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(generated from captions) Government's workplace reforms Tonight - why the Federal has taken a big leap forward. looking for a missing light plane. A grim discovery for search teams and he, sort of, sounded like I heard a plane circling around or looking for something. he was either circling And turning back the clock. to talk about. Yeah, we have lots of things

That's one of the things - whether we can or we can't. to get his marriage back together. How Shane Warne's trying

I'm Sandra Sully. Hello and welcome to Ten's Late News.

Coming up a little later - for fat. From 40 cents to 20 cents a litre

out of your deep-fryer You could scrape it

(laughs) and run it on that, too, as well.

An inventor shows how to run a car of all. on the cheapest alternative fuel for the Federal Government But first - a legal win

in the war over workplace laws a challenge by Labor and the unions with the High Court rejecting

over taxpayer-funded ads. public relations wins so far John Howard hasn't had many

in the industrial relations war. But, today some good news - by unions and Labor the High Court dismissing a case

advertising. against his government's

about the High Court decision. I'm very pleased was both proper and lawful. We always believed this advertising

is reportedly worth $20 million The Government's campaign and the Labor Party says should pay for it, not taxpayers. the Liberal Party

We want that to change on this issue. and we will keep fighting was forced to run the ads The Government after unions started early against the IR changes. with a damaging campaign

It's going to cost me $30,000 TV ADVERTISEMENT:

to sue for unfair dismissal. Despite today's legal win, is still feeling pressure it's clear the Government

over IR changes. offer workers $4,000 in legal aid The Prime Minister's announced he'll unlawful dismissal to help workers fight

for reasons like race or religion. that in some cases It's just an acknowledgement by us need a bit of help. people who do have a genuine case for those unfairly dismissed But there'll still be no help

to con working Australia to believe The Prime Minister is trying

about unfair dismissal provisions. that he is doing something

to address the skills shortage And Labor says it's more important

instead of workplace reform. It's unveiled a skills blueprint to old trade schools. calling for a return the world. We are falling behind the rest of us to compete John Howard and Peter Costello want but by being underpaid. not by being upskilled

The Government says parents a choice for education. it's glad it Labor wants to give Laurel Irving, Ten News. A new security system is being tested in the hope it will one day help protect Australia's borders. has started using The Immigration Department to verify a person's identity. iris and finger-print scans

the new biometric technology Initially, arriving from Africa. will be trialled on refugees

But if successful,

could become the key the new technology

of all passengers arriving here. to verifying the identity is on the way is on the way up, The cost of milk and cheese of the soaring petrol price. the casualty

it's lifting prices 8%, The Dairy Farmers Group say

to a two litre container of milk adding 24 cents

and 32 cents to cheese products. Prices go up next week. for searchers today, A heart-breaking find the wreckage of a light plane. having no hope of survival. The couple on board

Fragments on a mountainside - of the single-engine plane. it's all that's left

and two helicopters searching We did have 15 planes over the last couple of days where the plane went off the radar. over the flight paths and the area by locals The Beech 36 was found this morning

east of Tenterfield on Saturday. who'd seen the craft circling hills

and he, sort of, sound like I heard a plane circling around or looking for something. he was either circling travelling all that good. He didn't seem to be and making a bit of unusual noise Seemed to be revving for a plane travelling over here. and assumed those onboard were OK They never saw it crash revealed the plane was missing. until a radio report this morning Search and rescue crews say about what they'd seen if the two men hadn't twigged located the wreckage from the air. it's unlikely they would ever have

a pilot of 50 years, and wife Jill Onboard, David Knight, on the Gold Coast. had been holidaying home to Coonabarabran They were flying from Murwillumbah

to babysit their grandchildren.

until yesterday. Family didn't raise the alarm

there'd been a change of plans. They just thought

has gone wrong here. Obviously something catastrophic

to send out even a mayday call. He didn't get any time

are on their way to the site Civil Aviation investigators

the mid-air mystery to piece together

that's left a family in tatters. Emma Dallimore, Ten News. has been killed by a crocodile Police believe a second man in the Northern Territory. The body of a 56-year-old scuba diver from a beach. was recovered this afternoon A post-mortem will reveal in the last week. if it's the second attack in the area drug that fights deadly bird flu If you want to buy the anti-viral

you'll have to join a waiting list. has stockpiled 4 million doses, The Federal Government are for the public. but very few of those of anti-viral drug Tamiflu The Swiss manufacturers to keep up with demand are doing their best

Australian chemists is a futile task. but trying to find the drug in of Tamiflu. No pharmacies have stocks

in their wisdom, I suspect that the Government has,

cornered the market. in Indonesia, With bird flu now claiming lives 4 million doses of Tamiflu. Canberra has stockpiled

very few of those, if any, If there is a pandemic for the sick and elderly. will be available

REPORTER: So does it concern you that there's none out there for the general public to buy? Well, what would concern me much more would be if if there was none in the national medical stockpile. Most chemists now have waiting lists of people wanting to buy Tamiflu when new supplies arrive. They're due in late October. A similar drug called Relenza is still in stock but the Government is considering buying large quantities of it too. Pharmacists say there's no need to stock up on either medication just yet unless the virus mutates and starts spreading from human to human. People travelling to bird flu-affected countries in Asia should consult their doctor about whether they'll need it.

Particularly if they're likely to be off the beaten track a little and in contact with animals. Dan Nolan, Ten News. A legal marathon starts next month for the Bali Nine. there'll be seven separate trials for the Australians all facing the death penalty for exporting heroin.

Each of the gang found with drugs on their body at the Bali airport, and the two alleged ringleaders, Sukumaran and Chan, will face individual hearings. The three arrested without drugs at a hotel will be tried together. The cases start on October 11 before a total of 13 judges. The memorial to footballer

killed by the Boxing Day tsunami in Thailand is almost finished, They say Troy Broadbridge would be proud of the work they've done to help the children of Phi Phi Island. As other footballers enjoy the end-of-season holiday, the Melbourne football team is determined to finish one more goal.

In little more than 24 hours on Phi Phi Island the team's hard labour in sweltering heat has created a tribute to their lost mate - the Broadbridge Education Centre. Troy Broadbridge, honeymooning on the island with his new wife, Tricia, died in the tsunami. Over the past 10 months, $250,000 has been raised through the club and the Broadbridge Fund for the centre. I guess you, sort of, still feel him around, somewhere. He's probably looking down on us now thinking what a great job we are doing. Perhaps the most emotional part of this trip will be tomorrow, when the team gathers for a memorial service on the beach where Troy and Trisha were hit by the wave. Troy's body was found four days after the tsunami hit

about 600m from where he and Trisha had attempted to take refuge. Stay with Ten when the Late News continues Yeah, we have lots of things to talk about. That's one of the things - whether we can or we can't. Shane Warne is trying to get his marriage back together. And what caused a fit of rage that led to a luxury yacht being holed and sunk. It must have been one hell of an argument. ENGINE POWERS UP ENGINE PURRS SQUELCHING ENGINE REVS ENGINE WINDS DOWN With the amazing new 2.4-litre MIVEC engine... POP! ..Lancer has 25% more power. HORN BEEPS So now you get impressive power... Excludes underwear, socks, hosiery and sleepwear. That's off the hottest men's, the latest women's, and the cutest kids' looks. That's 25% off men's, women's and kids' clothing. Hurry into Kmart. This program is captioned live. Saab drivers are being alerted to a recall. The company says there's an overheating problem with the ignition system in the petrol engine 9/3 and 9/5 models The recall applies to almost 300,000 cars worldwide. A disaster looking for a place to happen. That's how a judge described a truck driver who's been jailed for causing a deadly pile-up. The upset wife and family of jailed truck driver David Kent Lawler ready to lash out in anger. She said no, that's it, off youse go. Lawler's been sentenced to 10 years and eight months behind bars with a non-parole period of eight years for the manslaughter of Gosford grandmother Annie Parker. He was behind the wheel of an unregistered and uninsured semitrailer when its brakes failed on the F3 freeway last year Ms Parker was incinerated. Eight other people were hurt. Any jail term wouldn't have been long enough for me, you know. For taking someone's life, you know. How long is long enough? I don't know. Now only was Lawler's truck unroadworthy, he'd fitted it with false number plates. In sentencing today, Judge Joe Gibson said: Joy Noble was seriously injured in the crash.

She now runs a road trauma group on the Central Coast. He can do what he did to my body, but I'm not going to let him have my head. To his credit, Lawler admitted his guilt from the outset. The court heard Lawler's had his fair share of troubles in his life. His daughter has Hodgkinson's disease and his trucking business was struggling to stay afloat. But as the judge said he made a conscious decision to drive a dangerously defective truck laden with 18 tonnes of freight through busy peak-hour traffic.

Ms Parker's grandchildren still ask what happened to their beloved Nanny Annie. It's the hardest thing in the world to tell your two kids where, you know, where their nan's gone. Especially at a young age, trying to explain to them, you know. Lawler waved goodbye to his own son today as he was led to the cells. He'll be eligible for release in 2013. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. Shane Warne is back home hoping to patch things up with his estranged wife. And not long after arriving the Spin King did a Latham, launching a bitter attack over the way the media's treating him. On the field he's worn the green and gold with pride and distinction but today Shane Warne cut a distant figure as he landed his first delivery back on Australian soil - a snarling jibe at the assembled media. You like to be pretty critical over here in Australia and unfortunately that's the way the society is here and that's disappointing. And Fleet Street wasn't spared from Warne's first calculated over of vitriol. Renowned for his own accuracy the leg-spinner questioning the reliability of British scribes, particularly over the latest raft of sex scandals. A lot of that stuff was absolute rubbish - it was absolute lies and some of the stuff that they said was absolute fabrication. The highest wicket-taker in history also indicating it may not be stumps for his 10-year marriage to estranged wife Simone - reconciliation a consideration. That's on the agenda.

Yeah, we have lots of things to talk about.

That's one of the things - can we or can't we? It's understood Simone left the couple's Brighton home just hours after Warne arrived. The Spin King requesting

the media keep its distance as he attempts to rebuild his family. Hopefully you guys will respect that and allow us to take the kids to the park without having 10 or 15 of youse following us or camping outside our house. But I doubt it, I doubt whether you guys will. That'll probably make it harder. And yes, cricket also rated a mention.

Warne insisting retirement from the highest level is still a way off. At this stage I'm playing, I'm enjoying international cricket - how long that goes for I don't know. An English season laced with centuries and an incredible 87 wickets an indication things are infinitely better on the field than they are off it. It's as good as I can bowl. I can't bowl any better than that. Luke Waters, Ten News. A fight between a divorcing couple

has left a luxury yacht on the bottom of the harbour. When the marriage hit the rocks, the boat didn't stand a chance. Revenge is a dish best served cold or, in this case, wet. Mark and Tracy Bridgewater were happily married and had a big boat. Things turned ugly and they split up, so Mrs Bridgewater decided she'd sell the boat for the bargain basement price of $100,000. Trouble was, it was worth $250,000.

Mr Bridgewater was a trifle upset so he rowed out to the boat in the middle of the night, attacked it with an axe and sunk it. Sacrilege to have a boat of this quality sunk on the bottom. It's like tearing up $5 notes and throwing them away, it really is. Harbour authorities re-floated the yacht, called 'Rebel', but they're a little unhappy with what it's cost them to do it. So Mr Bridgewater is getting a bill for $25,000. Locals amazed a sunken marriage could end like this. It's a crying shame, isn't it? It's very unfortunate that two people can't sort their problems out other than by doing a dreadful thing like that. It must have been one hell of an argument. Angela Bishop, Ten News. After the break... From 40 cents to 20 cents a litre for fat. You could scrape it out of your deep-fryer and run it on that, too, as well. (laughs) inventor shows how to run a car on the cheapest alternative fuel of all. And in Sports Tonight, one of Australia's top cricketing prospects has been stood down from his team because he's overweight. for $150 off selected hooded Jackeroo barbecues including these sizzling styles. And with 40% off Royal Club sheets and towels, get the latest styles for your home. There have been wild scenes as police clashed with protesters in France. The violence erupting after police said they will charge four sailors for offences that could see them jailed for 20 years. They were part of a group of 40 protesters who hijacked a car ferry in the Mediterranean Sea authorities forced to send in the troops to seize control of the vessel. The unions fear up to 400 jobs could be lost if the government privatises the State-run ferry operation. In the rush to beat rising petrol prices an Australian inventor is giving fuel for thought. He says the day's fast approaching when we'll be filling our tanks with fat. Inventor Allan Lear reckons he's on a big fat winner.

It's the answer to the fuel crisis, he says - a car which runs on nothing but warmed, highly-refined tallow. In other words - plain, old, everyday fat.

You'll be able to go to your supermarket, hopefully, and buy these tallow satchels, or in a sausage, and that will be your fuel for your car. Allan says he's already running an engine on it and he'll have a complete car trial ready in a matter of weeks, and cheap as chips. From 40 cents to 20 cents a litre for fat. You could scrape it out of your deep-fryer and run it on that, too, as well. (laughs) So what's it going to cost you to run your vehicle on fat? It'll simply be a matter of spending about $1,500 on a special car conversion kit. The engineer also has the good oil on running cars on vegetable oil. He's making the fuel himself by refining leftover cooking waste collected from food outlets. We end up with our refined oil, which we pump out here, and it can go straight into your car. The whole process is solar-powered. Allan says he's also invented a petrol price-breaker for heavy industry in remote communities - a DIY diesel plant - and it's cleaner. You get a biofuel which consists of waste oil and cooking oil and diesel. If you're running diesel vehicles you'll love the price.

You get your diesel fuel you can fill your car straight up with for 90 cents a litre. The engineer says the Federal Government and big business are already lining up. The rest of us will be able to buy fat car conversion kits in a couple of years. Sharon Marshall, Ten News. At Commonwealth Securities, Tom Piotrowski. Tom, another strong day's trade pushed the market into record territory.

A confident note sounded by A confident note sounded by the market today with an market today with an impressive

rises. It has been a good week rises. It has been a good week so far. Even if it closes that far. Even if it closes that tomorrow

it will be the best week we it will be the best week we have

seen in over two years. And seen in over two years. And sugar

producers loving the talk producers loving the talk about ethanol. Yes, alternative fuels ethanol. Yes, alternative fuels are attracting attention. Sugar cane attracting attention. Sugar cane is

one of the crops used to one of the crops used to produce

ethanol. CT S R is one of ethanol. CT S R is one of the country's biggest sugar The retreat originated in the 16th century, when drummers would warn citizens to return to safety behind city gates. As well, three rounds were fired to scare off the evil spirits of the enemy. RIFLE FIRES The ceremony capped off with a performance of the '1812 Overture'. The weather's next and then it's Sports Tonight with Leigh Diffey. And Leigh, the coaches raise the ante in the lead up to this weekend's NRL Grand Final. Yes Sandra, North Queensland Coach Graeme Murray not pleased that Wests Tigers Coach Tim Sheens met with referee Tim Mander. As for the players, they're just enjoying the moment. Grand Final breakfast and Grand Final nerves. There has been a lot to take in for two teams not used to this treatment. And Kelly Slater barrelling towards another world title.

This program is captioned live. National weather: You might like your favourite drink on the rocks but now one London club has put the whole bar on ice. The temperature inside the trendy inner London bar is set at minus 5 and rather than take your coat and gloves guests are given them when they walk in the door. Everything is made from ice, even the glasses. But for the price you might be better off out in the cold - they want to charge about 30 pounds for a 45 minute visit. And that's the latest from Ten News.

Sports Tonight is next. I'm Sandra Sully, from the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.