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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. the victims of the Bali bombings. Tributes across the nation for lives as a van explodes in Melbourne. Police narrowly escape with their And the latest twist

bizarre relationship. in Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes's

Ten News with Natarsha Belling. Indonesian anti-terror squads for five suspects have launched a nation-wide hunt for Bali's suicide bombings. believed to be responsible Ten's Nicole Strahan is in Bali. the group could be linked Nicole, police believe

to those behind the 2002 attacks?

That's correct. Investigations are

certainly focusing on the links

between the 2002 bombings. The

latest bombings and also the

Australian Embassy bombings in

Jakarta. Five men who were already

convicted over the 2002 bombings

and they're

and they're missing. Several of convicted over the 2002 bombings

them have links to a man serving

time in jail over the 2002 bombings.

And several of them have links to

the man connected to the Australian

embassy bombings. We understand

that he was asked to identify the

suicide bombers but was unable to

being arrested do so. And earlier reports of a man

being arrested have been denied by do so. And earlier reports of a man

the police. At the sites yesterday,

the chief of the Bali police vis

for the victims of the attack. Tributes across the nation today

on the Sydney Harbour Bridge Flags are flying at half mast buildings across the country. and on top of most Government in Canberra tonight A memorial service will be held

and also in Newcastle returned last night where nine of the injured to recover among family and friends. Touchdown at Williamtown Airbase, on board the RAAF Hercules but the nine patients from their Bali holiday like this. never imagined they'd return many still peppered with shrapnel, Stretcher bound, each accompanied by a doctor. But it's a welcome sight - they might never see again. home, something they thought for them. It's been a bloody awful experience And it's good to get them home. from the plane Each patient is carefully unloaded of waiting ambulances and transferred to a team of their journey on stand-by for the final leg to Newcastle's John Hunter Hospital.

The transfer went very well. in very good condition. The patients arrived by our specialist medical team. They've all been assessed hospital's high dependency unit, Two of those were admitted to the one lucky patient allowed to go home. the rest now in general wards with It's a surreal experience, yeah. until I get home. So I suppose it won't hit me

to be taking stock Now is the time when they're going what's actually happened. and thinking about well under way, With the physical healing for these survivors. the worst is far from over surrounded by family and friends, It's now, at home in Newcastle, the emotional healing begins. at a conference in Canberra today Terrorism is dominating the agenda and the Federal Government. between Australian Muslim leaders groups are being briefed Members of 13 Islamic community by Attorney-General Philip Ruddock. is keep the doors open What I'd wanted to do so that we can ensure are doing you are aware of. that whatever the governments

to again reassure Muslims Mr Ruddock has used the meeting by Australia's new anti-terror laws. they will not be unfairly targeted with their lives Two police officers narrowly escaped moments before it exploded in flames. after discovering a stolen van Before the blast, was a bomb inside the vehicle. the officers saw what they feared police and the community - It's a scenario that's alarmed a van destroyed by fire, a device they feared was a bomb. minutes after officers discovered on the front seat of the vehicle There certainly was something found of the attending members. that certainly raised the concerns as they checked the stolen van, Patrol officers made the find in a secluded carpark. which had been dumped A wide cordon in place were called in. as the bomb squad and fire brigade to take a closer look But experts didn't get a chance before the vehicle burst into flames. chemists and arson investigators Specialist forensic officers, sifting through debris, spent the morning fragments of the mystery device. particularly interested in any is still to be determined. Exactly what the make-up of that was at this stage it was a bomb, We're certainly not saying there was an explosion here. and we're not saying

The van's owner has told police suburbs yesterday afternoon. it was stolen from the western several theories. Detectives exploring The device possibly harmless by mischief-makers. or crudely constructed the chance But they can't yet rule out with more sinister intentions. this was a practice run by someone

on the extreme end of the scale. I would think that's very much Jeremy Pudney, Ten News. gangland identity has been shot The son of a murdered Melbourne

to be a domestic dispute. in what's believed into a neighbour's driveway Victor Peirce Jr staggered with a gunshot wound to the shoulder. police murders, A key witness to the Walsh Street Wendy Peirce arrived at hospital was being treated for gunshot wounds. where son Victor with his brother-in-law. The result of a drunken fight had a long history of animosity. His sister Katie says the pair They just had an altercation, That's all I know so far. I think they'd been drinking. figure Victor Peirce Sr, The son of Melbourne underworld at his father's funeral he was pallbearer in 2002. following an apparent gangland hit Just after 8:00 last night into his neighbour's driveway the 24-year-old staggered pleading for an ambulance. in the shoulder He told them he'd been shot after an argument over a ring. I was here on my own, I was freaking out, my husband was working. to stay out here, That's why I asked him

what was going on or who he was. because I didn't know

Bloodied and heavily intoxicated, into the arms of another neighbour. he crossed a busy road the blood before paramedics arrived. Allan Kansley used towels to stem and we tried to calm him down We tried to hold him down on the areas that had been affected, and put some pressure

but that was very difficult. The 27-year-old accused gunman is due to appear in court this morning. Gerard Scholten, Ten News. An apology today from two of Australia's most high-profile asylum seekers. The Bakhtiyari boys have turned on their supporters, claiming they were used by opponents of Australia's refugee system. Amadar and Montazar Bakhtiyari want a second chance.

Deported to Pakistan with their parents nine months ago, the boys say Australia is a wonderful country. It's just some of the locals they are not so happy with. The lawyers didn't really help our family at all in the end. If they wanted to help us, why are they not talking to us today?

These dramatic pictures shot the Bakhtiyari boys into the limelight. After escaping from the Woomera detention centre,

refugee advocates encouraged them to seek asylum at the British Consulate in Melbourne. The plan was made. We were taken there. We were used. The boys claim they still feel like outcasts and want to return to study here or in another English-speaking country. The Australian Government is still in the same mind that we're bad. But I would love to be given another opportunity.

Those who had once stood by the boys say their accusations are unfair. Democrats Senator Andrew Bartlett was one of those who had once rallied to the Bakhtiyari family's cause. I don't agree with all of the actions some of the advocates took on their behalf but I think their motivation was correct. The Bakhtiyari boys insist they would return to Afghanistan once their education is completed, but the Government remains concerned they will again seek to stay,

reopening the whole sorry saga. Fenn Kemp, Ten News. A heatwave has firefighters in Queensland's Southeast braced for an outbreak of bushfires. Emergency crews controlled a blaze on Brisbane's western outskirts overnight. A rural fireman was taken to hospital suffering smoke inhalation. The risk of more fires is very high, thanks to a combination of high temperatures, low humidity, high winds and drought. This fire this evening has been a good wake-up call for the fire service. We've put into place some long-held practices and it's worked extremely well. This morning, a haze of smoke covers Brisbane as temperatures head for 35 degrees plus. And it's expected they'll be even higher at the weekend. Tom Cruise and fiancee Katie Holmes are to be parents. Less than six months after their first date, the 27-year-old actress is pregnant. The couple and their families are said to be "very excited". 43-year-old Cruise already has

two adopted children with ex-wife Nicole Kidman. He and Holmes are planning to marry, but no date has been set. Princess Diana threatens to overshadow Charles and Camilla's first overseas trip together -

that story when Ten's morning news returns. And actress Lindsay Lohan hospitalised after this crash - what the starlet says forced her to lose control.

This program is captioned live.

Several Central American countries are reeling in the aftermath of Hurricane Stan, which is now a tropical storm but still dumping torrential rain. That's sending raging rivers of mud and debris surging through villages across four nations, tearing down flimsy shacks, burying some homes under landslides and washing out bridges. Rescue teams have been left helpless

as they try to reach tens of thousands of survivors struggling to stay alive in the open. At least 150 are known to have died.

Prince Charles and Camilla will visit America on their first official overseas trip as husband and wife. It's part of a British campaign to attract tourists but is expected to be overshadowed by American memories of Princess Diana. The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall are to make their first joint official foreign visit to the US

at the beginning of November. The US was, of course, a country where Diana, Princess of Wales was extremely popular. This was a visit she and Prince Charles made to the White House in November 1985. By all accounts, Diana dazzled all those who met her. The inevitable question then, how will America react to Camilla? She's going to go to her grave being compared to Diana. And Diana was a fabulous, glamorous, wonderful woman.

But she's gone. So now the future is Prince Charles and his new wife, who may be Queen one day. And everybody is going to look to see what kind of person she is. Officially, the couple are greatly looking forward to the US visit. It will, though, be an important test for them.

A spectacular end to a high-speed chase in America. Police video shows the moment the suspect's luck ran out. His out-of-control van ploughing into a parked police car. The driver had been trying to outrun police for more than half an hour. He suffered critical injuries and remains in intensive care. The police officer was able to leap clear. Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan has escaped with minor injuries

after her sports car slammed into a van in West Hollywood. Police say Lohan and her female passenger were trying to elude a group of photographers when they crashed. It's believed the driver of the van turned in front of her. This car was just flying, it was speeding and then in a split second she just like, slammed on those brakes and she really skidded for a while and she hit the red van.

Witnesses say the 19-year-old actor and her passenger fled into a nearby shop to avoid the cameramen, and left after speaking with police. Nobody was badly hurt. Now to the story of a python whose eyes were bigger than its belly. The 4m snake literally ate itself to death. At one end of this photo is what remains of the python. At the other is the tail and hind legs of the 1.8m alligator it attempted to eat for lunch. It seems in the battle for supremacy in the Florida Everglades, the Burmese python may just be winning. Ahead - the roar of the V8s at Bathurst as practice gets under way. Plus the schoolgirl sports star who's become an instant millionaire. And how the Aussie cricketers regained that winning feeling.

This program is captioned live. In finance news - another sharp fall in the Australian share market.

Donohue D'Souza at Commonwealth Securities.

More heavy losses for the share market.

Well, as you've said, another loss

in excess of 1% on the Dow Jones.

The blue chip index. The local

market riding the coat tails of

the US. After suffering the biggest

one day points loss since the

aftermath of the September 11

terrorist attacks, the excel all

orders finding itself down. But

orders finding itself down. But reiter yading what I said yesterday,

a pull back like this keeps things

interesting but you have to think

of it as keeping the froth off a

coffee. So it is not all doom and

gloom? Despite higher petrol prices

and the flat housing market,

Australians continue to open up

their wallet, in September spending

a whopping $17 billion on retail

a whopping $17 billion on retail purchases. That's according to the

cash card retail index which basses

all of its research on awful the

EFTPOS transactions. Shops still

luring in shoppers as a result of

the warmer winter. Australian captain Ricky Ponting says his side's 93-run thrashing of the star-studded World XI in the opening match of the one-day Super Series was motivated by the need to prove their Ashes critics wrong.

Openers Simon Katich and Adam Gilchrist helped set up a big total, with the World XI never seriously in the hunt in their run chase. It's been a long month for the Aussies and last night's demolition of the world's best couldn't have been sweeter for their under siege skipper.

We've all worn a bit and copped a bit since we've been back about the way the team performed in England, which some was fair and some was a little bit unfair, I thought. But this is the first chance we've had

to get back out and show everybody, all the cricket-loving public of the world, really, just how good a cricket team we are. While the batting had improved, the fielding hadn't. Luckily for Watson, Sehwag didn't make him pay. COMMENTATOR: Brilliant. McGrath has done it. McGrath's opening spell was brilliant. The miserly champion trapping Kallis. Big shout, very big one. He's got him! It should've been followed by Sangakkara. Katich letting another one slip. Nathan Bracken returned to the big time with the prized scalp of Brian Lara. Sangakkara the only member of the top six to make double figures, before falling to a juggled catch from Ponting. Removing Shaun Pollock with a direct hit was only part of Watson's big night out. The all-rounder's third wicket removing any chance of victory. The World XI fell 93 short. The series credibility now depends on an improved showing in games two and three.

The guys are hurting. There's no doubt about that. I think we have to try to see it as a challenge. We're going to have to play like one hell of a team if we're going to come back from 1-0 down. Earlier, Gilchrist and Katich returned to form as openers setting up the Australian total of 255. Crash! Magnificent cover drive.

Rob Waters, Ten News.

Opening practice has begun at Bathurst ahead of Sunday's V8 Supercar showpiece event - the Super Cheap Auto 1000. Ten's Trent Higgs joins us from pit lane at Mount Panorama. Trent, who's the early pace setter?

That's right, no matter how many

times you come up to this place,

nothing beats the feeling of the

cars rolling around the track for the

cars rolling around the track for the first time. As you can hear

behind me, that's exactly what

happened. The V8 supercars are out

there. It's a two-hour long session

and the Holden racing team's Todd

Kelly is fasest . The V8 1,000 is

the show piece of the supercar

racing. There's no driver with

more pressure than defending

more pressure than defending champion and four time race winner,

Greg Murphy. He's won the last two

races here but he has a new partner

and new team. Murphy is going to be

chasing some serious history this

weekend. He's hoping to become the

first driver since 1984 to win

three straight races. He's

confident but ignoring the hype,

despite the attention, he's not

paying much attention to the history books and all

paying much attention to the history books and all the records.

I'm not thinking about it. But if

you happen to do it, well then, it

would be unbelievable. You

would be unbelievable. You put

yourself into good company and a

very small group if you can manage

to win five or do something like

that. All those things are

wonderful, absolutely wonderful.

But it means nothing until you can actually achieve it. Here's But it means nothing until you can actually achieve it. Here's another

notable piece of history. Holden

has won the last six straight races

here and Ford will be trying to

turn around thank around. We have

more V8 supercar practice here

tomorrow and then practice live

here on Network Ten tomorrow night.

And don't forget that the race is

live here on Network Ten all day on Sunday.

AFL trade week has taken a turn for the better for Carlton, with forward Lance Whitnall rejecting a lucrative offer from Melbourne to remain with the Blues. The 26-year-old has agreed to a new 2-year contract, meaning fellow forward Brendan Fevola could be offloaded before tomorrow's 2pm deadline to make room in the salary cap. Richmond remains the favourite to secure Fevola, while Essendon has made no secret of its intention to secure midfielder Scott Camporeale. The Bombers have already signed Collingwood's Richard Cole in exchange for draft pick number 23.

Hawaii's teenage golf star Michelle Wie has hit the jackpot, turning pro days before her 16th birthday, picking up an instant $13 million in endorsements. Wie, who's already contested both men's and women's pro events as an amateur since she was 13, is likely to make much more in prize money. The first time I grabbed a golf club I knew that I would do it for the rest of the my life and I loved it.

Some 12 years later, I'm finally turning pro and I'm so excited. Wie still aims to complete her education right through to college and has donated $500,000 to the Hurricane Katrina appeal. Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation.

Small pieces of information from members of the public can help keep Australia safe from terrorism. Police and security agencies are working hard, but you could help them complete the picture.

If you see anything suspicious, call the 24-hour National Security Hotline and help protect Australia from terrorism. Call 1800 123 400. Trained operators take every call seriously,

and you can remain anonymous. This program is captioned live. Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling. Good afternoon. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.