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(generated from captions) This morning - a home-grown terror threat Claims Australia is facing from hundreds of extremists. Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke on Mark Latham. launches a fresh attack for the widow and team-mates And a courageous journey

of tsunami victim Troy Broadbridge. This program is LIVE captioned. with Anna Coren. This is Seven Morning News Good morning. has warned Australia's chief of police in Australia. there could be suicide bombings

Commissioner Mick Keelty says is very real. the likelihood of an attack here

But civil libertarians argue that

agreed to yesterday new counter-terrorism laws are draconian and unnecessary. In the wake of the London bombings, a home-grown terror threat of its own there are new claims Australia faces Muslim extremists are already here. with reports hundreds of many people embrace the ideology No-one can ever be sure just how or the ideals of terrorism. counter-terror laws implemented Mr Keelty wants the new

counter-terror laws implemented Mr Keelty wants the new as quickly as possible. But he has denied police

in implementing the changes. will need extra legal protection about these laws There's nothing different of any of the police that needs to raise the concerns that are going to use them. that while the laws are unusual, The Prime Minister acknowledges he still can't guarantee of a terrorist attack. Australia won't be the subject

We do live in very dangerous circumstances. and different and threatening and the minor parties believe But civil libertarians the changes are appalling, who have won. and say it is the terrorists and the chief ministers They've spooked the premiers into agreeing to a proposal

to justify for which there's no evidence these extremely draconian proposals. We're giving in our liberties

who would take them away. to the very people Terrorism hasn't won, democracy has. they will be unfairly targeted. Muslim groups are worried We trust the Prime Minister he will not betray our trust. and I hope The Prime Minister is this morning hot electoral issue - turning his mind to another that of rising fuel prices. with major oil companies He is meeting

the use of biofuels in Australia. to discuss how to increase

British authorities say David Hicks' citizenship application. they will consider terror suspect The British Home Office says character will be taken into account the Australian-born Muslim's

when looking at his application. in Guantanamo Bay prison since 2002 David Hicks has been citizenship in a new bid for freedom. and is applying for British

to allow Britain has previously refused to be tried any of its nine Guantanamo inmates any of its nine Guantanamo inmates

justice standards wouldn't be met. because of concerns international Baxter detainees will have their say inside immigration facilities on conditions health visits the centre today. when a Senate inquiry into mental Senator Lyn Allison says Democrats Leader and committee chair locking up asylum seekers the policy of

could be an abuse of human rights. The committee has already heard deteriorated while in detention asylum seekers whose mental health from the government. could seek compensation Former Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawke of Mark Latham critics. has joined the growing list Mr Latham to be Party leader He has revealed he never wanted for him to resign from the ALP. and now believes it would be logical

Mark Latham, however, says Mr Hawke's advice on anything. he won't be taking from The Latham Diaries The political and personal fallout is showing no sign of letting up. Labor Prime Minister says And Australia's longest-serving he saw the whole thing coming. urging them not to vote for this man I rang so many people in the Caucus he'd be a disaster. because I thought

a great deal in Mark Latham Even though he had invested during his campaign. I had him to my home, I thought was the right tactics, I talked calmly with him about what right policy, the right approach. the right strategy, the of anything I said. Unfortunately, he took no notice What's he saying? He did the worst to me, then he did the worst. then he did the best to me, in and out of this. I mean, he's blowing

At a university lecture last night, Mr Latham gave a speech entitled Young Idealistic People "10 Reasons Why

Organised Politics". "Should Forget About have contacted him He says many senior Labor figures with messages of support. from a Labor Frontbencher - Another email "Congratulations on the book. to what goes on inside the Party." "If anything, it is mild compared he resigned from the ALP... As for Bob Hawke's suggestion to worry about old Hawkie. It's getting too late in the day

Police are investigating a fire in Sydney's south-west. that has claimed a life in Baddeley Street in Padstow Fire crews were called to a home early this morning. after firefighters put out the blaze. A body was found the victim was a man or a woman. It is not yet known whether was divided into a number of bedsits. Detectives say the house Hampton Primary School A fire at Melbourne's

has caused more than $100,000 damage. Fire crews contained the blaze, and an entire year of students' work but not before computers went up in smoke.

leaving the school on bicycles. Three teenagers were seen as suspicious. Police are now treating the fire They are appealing for the public in school grounds during holidays. to keep a close eye on strangers

President George W. Bush to the hurricane-damaged Gulf Coast has made yet another visit from Katrina rises to 1,121. as the official death toll Hurricane Rita claimed 10 lives. disaster management goes on, As debate over Washington's has announced his resignation. the New Orleans police chief was back in the strike zone Tuesday President Bush

those hardest hit by Rita. touring the damage and talking to the parish presidents and mayors I heard loud and clear from that people are getting frustrated. I understand that frustration.

There was a growing frustration on the recovery. for those working around the clock

The sheriff in Vermilion parish says FEMA is taking way too long to help. Start taking applications and start helping these people! In Washington, congressional leaders grilled the man many say is responsible for early failures in the federal response. Former FEMA director Michael Brown blamed local and state officials for the massive problems in Louisiana.

My biggest mistake was not recognizing, by Saturday,

that Louisiana was dysfunctional. Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco also responded to Brown's testimony.

There was word 250 New Orleans

police officers left their posts

police officers left their posts

during hurricane duty. 14 inches of swamp mud all through here. But as thousands make the trip back home trying to find anything left of their lives before the storm... It's just paper now. ..they are beginning to understand as it was before Katrina and Rita. that normal will never be the same as it was before Katrina and Rita. The widow of former Melbourne Demons star Troy Broadbridge has begun a courageous journey back to Thailand. Trisha Broadbridge was enjoying her honeymoon on Phi Phi Island

on Boxing Day last year when the tsunami struck, killing her new husband. It's the second time Trisha Broadbridge has made the trip to Thailand. On the first occasion her new husband Troy was by her side. Now, 10 months later, Trisha is going back to the place where her soul mate was tragically killed in the Boxing Day tsunamis. She has support in abundance.

Troy's former team-mates from the Melbourne Demons will be by her side every step of the way. I dare say it's going to be an emotional trip and when we land on Phi Phi Island

and start to do some of the activities with the locals and join in there, I think it will really start to hit home. as reports filtered back to Australia They could only watch in despair as reports filtered back to Australia that their mate had lost his life on Phi Phi Island.

Clint Bizzell says the trip will be painful but it's time to get some closure. Troy was a great mate of ours, a guy who was courageous and selfless and displayed all the values that we hold dear to our football club. The group will help build a school in Troy's honour and walk through the final moments of his life before the freak wave hit.

So we're going over to one honour a mate and retrace the steps and see what really happened. Next in Seven News - our business and finance report, and in the pink - Sydney lights up in support of breast cancer research.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair

has ruled out withdrawing his country's troops from Iraq. Addressing Britain's annual Labour Party conference, he said troops will remain in Iraq to help establish democracy. And the way to stop the innocent in Iraq dying is not to retreat, to withdraw, to hand these people over to the mercy of religious fanatics or relics of Saddam, but to stand up for their right to decide their government.

Britain's Opposition has called for 8,500 soldiers to be brought home from the Middle East. US soldier Lynndie England has been sentenced to three years jail by a military jury for the mistreatment of detainees. She was pictured holding a leash to a naked man at Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad. The 22-year-old private was also given a dishonourable discharge from the army. Before sentencing, England apologised for her actions

and said she remained an American patriot. She faced a maximum nine years behind bars. Animal rights activists decked out in g-strings and Australian flags have protested against the treatment of sheep by the Australian wool industry. They have gathered outside our embassy in Washington demonstrating against the process of mulesing. Last month the Australian Wool Growers Association drafted a moratorium

the Australian Wool Growers Association drafted a moratorium to drastically reduce lamb mutilation and end mulesing by 2010. But the Australian Wool Innovations and Wool Producers rejected the agreement. There is relief in sight for thousands of arthritis sufferers.

Australian experts have discovered that specific diets can relieve the condition's painful and crippling symptoms.

At 73, Kevin Ringrose walks for an hour every morning, even skis regularly - not bad for anyone in their 70s, let alone someone who has lived with rheumatoid arthritis for more than 15 years. At first, he was prescribed traditional arthritis medications.

KEVIN: They take the pain and swelling away, and then after a while you discover that there's something else - your vision, your hearing.

There would be some side effect. He began to tackle his problem holistically, through diet, exercise and meditation. To me, it's the difference between having a wonderful life or being in pain and agony, like a lot of people I see, taking drugs. We know that diet works for diabetes, it works for heart disease and the fundamental process in those conditions is exactly the same for arthritis. Dietician Rocco Di Vincenzo

has worked with hundreds of arthritis patients for almost 10 years. His estimate - about 75% show dramatic improvements. Among foods which can help reduce inflammation - Pineapple has a particular compound in it called bromelaine, which is which is a very powerful anti-inflammatory. While it's almost impossible to reverse deformity, inflammation can be radically improved.

Within a short period of time, generally two to four weeks, some quite dramatic changes. you usually start to get some quite dramatic changes. Foods that can aggravate the condition include - Arthritis Victoria agrees eating habits are important but advises sufferers to supplement diet with prescribed medications.

New figures show

Federal Education Minister Brendan

Nelson has been forced to cancelled

a planned speech at a conference in

Sydney over security concerns. He

was expected to open the meeting on

schooling for the 21st century, but

protesting students blocked

protesting students blocked the

main gate inside entrances to Sydney Universityy. They are opposed to the government's plan to scrap compulsory student unionism.

The conference will still go ahead despite the minister pulling out.

He called off a visit to the

university of technology last month

because of concerns of violent protests. New figures show that Australia's birthrate has risen for the first time in seven years and according to researcher Professor Peter McDonald

of the Australian National University, it is expected to remain high. He has put it down to more family friendly attitudes in the work place, the Federal Government's baby bonus and ongoing debate about whether women are waiting too long to have children. If you thought Sydney's landmarks are taking on a pink hue, you are right. The city's buildings are changing colour to highlight Breast Cancer month. More than 30 cities around the world are taking part to highlight the disease. It coincides with the release of a survey on the lack of awareness of breast cancer. Among the findings, figures showing that more than one in three women who noticed a change in the look or feel of their breast waited over a month before seeking medical advice. Mitsubishi has finally unveiled the latest addition to its fleet -

a car made in Australia, designed specifically for Australians. Built in Adelaide, the six-cylinder sedan 3-80 has provided a much-needed boost

to the South Australian manufacturing industry. More than 55,000 workers were employed to bring the design to life. Just how much it will cost you to get behind the wheel of this cruising machine will not be revealed until the car's public debut at the Sydney Motor Show next month. To business and finance news now, and joining us is Westpac Senior Economist Andrew Hanlan. Good morning, Andrew. Our sharemarket hit record highs this week. What should we expect today?

The market is a little mixed at the

moment, just down 0.2 per cent. We

saw oil and copper prices easing

overnight. We're up 14 per cent on

the back of the strect of the world economy, generating a commodity

price boom. We're going forward. US

interest rates are on the rise,

taking a little gloss off the

world economy in 2006 and we may

start to see a turning of the commodity price cycle next year.

That suggests the market is

unlikely to achieve the same sorts

of gains next year. RBA governor Ian Macfarlane is speaking

Ian Macfarlane is speaking tonight

on the global economy. What will be

the key points an what could they

mean for interest rates? The

Reserve Bank governor is upbeat on

the world economy. I expect him to

remain so. It really means for Australia we're getting a

significant income boost through

the higher commodity prices. That's

providing an offset to the cooling

housing sector, so no interest cuts

on the way. There's still concern

about inflation risk, higher

about inflation risk, higher oil

prices a complicating factor. At

this stage expect rates to remain

on hold The Aussie dollar has come

under selling pressure this week,

falling to a four-week low. Why is

it out of favour with investors? At

the moment the Aussie is trading

around 75.50US cents. We've seen

volatilityy with the hur canes, but certainly interest rate

differentials are coming into focus.

differentials are coming into focus.

Continuing to rise in our rates on

hold. So investors starting to look

further afield for higher yields.

Andrew Hanlan from Westpac, thank

you for your time. You're welcome.

Next in Seven News - the latest in sport and forget the players, it is the fans doing it tough in the countdown to the Rugby League grand final.

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and her sister was left to bring up the family. CHRISTINE: And before, life was really hard. we had no hope. of the children and felt that I would like to help make someone's life a bit better.

vital development work has brought about lasting change. But for many other children in the world, the struggle to survive goes on. urgently need sponsors. the chance of a brighter future. Sponsor online now or call World Vision on 13 32 40 and change a child's life today.

It is a tense week ahead of the NRL grand final, but it is not just the players feeling the pressure. Tigers and Cowboys fans are also doing it tough and are going to extreme lengths to show their support. Wests Tigers fans have waited many long years for this week. Let's go, the Tigers! As their heroes continued preparation for Sunday night's grand final

it's been the supporters who have been working overtime to show their true colours. And while it's black, gold and white south of the border, it's three different colours across North Queensland...

(cheering) Go, Cowboys! the region gears up for its biggest football match ever. Cowboys fans are mad, they are mad keen. And while house painting and BBQ specials have become popular, even simple things like answering the phone

are proving difficult for Cowboys fans, thanks to a few office accessories. I don't think you can treat it as a normal week, it's impossible. To Rugby Union, and the Queensland Reds are expected to announce a full-time switch from their spiritual home at Ballymore to Suncorp Stadium. Reds officials say changes to the new Super 14 competition

are the reason for the switch to the 52,000-seat venue.

Despite claiming the AFL premiership just four days ago, the Sydney Swans have fallen out of favour with the bookies

for a repeat performance in 2006. The Swans have been touted as one-hit wonders with St Kilda and West Coast rated a better chance of winning the flag. Essendon coach Kevin Sheedy has named Matthew Lloyd as the Bombers skipper for the 2006 season.

Lloyd takes over from James Hird, who has stepped down to concentrate more on his own game. And Brisbane mid-fielder Luke Power has ended months of speculation, announcing he will stay with the Lions and reject offers to move home to Victoria. Power's future had been in doubt after a rift with coach Leigh Matthews was made public.

Next in Seven News - our weather report, and the quick brown fox in London's Portrait Gallery.

(Growls) Eat me. Look into my apple & cinnamon Swirl. Know that I will taste amazing. Mmm! New Tip Top Swirls. Hypnotically delicious.

Let's take a look now at what the weather is up to. A large cold pool of air will produce showers over the south-west of WA.

Finally, an animal better known for its cunning than culture has been caught perusing some of Britain's most famous paintings. Caught on security camera was a fox keen to make himself right at home.

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you.

It really is a fox wandering

through London's national portrait

through London's national portrait

gallery. Francis Alice used the

gallery's own security cameras to

follow the animal as it viewed the

paintings on show. It smoed most

interest for the cabinets, which

are more like displays of the

vertical surfaces. It spent more

time in the tutor room, for some

reason, possibly because it's

reason, possibly because it's

darker, but I'm not sure I could

confirm specific taste for one

period or another. For the gallery director there was initial concern

as to whether the fox would be

house trained and several other top

galleries refused access for just

that reason, but this was no wild

intruder. He's a tame fox and his

name is Bandit. After touring the

name is Bandit. After touring the

artworks and exploring the rooms,

he simply fell asleep. Clearly he

was intrigued by the rooms and how

he could move about. You see him

slinking from one room to the next.

I suspect he was susting out the

territory. Maybe he wanted land

scapes as well as portraits, but he

didn't say that The result is now

on show, visitors able to follow

Bandit the fox from screen to

screen on his nocturnal

screen on his nocturnal wandering.

The idea of a fox wandering

unaccompanied might seem an unusual

one, but the public reaction to

Francis's piece has been

universally positive. What the fox

thought, though, of the works of

art it perused that night we will

never know. Looks like Bandit has good taste. That is Seven's Morning News to now. We will keep you up to date throughout the day and in our bulletins at 4.30 and 6.00. Once again, we will leave you with Morning News senorita Chris Bath

who again impressed the judges on last night's Dancing with the Stars. I'm Anna Coren. Thanks for your company. Have a great day.

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