribbean coastline, Just days after destroying she tore through southern Florida. in US history, The fastest intensifying hurricane with winds of up to 200km/h. she hit overnight you had your weight back? Don't you wish Right about now I wish do. WOMAN: Are you OK? We're OK. look like they've been bombed, High-rise buildings homes have been torn apart left without power. and six million people is beneath surging floodwaters. A lot of the damage in the Florida Keys is underwater, More than a third of one island its only road to the mainland cut. As soon as the water goes down, and set it back together. vacuum her out

has declared a state of emergency The US President now off-limits. with some of the worst affected areas anyone back in the city. MAN: We are not going to let

in Cuba's capital, Havana. Getting out is the problem by rising floodwaters Thousands of people have been trapped a giant storm surge. with the sea wall unable to hold back the waters are slowly receding. In Mexico, hurricane-devastated beachfront today The Mexican President toured the

now stand in ruin. where local hotels more than 30,000 tourists Plans are under way to evacuate of Cancun, stranded in the crippled city including up to 50 Australians, who are believed safe. is looters and rebuilding. The big problem now to be back in business The tourist hot spot isn't expected for at least four months. Ten News. In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles,

Concerns remain for a Sydney family missing from Cancun in the wake of Hurricane Wilma. The Trevethan family last made contact a week ago and despite assurances they are safe their whereabouts is still unknown. When Thomas and Amanda Trevethan and their children moved to the Mexican holiday resort of Cancun three years ago, they were well aware it was a hurricane hotspot. But they never imagined they'd experience the magnitude of a storm like Hurricane Wilma.

They've been through the hurricanes

before but nothing, nothing like this. 29-year-old Thomas is the head pastry chef at the Ritz Carlton in Cancun. Hurricane season often meant nights holed up in the storm-proof hotel with his young family

to sit out the worst. But for the first time since they arrived, the Ritz has been evacuated, too.

The force of the storm was so

eenormous. It was unlike anything

that they've ever had before and

the hotel became unsafe.

Thomas's younger brother, Fergus, was holidaying with the family when Wilma hit. Fresh from a stint working as a volunteer at a United Nations refugee camp in Tanzania, his mother confident that experience would help them through.

It was very primitive and difficult

. So, yes, he is used to difficult living conditions. Ritz Carlton's head office has assured concerned relatives that all expatriate staff are safe and well, but can't confirm where they're hiding out.

I would just give anything to hear

their voices. I just, um, but I

their voices. I just, um, but I have to wait. Like, there's nothing

that I can do. Australia is calling on world health authorities

to step up their preparations for a bird flu pandemic. As world health ministers gather for a crisis summit, there's confirmation the virus is spreading further across Europe. This quiet Russian farming village is struggling to come to terms with the hand it's been dealt. Health workers mobilised when 70 birds fell ill. It's a similar story closer to Moscow. 3,000 birds have been culled here in recent days. Tests confirm some had been suffering from the deadly H5N1 strain of the virus. One of the big issues is going to be the extent to which

the more developed countries can assist the less developed countries. Tony Abbott has joined world health ministers for a crisis summit on bird flu in the Canadian city of Ottawa. He's come armed with his own suggestion on how to combat the looming threat. The question that will arise at this meeting is to what extent should there be an international anti-viral and vaccine stockpile. Mr Abbott will also play diplomat, using the meeting to discuss the recent discovery of diseased Canadian racing pigeons by Australian quarantine officers. We are confident that Canada does have good quarantine arrangements in place and that we can resolve this matter. Australia has already stockpiled 4 million doses of anti-viral drugs with retired doctors and nurses signing up should the worst occur.

So concerned are many Australians, chemists are reporting lengthy waiting lists for anti-viral medications like Tamiflu and Relenza. The makers of Tamiflu have caved in to pressure and will now allow rivals to duplicate their drug.

Fenn Kemp, Ten News. Approval of PM Howard's performance has slumped below 50% Trials for three of the infamous Bali Nine resume in Denpasar today. Ten's Leonie Mellor is there. Leonie, this is the first time three separate trials will be held on one day.

That's right, Tracey. Renae

Lawrence's hearing has been brought

forward to today and she'll a peer

with Sukamara inand Michael Czugaj.

The reason is the defence team

disputed her case Friday and said

it should be thrown out. The

prosecution said they would have

adequate time to respond by today.

In both Lawrence and Sukamaran's

case, they will argue it could lead

it the death penalty. Michael

Czugaj is the only one with

witnesses so far. Last week we

witnesses so far. Last week we heard of the elaborate plan to

catch him and the other mules, how

local police tipped off Federal

Police. We are likely to hear from

police and people from the hotel

where he stayed today. The next

stage of Schapelle Corby's appeal

process starts today? That's right.

The lawyers will launch it next

step of the appeal to the Supreme

Court this morning. It is basically

just a lodging of papers, a notice

of intention to appeal. They then

have 14 days to lodge their

argument on why they're appealing

to had Supreme Court in Jakarta

which is the highest court in

Indonesia. Lawyers are extremely

confident and very hopeful they

will be successful taking this

avenue. I would like to talk about

the latest Bali bombings, police

are using a new tactic to find out

more information? That's right. It

is more than three weeks after the

bombing and police are running out

of leads and they're offering the

equivalent of over $13,000

Australian to anyone who can

identify the bombers. They're also

distributing 100,000 leaflets

showing the severed heads of the

bombers in hopes they can perhaps

trigger memories and people will

talk to lead to them being

identified. This comes on top of the over

identified. This comes on top of the over AU $130,000 offered for

the arrest of Dr Azahari and

Noordin Top, they're allegedly

responsible for the 2002 Bali

bombings and the latest October 1

attacks. Tracey. Thank you. Australian Idol's latest evictee reveals a tragedy that marred her appearance on the top-rating TV show - details when the morning news returns. And why the director of the new Harry Potter film fears this one won't be as good as the others.

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Call FOXTEL Digital today on: This program is captioned live. An 'Australian Idol' contestant has revealed a tragedy that marred her appearance on the top-rating TV show. A family friend of Anne Robertson was murdered in Sydney on Sunday night. Jeremy, rest in peace, for one of our friends that passed away last night Rest in peace. We love you from our family. The 19-year-old victim was stabbed in a brawl that broke out on the front lawn of a house. when he was visiting friends. Two men have been charged over the incident. (Sings) # I never, never, no, no, stop loving you. # An arsonist has torched some of Victoria's iconic bathing boxes. Six boxes were damaged at Mt Martha Beach, south of Melbourne, shortly after midnight. The blaze quickly taking hold in windy conditions. Police believe the same firebug was responsible for setting another box on fire at nearby Mornington earlier in the night. They want to speak with a bald man, possibly driving a white car, who'd been seen near the boxes before the fires. Thousands of Chinese women are believed to have been forced into late-term abortions in a brutal campaign. Victims claim Communist officials have stormed village homes to enforce the one child policy. Go to any village in China and large red characters spell out Beijing's hard line.

The message of the slogans is simple - if you have more than one child, expect trouble. This woman was eight months pregnant with her second child. TRANSLATION: Someone in the village had reported on me. They banged on the door but I got away. I ran to the field and hid in a ditch. Unable to get hold of her, the officials next went to her sister's house. TRANSLATION: One hit me in the face and split my lip, then grab my hair and pull out a big chunk. They dragged her to the village office. For two days they kept up the beatings until her pregnant sister gave herself up. TRANSLATION: They took me to the clinic and injected something in my stomach. It was painful. I felt like I was dying. For two days I was in agony. When the baby came out it was dead. This woman was also eight months pregnant when they came for her. Across the province almost 7,000 women are thought to have been caught up in this brutal campaign. Once again, a poor corner of rural China has shown the disturbing truth of what can happen in a one-party state where local officials remain above the law. The director of one of Hollywood's richest movie series

has accused Warner Brothers of being tight-fisted with the budget for the latest instalment of Harry Potter. 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' is believed to have cost between $170 million and $230 million but British director Mike Newell says

that wasn't enough to do the storyline justice. Despite some budget restraints, There wasn't enough money to make the film properly and that really pissed me off. Despite some budget restraints, the 63-year-old director was all praise for the movie house for giving him creative freedom with the film which he says is a fusion between a children's and adult's movie. A record multibillion-dollar profit for one of Australia's largest banks. That story when Ten's morning news returns. And is Andrew Johns' international rugby league career over? This program is captioned live. Australia's third largest bank the ANZ has posted a record annual profit of just over $3 billion. That's a 7% increase

and the bank's CEO is expecting more growth in the year ahead. The profit was pushed higher by solid growth in ANZ's personal banking division. In finance news - a better start to the day for the Australian share market.

Juliana Roadley at Commonwealth Securities - a great turnaround on our markets today.

We apologise for the break in captions. Parramatta winger Eric Grothe Jr

has been named as Andrew Johns's replacement in the Australian rugby league squad, for the Tri-Nations tour of England. Johns ruled out with a knee injury. His international career appears over. Another medical appointment and another disappointment - Andrew Johns ruled out of his third consecutive Kangaroo tour. I've just gotta be honest with myself and if I can't compete, I'm no good for the team. Johns needs surgery on the knee injury that's been causing obvious discomfort at Kangaroos training. He hasn't had 100% movement in his knee. That is now starting to create problems with his back and his hip. Every step hurts and that's the thing - I can't train with the side. And when I am out there playing I can't run at my full pace and I am not making an impact. Johns's international career now appears over.

The champion No.7 likely to concentrate on club duties with Newcastle. I've just gotta be smart about it. I'm not 21, I'm 31. I just can't be pushing myself when I'm injured. The race now on for Johns's No.7 jumper.

The race now on for Johns's No. 7 jumper. Premiership-winning Wests Tigers captain Scott Prince throwing up his hand along with Craig Gower and Trent Barrett.

I was really looking forward to going away and touring with him. Obviously he's one of the legends of our game and I was hoping to learn a lot from him. Leanne West, Ten News. Another blow for dumped Australian fast bowler Jason Gillespie, injury ruling him out of the Pura Cup match against NSW starting today

The South Australian paceman was hit hard by fellow quick Brett Lee during a weekend one-day match, suffering a badly bruised lung. He'll be fine. He's a tough character who wants to bowl well and try and get his Test spot back. Gillespie played on with the help of painkillers, but he won't get through a 4-day match. Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation.

VOICEOVER: Rupali is only seven years old She is so poor that she barely gets enough to eat. She is surrounded by a rat-infested rubbish dump Rupali often suffers from fevers and chest infections. No child should have to live like this. clean drinking water, and the chance to go to school. Long-term changes will be carried out to help make her community a healthier, happier place to grow up in. There are many children around the world living in desperate poverty who urgently need your help.

or call 13 32 40 now.

This program is captioned live. Now for a look at the national weather, and for the rest of the day:

The organisers say it's all about the environment, but the swimsuits don't hurt the crowd numbers, the Miss Earth beauty pageant attracting competitors from all over the world. Miss Dominican Republic has been crowned Miss Earth-Air, Miss Serbia and Montenegro is Miss Earth-Fire, Miss Poland has won Miss Earth-Water and the big one has gone to Miss Venezuela. Sadly no place for Miss Australia,

while Miss Afghanistan has been condemned at home for appearing in public in a bikini. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Tracey Spicer, good afternoon. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.