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with another setback how Schapelle Corby is coping

in her hope for freedom. She is crying, crying and crying. left to her now? But what's the one last plan Australian model Michelle Leslie as her case reaches a crucial stage. moved to another jail that's still raging. And 90 killed in a gunfight to Ten's Late News. Hello, and welcome I'm Sandra Sully. Also tonight - focusing up close, If you spend a lot of time to grow and become short-sighted. then it stimulates the eye could be facing serious eye problems. why specialists warn children the wraps come off an $8 million car. and later in the news - more than 700 horsepower - The car offers you that means 515 kilowatts, metre - that's like a train. the torque is about 1020 newton to free Schapelle Corby. First - a last-ditch move Her lawyers are going back to court

from 15 years in a Bali jail. to try to have her released five fewer years behind bars A pile of papers that represent for 28-year-old Schapelle Corby. is claiming no victory. Her lawyer, however, 12 months as a prisoner in Bali, And Schapelle, who has spent has taken the decision hard,

until she's middle aged the grim reality of living in squalor overwhelming her. She is crying, crying and crying. was a bid for freedom. The appeal to the High Court But her lawyer believes is the equivalent of death. even a 15-year sentence if she gets 15 years. Maybe she will kill herself Schapelle's sister thinks otherwise. she's too strong for that. She won't take her own life, will not serve her full term. But she's adamant her sister for 15 years. She's not going to be in here in the case - There is some fight left an appeal to the Supreme Court will take up immediately. an option her lawyers It's also expected against the reduction in jail time the prosecution will appeal and push for a life sentence. is a transfer treaty Schapelle's other hope to serve her jail in Australia. which would allow her is still being negotiated. But that treaty Alexander Downer has been meeting Australia's Foreign Minister and Justice Minister in Jakarta with the Indonesian Law to discuss the issue, before the treaty is finalised. but it could be many months Australian Government must do more. Her family insists the

Our Government should help her. They say that they can't interfere if she had fair trial. but they'll watch She didn't have a fair trial. for an Australian citizen, And they won't interfere

in every other countries' business. but they interfere In Bali, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. is on the move in Bali. Australian model Michelle Leslie in police cells in Denpasar The 24-year-old has been held for over a month with two tablets of ecstasy. after being allegedly caught the investigation into the case The authorities have finished transferred to Kerobakan prison and Michelle was today to wait for her trial. lengths to cover her face in public, Until now, she has gone to great a simple Muslim headscarf. but today Ms Leslie donned A lawyer for one of the Bali Nine are ridiculous. says the charges against his client was not trafficking drugs He says Scott Rush when he was arrested. because he hadn't left Bali

leads an apprehensive Scott Rush The alleged king pin Andrew Chan to a nearby prison van. an anxious father waits for his son. At the court, The 19-year-old the first to emerge. Michael Czugaj offers support. The mother of co-accused just two days ago. Her son faced the same The court heard of heroin strapped to his body. Rush was caught with 1.7 kilos as he was led out. His parents offering water and caring parents. We are fairly responsible face conspiracy to export charges Rush's lawyers argue he shouldn't at the time of his arrest, as he hadn't left Bali which carries a 10-year jail term. rather a lesser charge of possession

they left Indonesian's territory. According to our expertise Andrew Chan heard his charges read. Across the compound, He allegedly met with a Thai woman filled with heroin. who handed him a case fellow mastermind Nyuran Sukamaran The court was also told Chan helped strap heroin packs to the four drug mules. at the time of his arrest, And although he had no heroin on him in a suitcase police found a tiny amount at the hotel where he was staying. to next week. Both cases have been adjourned the last of the Bali Nine, Renae Lawrence, due to appear tomorrow. In Bali, Leonie Mellor, Ten News. starts next week The trial of Saddam Hussein he wants it to be shown live on TV. and the chief judge says of killing dozens of people The fallen dictator is accused in a village north of Baghdad. has ordered security forces Russian President Vladimir Putin to shoot to kill, in the troubled Caucasus region a major rebel attack. as they try to end have already soldiers, civilians At least 90 people in the first attack and rebels were killed the centre of Nalchik, before security forces sealed-off the main city of the Muslim region. SHOOTING fled for their lives, Civilians caught in the crossfire many injured treated where they fell. the end of the assault. Wounded rebels tied and left to await Military authorities say as religious extremists, more than 100 gunmen, they describe and government buildings. attacked police from one police station The operation to rescue hostages is still under way.

In Pakistan, a race against time massive earthquake to save survivors of last weekend's and disease. from exposure, starvation and towns Five days after their homes, villages earthquake, were levelled by the magnitude 7 thousands were still on their own, as they fight to survive. struggling to cope with their grief with their bare hands, Many are still scouring the rubble hoping to find survivors, the bodies of family members. but usually they only recover In this village near Balakot, officials say more than half of the 2,000 locals died.

Out of 300 children at the local school, only 30 survived. The quake that flattened towns and villages also cracked open mountains,

blocking roads and slowing the relief effort in many areas. Convoys loaded with food, medicine and shelter, are stranded on hillsides where roads end in yawning chasms. It's extremely frustrating when you have truck loads of food and you can't reach the people just down the road. Military cargo planes have joined the rescue effort - villagers streaming down the hillside to snatch up desperately needed supplies. There's still no definite word on a final toll, but with freezing temperatures in the high country, hundreds of thousands of survivors remain at risk unless aid reaches them very soon. Frank Colletta, Ten News

Accusations tonight

Australian neglect led to damaging roadworks at Gallipoli. A Senate report into the project has found officials here knew bone fragments had been found at Anzac Cove but failed to investigate. The committee members say a full audit of the area is now essential. The fact of the matter is that the Government on this particular issue, the interests of Anzac Cove, has failed to look after the interests of Australia's heritage. But the Government denies there's been a cover-up accusing the Committee of relying on rumours and media reports about the site's condition. Another problem for the Federal Government in its campaign to sell new work laws. 60,000 taxpayer-funded booklets have been pulped after voters gave them the thumbs down. The latest cost estimate of the Government's blitz to sell its new work laws is now close to $11 million. $500,000 is going to a market research company who tested the reaction to a 16-page colour brochure.

Isn't it the case that in addition to the cost to the taxpayers of this propaganda that 60,000 copies of this booklet were pulped? The original brochure spoke of a simpler national workplace system. That didn't convince voters, so the new brochure added the word 'fairer'. Instead of putting fairness to the system, it puts fairness into its slogan. The attack drew this spray from Mr Howard. He does not, Mr Speaker, have the ticker to articulate an alternative policy to the Australian people. Mr Howard has a bigger problem. Nationals senator Barnaby Joyce still hasn't said he will support the work revolution. The blowtorch is being applied. Well, I can't tell you what he will do, I don't handcuff myself to him but we had a discussion and it was a good discussion. Adding to the Government's unease, Mr Howard's workers' market lost 42,000 jobs last month, Unemployment rising to 5.1%. The Government has bowed to pressure and now will allow the Senate to hold an inquiry into the new work laws when they come into the Parliament at the end of the month. But it will be tightly focused and tight for time - it will have at the most two weeks to report. It's not exactly one day like Telstra but it might as well be if we don't get the legislation very quickly. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Stay on Ten when the Late News continues.

I'm trying very hard to stay calm and because I have MS - stress and MS do not go well together. Failure to read the fine print in a hire car contract turns a holiday to a financial disaster. And pictures in your pocket - the new device that lets you watch TV on the run. The new white iPod. And, yes, it does video.

With WorkChoices, you cannot be sacked due to family responsibilities, like caring for a child who's fallen ill.

Your rights will be protected by law. To find out the facts, call the hotline for the WorkChoices booklet.

MAN: New German-engineered 2.0-litre Ford Focus. Smooth as. Tourists caught in a wild storm on the Gold Coast could end up having to buy their hire car company a new car. They thought they were insured,

but the fine print doesn't cover them for hail damage. Kathy Balt and her family saved for years for their Gold Coast holiday. But they'll go home to Perth angry and confused - all of it not helping Kathy's worsening MS condition, which is crippling her. For the kids sake, I'm trying very hard to stay calm and because I have MS - stress and MS do not go well together. Yesterday the family's hire car was left a wreck by the monster hailstones which tore through the Gold Coast.

But they weren't worried

because they had signed up for extra damage insurance with the hire company, East Coast Car Rentals. While we were watching that storm happen and we couldn't get to the car, we were still feeling, "Thank goodness we took out that cover." But the bottom line is the extra premium didn't cover hail damage - all spelled out in wordy contract fine print. You're in holiday mode and you just want to get there

and get things happening and you don't really read the fine print. Now the family could be out of pocket several thousand dollars and other insurance sources warn they may yet be liable for the total cost of a new car. East Coast car rentals weren't available for an on-camera comment. But off camera, East Coast rentals maintain their customers are the best-informed on the Gold Coast when it comes to what is and isn't covered by its insurances. But we understand that at least one accommodation outlet has dropped the company as a first-choice referral, because of mounting complaints. The entire car hire industry is currently under a national review, including the issue of insurances - but that won't help this family. If we're up for that $3,000 there's no way the Balt family are on another holiday to the Gold Coast.

Tim Collits, Ten News. Australian parents are being warned of a short-sightedness epidemic. A leading expert says children who spend to much time in front of computer screens will suffer serious eye problems. On World Sight Day even the Federal Health Minister went for an eye test. So everything there looks fine. But a World Health Organisation report has warned 1 million Australians will suffer blindness within 20 years. An ageing population is one reason, but most worrying is children, a generation who has made staring at screens a daily phenomenon. Whether it's computers, mobile phones, televisions or computer games, Experts warn it's a recipe for a short-sightedness epidemic. If you spend a lot of time focusing up close, then it stimulates the eye to grow and become short-sighted. The incidence in young people world-wide has jumped as much as 60%. In Asia, it's epidemic proportions. 93% of girls in Taiwan aged 18 are short-sighted. Undiagnosed, experts warn it can affect a child's learning. It also doubles the risk of serious eye diseases. Some experts want mandatory eye tests for school students to detect problems early. The Government can't control the amount of time children spend looking at screens. All we can do is try to encourage parents to encourage their kids to have a healthy balanced life. Vision impairment costs Australia about $10 billion a year - more than the cost of diabetes and asthma combined. 75% of problems can be prevented or treated. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. A new video iPod is about to revolutionise the way we watch television. The new generation media player has a colour screen

allowing users to download and watch music videos as well as their favourite TV shows. The new white iPod. And, yes, it does video.

APPLAUSE As part of a deal with Disney, some of the season's biggest TV sitcoms will be available online for $2 the day after they go to air. The video iPod will sell for $600. Stay with Ten's Late News. After the break - the wraps come off an $8 million car. The car offers you more than 700 horsepower - that means 515 kilowatts, the torque is about 1020 newton metres - that's like a train. Then in Sports Tonight - deja vu for the Socceroos, set to face Uruguay again for a place at the World Cup. And Olympic silver-medallist Nathan Baggaley tests positive for performance-enhancing steroids. The award-winning Ford Territory has reached yet another high in Australian motoring - winning 'Wheels' magazine Car of the Year.

Ford Territory - the possibilities are amazing.

The Australian Government is moving towards: It'll replace the six different systems we have now. Employees together with employers will have more opportunities to agree to the workplace arrangements that best suit them, whether that be under: Together they can make the choice.

They can even choose to do nothing and keep their existing arrangements. In fact, wages and specified existing award conditions like penalty rates will be protected by law. It's just one way WorkChoices can help improve our living standards and quality of life. To find out the facts, call the hotline for your free WorkChoices booklet

or visit the WorkChoices website. Some disturbing news on bird flu. It's spread from Asia to the edge of Europe turning up in Turkey. The European Commission issued a warning tonight to its countries to prepare for the possibility of a pandemic. At CommSec tonight,Tom Piotrowski. Tom, today's employment numbers came as a big surprise to the market.

The Bureau of Statistics said there

was a drop in employment of the

42,000 over the course of September.

That was compared to expectations

that we see a small rise. Over the

course of the last 13 months we

have seen more than 350,000 jobs

added to the Australian economy, so

really it needs to be put in

perspective. Those figures

certainly pushed the markets down

to the lowest levels of the day,

but doing a good job in rekoving

close to where it was before those

numbers came out, when looking at

the final result. About those

numbers, how will that impact on

interest rates. Well, Sandra, up

until today the tightness of the

jobs markets was one of the factors

that could potentially lead to

higher interest rates. Employment

becomes a watching brief and it's

very likely now that we will see

interest rates remain on hold for

the time being. We won't hold you

to it, but we might, actually. Volatility returned to the Australian share market today, sending the all-ordinaries plunging 34 points. All of the major banks suffered, along with most of the major miners and energy stocks. Goldminer Newcrest one of the few exceptions. Retailers were also softer, Woolworths shedding 35 cents. From $8 million to $14,90 drive away. Cars of every price, size and shape imaginable are revving up the Australian Motor Show. The weird, the wild and the wonderful. If you can't find the car of your dreams at the Motor Show,

you're not looking hard enough. Sports stars like their cars

and there were plenty hovering in and around the Audis, Sarah O'Hare also there wishing they came in pink. Even their budgets unlikely to stretch enough to buy this little number, the Maybach Exelero, a one-off worth $8 million. The car offers you more than 700 horsepower - that means 515 kilowatts,

the torque is about 1020 newton metre- that's like a train. Which means it goes 351km/h. From $8 million-worth to absolutely priceless, this concept car from Holden is called the Effigy, and is based on the 1953 FJ Holden. Unfortunately for the many fans, that one today will never be going into production. Can you picture taking that around Bathurst? I don't know whether that colour would work that well at Bathurst.

It might get a bit of flack at the top of the hill with that one.

Small cars are big news, rising fuel prices pushing sales higher. In fact, motor vehicle sales in Australia are set to pass the one million mark for the first time this year - the equivalent of 1 in every 20 Aussies scoring a new set of wheels. And the set of wheels with the biggest job to do? The Mitsubishi 380 - the brand-new Australian-built car

needs to sell 32,000 models in the next 12 months to guarantee the company's Adelaide plant keeps going. We've been under pressure over the last few years and it's very good to get to this stage now where we ahve this car. I think our people have done a fantastic job with it

and it's sort of going to give us an opportunity to move on from here. Angela Bishop, Ten News. The weather's next and then it's 'Sports Tonight' with Ryan Phelan. Ryan, some major changes in the Australian cricket team? Yes Sandra, you could say a major vote of confidence for two of our emerging stars as the selection panel put their faith in Michael Clarke and Shane Watson. The all-rounder will bat in position six ahead of Adam Gilchrist. Clarke set to fill the spot in four left vacant by the dropped Damien Martyn. The Socceroos will face a familiar foe in their quest to reach next year's World Cup final. Mal Meninga has been officially appointed as the coach of the Queensland State of Origin side. The day's sport

in a special one-hour edition of 'Sports Tonight' is next.

It has come to the attention of Virgin Mobile that the prepaid Motorola V220 being offered for a mere $149 is being used irresponsibly by some Virgin Mobile customers. We urge those parties to use their multi-featured camera phone... MOBILE RINGS ..for communication with friends and family only, and to please refrain from calling or texting the number currently onscreen. Enjoy our phones and rates responsibly. MYSTERIOUS MUSIC ANNOUNCER: Getting enough fibre during the day can be difficult. That's why we've put 100% natural fibre into a capsule. New Metamucil fibre capsules - the convenient way to clean your insides. Now to the latest on the weather around the nation. The satellite's showing cloud building around the east, mainly in Queensland and northern New South Wales,

with heavy cover over the interior and more crossing the south-east and Tasmania. On the synoptic chart, a low pressure trough is moving towards northern parts of east coast as another one crosses the interior, with a ridge of high pressure holding from the south-west into Victoria and southern New South Wales. So Cairns looks like having a mostly sunny day, Brisbane's expecting more thunderstorms, Sydney clearing showers, Hobart a mostly cloudy day then mainly sunny in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Darwin could see a few showers, while the Alice is expecting thunderstorms. And that's the latest from Ten News. 'Sports Tonight' with Ryan Phelan is next. I'm Sandra Sully. From the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.