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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Hope beneath the rubble. CHEERING of the Pakistani earthquake. A survivor plucked from the horror John Howard begins his IR hard sell. at Mount Panorama. And the fallout from a dramatic day Ten News with Tracey Spicer.

Good morning. are beginning to emerge Extraordinary stories of survival in earthquake-ravaged Pakistan - after being trapped beneath rubble a man found alive for more than 36 hours. amid the devastation. It's a ray of hope in northern Pakistan and India The death toll is expected to exceed 30,000.

More then 40,000 people are injured. of Pakistan's capital, Islamabad. The epicentre of the quake was north

Most of the dead and injured are in Muzaffarabad, of Pakistani-controlled Kashmir, the capital

where two-thirds of the city has been flattened. dead in Pakistan's worst disaster. Thousands of children are among the In the North-West Frontier Province,

for the start of classes they were sitting down gave way. when the mountain below them Two local schools collapsed. aged between 11 and 15, were crushed. Dozens of girls, The search for victims is slow. for identification. Rescuers piling up shoes have been recovered I think 150 dead bodies are still under there. and more than 250 bodies region have been levelled Entire villages in the mountainous

to reach them. and rescuers are battling by road. Many disaster zones remain cut off treated outdoors - Thousands are being inside due to possible aftershocks. it's too dangerous to take them sit waiting Scores of seriously injured them to the capital, Islamabad. for a handful of helicopters to fly Here, it's the only way out. foreheads, the sooner they'll leave. The lower the number on their

This child turned away. on the helicopter. There's simply not enough room Many have lost everything - 20 cents to its name. this family says it doesn't even have We desperately need help, mobile surgical teams. in the form of doctors, nurses, Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan's president, has put on his general's uniform. like a military operation. He's running the relief effort "Where's the help?" His people asking, It's only 24 hours.

didn't move in 24 hours, Now, even the United States so for heaven's sake, bear with us. against, er, in New Orleans, amazing tales of survival. In the Pakistani capital, alive last night was from here. The last person that we pulled out and foreign search and rescue teams Local volunteers working around the clock this mountain of debris trying to clear

apartment block. that used to be the Margalla Towers

and the type of voids involved, The size of the building more people alive in here. yeah, we got a feeling there are They brought in the heavy machinery. their hunch was right. Then came the order to stop - a local man named Ubaid. Emerging from the rubble, CHEERING AND APPLAUSE

"God is great", they cheered. in a sea of tragedy. A drop of good news Shaun Fewings, Ten News.

$500,000 to help the quake victims, Australia has so far pledged a modest that figure is set to rise. but Prime Minister John Howard says to the people of Pakistan, I extend my condolences to President Musharraf, and we will do all we can to help. of the earthquake disaster, And if you'd like to help victims

have launched appeals. Australian charities search for more than 1,000 people Rescuers are about to abandon their in Central America. missing after devastating mudslides victims from mud up to 12m deep Officials say the task of digging

is almost impossible. time limit on finding the dead. Under Guatemalan law there's a 3-day will be declared mass graves. It's now expected the worst-hit areas in the mudslides, About 1,400 people disappeared following a hurricane. triggered by heavy rain will make life easier for workers The PM says his workplace reforms no-one will be worse off. but he can't guarantee Unions say it's a con

remain cautious and even some senators

about whether to support the changes.

the hard sell has begun. With the detail finally out, and his Workplace Minister John Howard to promote their WorkChoices package. both hit the airwaves this morning will lose basic rights, Unions warn workers they can simply change jobs. but the PM says The employer needs the worker. in a workers' market. We live now work

in the battle - TV viewers are also caught multimillion-dollar blitz last night the Government launching a about the need for reform, its latest ad. just as the ACTU released will boost the economy John Howard says the changes

creating more jobs. The Opposition says it's a con. exactly what this is about. I think the Australian public know It's about cutting their wages, their working conditions and it's about cutting the time

with their families. that they people have legislation at the end of the month The Government will introduce the by early next year. hoping the changes will become law Nationals senator Barnaby Joyce But again, maverick Queensland

decided if he'll support the reform. is holding out, saying he hasn't and listening to the peak groups We're still listening to people as we go through the week. and we'll make our mind up the changes, If Senator Joyce doesn't support

the Government will look Steve Fielding for help. to Family First senator about the reform But he also has serious concerns his calls for a full Senate inquiry. and is upset the Coalition rejected and not a house of a rubber stamp. The Senate is a house of review Laurel Irving, Ten News. gets under way tomorrow, The first of the Bali Nine trials having had their day in court with all the suspects

by the end of the week. of two of the accused Meantime, the family the Australian Federal Police are taking action against in the Federal Court today. for the case. Ten's Amber Muir is in Darwin Amber, what is expected to happen?

The families of Scott Rush and

Renae Lawrence want access to

Federal Police documents outlining

their involvement in the arrests.

The families blame them for not

keeping them from ending up a death

row. Scotts and father says he told

them he suspected his son was

travelling to Bali for drugs and was

informed Scott would be informed he

was under surveillance. That didn't

happen and 10 days later and he

and others were arrested with

heroin strapped to their bodies.

What's been the response from the

ond Federal Police? They claim to

contest the case and say they only

became aware of the call after an

investigation was underway in Bali.

In a statement it says the AFP

acted appropriately at all times in

in accordance with regulations. The

two sides will present their

arguments in Darwin late later today. Three officers have been arrested after a shocking case of police brutality in New Orleans. And new-age fashion hits the catwalk in Paris - designs for every shape and size.

This program is captioned live. A court appearance today for a 19-year-old man over a weekend hit-run in Melbourne. A 33-year-old Chinese national died after being struck by an allegedly stolen Commodore while exchanging details with another driver following an earlier accident. The dead man had only been in Australia for a week on a working holiday with his fiancee, who he was to marry later this month. The accused teenager faces several charges, including theft of a motor vehicle, failing to stop at an accident and failing to render assistance. Fears that bird flu is spreading - Turkey and Romania culling thousands of birds and imposing quarantine zones after a suspected outbreak. Tests are being done to establish whether the strain of bird flu reported in Turkey is the much-feared H5N1 virus. Roadblocks have been set up to check vehicles after Turkish authorities quarantined the affected farm near the Aegean Sea. Meanwhile, thousands of people in Romania are receiving jabs in the wake of Europe's first suspected outbreak.

A shocking case of police brutality in New Orleans. Three officers have been arrested after viciously beating an elderly man - the attack caught on camera. It looks like a return to the bad old days. Officers from a police force dogged by claims of brutality and corruption caught beating a 64-year-old man whose only crime was being drunk. This will be a criminal investigation by the police department. Three officers - all white - have been suspended and charged with assault. One for punching the elderly black man at least four times in the head, another for kicking and punching him after he was forced to the ground. When they attempted to drag him to his feet he could be heard saying he couldn't walk. It's abuse they may have got away with if it wasn't for a television news camera, and they knew it, one officer turning on a reporter.

It was not in line with the department's policies and procedures. It was not in line with the department's training, so certainly that's a great concern for the police department. The internal investigations are mounting up for the New Orleans police. As well as this case of brutality, they are now also investigating claims police broke into a car yard in the lead-up to Hurricane Katrina

and stole up to 200 vehicles. As for the alleged victim in this case, he's been released from hospital and charged with public drunkenness, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Boy George has flown back to the UK two days after his arrest on drugs charges in New York. The gay icon could lose his New York apartment

and be booted out of America if found guilty.

Boy George called police to his New York apartment early on Friday to report a burglary. But when the officers arrived, they apparently found him in "a drugged stupor" and discovered a small amount of cocaine next to his computer. Mounting terror fears in Paris have forced the evacuation of the Eiffel Tower. The landmark was cleared after a bomb threat was phoned through. Streets were cleared and barricades put up

as police scoured the area for explosives. After an hour the all clear was given. Anonymous callers also claimed bombs had been planted at two Paris train stations. That also proved to be a false alarm. Fashion for all shapes and sizes has hit the catwalk in Paris. Designers are often accused of using unrealistic body images to create their clothes. But Britain's John Galliano has gone to extreme lengths

to make something for absolutely every body in his spring-summer collection. He recruited dwarves, giants and a whole range of twins for his Paris parade. Australian catwalk sensation Gemma Ward had to pull some strings to team up with a male model, making a fashion statement about age. Fashion writers have hailed Galliano a visionary, and his fans include shock rocker Marilyn Manson,

who brought his fiancee to the show to choose a wedding tuxedo. A war of words in the fallout over the V8s at Bathurst. That's when Ten's Morning News returns. Also, the World walloped again by the Aussies.

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This program is captioned live. Concerning claims Australia's defence force needs an urgent funding boost. A report by defence think-tank the Kokoda Foundation says at least $1 billion is needed to help the ADF meet future threats in the region. That adds up to a budget increase of 5% over the next 10 years. The report warns there is a serious risk of Australia being dragged into a major war in Asia by the year 2020. In finance news, the Australian share market has opened stronger.

Jackie Maddock at Commonwealth Securities. And gold has hit an 18-year high?

That's right, we're seeing gold

prices as 18-year highs largely due

to the uncertaintys around oil

to the uncertaintys around oil prices and their effect on

inflation. Investors are looking at

inflation. Investors are looking at inflation. Investors are looking at depold as a safe haven. Our local

miners have posted good gains in

miners have posted good gains in recent weeks. Although one is down

because overnight a land slide shut

down its mining facilities. The

company is yet to put a dollar

value to the damage, but it's

value to the damage, but it's value to the damage, but it's production target could be in

danger if the delays are lengthy.

danger if the delays are lengthy.

danger if the delays are lengthy. And the latest job ad figures have

been released? They show that over

the month of September total job

the month of September total job advertisements were up 0.% to a

record high. The figures show

record high. The figures show employment has been rising over

employment has been rising over employment has been rising over the year and we'll know more on

Thursday when employment figures

for September are released.

for September are released. for September are released. Looking here we can see that over

the year we've seen a record number

of new jobs created, more than

400,000 jobs fpt that's great news

400,000 jobs fpt that's great news for job-seekers. The Government

will be pleased to here hear that.

To sport, and the concept of the Super Series is under fire

after the ICC World XI was thrashed 3-0 by Australia. The Aussies saved their best till last with a 156-run demolition in game three of the one-day series. Players now heading to Sydney for Friday's Test. A week of one-sided results was hardly what the ICC had hoped for when they came up with their super plan. While some of the game's best are under fire for not performing, they aren't wearing Australian colours.

The Aussies back in business after their Ashes defeat. I really hope that that is the focus of the outcome of this. The focus is on how well we've played, because we have played some of the best one-day cricket that this team's played in a long time. The World XI failed to bat out 50 overs in all three matches. West Indies batsman Brian Lara copping plenty of flak for pocketing $30,000 for five runs in three innings.

Jacques Kallis and Andrew Flintoff also well below their best. There are some guys who've come in here with no cricket under their belt and some of the guys who have played cricket, two of the guys from India and Sri Lanka have played against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. It's not quite Australia, is it? All-rounder Shane Watson did his hopes of playing in the Super Test no harm with two man-of-the-match performances in a defining series.

COMMENTATOR: That does that for Daniel Vettori. Four wickets and a superb run-out capping the game of his life. I think that might be out. Watson combining with Mike Hussey for a record 145-run stand. It would've been bigger if the WA left-hander hadn't become the first man to find the Telstra Dome roof. We've mucked around at training trying to hit it at training

and haven't been able to do it but to be able to do it in a game is incredible. England all-rounder Andrew Flintoff takes a badly bruised wrist to Sydney. With X-rays revealing no break, he's clear to play in the Test. The fallout continues from yesterday's eventful and controversial Bathurst 1000. A dramatic confrontation between two leading V8 Supercar drivers capping an amazing day of racing.

As Mark Skaife celebrated his fifth win at Mount Panorama and Holden's seventh consecutive victory at Bathurst, a feud was boiling away in the background. It started with a crash in the final stages of the race. COMMENTATOR: Oh! Ambrose has had a massive shunt! So Greg Murphy's involved. Ambrose has had a massive shunt! So Greg Murphy's involved. More cars - the track is jammed! It led to an on-track confrontation between Greg Murphy and series leader Marcos Ambrose. The drivers blaming each other for the accident. Greg is probably gonna blame me 'cause he tends to blame everyone but himself for these incidents. There's always going to be two sides to everything and I accept that, but he's got no respect for any other driver and if he thinks everyone's gonna give way, he's got another thing coming. V8 Supercar officials won't be taking any official action over the incident

but the feud looks set to fester. Murphy accusing Ambrose of having an ego problem. Maybe it takes an ego to say that, doesn't it? At the Japanese Formula 1 Grand Prix Juan Pablo Montoya's race was over on lap 2 while a final lap manoevre saw Kimi Raikkonen score his seventh win of the season What a brilliant move! Renault pair Giancarlo Fisichella and Fernando Alonso also on the podium. Australia's Mark Webber fourth, In the French round of the superbikes Aussies Andrew Pitt, Karl Muggeridge and Steve Martin were caught it a world of hurt. We've got a massive tangle there at turn 1 - the first left-hander. Four, five riders have gone down. Muggeridge needed stitches to a head wound. Martin also out of the race, but Pitt recovered to finish seventh. Fellow Aussie Chris Vermuellen won race 1. Leanne West, Ten News.

The Socceroos have had an impressive tune-up for their World Cup qualifier with a 5-0 thrashing of Jamaica in London. Marco Bresciano wasted no time in getting the scoring under way, with a brilliant strike after just 3 minutes. Archie Thompson netting the second, to go to the break 2 goals up. COMMENTATOR: And Thompson takes the chance. Thompson's goal! The second half starting like the first, with Mark Viduka giving himself a 30th birthday present. Substitute John Aloisi made it four with one of his first touches, before Joel Griffiths completed the rout in the closing minutes. In the A-League Sydney FC has inflicted Adelaide United's first-ever loss in the new competition, downing the top side 2-1 in a thrilling and fiery encounter.

The visitors scoring the opening goal early in the second half through Michael Valkanis. Sydney's response coming almost immediately. COMMENTATOR: And the chance - Carney! The fumble from Baltrani. Tempers coming to boiling point as both sides pushed for the win. The deciding goal coming from Sydney's Sasho Petrovski in the closing minutes. Next in Ten News, a look at the weather around the nation.

This program is captioned live. Returning to our top story on the earthquake disaster in Pakistan. It's now feared more than 20,000 people have died

and more than 40,000 people were injured. Entire towns near the epicentre in Pakistani-controlled Kashmir were flattened when the 7.6 magnitude quake hit on Saturday. The Australian Govenrment has promised $500,000 for quake victims and PM John Howard says Australia will do all it can to help.

And if you'd like to help, Australian charities have launched appeals. Now for a look at the national weather.

That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Tracey Spicer. Good afternoon. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.