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(generated from captions) This program is LIVE captioned. This morning - A blazing rescue. storm their way into an Iraqi jail. British soldiers under attack as they police find their kidnapped son. Joy for a Perth family after wins the AFL's Brownlow Medal. And West Coast's Ben Cousins with Anna Coren. This is Seven's Morning News

Good morning. an Iraqi jail British troops have stormed who had been arrested freeing two undercover commandos a police officer. for allegedly shooting acts of aggression In one of the most controversial

since the end of the war of the Basra prison. four tanks broke down the walls sparked violent protests News of the arrests had already in Iraq's second city.

Bed lamb in Basra, a British

armoured vehicle burns and a mob

runs riot. The driver tries to

manoeuvre out of trouble but

without success. Protesters throw

stones and petrol bombs, occasionally gunshots are heard.

Eventually one soldier tries to

escape. He is pelted with stones,

but does not return fire and

disappears from view. He is

followed by a crowd of Iraqis. What

happens next is not clear, but

British officials have confirmed

that no British soldiers were

killed. Some, though, were clearly

hurt. Eventually British troops

move in and the crowd is dispersed,

unconfirmed reports suggest 15

civilians were injured. The clashes

took place outside a police station,

the armoured vehicles were there to

secure the release of two British

servicemen, arrested for allegedly

shooting dead an Iraqi police

officer. Iraqi police released

photographs of the two men they

were holding whose release was

being negotiated. But tonight there

are several reports that British

forces use tanks to breakdown the

prison walls. The governor of Basra

has called it an act of barbaric

aggression. The ministry of defence

has refused to comment on reports

by Iraqi officials that the men

working undercover drove a civilian

car through an Iraqi checkpoint.

This Iraqi policeman says the

politeish soldiers opened fire.

Iraqi police respond. This unrest

at a time when there are renewed

withdraw. calls for British forces to

the first mission to the moon 33 years after astronauts back to the lunar surface. NASA has unveiled plans to send The space agency insists within its existing budget. that the feat can be achieved where it has been before NASA wants to boldly go

but this time on a shoestring budget

putting man back on the moon by 2018. looks familiar If the spacecraft in this animation that's because it relies heavily used for years on some of the same technology in the shuttle and Apollo programs. could carry six astronauts - The new craft twice as many as Apollo. and live there for a week Four would land on the moon instead of splashing down. and return to earth, literally, By reusing proven technology, and cuts costs. NASA is hoping to increase safety will have to be funding driven. All of our goals into its pockets But with the nation digging deep of Hurricane Katrina to pay for the aftermath space program is a luxury. the question is whether America's NASA says no. we don't cancel the Air Force. When we have a hurricane, We don't cancel the Navy. And we're not going to cancel NASA. the shuttle until 2010 NASA says it will continue flying to the international space station. to fulfil its promises without more money. Critics question how NASA can do both the shuttle NASA keeps trying to replace while still flying it any replacement hardware. and it simply hasn't produced pictures and not much beyond that. It's produced a lot of pretty

another giant leap for mankind, It's one small step toward keeping one eye on the stars and for an agency

and the other on the bottom line. A second person has died the anaesthetic known as laughing gas after apparently inhaling during an incident in Sydney's west. The 23-year-old woman found unconscious in a car was one of four people at Toongabbie on Sunday morning. A 38-year-old man died at the scene. Two other men remain in hospital.

was taken from the vehicle. A cylinder of nitrous oxide clubbing before inhaling the gas. Friends say the four had been out in a Perth court this morning Two men are due to appear the biggest missing persons cases charged over one of in Western Australia. from a train station three weeks ago, 14-year-old Blake Reynolds vanished

by police and family. triggering a massive search Yesterday, they found him. had almost lost hope Gail Reynolds alive again. of ever seeing her son Blake Almost. after three weeks. You begin to wonder But the nightmare has ended. with his family at last. The 14-year-old boy has been reunited was be abducted three weeks ago Detectives believed Blake Reynolds

near a Perth railway station. for the schoolboy A massive search was launched with numerous reports of sightings. to a home in Perth's south-east The police investigation led them where he was last seen. within 100m of the train station the police, yes, absolutely. He was very damn pleased to see at the house, aged 41 and 44. Detectives arrested two men with kidnapping They have been charged later this morning. and will appear in a Perth court with his family now Blake is back home and psychological examinations. after undergoing physical Just so happy. Tears of joy this time. He's safe and he's home with us. have attacked government plans Drivers and motoring groups amid record prices at the pump. to lift the current fuel excise the capped 38c a litre excise There are reports at the beginning of next year. could rise by 0.6c The increase is apparently designed develop cleaner fuels. to help oil companies to help oil companies

Meanwhile, seek approval from Federal Cabinet the Prime Minister will today for tougher anti-terrorism laws. measures to improve national security Mr Howard wants to introduce new for terrorism suspects, including two weeks' detention electronic shackling

on citizen applicants. and more detailed background checks has just returned from New York Mr Howard where he addressed the United Nations

in fighting terrorism. on better global cooperation Cricketer Glenn McGrath and his wife Jane are launching the McGrath Foundation in a bid to give breast cancer sufferers greater access to nursing care.

The foundation grew out of Jane's own battle with the disease. Its research has found that a lack of access to a breast care nurse can impact hugely on the physical and emotional wellbeing of a sufferer. It's definitely a vital part of sort of ongoing treatment of all parties involved. Not only the women going through it but the families and partners and what have you. I still have questions eight years on. You never forget how overwhelming it is. The questions constantly keep coming. With a breast care nurse, you can either make an appointment with her or pick up the phone and immediately the stress is alleviated. To AFL's big night. West Coast captain Ben Cousins has won his first Brownlow Medal. The midfielder polled 20 votes, one ahead of team-mate Daniel Kerr. Cousins now has the chance to become just the 12th player to win the Brownlow and a premiership in the same year. It is usually the players who get all the attention. But on the red carpet the partners and friends took centre stage.Yes Hawthorn giant Peter Everitt was not interested in fashion,

just saving his good mate Barry Hall. Ben Cousins was on the other side of the country, waiting patiently at a ceremony in Perth. Good luck tonight to the West Coast Eagles and Ben Cousins, everybody. International superstar Michael Buble kicked off the show. # Can I just have one more moon dance # With you, my love? # I'm sorry, I've never seen so many beautiful women in one room. I wanna be a footy player. St Kilda's Nick Dal Santo led the votes early. But by round 15 West Coast's Daniel Kerr, who started the night as a 500-to-one outsider, and Cousins, were battling it out. From there, the Eagles' skipper pushed to the front... B. Cousins, three votes. ..and was named as the League's best and fairest player. The winner of the 2005 Brownlow is Ben Cousins, the West Coast Eagles. Last year's Brownlow winner and team-mate Chris Judd presented the medal. On a personal note, I hope it doesn't sink in until after the weekend because it's all about a grand final and winning a premiership. I will have more AFL news later in sport. But coming up after the break, our business and finance report. And the new hurricane threatening New Orleans.

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Up to 20 teenage Army cadets have been taken to hospital

with suspected food poisoning at a Victorian Army base. A helicopter and ambulances were called to Puckapunyal base overnight while Army buses transported other sick young soldiers to Bendigo Hospital. The cause of the food poisoning outbreak is yet to be determined. None of the patients are in a life-threatening condition. After years of international condemnation, North Korea has pledged to scrap all its nuclear programs. In a joint statement, the communist state and the US agreed to mutually respect each other's right to a peaceful coexistence.

He leads the world's most reloose I

have and arguably most brutal

regime and under the President

north Korea has been developing

nuclear weapons. It has taken two

years of long, painful fee

deporbyaigss to persuade thoim give

them up

It is a big decision for them, a

big undertaking bit is absolute

think right decision for them. The

security, the success, the

prosperity of the DPR does not

depend on nuclear weapons. In fact,

it depends on relation was others

Under the agreements North Korea

Stalinist regime will be given fuel

and food aid and security

guarantees in return for promising

to scrap its nuclear program. Those

who believe engageing North Korea

will open it up are welcoming the


What we have said is great, that is

a wonderful step forward but now we

have to verify whether or not that


North Korea has allowed nuclear

inspectors in before, then thrown

them out again and this agreement

dots of does not say how North

Korea will be held to its promises,

leaving those sorts details until

fresh talks in November. From their

embassy in Beijing the north

Koreans were adding little on the

specifics of the deal

The North Korean regime will have

to prove this time it really means

its word and is not planning to

return to the nuclear blackmail of the past. Now to the US, where another hurricane is threatening New Orleans forcing the suspension of plans for residents to return to the city. For the latest, we are joined by Seven's US correspondent, Mike Amor. Mike, tell us about this latest hurricane.

Good morning Anna. Her name is Rita

and she is not yet a hurricane,

still a tropical storm but expected

to strengthen later on today to a

category 1. It is about to hit the

Florida keys which is at the bottom

of that state. Now Amanda

trievacuation order has been issued

for its 40,000 resident. There will

be wibdz of about 100km/h. What is

frightening about this is that it

has an uncany resemblance to the

build up of Katrina three weeks ago

which killed about one dozen people.

Rita could pick up strength once it

hits the Gulf of Mexico the warm

waters there and could be a

category 3 or even 4 storm. At the

moment it is headed towards Houston

Texas but there is also a fear that

it could turn north and directly

hit New Orleans. Now the governor

of Florida Jeb Bush is warning his

resident to take Rita very seriously.

All of the storms regardless of the

category force of its winds are

dangerous storms. I worry we have

been hit by so many storms that

people are quantifying between the

varying - whether it is category 1

or don't worry about that one - it

is not a category 4. These storms

can gain power very, very quickly.

Anna this is the 19th hurricane of

the season. The record is 21, but

the season does not finish until

the end of nofpt as you know, they

named the hurricanes in

alphabetical order and there is a

real fear they may have to go back

to the letter A for the first time


It appears plans for residents to

return to New Orleans was a bit premature. They have been arguing

about this for the past couple of

days. The mayor of New Orleans has

invited 180,000 resident to come

back in and start reopening

businesses but the Federal

government is not happy and says it

is Premier tuerbgs there is not

enough infrastructure to support a

lot of people, there is the risk of

disease, gas explosion, and today

with the threat of Rita the

President himself put pressure on

the mayor of New Orleans to back

down which he did.

If it were to rain a lot, there is

concern from the army Korp of

engineers that the levies might

break. And so therefore we are

cautious about encouraging people

to return at this moment.

As a result we are suspending all

re-entry into the city of New

Orleans as of this moment.

So Rita not yet a hurricane, still

having an impact world wide. The

price of oil shot up $4US a barrel today.

Mike, we will leave it there. Thank

you so much for your time. Mike

Amor in the US. Face transplants were once the subject of science fiction. Now they are becoming an all-too real option. Surgeons at a clinic in Cleveland Ohio are preparing for a world-first operation. The aim, to help those who are disfigured or who have been in an accident.

This ace state-of-the-art template.

What just a fear years ago was holy

wood science fiction could soon be reality

Then we simply connect the muscles,

tear ducts and...

The first face transplant is now

being planned by a team of doctors

at the renowned Cleveland clinic

but unlike the movie Face/Off the

goal is not to look like someone

else but to give a patient whose

face has been disfigured by burns

or accident a new chance at a

normal life. Microsurgeons will

replace the patient's face with a cadaver. There is disagreement

about what the face will look like

since bone structure determines

facial appearance the patient could

look like they did before they were

disfigured but other experts think

they will look more like a kopbl by

nation of themselves and the donor

You are take Ange person who has a

disfigurement, that they cannot

hide their face and we are covering

that and making them look better.

The downside are the risks that we

don't know about yet

Some critics believe those risks

are too great. There is the

possibility of rejection and the

higher chance of disease as a

result of strong suppression drugs

recipients must take. There is also

the psychological effects of

wearing another person's face .

Are they go go to accept that face

as their own or are there going to

be tiles when they will feel

strange about having somebody

else's face on their face? Those

are psychological frontiers that we

have never dealt with. To business and finance news now. Joining us is Martin Lakos from Macquarie Financial Services. Good morning, Martin. The price of oil has surged on the back of warnings of another tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico.

Yes, indeed. The second hurricane

potentially to come through the

region, following Katrina the Gulf

oil production is running at 50% so

it is pretty skinny at that stage

and the oil price kicked very hard,

well over $67 a barrel. We are

still weighing news from OPEC to

see what their response will be,

there is an expectation OPEC may

lift production to aleave yacht the

supply problems coming out of the

gulf in the US

Gold has also had a big run overnight

With some of the uncertainty gold

broke above $650 an ounce last week.

It has put up almost 18% in that

time period and touched $470

overnight in the US and certainly

gold strongly are strong today.

Newcrest is up 59 cents to $19.75

and le here gold up to 1.64. Some

expect gold to run through to $490

before it take as breatheer. Oil

stocks are strong in the market as

you would expect. Woodside is up 73

to 33.17 and Santos up 21 to $11.41

How is the local market looking?

The back of the stronger oil price

and gold the market is up about 11

points and it is pretty much across

the board. Resource sectors firm,

BHP up 14 cents which has added

1.20 over the last four trading

days. Rio up 35t cents. National

Australia Bank down 2 cents from

yesterday's close and ANZ up to

23.17. Elsewhere the insurance

stocks, QBE up 12 cents to 17.935

despite the prospect of another

hurricane coming through the Gulf

and AMP is up 1 to 7.51.

Thank you for your time. Sport is next in Seven News. Including the anxious wait for the Swans' Barry Hall. Christine was born in Uganda. When she was five, her parents died, CHRISTINE: And before, life was really hard. We had no parents, we didn't have food, we had no hope. I saw the suffering of the children and felt that I would like to help make someone's life a bit better. and become a teacher. And for her community, vital development work has brought about lasting change. But for many other children in the world, These children urgently need sponsors. You can give a child living in desperate poverty the chance of a brighter future. Sponsor a child today through World Vision. and change a child's life today.

As the AFL gears up for Saturday's grand final, controversy continues to surround the possible suspension of Sydney Swans' captain Barry Hall after a review panel found him guilty of striking St Kilda's Matt Maguire. But for West Coast star Ben Cousins, it has already been an unforgettable season. As we saw earlier he was awarded the Brownlow Medal for the best and fairest player for the best and fairest player of the season. Seven's Craig Hutchison was there. Good morning, Craig. You tipped Ben Cousins to win, but it was a tight contest.

Plenty of people tipped Ben Cousins,

he was an overwhelming favourite

and he should have won the award,

he had a wonderful season. He has

done everything in football, this

was the miss inkling as well as

Saturday afternoon. While he was

delighted to have won he was

measured in his response to winning.

He spoke well and was humble and

any celebration from the Brownlow

can wait. He handled himself

magnificently last night

The question on everyone's lips,

will Barry Hall be allowed to play

in Saturday's grand final?

I think he will. I think they will

have some success at the AFL

Tribunal but an enormous role of

the dice. Tonight is the only

legitimate chance of many playing

on the weekend and the onus is on

the Swans to prove their case.

Barry Hall is flying down to

Melbourne from Sydney and he will

appear in person. The case will

start about 6pm and a QC will trite

and they will be trying to convince

the AFL Tribunal it was actually in

play and not behind play. They have

built a strong case and the

Tribunal has a precedent of

downgrading charges from its own

match review panel so I think he

will beat the charge and get off.

It remains to be seen. Really the

Swans can't win without him and

that is the general view of the

football community

I think Sydney need Parry haul in

it to have any chance because West

Coast will be an annoying team in

this competition for the next three

to four years, they will be a great side

But if Barry Hall losses tonight,

what is next?

There will be enormous drama, an

appeals board, Thursday night, his

last course of avenue of the AFL

system and no-one has beaten the

appeal. The appeals system has

become worthless so I wouldn't

fancy a chance. Remote chance of

court action but unlikely, plenty

of nervous Swans fans but le's hope

for the game's sake he can get off


Our fingers are crossed. NRL chief executive David Gallop has apologised to Wests Tigers fans for not being able to change the venue for Saturday's grand final qualifier. Angry fans have been demanding the game be switched from Aussie Stadium to the larger Telstra Stadium to accommodate more spectators. NRL referee Paul Simpkins Next in Seven News, our weather report

Let's take a look at the weather.

That's Seven's Morning News to now. I'm Anna Coren. Thanks for your company. Have a great day. Captioned by Seven Network Email -