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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight... urging them not to vote for this man I rang so many people in the caucus

because I knew he'd be a disaster. Mark Latham a former PM tried to prevent taking the Labor leadership. of enormous concern There are people in Australia not just of some concern. Government's tough new terror laws, All States agree with the Federal it had to bow to? but what's the key issue levelled at one person Blame for the Concorde disaster of a manslaughter inquiry. who's now the subject Hello and welcome. for Ten's Late News. Sandra Sully with you Also coming up -

would have more sense. You'd think those people

in the number of older drivers Why there's a big increase caught drink-driving. damages babies at conception. And a dire new warning that smoking that the fathers were smoking It seemed that the fact the genetic material in their sperm. in some way damaged

of Mark Latham First, a damning assessment tonight in Labor Party history. by one of the most powerful people Former PM Bob Hawke said becoming leader, he fought against Mark Latham he tried to change his ways, but when the rebel rose to the top but failed. from 'The Latham Diaries' continues, The fallout

tonight revealing he campaigned hard former Labor prime minister Bob Hawke against Mark Latham's leadership. urging them not to vote for this man I rang so many people in the caucus because I though he'd be a disaster. for him and he became the leader. In their lack of wisdom they voted I had him to my home.

I thought was the right tactics, I talked calmly with him about what

policies, the right approach. the right tactics, the right anything I said. Unfortunately he took no notice of stay-at-home dad And it seems the now wishes he'd heeded the warning, lecture in Melbourne. offering this advice at a university idealistic people I'm sure there are some young, for parliament. interested in running

and as sincerely as I can - I have to say to you as frankly don't do it.

against the media, As Mr Latham continued his tirade of privacy, machine politics and the loss of the former leader's the ALP is now suffering the effects vicious attacks. in the latest Newspoll, Labor's primary vote dropped 5 points by a huge 10 points. trailing the Coalition

another Latham target, Support for Kim Beazley, and the AC Nielsen survey. also plummeted in both Newspoll

couple of weeks that we've had. After the pretty wretched hits in the polls. I'm not surprised we've taken a few

most Australians still believe However, the Neilson poll shows Mr Beazley is fit for high office the Latham effect and the Queensland Premier said would not be long term. You can't expect a Federal leader with the sort of nonsense to come through we saw from Mark Latham, the nastiest book which would have to be the nastiest book which would have to be I've ever seen in my life. Kate McGrath, Ten News. are becoming a reality Australia's toughest ever terror laws reaching agreement with State and Federal governments at a Canberra summit. for a 10-year limit on the laws. The PM bowed to demands we live in dangerous times. Nobody has any illusions all Labor, The premiers and chief ministers, caucused at their hotel the Liberal Prime Minister. before going to meet

We can be tough on terror protect people's rights. and at the same time on individual liberties But they insisted such an attack should not be permanent. by a sunset clause What's to be feared which expires this legislation? and received detailed briefings The summit lasted over two hours and top federal cop. from our spy chiefs the greatest sceptic It was enough to convince

of the lethal threat in our midst. of enormous concern There are people in Australia not just of some concern. has made for a safer Australia. What we've done today for detention without charge John Howard won unanimous support without a conviction. and control orders But there will be safeguards -

and an appeal before a judge. the right to a lawyer for a time limit on the measures. And he buckled to demands

Oh, this isn't a compromise. a 10-year sunset clause I don't think having in any way weakens these laws. $40 million for counter-terrorism The PM also announced another around the country including a network of labs to analyse chemical agents. and Federal Police at airports And the stand-off between state was resolved. They'll all become feds. We all support tough action and safety of our airports. to strengthen the security from the Muslim community. A plea as well for help of Australia If we alienate the Muslim community we lose our eyes and ears. then, frankly, Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. But police unions say Police to fight terrorism properly. there simply aren't enough Federal The Police Association says are now working on counter-terrorism, a quarter of all Federal Police

for military-style roles while they're still required in the Solomon Islands. police for airport security They say the need to bring in State shows the situation is now critical. respond to that - The fact that we can't

Australians. I mean, it should concern staff are overworked The Association says to properly respond and fear they may not be able on Australian soil. to a terror attack

a second charge A high profile doctor is facing of sexually assaulting patients. appeared in court on one count. Dr Martyn Mendelsohn has already police have laid another. Today it was revealed made a name for himself Dr Martyn Stuart Mendelsohn on Australian TV. as a celebrity makeover doctor called him her professional lifesaver 'Big Brother' contestant Aphrodite after she had surgery. more publicity But now Dr Mendelsohn's facing two patients. for allegedly sexually assaulting Dr Mendelsohn has treated over 22,000 patients in his career. We should bear that in mind before we jump to any conclusions. Now on bail, the facial plastic surgeon is still practising and allowed to see patients. and allowed to see patients. Already charged with having sex this year with a 23-year-old woman at his Chatswood practice, police have now laid another charge over an alleged assault on a 49-year-old at a former clinic in Hunters Hill. Hornsby Local Court was told the latest allegation follows a lengthy investigation dating back six years.

This more recent allegation dates back to 1999.

At that time it was fully investigated by the NSW police and by the NSW Medical Board. The allegations were denied then, as they are today. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. A Russian refugee who posed as a psychiatrist has been the target of a jail attack in Brisbane.

He's been taken to hospital for treatment to facial injuries. The bogus doctor is also accused of sexually assaulting a child.

More evidence tonight that smokers are harming others as well as themselves. Doctors have warned dads to be risk exposing their unborn children to cancer.

The dangers of passive smoking are well recognised, but perhaps not as many men are aware of the threat cigarettes pose to children not yet conceived. It seemed that the fact that the fathers were smoking

in some way damaged the genetic material in their sperm. A Chinese study from the late 1990s first alerted academics to this extra smoking threat. 14 subsequent studies worldwide confirmed children were two to three times more likely to get cancer if dad was a smoker. Sydney University professor Stephen Leeder went to a medical research conference in Melbourne to warn Australians about the statistics.

The health message in it surely must be that if we want to give children the best opportunity in life to avoid developing these cancers, then having fathers not smoke is a very good idea. Smokers in the city took the news differently. Some were stunned and immediately made a promise to stop puffing. I think it's something to take note of. I really should quit smoking now.

But others refused to be alarmed. I've got two young kids, um... ..hopefully they don't grow up and get cancer, but whether it is my smoking that's caused it or what they eat, drink, breathe, who knows. He suggested the public would be better served by academics trying to cure cancer. Paul Kennedy, Ten News. More alarming proof that the drink-driving message is not getting through.

New figures show the numbers are skyrocketing especially among older drivers. Supreme Court judge Geoff Shaw and former Liberal leader Andrew Peacock

are two older drivers who now know

if you drink and drive, you will get caught. But there's plenty of others still learning. Never drink and drive? Well, not much. Not much? Not much. How much is not much? Police figures released today show a massive increase in the number of women over 56 caught drink-driving. Men of the same age aren't much better - a 45% jump in offences. No surprise to some. No, not really, because the bulk of them are old foxes so they tend to take the same route and pray. You'd think those people would have more sense. Chief Superintendent John Hartley says around 80 people are caught drink-driving in NSW every day. Some of them are parents risking children's lives as well. Someone's been driving their kids to or from school or driving with a carload of kids in the car with them while they're blind drunk. The biggest problem for older drivers is when they grew up, drink-driving wasn't seen as dangerous and police were generally happy to let you off with a warning. So when my parents and your parents were growing up, it was always,

"Let's have one for the road, mate", and that was fine. That was part of the culture. Celebrities will continue to be used to ram the drink-drive message home. But some won't need to hear it. Do you ever drink and drive? Never - never had a drink in me life! Dan Nolan, Ten News. Stay on Ten News. When we come back, why the news is grim for all Australians facing drug charges

in Bali. And... 'GET SMART' TV THEME SONG PLAYS ..a sad farewell to the world's wackiest spy. Sorry about that, Chief.


POP! ..Lancer has 25% more power. HORN BEEPS So now you get impressive power... ..right across the Lancer range. HEART BEATS Investigators tonight pinpointed blame for the Concorde disaster to one person. All on board were killed when the supersonic jet crashed in flames near Paris five years ago. Henri Perrier who's the former boss of Concorde's European operations has endured a marathon grilling by prosecutors. They say the next step is to charge him with manslaughter over the deaths of 113 people. There's grim news for all the Australians facing drug charges

in Indonesia. Legal moves have delayed some cases and confirmed that others are facing the harshest penalties possible. It's another tough-on-drugs stance by Indonesian authorities. Australian Graham Clifford Payne now faces 20 years behind bars for drug possession after being arrested last month in northern Sumatra with a pocketful of methamphetamines. After searching the former schoolteacher's home, authorities also allegedly found a heroin-filled syringe and more than 2,000 prescription drug tablets. Detectives had originally planned to recommend a 10-year sentence. Now it's doubled. From his police cell today, the 20-year-old did not want to talk. I can't really talk at the moment. I'm kind of busy. The news comes as prosecutors handed over the cases of the Bali Nine to Denpasar District Court. It's the final legal step in the lead-up to their trials, which are expected to begin next month. Some of the key legal documents detailing communication between the nine Australians before they were arrested over an alleged heroin exportation conspiracy. Their charges carry the death penalty. Meanwhile, 24-year-old Sydney model Michelle Leslie

has broken her silence over her ecstasy ordeal, revealing the shocking conditions inside her Bali police cell, and admitting she was foolish. And in another legal setback for Schapelle Corby, Natarsha Belling, Ten News. A former PM has flagged the idea of Australia becoming the world's dumping ground for nuclear waste. He says we have an environmental responsibility and could make lots of money. Bob Hawke describes his plan as revolutionary. What Australia should do, in my judgement, as an act of economic sanity and environmental responsibility, is say we will take the world's nuclear waste. Mr Hawke made the bold call at a dinner in Sydney last night, putting Labor's current leader on the spot. Look, Bob is the father figure of the Labor Party but that's well outside the platform. But the former PM says Australia is geologically the safest place in the world to store waste and such a dump would make an unrivalled contribution to the environment. Then there's the money. We could revolutionise the economics of Australia if we did this. We would have a source of income of enormous proportions.

His comments drawing criticism. I think he's a fantastic individual, but we don't agree on everything, and this is one thing we don't agree on. This is Bob Hawke who's abandoned the battlers and is now in there batting for the millionaires. The States too are already fiercely opposed to a dump

housing Australia's nuclear waste within their boundaries, so it's hard to see them ever agreeing to store the world's waste. Northern Territory Chief Minister Clare Martin was waging that battle with John Howard this morning. Three potential sites have been earmarked to store the Commonwealth's waste and Territorians are furious. What I wanted to hear from the PM was he was going to change his decision. I didn't get that, so we're fighting. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. A sad farewell tonight to a comic legend - the death of Don Adams, who found fame as the bumbling spy Maxwell Smart. He was 82. For Australian TV fans, it was an afternoon rite of passage to sit in front of the box and watch Maxwell Smart pull up to the kerb in his little blue Karman Ghia and race into Control. For Don Adams, it was the role of his life. Sorry about that, chief. Born Donald James Yarmy in New York in 1923,

he took his first wife's name, Adams, because many acting auditions were done alphabetically. He'd joined the Marines at 16 and was shot while fighting in Guadalcanal. Returning home, he turned to something safer - stand-up comedy, which led to the role in 'Get Smart', originally intended as a spoof on the James Bond movies. Would you believe that I own the biggest yacht in the world? I find that hard to believe.

Would you believe the biggest tugboat? While Maxwell Smart was anything but, Don Adams was very cluey, taking a small salary in return for a 33% cut of the show's sales. A lifetime of re-runs making that a brilliant decision. The original series ran from 1965 until 1970. But there were comebacks - 'The Nude Bomb' in 1980, and just 10 years ago, a new TV version lasting just seven episodes. It was perfect because her good side was here, and my good side was here.

Now we don't have good sides anymore. Speak for yourself. He also had a successful voice-over career. Inspector Gadget his most famous character. But it will be the little things we remember - the shoe-phone, the cone of silence and all the beloved catchphrases of Agent 86. Missed it by that much.

Don Adams was 82. 'GET SMART' THEME PLAYS Angela Bishop, Ten News. When the Late News returns - which four-wheel drives stack up best when it comes to the crunch? And in 'Sports Tonight' - how Australia's hopes of a surfing world title were dumped in massive French waves.

and mostly cloudy in Alice Springs. A date has been set for the American trial

The problem with all side impacts is you've only got a very short distance to absorb the energy. You're very close to the impact when it's from the side. The tests award five stars to the Subaru Forester, VW Touareg, Volvo and BMW. Most others receive four stars. The difference is the quality of side-impact protection and whether side airbags protect the head or only the body. Worst rating to the Nissan Patrol, it has no side airbags. Here's what to look for.

This is what's called a curtain airbag, and it covers both the driver's opening and the rear seat passenger opening. It provides protection for both rows of seats. Having a large vehicle doesn't necessarily offer good protection in the event of a crash. In this case, the Mitsubishi Pajero has hit harder because of its additional weight. And a new study of four-wheel drivers suggests

most are men aged in their 40s and 50s, overweight and aggressive. There's definitely a predominance of conservative blokes who like to muscle into the traffic and throw their weight around. John Hill, Ten News. At Commonwealth Securities, Tom Piotrowski. Tom, what was behind the new record high on the market today?

A closer look now at the finance figures. And the All Ordinaries rose more than 11 points. The strength in the resources and banking sector is continuing with Macquarie Bank again the standout performer.

The other major banks were also up, Telstra and News Corp down.

The weather's next and then it's 'Sports Tonight' with Ryan Phelan. And Ryan, Wests Tigers fans put on a massive show of force ahead of Sunday's grand final. Yes, Sandra, finals fever is growing, but it's not all good news for the Tigers fans. But will they have to make do without key winger, Pat Richards? Medical staff said, "No", the other day,

and then they said, "Well maybe", today. Plus what NRL CEO David Gallop thinks about the Cinderella grand final. It's a grand final which I guess sums up the season. We've had upsets every weekend and it's happened right through to grand final day.

And why the time is right for Matthew Lloyd to captain the Bombers. The day's sport is next.

Let's take a look at the weather and the synoptic tell us warm northerly winds will freshen over eastern Australia and a cold front will generate strong winds, rain, thunder and a colder change across southern states.

A high will clear away showers in Western Australia. So tomorrow, mostly sunny in Cairns, Brisbane, and Sydney. Cloudy in Canberra with wind increasing.

Windy and wet in Melbourne. Windy as well in Hobart. And windy with showers in Adelaide. Showers for Perth, a possible shower in Darwin, and mostly cloudy in Alice Springs. And that's the latest from Ten News. 'Sports Tonight' with Ryan Phelan is next. I'm Sandra Sully, from the Late News team, goodnight. We apologise for the earlier break in transmission during CommSec.

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