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Joanne Lees takes the witness stand to describe her night of horror on an outback highway. Bird flu fears - the Federal Government considers vaccinating every Australian. And a town in mourning after a little boy is crushed by a school gate. Ten News with Tracey Spicer. Good morning. British woman Joanne Lees is back on the witness stand in Darwin today at the trial of the man accused of killing her boyfriend. Bradley John Murdoch is charged with the murder of Peter Falconio on an outback highway more than four years ago. He's pleaded not guilty to all charges. Ten reporter Amber Muir is covering the trial in Darwin. Amber, a very different Joanne Lees we're seeing this time around.

That's right. It seems gone are the

days of sneaking into the court

days of sneaking into the court building in the back of a building in the back of a

building in the back of a blacked-out car. Now she arrives

smiling and appears relaxed, even

smiling and appears relaxed, even smiling and appears relaxed, even saying hello to the media. She was

only in the witness stand for a

short time yesterday afternoon, bup

again seemed unconcerned about

retelling her story. She spoke of

retelling her story. She spoke of how she and her boyfriend, Peter

Falconio wanted to travel the world

Falconio wanted to travel the world together, start not guilty

together, start not guilty Australia. She also confessed to

having had an affair in Sydney and

having had an affair in Sydney and having had an affair in Sydney and to smoking marijuana in the hour

before she and Peter were ambushed

What do we expect to hear from

Joanne today? She will continue

giving evidence shortly and she's

expected to give her version of

expected to give her version of events of what happened in Barrow

Creek in 2001. She may also be

Creek in 2001. She may also be shown a series of photographs and

asked to identify her attacker. And

the other main event will be a

the other main event will be a viewing of the van Joanne and Peter

used for their outback trip. And

used for their outback trip. And we'll bring you more of those

details in the 5:00 news. Australian business man Charles Gnanakone has been detained in relation to the assassination of Sri Lanka's former foreign minister.

Killed outside his home in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo in August, the politician was known to be outspoken against Tamil Tiger rebels. Mr Gnanakone's wife says the late foreign minister was a family friend, adding she is concerned for her 60-year-old husband.

They have not found anyone with the killing because of the present situation. My husband is a scapegoat for them. Mrs Gnanakone says she has been in contact with the Australian Government. A bird flu vaccine could be offered to every Australian next year if trials of the drug are effective.

The Government is worried about a possible pandemic here as avian flu spreads across Europe.

As countries across Europe scramble to stop the spread of avian flu, it's already too late for Greece. The island of Chios has recorded the country's first case of the disease in a turkey. And authorities warn migrating birds will push the flu further across the continent. There is a big chance that it's going to spread further towards Europe. The virus hasn't yet hit Australia, but is spreading through South-East Asia where it's already claimed many lives. The Federal Government is working frantically to develop a vaccine and it hopes to know within months if it will work. It if does, and there are no serious side-effects, every one of us could receive the drug. If the live trials currently taking place look promising, in the new year we will consider whether we need to build a supply of this such that if necessary we can vaccinate the whole population. Sales of the anti-viral drug Tamiflu have sky-rocketed in recent weeks and Glaxo Smith Kline will now re-open its mothballed factory in Melbourne to mass-produce another drug, Relenza, to meet worldwide demand. International experts say the world simply isn't ready for the threat posed by bird flu. It would be my assessment that no nation is adequately prepared for a pandemic avian flu. But the World Health Organisation is trying to ease the fears of a nervous public, saying until the virus adapts, its threat level will remain unchanged. It's still not something that we see as a huge risk for the human population. Laurel Irving, Ten News. A 16-year-old Victorian girl has been killed in an overnight house fire. Neighbours heard windows blowing out at 1:00 this morning and did their best to save the teenager's life,

but the flames were too fierce. Joe seen Crystal on the floor inside and says, "Mark, there she is, can you get her?" But I couldn't get her. The girl and her family lived at the house, north of Melbourne, until her parents separated several months ago. Police believe she may have lit the fire and couldn't escape out a locked back door. A memorial service will be held this morning for a little boy killed yesterday afternoon when he was crushed by a school gate. The 5-year-old was playing near his mother at the entrance to Trinity Catholic College in northern NSW when the steel security gate fell from its frame and landed on him. He was taken to hospital suffering severe injuries, but later died.

The little boy was the son of a staff member at the college. Worksafe investigators are at the scene, trying to determine how the gate came loose. A violent night in Bali with angry locals again demanding the immediate execution of the 2002 bombers. Joining us on the phone from Bali is Ten reporter Leonie Mellor. Leonie, it was quite an ugly protest?

Good morning, yes, this is about

the third protest we've seen in the

past week. It was organised by an

past week. It was organised by an anti-terror group, GET which

anti-terror group, GET which started up after the 2002 bombing.

started up after the 2002 bombing. They're generally a peaceful

They're generally a peaceful movement but emotions spilled over

movement but emotions spilled over yesterday. They attacked and burned

an effigy of Amrozi. And he has

been sentenced to death. There's a

been sentenced to death. There's a growing call for him to be

growing call for him to be executed immediately. People are

really hurting here since the

latest attacks and say police

shouldn't waist any more time in

sending him to his death And I

sending him to his death And I heard there's some progress into

the investigation into this month's

terror attacks? Three men have been

detained and are being

interrogated this morning. We

understand they're from east Java

and were taken in last night as

they were returning from prayers.

We spoke to the man running the

investigation this morning and he

says the three men are just

witnesses at this stage. They are

not suspects and police have

questioned some 300 such witnesses

since the October 1 attacks.

Whether these men can shed light on

the most recent Bali bombings

remains to be seen but we do expect

the police to be able to reveal

more at a press conference later.

The attacks shattered the tourism

industry there and I understand

that the Indonesian Government is

taking drastic action to rebuild

it? They're going to offer 5,000

free air trips to Bali to entice

people back. We understand it will

be mostly to Australian and

Japanese tourists. They'll also be

setting up a new security regime

co-ordinated by the military. They

are drastic measures, but Bali,

particularly the main tourist strip

of Kuta is suffering. You walk down

the street and see empty

restaurants and empty shops. The

locals and obviously the Indonesian

Government are determined to do

whatever they can to bring people back. A hostage drama was played out in central Victoria overnight as part of Australia's biggest ever counter-terrorism exercise. Armed police were called to an orphanage and had to try and free hostages who were detained inside. As part of 'Mercury 05' State and Federal police, emergency service and Defence Force personnel are being put to the test to see how well they respond to a terrorist attack. Victoria is the focus because of terrorism fears in the lead-up to next year's Commonwealth Games. Princess Mary and her baby could be home from hospital in Denmark as early as today. The royal couple is yet to reveal a name for the new prince but Christian is still the hot tip, in line with Danish tradition.

The infant is unlikely to make his first public appearance until later in the week. The palace says both mother and son are doing fine. Still ahead on Ten's morning news - the bizarre plan to recreate Anzac Cove in Victoria - why our veterans aren't happy. And rusting the 'Titanic' - what's causing the famous luxury liner to fall apart on the ocean floor. SONG: # Fit and strong... # MAN: It seems just yesterday. This building stands as a powerful reminder of just how far Canberra and the region has come since our predecessors first switched on our city some 90 years ago, in 1915. This solid stone powerhouse also symbolises ActewAGL's strength of purpose in serving the community right from day one. Every essential service in Canberra is provided by ActewAGL - electricity, water and natural gas. All delivered by local people - over 1,200 of us. Our commitment to supporting the community gets stronger every day. We're setting the benchmark in customer service. We're always looking at ways to improve our products. We're a leader in product innovation. We continue to invest in the future,

offering improved products and services, and increased community support. ANNOUNCER: ActewAGL has always been here, and always will be. This program is captioned live. Plans to make a replica of Gallipoli Cove on the Victorian coastline have sparked heated debate. Beach land on the Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne has been earmarked as the site for a possible memorial park. The plan, hatched by former minister for veterans affairs Danna Vale, would include historical re-enactments. RSL leaders have slammed the idea, labelling it inappropriate. The last Australian to fight in World War One has passed away. Former able seaman William Evan Allen, from Victoria, passed away aged 106. He began his navy career at the start of the war, aged 14. William Evan Allan retired a lieutenant after 34 years service to the Australian Navy.

He was the sole surviving veteran of both world wars.

The crew of a ferry on Sydney Harbour have been stood down pending the outcome of drug tests after crashing into a wharf yesterday. The 'Freshwater' left the city last night and arrived with a bang as it tried to berth at Manly wharf just after 10:00pm. Locals thankful there were no injuries. Yeah, it's done a few bit of damage. We're also lucky that a restaurant that's on the wharf here as well wasn't packed full of people enjoying dinner. Because it would have been a hell of a shock seeing a ferry bearing down on them. The six crew on board tested negative to alcohol before drug tests were done.

It's the second time a ferry on the harbour has overshot its berth and damaged a wharf in recent weeks. History's infamous doomed ocean liner the 'Titanic' is rusting at a much faster rate than first thought. Latest pictures from her watery grave revealing the declining condition. 2.5 miles down in the Atlantic, the 'Titanic' lies. 93 years after she sank, still a majestic sight. More than 1,500 people died in the tragedy when she went down after striking an iceberg. To the untrained eye, she looks astonishingly well preserved after almost a century on the ocean floor. But experts now say that the rusting process is rapidly accelerating to the point where what's left will collapse. This scientific expedition used Russian submersibles What's happening to the wreck is that it is literally being eaten by bacteria. Here, the main staircase has collapsed. The rust coloured icicles you see draping off 'Titanic' are called rusticals and they're made from bacteria. So the tiny micro-organisms are naturally found in the environment and yet are actually building almost homes on both the inside and outside of 'Titanic'. One of the reasons the rusticals are so successful in nature terms is that there's very little other life this far down to compete with them. So how long will the wreck last? We predict that between 80 and 100 years,

you probably will see the U-shaped hull, but all the decks will have collapsed

and eventually it will become an iron ore deposit on the sea floor. Yet, that's nature. There's a new threat to survivors of the Asian earthquake - the cold.

Thousands of sick and injured victims are living without shelter as night after night temperatures drop to about 10 degrees. Rescuers warn without adequate shelter there will be a second wave of deaths. While chopper crews continue to dump food supplies into remote areas, they say there's a desperate need for tents. There's also thousands of people who have been waiting nine days for surgical treatment. In sport, who fared best in today's Cox Plate barrier draw? That's when Ten's morning News returns. And super or superfluous? Cricket's bosses unsure of the World XI's future. So you have a choice - you can use an anti-ageing cream that helps fight the appearance of lines and wrinkles, or one that helps fight the appearance of pores, age spots, dryness, dullness, Actually, there is a product that helps fight all 7 signs - Total Effects from Olay - You'll love the skin you're in.

This program is captioned live. A legal victory for the celebrity photographer found guilty of bugging Nicole Kidman. The New South Wales Supreme Court has quashed the conviction and awarded Jamie Fawcett costs. Common sense has prevailed. I thought for a long while this has gone on and I'm glad it's over. The court found the device found near Ms Kidman's property wasn't used to record conversations, so the original conviction was overturned. The judge also ruling there wasn't enough reason for Fawcett to be forced to give a DNA sample linking him to the equipment. Magazine readers in the US have named Sydney the world's best city for a 10th time.

28,000 readers of America's 'Conde Nast Traveller' magazine voted on their favourite overseas city to visit. At a star-studded ceremony in New York, Sydney was named the city of choice once again. Australians are the funniest, most upfront and welcoming people on the planet. Rome and Florence were named second and third favourites. In finance news, the Australian share market is stronger. Jacquie Maddock at Commonwealth Securities, could petrol prices rise again?

Well, good morning, we did see oil

prices up 3% overnight. And that's

as investors have started to forget

as investors have started to forget about a new tropical storm that's

forming in the Caribbean. In the

six weeks since Hurricane Katrina

six weeks since Hurricane Katrina hit the gulf of Mexico where the US

produces about 25% of its oil,

produces about 25% of its oil, we've seen oil prices drop off $8

and seen the petrol prices come

down. Last week we were paying

$1.26 for fuel, 2 cents less than

$1.26 for fuel, 2 cents less than the week before but that could be

about to change as tropical storm

Wilma heads towards the gulf of

Mexico. Tell us about Jet Star

which is planning to launch

which is planning to launch which is planning to launch internationally? Qantas has internationally? Qantas has

internationally? Qantas has decided to offload some of the less

decided to offload some of the less profrtable flights to Jet Star

profrtable flights to Jet Star international. That could be

happening as early as next year. In

happening as early as next year. In doing so, Qantas is hoping to

doing so, Qantas is hoping to regain some of the market share and

battle some of the spiralling costs

of higher fuel costs. Qantas say it

of higher fuel costs. Qantas say it is has paid an extra $1 billion in

is has paid an extra $1 billion in fuel this year. Jet Star is set to fuel this year. Jet Star is set to

fuel this year. Jet Star is set to launch flights to New Zealand to

rival those of Virgin Blue and we

rival those of Virgin Blue and we can expect high fuel levies but

also cheap flights. The future of cricket's Super Series hangs in the balance after small crowds witnessed lop-sided Australian wins over rest of the world teams in both the one-day series and Test match. Forced to lead a team thrown together at the 11th hour, World captain Graeme Smith has conceded a lack of passion within his side.

There was something missing all the time and I think that's reality for all of us and I think if we're all honest with ourselves it was hard to find that 20% that you're pushing yourself for. The bulk of criticism is being heaped on the commitment of Pakistani pair, Inzamam Ul-Haq and fast bowler Shaoib Akhtar. Ul-Haq made a staggering $31,000 for scores of 1 and a duck. Akhtar succumbing to a mystery illness.

Got throat and ear problems and then subsequent blood test

for some food poisoning that he picked up. While the concept hasn't been immediately abandoned, changes are inevitable. It is an attractive package

but it's got to produce the quality of cricket to match. The concept is going in the right direction but maybe just tinker it a bit. No such concerns from the victorious Australians

after wrapping up the Test inside four days.

It's been a very enjoyable Test match for us to play. I think the concept is great. The idea of this series is fantastic and hopefully I'll get to play in a few more of them through the years. Whether the super series is retained, Australia will hope the form continues as sights shift towards the West Indies. Glen Lauder, Ten News. Rugby League, and just two weeks after being ruled out of the Kangaroo tour Nathan Hindmarsh has been re-called into the Tri-Nations squad. ) Hindmarsh replaces injured club-mate Timana Tahu. The backrower still bewildered at being excluded in the first place. It was a bit weird how I was able to play in the Grand Final if I was to make it

and then a couple of weeks later I was ruled out,

but he's the Australian doctor. Dr Hazard says Hindmarsh's knee injury has improved remarkably in the last few weeks. Champion mare Makybe Diva has been treated kindly at this morning's Cox Plate barrier draw. The favourite has drawn barrier four, while her main rivals will have to do it a little tougher. Australia's greatest mare may have been missing from this morning's breakfast with the best. But that didn't stop hardened racegoers rising early to catch a glimpse of her opposition ahead of Saturday's Cox Plate. Sydney colt, Hotel Grand, first on to the crack and again impressing trainer Anthony Cummings. He's always looked to have that sort of potential. He's built to be a race horse and he certainly possesses the strength and the turn of foot

to make it work. But Cummings wasn't so impressed at the barrier draw. Hotel Grand drawing poorly in 11. The bid to keep the Cox Plate in the family was further hindered when Bart's gun colt God's Own drew 14. Cox Plate this year I think is probably the best in 10 years, in my opinion. So it'll take a pretty good 3-year-old to beat him. However, a wide barrier was the least of trainer Mike Moroney's worries, believing his Kiwi champ, Xcellent can justify his rating as Makybe Diva's main danger, despite barrier 13. Actually, we wanted to draw double figures and we did so... MAN: You wanted an outside gate? We did. He gets back and it's far better if he can be in the clear. He'll be the last runner at some stage. Makybe Diva shortening to $2.25

for Australasia's greatest race after drawing four. Damian Booth, Ten News. The two bitter rivals of Champ Car racing have arrived on the Gold Coast ahead of this weekend's Lexmark Indy 300. There's never been any love lost between Sebastien Bourdais and Paul Tracy. Their relationship reaching a new low last month in Las Vegas when a collision between the pair effectively cost Tracy any chance of winning the championship.

It's personal at the time. It's not like we dislike each other, it's just we're fighting for the same piece of road. I talk to him I think he's OK but I heard some different things so I really didn't know what to think about it. Bourdais is in the box seat to win his second consecutive Champ Car title.

Next in Ten News the weather around the nation.

A look at the national weather: Vege growers are carving out a new sport that really floats their boat. The people of Jackson, Ohio, were struggling to come up with a use for their giant pumpkins after weighing in at an annual contest. The answer - a pumpkin regatta. After carving out enough pumpkin to feed an army, locals hop in their mammoth vegetables for a trip across the river. There are few rules - you can paddle, make a pumpkin raft or even hook up an outboard motor. The greatest challenge it seems is staying upright. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Tracey Spicer, good afternoon. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.