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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight, horror crash - leaving children badly injured. a school bus and a truck collide against execution in Singapore, An Australian man loses his fight despite a plea from our Government. happened. We're very sad that this has

And Australia's bird flu scare. The PM says don't panic. I'm Deborah Knight. Good evening. Welcome to Ten's Late News. Also tonight, the father fined in his own home. for smacking his little girl new look in court - Alleged drug mule Renae Lawrence's courtesy of Schapelle Corby. suing for wrongful dismissal The former Neighbours' star admissions. and his revealing drug abuse Catch of the day. great white shark. The fisherman who snared a massive back on a horse And what it took to get Madonna after a serious fall. Australia. Devastating scenes in Western more than 20 children injured, A school bus crash has left at least five seriously. after colliding with a truck. The packed school bus rolled Bloodied and dazed. in disbelief Dozens of distraught children just before peak hour after an accident with the south-west of the state. on the major highway linking Perth were on board 27 children from a Baptist College heading home from school. to avoid a turning truck, It's understood the bus was unable onto its side. the collision flipping the packed bus in the crash One girl was critically injured and airlifted to hospital. hospital with serious head injuries. Four other children were admitted to

for treatment. A further 19 were taken The bus driver was uninjured of a car caught up in the accident but the woman behind the wheel was hurt. and a rescue helicopter Six ambulances, police and fire crews

attended the scene. were on hand Counsellors and paramedics to console the devastated children. for comfort. They also turned to eachother headaches The accident caused major traffic for homeward-bound commuters.

is under way. A full investigation into the crash Pamela MacGill,Ten news.

in Singapore on drugs charges A Melbourne man will soon be hanged for clemency. after losing his last appeal executed overseas in 12 years. He'll be the first Australian was arrested 25-year-old Nguyen Tuong Van

three years ago at Singapore's Changi Airport to Melbourne. trying to board a flight in Changi prison He's since been on death row 400 grams of heroin. after being convicted of smuggling ruled there would be no mercy. Today, Singapore's President do not support the death penalty. I am sorry about that because we citizen. This young man is an Australian It is sad news for his family. of appeal That's the end of the processes carried out fairly quickly. and the execution is expected to be executed overseas Nguyen will be the first Australian in Malaysia for drug offences since Michael McAuliffe was hanged in 1993. during a meeting John Howard had pleaded for clemency in February with Singapore's Prime Minister with authorities arguing Nguyen had cooperated brother's legal bills. and was trying to pay off his twin The Australian Government says to save Nguyen's life it did all it could is not a surprise. but says the decision Amnesty International says

of executions in the world Singapore has the highest rate in 35 years. and has granted only six reprieves has been followed here. There's no question that due process It has. facing similar fates And with the Bali Nine for Australians it's a timely reminder

not to carry drugs into Asia. This simply illustrates the point plea for someone's life that the Australian Government can that we will succeed. but we absolutely cannot guarantee the decision is appalling Amnesty says his mother and brother. and a tremendous blow to Nguyen,

Laurel Irving, Ten News. for Australia, There's beem a bird flu scare into the country testing positive. with three pigeons brought considering a ban The Federal Government is now on all live bird imports there's no need to panic. but the Prime Minister insists positive to bird flu antibodies The three pigeons that tested Inspection Centre at the Australian Quarantine will go no further. that tested negative The 90-odd birds are being sent back to Canada. A health scare averted, moved to allay fears. Prime Minister John Howard of being proportionate Once again it's a question and sensible and balanced. We can't panic. for exporting contaminated pigeons, Canada is unapologetic to test for antibodies. insisting it was not obligated the-dog-ate-my-homework excuse, This is must certify those birds because the Canadian authorities as disease free, tests for antibodies are essential and, in any event, that the birds were exposed. because they do show

from Canada A ban will remain on bird imports until the issue is cleared up. from other countries The importation of birds will not be banned Government is concerned, and, as far as the Australian may prove to be the pigeons from Canada to its quarantine officials a very timely warning to stay vigilant. The Agriculture Minister says in Australia with migratory birds, bird flu is more likely to arrive if at all. this weekend Tests will be held in Victoria the 2 million Siberia wading birds on a few of that have flown down-under via Asia.

they'll be contaminated. But there are no fears but at this stage, A very, very remote possibility, a lot of experience over many years our judgment, based on that's extremely unlikely. is that with domestic birds. The wading birds don't mix

in Thailand. A 13th person has died of bird flu The victim had slaughtered and cooked a neighbour's chickens. Taiwan has reported its first incidence of the lethal virus, and China has destroyed over 91,000 birds to stop an outbreak. Paul Kennedy, Ten News. And there's been a contamination scare

for fruit juice producer Berri. The South Australian factory received a threat yesterday over its use of imported concentrate, rather than locally grown fruit. It immediately stopped using imported products. There's no evidence that products have been tampered with and no recall is considered necessary. The rescuers of Joanne Lees have taken to the stand at the Falconio murder trial. They've described the moment the British tourist flagged them down for help. A truck driver says she looked terrified and confused.

Rescuers have taken to the stand at the Falconio murder trial today But strangely,

Strangely they are together again they're together again just minutes later at the DPP's office

minutes later at the DPP's office

away from the press. The trial today concentrated on those people first on the scene at Barrow Creek, including a truck driver who helped rescue Lees. Adams used wire-cutters to remove her handcuffs and tape from her neck and ankles. Then he and a co-driver bundled her into their truck and tried to see if they could spot Falconio. They found nothing. Later, they drove to the Barrow Creek Hotel to get help. It took Adams and the publican more than five minutes of coaxing

to get Joanne out of the truck. She was curled up in a foetal position with her head on her knees, cowering from those around her.

In fact, she didn't speak for some time in the hotel either,

just kept calling for her boyfriend.

The rescuer pleased Lees is calmer these days. Better than last year. She wasn't good last year. Another witness recalled seeing the tourists' Kombi by the side of the Stuart Highway and a large white vehicle drive past. The woman recognised the area as being near her community's hunting ground. She'll continue giving evidence next week. In Darwin, Amber Muir, Ten News. A man has been fined $750 for smacking his 5-year-old daughter in their own home. The 24-year-old admitted to hitting the little girl hard enough to leave red marks and bruising. In November last year, Charles David Parker was a single father at the end of his tether. When his 5-year-old daughter took lollies from the pantry when she was repeatedly told not to, he lost it, smacking her several times. Red marks on the little girl's back, arm and legs evidence of her dad's momentary rage.

He called a friend for help. She discovered the marks and told a doctor, then police. The girl has been in foster care ever since. Everyone loses their temper, but not on a 5-year-old, no way. GP Ken Withers told the court the child wasn't in distress. The injuries were not severe but they would've caused discomfort.

Parents do have the right to discipline their children. In this case the discipline was excessive. We did believe it constituted an assault. The 24-year-old admitted to the assault, but denied he caused bodily harm. After today's trial, Magistrate Terence McIntyre agreed, saying the assault was at the very bottom end of the scale. At the time, he was not motivated by malice, but simply wanted to discipline his child. When handing down the spent conviction, the magistrate said it's not an endorsement of the assault or abuse of a child. He said each case need to be dealt with on its individual circumstances. Charles David Parker was also fined $750. He's volunteered for parental counselling so he can get his daughter back. Narelda Jacobs, Ten News. Mass evacuations as Hurricane Wilma bears down on three countries. That's when Ten's Late News returns. Also, Renae Lawrence's makeover to face court in Bali -

her new look courtesy of Schapelle Corby. And the former 'Neighbours' star suing for wrongful dismissal despite his drug abuse admissions. can agree to change their workplace arrangements or keep their existing arrangements. To find out the facts, call the hotline for the WorkChoices booklet. SONG: # Anyone could win it You never know just who # There's Lotto winners everywhere It really could be you # The big red ball could find you... # Hey! # You know just what to do... #

Hey, Dave! # Get your lucky Lotto numbers in You know it could be you # 'Cause it's the big red ball that makes dreams come true... # Welcome to the Bahamas! # The big red ball... # Whoo! (Laughs) # That makes dreams come true # The big red ball

# That makes dreams come true. # You're watching Ten News. Hurricane Wilma is now rolling towards three countries. Cuba, Mexico and America all ordering mass evacuations as the record storm closes in. It's yet another race to outrun a monster storm. As Hurricane Wilma closes in on the Mexican Caribbean coastline, thousands of tourists are being evacuated. Most being bussed to already overcrowded airports. I'm just trying to get out a little early and just get back home. Others, determined to stay, are being taken to emergency shelters. Wilma isn't expected to hit for another few days but in Florida, the mass exodus has already begun. The line for petrol stretching for kilometres in some towns. Authorities promising this time they have contingency plans in place.

We have pre-staged ice and water and trucks that we control. Wilma has weakened slightly to a Category 4 but is still packing winds of more than 220km/h. Forecasters predicting she will strengthen again by the weekend. Believe me, this is still a very, very powerful hurricane. Don't minimise it just because it's no longer a Category 5. Half a million people in Cuba have been told to get to higher ground any way they can. With timber and nails in short supply, only government buildings and a few hotels are being boarded up. Thousands of homes are expected to be lost.

But their greatest worry is protecting the tobacco crops used to make their world-famous cigars. With Wilma storming towards land, economies in Cuba, Mexico and the US are under threat. In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. A makeover for the only female of the Bali Nine. Renae Lawrence has fronted court again with a new look courtesy of fellow inmate Schapelle Corby. But it did little to disguise her fear of the drug ring's alleged leader. All alone in the district court's holding cell, no family visiting Renae Lawrence today.

Only a kind word from an Australian consulate official. The 28-year-old looked calmer, almost resigned as she was taken to court. Suggestions she'd be sedated, denied by her lawyer. She looks beautiful today. Still, the humiliation of her fight for justice is wearing her down. Lawrence's lawyers want her case thrown out, citing inaccuracies in the indictment, with even her age wrong. Her lawyers also claim the case unfairly attacks her. She'll be punished, while the organisers will go free. They told the court she was trafficking the drug, but was not part of a conspiracy. They are hopeful of a lenient jail term, instead of the death penalty. Very confident. The only female member of the Bali Nine

thanked her lawyers as she left the court and then slipped the mother of co-accused Scott Rush a note. Lawrence's lawyers say she is worried about threats to her family and she still fears alleged godfather Andrew Chan, even though they are separated in Kerobokan maximum security prison. She's still frightened of Andrew Chan in jail. All the Bali Nine trials continue next week. In Bali, Leonie Mellor, Ten News. A former 'Neighbours' star is suing the soapie's makers for unfair dismissal. He was dropped from the show after admitting to a drug problem. (Song) # Good neighbours become good friends. # For 20 years, it's portrayed suburban paradise. But Ramsay Street has been cast in a very different light in a Victorian court, with tales of drug abuse and warring cast members.

Shane Connor, who played larrikin builder and family man 'Joe Scully', wants over $200,000 from 'Neighbours' makers Grundy Television for unfair dismissal. The court heard he'd been told at a staff meeting, then immediately escorted from Grundy's studios. The production house though say he was fired for repeatedly turning up late, missing work, behaving erratically and abusing cast and crew. In court, Mr Connor blamed grimaces seen on 'Neighbours' out-takes on an amphetmine hangover. He also admitted lying to 'Neighbours' management about the increasing amphetamine problem, caused by his brother's death, until he cleaned up his act.

That was five months before he was sacked. Weekly drug tests taken afterwards allegedly came back negative. When told 'Neighbours' had a regular cast of 20-30 people, Justice Robert Osborne remarked he'd be surprised if no-one else on the show took drugs. His lawyers accuse Grundy's of nit-picking excuses to sack the actor and claim the real reason was Mr Connor and his on-screen wife hadn't found "The perfect blend". The court was told she didn't like him and wanted him gone. Christopher Still, Ten News. Ahead in Ten's Late News - the treatment working wonders on children with sleep disorders. He is actually quite a different boy. And catch of the day - New Zealand fishermen haul in a monster of the deep. And in 'Sports Tonight', a footy fest as we wrap up tonight's Tri-Nations and International Rules clashes. At Commonwealth Securities Tom Piotrowski. Tom, it's been a turbulent week on the markets what can investors expect next week? We apologise for the break in captions. The Australian sharemarket rallied in afternoon trading after falling more than 1%. The All-Ords closing down nearly 20 points. Rio Tinto lost 48c, NAB was down 10c and NewsCorp finished 6c lower. Westpac picked up 9c though and Telstra ended the day 2c higher. It's a major problem in adults but now sleep apnoea is affecting young children. Lack of rest is making many cranky all day, but a new study shows early intervention and treatment can work wonders. For years, not sleeping has been put down to naughtiness. Into bed. Come on. But 3-year-old William was like a bear with a sore head every morning. The tantrum would escalate and escalate, so it sort of got fairly out of control. He was just tired all the time. Experts at the Children's Sleep Disorder Unit at the Sydney Adventist Hospital

monitored his sleep and found he had obstructive sleep apnoea. He's going for periods of up to 1.5 minutes with no air moving through his nose, while his chest and stomach keep straining to breath. As his oxygen levels plunged, he was waking over 40 times an hour. The solution as simple as having his large tonsils removed. When he would lie down,

his tonsils would collapse and they would block his airways. So he'd actually stop breathing multiple times at night.

In a population of 100 kids, there are eight who snore every night. Of those, there are four or five who have sleep disorder breathing who, intervention, we know, would be of help to them. With a waiting list two months long, the unit here is set to double its capacity. As more is learnt about sleep apnoea in children,

studies suggest if it goes untreated, the long-term health effects can be very serious. It's been linked to growth problems and even heart failure in later life. The most common symptom - snoring. Remembering that's just noisy kind of breathing where they go (snores), then they'll go (gags). Then they'll obstruct. Then they'll wake up or arouse and they'll move and be very restless. He is actually quite a different boy. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. There's been a monster catch by fishermen in New Zealand.

They were amazed to haul in a great white shark weighing as much as a family car. This is what was left of the monster shark after the fins and tail were sliced off. 4.8 metres long and weighing in at just over 1.5 tonnes, the great white was snared in nets the crew of a fishing boat had set to catch small dog sharks. Instead, they hauled up something looking more like 'Jaws'. I always thought I'd see one one day, but not yesterday, and not that big either. Half drowned, the female shark was caught 7km off Raglan, a popular surfing spot on the west coast of New Zealand's North Island.

An autopsy revealing its last meal was a 90kg fur seal, which had been swallowed whole. Better it's dead than alive, being an ex-surfer. Sure as hell wouldn't like to meet it in the water,

that's all I can say. It's flipping scary, mate. The catch of the day grabbing the attention of world surfing champion Andy Irons, who is in town for a contest. You know they're always out there. It's kind of the risk I take. Didn't know there was one caught down at Raglan, but it will be in the back of my head now. He shouldn't worry too much.

New Zealand has one of the lowest rates of shark attack in the world. And while authorities say swimmers shouldn't be deterred from taking a dip, they warn there are regular sightings of great whites - around 10-12 a year - just not this big. Fisherman Wayne Marris meanwhile is selling the shark's massive jaws -

the price tag - $20,000. John Hill, Ten News . After a fall a few months back, Madonna has climbed back up on a horse again - live on American TV. Madonna was sharing stories about her life in England, when she was challenged to get back on the horse. The pair then riding through the streets of Manhattan. This is crazy! Do you feel alright? I feel alright. This is like the parade. I'm a bit worried about my high heels. Lovely. Here we go - easy, easy, easy, easy, easy, whoa! It was the singer's first ride since being thrown during a ride in England, where she broke her collarbone, three ribs and a hand. Stay with us - all the weather information you need to plan your weekend, and then it's 'Sports Tonight' with Ryan Phelan.

And Ryan, a narrow escape for the Kangaroos tonight. Yes Deb, Aussie supporters have to do one of two things -

either lower the expectations on our national team or really respect the Kiwi's. Because despite New Zealand going down by just two points tonight,

they've proved their hot form is no fluke. The Aussies thrash the Irish in tonights International Rules Series Want a gentle scrub It scrubs to gently exfoliate dead skin cells Deep Clean Gentle Scrub. To tomorrow's weather. Darwin and Cairns can expect some thunderstorms but for Brisbane a mostly sunny day. Sydney will have some showers and possible thunderstorms for Canberra and Melbourne. Rain for Hobart and clearing showers for Adelaide and Perth. Alice Springs can expect a mostly sunny day. That's the latest from the Ten News room. Stay with us though, a packed show of sporting action is next with 'Sports Tonight' and Ryan Phelan. I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. From the Late News team, enjoy the rest of your evening. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.