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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. delivers its verdict Tonight - Bali's High Court for freedom. on Schapelle Corby's appeal because not free. Of course I'm not happy But what's her next move? as they storm a jail Protesters demand the death sentence are being held. where some of the first Bali bombers for Australian workers. And a former PM comes out fighting Hello and welcome to Ten's Late News. I'm Sandra Sully. Also tonight - count the cost of a savage storm. locals and tourists thing we ever seen. We came outside it ws the wildest to be taking it back now. This is a hire car we're supposed continues tonight First, legal wrangling Schapelle Corby from her Bali jail. to free convicted drug smuggler cut her sentence from 20 to 15 years. This afternoon, a Bali appeal court nothing less than her freedom Her lawyers want up to Indonesia's highest court. and immediately vowed to appeal right is not guilty, then I'm happy. If the sentence is that my client more than a year in jail 28-year-old Corby has spent after being arrested in her unlocked body-board bag. when 4kg of marijuana were found Martin Stephens Suspected heroin trafficker into his 6-months in jail in Bali. has given a revealing insight and says He's learning the local language that may result in his execution. he often thinks of the events the reality is sinking in. Behind bars, cell for more than two hours, Martin Eric Stephens in a holding awaiting his court appearance. At times, holding back tears, in jail, how hot it is, Stephens told of the conditions to the day on April 17, how he often he thinks back allegedly carrying 2.3kg of heroin when he was arrested strapped to his body. in five packages Trying to while away time, sharing his cell. Stephens joked with prostitutes in the foreign environment. And he's doing his best to fit in Putting on a brave face is one thing, his future is grim. but Martin Stephens knows holding him together, He says it's the little things like making a birthday card yesterday. for fellow accused Renae Lawrence embrace from his mother and brother. Finally he was taken to court, a warm The ordeal is taking its toll. the youngest of the Bali Nine, 20-year-old Matthew James Norman, led Tach Duc Thanh and Si Yi Chen across the compound. to a a separate courtromm Theirs is the only joint trial, in the Malati Hotel The three were staying Sukumaran when police raided it. with alleged mastermind Myuran The trials are ongoing. will face court tomorrow. Andrew Chan and Scott Rush

In Bali, Leonie Mellor, Ten News. in Denpasar tonight. There have been frightening scenes to demand to immediate execution Protesters storming a jail of the 2002 Bali bombers. to make a point, Angry and determined on Kerobokan prison, hundreds of demonstrators converged who tried to keep them back. clearly outnumbering the police SCREAMING AND RIOTING Orders to move on were ignored. of 2002 convicted Bali bombers, Their cause, the immediate execution Iman Samudra, Mukhlas and Amrozi, to a higher security jail. who were moved yesterday won out, Eventually the protesters' strength the jail's courtyard. hundreds getting into We are in Bali. That's very, very angry.

We are very, very angry. we want kill them If Amrozi go out now, the jail's main door. Then a new target - SCREAMING AND RIOTING

to push back the swelling numbers. Police calling in reinforcements were in stark contrast The heated scenes at the memorial service to the sombre reflection

to mark the 2002 bombings. to remember the victims. Tears flowed as flowers were laid to such intense grief. Three years makes little difference of the October 1 attacks. Security was tightened in the wake wouldn't be scared away. One father who lost a son in a heinous deed A terrorist has taken my son and I'm not going to let them to commemorate his life. stop me coming at Kuta and Jimbaran Beach The investigation into the attacks of the man called Hassan. seem to have stalled with the release one of the suicide bombers It was thought he may have known the vital clue for a breakthrough, and could have provided tonight for the families but there is a message of hope from Australia's Foreign Minister. I think they will be found, yes. quietly confident. I think they're, well you might say, In Bali, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. in Australia today And mourners gathered at ceremonies of the 2002 bombings. to mark the anniversary still strong in their minds. The painful memories fathers forced to bury children - A little girl who lost her mum, of Bali's 2002 bombing terror. these are the other victims at Coogee Beach in Sydney Rain and tears flowed

for the 20 locals lost in the blasts. sharpened 10 days ago Their anger towards the perpetrators struck Bali again. when the terrorists Today there were healing words of Newcastle and Busselton. for the families We know where you are at the moment we cannot comprehend we share your pain and like you such a senseless act. how anyone could perpetrate

on the new memorial 20 faces stared out from photos honouring lives cut short. shining through. # (Sings) # I see your true colours that's how I love you. # # I see your true colours into a Melbourne pool. Balinese water was poured A symbol of unity. as it will be on this day every year. The water turned off a focus for all of us It will hopefully create to work toward a peaceful world longer occurs. where this kind of suffering no Then a song inspired by victims. # I'll be standing here forever SINGS: # to be the very last to go. # Anthony. It was for Spike Stewart's son to Anthony Christine dedicated that song

know, so it was beautiful. It was just full of tears, so you and I'm just over the world. Everything has come together the PM took time to reflect. In the nation's capital, tragedies like that As so often is the case that that confronts people, that brings out the best in individuals and in the country. An impact which for some hasn't healed with time, particularly because the bombers are still alive. If the Indonesian government wants to save money on bullets then I'll do it myself - that's no problem. In a heartbeat. They just don't deserve to be here. 202 people were killed in the blasts, 88 of those lives Australian. Martine Griffiths, Ten News. Damning claims against the Indonesian police and military tonight from former president, Abdurrahman Wahid. He's told the SBS programme 'Dateline' one of the bombings at Kuta Beach three years ago was hatched by authorities within the police or armed forces, and he still has grave concerns about links between those authorities and terrorist groups. We cannot know the truth about that.

But that's a problem always. But that bomb has been blamed also on Jemma Islamiah. Yeah, I know, but you don't have any kind of proof. Proof is that the bomb you see, is similar to that belonging to the police, so , you know, it's a problem for us then. Every bomb there, until now, belongs to the Government. But Foreign Minister Alexander Downer in Jakarta tonight

for talks with senior officials flatly rejects the suggestion. The upheaval to workers' rights back into the public arena. has brought a former PM back into the public arena. Paul Keating says low paid workers will be the big losers when the workplace reform legislation comes into force. The Opposiiton says the Government's industrial reform TV advertising blitz cost taxpayers $1.7 million on Sunday night alone. Equal to the salary of 50 registered nurses for a year. Labor also affronted by the big newspaper campaign also paid for by taxpayers. All members of the Opposition will put that down. Mr Howard defending the ads. These are very significant reforms

and the public are entitled to have the unvarnished truth about them. And the public's about to read the unvarnished views of Paul Keating on the IR changes. In an article for tomorrow's Fairfax papers he argues the changes are an unnecessary attack on low-paid workers. Referring to John Howard he says, The former PM also takes a swing at big business rolling in record profits.

All eyes are now on maverick Queensland Nationals senator Barnaby Joyce, who's shown the Government he really is prepared to cross the floor and vote down legislation he doesn't like. But will he decide to vote against the IR changes?

Liberal colleagues such as Senator Bill Heffernan doing their best and using a range of tactics to keep Senator Joyce inside the Coalition tent. Labor urging him to make voting with them a habit. Having joined us to protect small business, now to join with us and protect the workers. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. Locals and tourists count the cost of a savage storm. We came outside - it was the wildest thing we ever seen. This hire car, we're supposed to be taking it back now. And later in the news... Oh, I think its marvellous news, good news - bring it on. ..researchers a step closer to a vastly improved treatment for ovarian cancer.

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Firefighters rescued 70 patients, many of them pregnant, from a 7-storey building housing prenatal clinics. Fire in a ground floor kitchen filled the building with choking smoke, blocking normal exits. Fire crews used extension ladders to pull dozens of people through smashed windows. Others were helped across ladders to adjacent buildings. More than 20 people were taken to hospital suffering smoke inhalation and others treated at the scene, but there are no reports of deaths. Thousands of people made homeless by the earthquake in Pakistan

are suffering through another night in the cold without shelter. Torrential rain has hampered efforts to bring aid into the region. For the survivors, time is running out in a region deep in misery and short of hope. However, there's no shortage of evidence of the mounting human cost of the devastating earthquake. An already confronting salvage effort being further hampered by new waves of extreme weather. Torrential rain making life even tougher for those trying to find shelter and causing havoc for rescue teams. Residents from remote areas heading to cities already in ruin, such as Muzaffarabad, looking for help. It's led to fears over the spread of disease in increasingly crowded refugee camps. The scourge of looting is taking a toll on the relief effort as the greedy compete with the needy. The number of dead has already passed 20,000 and is expected to top 50,000. A further 1 million have been left homeless. International rescue teams from Britain, the United States, China, the Middle East and France calling on all available resources from sophisticated periscope cameras to simple voice and hearing. Hello! Rescue team here! Can you hear us? Make a noise! The occasional success re-energising the rescue teams. This 4-year-old boy plucked to safety after spending more than 60 hours trapped in the rubble. Major Australian charities have reported a slow response to their appeals, fearing post-tsunami apathy. A tragedy that is much larger than we actually thought, and the size and proportion of it demands that we respond with great compassion. In a region no stranger to hardship, the need for help has never been so great. Cameron Baud, Ten News. Locals and tourists are counting the cost of a savage storm that's left a trail of destruction on the Gold Coast. Huge hail stones speared through buildings and windscreens. The weather bureau issued a warning but nothing could prepare residents for this. Giant hailstones hammered the Gold Coast's northern suburbs. The golf ball-sized lumps of ice turned into missiles as they smashed through windows and roofs. It was amazing deafening noise All residents could do was watch as the icy projectiles blanketed the ground in just a matter of minutes. Tourists at Movieworld were also caught in the storm. Vehicles in the car park looked as though they'd been attacked by vandals. Windscreens were smashed and panels beaten with fist-sized divits. Look at the size of these divits.

They are the size of your fist.

They are the size of your fist. Amazing. I hope no people has been

Amazing. I hope no people has been Amazing. I hope no people has been hit by them. We come outside all

the cars are smashed. This is a

higher car, these are going to be

smashed. Act of god. I don't know

smashed. Act of god. I don't know if we'll get the inshurs back. The SES was inundated with hundreds of calls for help.

Roof damage and broken windows the most common complaint.

The full extent of the damage is still being assessed. Chloe Baker, Ten News. The Spring Racing Carnival's here and when fashions takes to the field disaster can sometimes result. So Gai and Kate Waterhouse are offering their tips this year on what's hot and what's not. Spring Racing Carnival fever can bring on Spring Racing Carnival panic. What does one wear? When you go to the race day, you obviously want to stand out in the crowd because everyone, it's almost like a massive red carpet. So everybody wants to stand out. According to the ladies from racing's royal family, the Waterhouses there are three main themes this year - rose garden, riviera chic and safari. Remembering always a little bit of leopard print is OK, the whole animal is not. How old was Kate when she first started raiding your hat collection? (Laughs) Pretty young. Hats are back. The fascination with fascinators wearing a little thinner this year. Women are really going out and making a big effort with wearing hats like mum has today and trying to wear the little tilburies and the wide-brimmed hats because they're becoming more in fashion. But the golden rule when it comes to hats at the races is straw for spring, felt for autumn.

Mix that up and you're guaranteed to be one of fashion's losers. Other no-nos for racing in general are not too short a skirt, mini's, no hot pants and I think not too many, you know sparkly and sequins. A little bit of sparkle can go a long way. Not on the blokes however, they're better off in pinstriped 2-button suits with plenty of colour in the shirt and tie department. And for both sexes - style over practicality is not always a good idea. Take lots of layers, wear lots of layers and maybe a second pair of shoes. Angela Bishop, Ten News. When we come back - In the phase one trial, we established the vaccine could produce an immune response. We now have to show whether that immune response will kill the tumours. Researchers a step closer to a vastly improved treatment for ovarian cancer. Then in Sports Tonight - Dragons supporters protest on the streets to try save Lance Thompson's contract. while the Wallabies take to the cricket nets ahead of their European Tour.

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'AMAZING' BY ALEX LLOYD PLAYS The award-winning Ford Territory has reached yet another high in Australian motoring - winning 'Wheels' magazine Car of the Year. Ford Territory - the possibilities are amazing. A vastly improved treatment for ovarian cancer is a step closer tonight. A vaccine re-educates a women's immune system to recognise cancer cells as intruders. In early trials the treatment has actually stopped tumours from growing. In the phase one trial, we established the vaccine could produce an immune response.

We now have to show whether that immune response will kill the tumours. The results thrilling survivors. Oh, I think its marvellous news, good news - bring it on. Scientists hope women will one-day be immunised against the deadly disease. To finance and Tom Piotrowski at CommSec and consumer pessimism wasn't reflected on the share market today.

No, it wasn't. For some time now

our headlines and television

screens have been dominated by

coverage of disasters, hurricanes,

bombings, earthquakes, volatile

share markets and rising petrol

prices, not much for the consumers

to cheer B that was reflected in

the figures. The Westpac and

consumer index fell to its lowest

levels since 2003, but it didn't

have much of an impact. It managed

to recover pretty much all the

ground it lost. October will be a month where we experience

volatility, and part of the reason

for that is the market is waiting

for collarity as far as the outlook

on interest rates, provided by

inflation figures at the end of the month. The resource and banking sectors showed the way, uuuwith investors turning to the banks as safe havens Thanks, Tom. Tom Piotrowski at CommSec. The money's on Crown Princess Mary of Denmark having a girl when she gives birth at the end of the month. Most people in Denmark betting online on what she'll have are saying it's a girl. The government is considering revising the constitution to allow female succession to the throne. The news on the national weather's next and then it's 'Sports Tonight' with Ryan Phelan. Ryan, news tonight the Brisbane Lions have been refused entry to Thailand on an off-season trip. What's the latest? Well Sandra, the Brisbane Lions have moved quickly to distance themselves from the group of players and a senior official, who were turned away after engaging in boisterous behaviour. The club has confirmed the group, which is believed to include star centre half forward and skipper in-waiting Jonathan Brown, defender Justin Leppitsch, forward Tim Knotting

and assistant coach Craig Lambert. El Segundo is a firming favourite ahead of Saturday's Caulfield Cup after fairing well in today's barrier draw And the remote Northern Territory community that could unearth our next AFL star. The day's sport is next in a special one-hour edition of 'Sports Tonight'.

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I'd like to report some changes to my details, please.

ENGINE POWERS UP ENGINE PURRS SQUELCHING ENGINE REVS ENGINE WINDS DOWN With the amazing new 2.4-litre MIVEC engine... POP! ..Lancer has 25% more power. HORN BEEPS So now you get impressive power... ..right across the Lancer range. HEART BEATS

Now the latest on the national weather. The satellite's showing cloud forming over south-east Queensland, a band crossing the south-west of WA, with low cloud around the south-east and New South Wales coasts. On the synoptic chart, a broad area of low pressure is crossing the Northern Territory and Queensland as a cold front sweeps the south-east and Tasmania,

while a ridge of high pressure lies over the west. mostly sunny in Cairns, So tomorrow's looking like being thundery around Brisbane, showers for Sydney, and Melbourne, late showers in Canberra, Hobart and sunny in Perth, a mostly cloudy one for Adelaide and thunderstorms around the Centre. late showers in the Top End

And that's the latest from Ten News. with Ryan Phelan is next. Sports Tonight

from the Late News team, goodnight. I'm Sandra Sully, by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext captions