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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Latham lets loose - affect the future of the Labor Party. how the revealing interview will while showing a property - A real estate agent murdered to her killer. the clue that may lead police as infected mice are stolen. And a bubonic plague threat Ten News with Natarsha Belling. Good morning. released from hospital - Also today - pregnant Princess Mary her doctor has given her. the strict orders Go, Swannies! tonight's blockbuster with St Kilda. And Swans fans head south for To breaking news first, and convicted gang rapist Bilal Skaf to have sentence reduced. has won his appeal

The new 28-year maximum term of 55 years. is almost half his original prison and two other convicted gang rapists His brother, Mohammed, their sentences slashed. have also had on three teenage girls The men were jailed for attacks three years ago. in Sydney's south-west the Labor Party was miserable agony. Mark Latham says leading his first since resigning - In a revealing television interview - has attacked his closest colleagues. the former opposition leader impact the party It's a move that will not only legal ramifications. but may also have nearly didn't make it to the screen - Mark Latham's thoughts in full and News Limited a legal battle between the ABC delayed his first interview this year until late last night. from going to air and exclusivity. It's about confidentiality Labor's fallen star didn't hold back. When he did appear, on the party's machine men. He blames Labor's demise Half a dozen of them can sit down for the next 20 years. and plan preselections He also attacks his colleagues

of a colleague's suicide. over their harsh handling after a family break-up. Greg Wilton killed himself and help him. He needed people to support him many Australians were asking And he answered the question in the wake of the tsunami - where was he when Labor needed him? to speak when I had decided to go. It would have been artificial on New Year's day. He had, in fact, decided to go leadership as miserable agony. He describes his time in the If you think you are going to get and a robot a cross between Jesus Christ to be Prime Minister, running for any political party you're sadly mistaken. of his replacement, Kim Beazley, Mr Latham adds to his criticism would make a better leader. saying Julia Gillard a brave face Mr Beazley was putting on this morning. as the party's national executive met Thanks for turning out. No comments this morning.

to do in here We have got a bit of a job and do it. and we're going to get in there a member of the ALP. Despite it all, Mark Latham remains There are no plans to expel him. for many of his former colleagues. But bewilderment has turned to anger

about what anyone thinks anymore. Mark Latham isn't concerned is to set the record straight His priority, he says, and concentrate on his children. Leonie Mellor joins us. Ten's political reporter Fenn Kemp, Ten News.

critique of the Labor Party. Leonie, Mark Latham's given a damning How much damage has he done? Good

morning. There's no doubt his

venomous attack has shaken Labor.

Members are still reeling. They

never expected he would go this far

so it's fair to say it has done a

lot of damage, certainly in the

short term. The ALP's National lot of damage, certainly in the

Executive met this morning. It was

a scheduled meeting but you can bet

Mark Latham was discussed there. As

member as were arriving we asked

whether there were plans to expel

Mark Latham from the ALP. Here's

what they had to say. Why would we

do that and make him a hero or a

martyr? He's a grub. It is a

personal tragedy, a tragedy for him,

difficult for the Labor Party but

in the end the major loser will be

Latham because I think he's really

seriously damaged his credibility.

Natarsha, I think Labor will be

waiting to see how this plays out.

There's no doubt it will be

dominating the headlines and

political aJenna over the next week

or two but you have to -- agenda

over the next week or two but you

have to remember the next election

is over two years ago and it is

unlikely to impact that. Mark

Latham did have close supporters.

What did they say about that? Julia Latham did have close supporters.

Gillard was a close supporter and

in fact she's just about the only

person Mark Latham hasn't canned in

his book. He goes so far to say she

should be the leader of the Labor

Party. Julia Gillard is at a funk

this morning and says she's 100%

Kim Beazley. Here is how she

reacted to Mark Latham's interview.

To be cut down with an illness has

obviously left Mark feeling like he

needs to put out the reflections he

has about the Labor Party. I don't

agree with many of the reflections.

I guess Mark thinks he's been

honest with himself but he's the

only one who can answer that

question. Thank you. are missing near New York. Mice infected with the bubonic plague from a bioterrorism lab The three mice disappeared they may have been stolen. and there are fears and all staff have been questioned, The FBI is investigating lie detector tests. some even put through two weeks ago The mice were reported missing but experts say if they are alive to public health. they pose only a small risk An American anti-war protester

for being a national security risk deported from Australia is back on US soil. a legal battle Scott Parkin has launched Melbourne as a political prisoner. to find out why he was locked up in

Scott Parkin may be considered to be on Australian soil, far too dangerous he's a free man. but back home in America, I'm not a threat at all. and resources and manpower. It is definitely a waste of money The self-proclaimed peace activist for at least three years. is banned from returning to Australia Police arrested him on Saturday His visa cancelled after Federal after a protest rally profiting from the Iraq war. against an American company I think we are seeing a crisis freedom of expression in Australia. in freedom of speech and terrorist wasn't bad enough, As if being treated like a suspected he's been given the bill he spent in solitary confinement for not only the five days in a maximum security cell but also his plane fare and that of the two escorts who made sure he left the country - the total more than $11,000. Now safely back on US soil,

he says he'll dedicate his time to the legal fight against the Australian authorities. He and a team of immigration lawyers

are demanding to know why the 36-year-old history teacher was considered such a threat. I've never participated, incited or had anything to do with any sort of violent action. I am a complete nonviolent person. As for how he thinks the Australian Government handled it? I'm not going to go into that too much. I don't have a very high regard, though. In Los Angeles, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News.

A dangerous battle for firefighters as a blaze destroyed a timber yard in northern NSW. Fire crews faced intense flames as the factory burnt to the ground.

They were worried about explosions, but their biggest problem was water, which had to be trucked in because there was no local supply. This is about as big as they get and very difficult to control. Really, the only actions that could have been taken were defensive actions. Way too dangerous to commit crews inside. The fire will be investigated, but it's not believed to be suspicious. The factory is the town's biggest employer - the fire leaving 140 people out of work. A brutal murder in Melbourne overnight - a real estate agent killed while showing a property. The tragedy sparking renewed calls for change within the industry. The real estate agent was found dead by police in an upstairs bathroom of the vacant home around 7:00 last night. Her boss reported her missing to police at 5:00. It's believed Lorrell Makin had been strangled. She's laying face down. It's very difficult to determine what injuries. We've got the pathologist here. The 48-year-old had been showing someone through the property when she was attacked around midday yesterday. Her distraught colleagues arriving at work this morning still coming to terms with the tragic news.

I've had a lot of dealings with her. I can't believe this has happened to her in such a small town. We're not prepared to make any comment at this stage. The matter is under investigation and that's all we're going to say at this point. Police remain at the scene this morning and are talking to neighbours. Agents are now convinced the mother of two's death will force change within the real estate industry. Yeah, she'll be sorely missed. I'm sure it will change the way we do appointments and stuff like that. The Makin family, including her two children, have gathered at the nearby family home to grieve. Mitchell Catlin, Ten News. The AFL preliminary finals kick off tonight and Swans fans have already begun the trek down south to support the boys when they take on St Kilda. 4-year-old twins Cameron and Mitchell were signed up as supporters before they were born. The boys haven't missed a home game since they were two weeks old. Go, Swannies! This is the twins' first trip to Melbourne. We'll check on how both teams are shaping up later in sport.

And of course you can catch all the action here on Ten from 7:30 tonight. Still to come this morning, the Hollywood newlyweds calling it a day four months on. And Fergie's stern warning to fat Australians. This program is captioned live. Princess Mary is out of hospital after a pregnancy scare. Denmark's Australian-born Crown Princess spent two nights in a Copenhagen hospital after experiencing contractions six weeks before her first baby is due. The royal family has released a statement saying the Princess is doing well and has returned home to the palace. Doctors have advised the 33-year-old to rest until the end of her pregnancy. Mary's husband, Crown Prince Frederik, has cancelled a planned overseas trip to stay with his wife. Shocking scenes from Africa, where thousands of children are dying of starvation. And now there are fears the United Nations is going to scale back its rescue efforts. We warn the following pictures might disturb some viewers. It's been a terrible few days in the feeding centre. This child has just come in. His heart is irregular, his lungs are infected.

Starvation makes no exemptions for the smallest. His mother can't watch. In the room next door is this baby. She was too starved to take any food. She died a few hours after we filmed this. The rains have finally come.

Nature's grand gesture, a year late. The first signs of the new harvest are already here. Food aid to the general population will stop with the harvest to let Niger's economy slowly get back on its feet. That's a terrifying prospect for those who have nothing. We went back to the feeding centre to check on the mother and her child. The child had died. He was laid to rest at 10:00 in the morning. One of thousands who have been lost in the enormity of this crisis. His mother has other children to worry about. Her tortures are not over yet. 'Bridget Jones' star Renee Zellweger has split with her husband after just four months of marriage. The 36-year-old actress tied the knot with country music singer Kenny Chesney on a Caribbean island in May after a whirlwind romance. The stars met at a tsunami relief benefit and only dated for four months before the wedding. They have filed court papers to get the marriage annulled. A lunch to remember for an Australian weight-loss champion. A Tasmanian housewife sharing a congratulatory meal with the Duchess of York in the former royal's new hometown of New York. From frumpy housewife to hobnobbing with celebrities, as Weight Watchers Slimmer of the Year Tasmanian mum Kym Reeve enjoyed lunch at one of New York's fanciest restaurants with the Duchess of York. When they first told me I was going to meet her I had goose bumps, so for it to become a reality, yeah, I'm quivering. The 34-year-old homemaker

never dreamt something like this would happen to her. She thought she'd be obese forever until she moved into a new house with a giant bathroom mirror. Every morning I was getting out of the shower being confronted with my large size and it just got to a point where I said, "Nah, I've got to do something about this." Over the space of a year she dropped from 107kg to just 60kg. Happily showing off her physique today with New Zealand winner Rochelle Croucher. I feel so healthy and so fabulous that I would just love people to experience what I've been through. Sarah Ferguson admitted she only started dieting because it was in her contract with Weight Watchers. I came to terms with little Sarah inside that was using food as the crutch. What began as a job for the Duchess nine years ago has now become the purpose of her life. Today giving a stern warning to the 56% of Australians who are overweight or obese. It's no good saying, "Oh, those Americans." No, it's these Australians. You don't get healthy, you don't get fit, you are not going to see your grandchildren. Urging overweight Aussies to learn from Kym's success and take action. Don't feel isolated - you're not alone. We all have been there. You can do it. In New York, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. The Swans try to relax ahead of tonight's preliminary final against St Kilda - that's when Ten's Morning News returns. Also, the Broncos out to end their poor run of NRL finals performances.

you can have it all at Wells Station Select your ideal land to design and build the home of your dreams. Enjoy the historic views of one of Canberra's oldest homestead properties. Live just 15 minutes to the heart of the city and have beautiful parkland, shops and schools at your doorstep. Have it all at Wells Station Country living in the city. This program is captioned live. In finance news, the Australian share market has opened stronger. Julia Lee at Commonwealth Securities, and the market has reached a new high?

The Australian share market has

reached a brand new high today.

Behind the rise is two of the

world's largest minors, BHP

Billiton and Rio Tinto, both stocks

rising more than 1%. It has been a

good day for investors today. The Sydney Swans have been given the day off in Melbourne ahead of tonight's must-win final against St Kilda. Paul Roos encouraging his players to relax ahead of what is shaping up to be a bruising preliminary final. They arrived in Melbourne yesterday on a mission, but the Swans will spend today with their feet up, preparing for what they expect to be a hard-fought final.

I think it's going to be - as all

the finals have been so far - it's

going to be tough and physical and

hard and the team that can sustain

that for longer should be able to

win. Paul Williams did not travel with the team but has been named in a Swans side that is unchanged from last week and is desperate to turn the tables on St Kilda.

Two of our worst performances in

the last 12 months have been

against St Kilda. This year at

Telstra Dome was disappointing as

well. We're looking forward to

another crack at them. The Saints have made it tough by naming defenders Max Hudghton and Matt Maguire after both got through training. But there was no such luck for Aaron Hamill and Justin Peckett. Both will miss with injuries. The Eagles have also been forced to make a change for their preliminary final on Saturday with goal sneak Phil Matera to miss with a groin strain. They'll face a Crows outfit that is injury-free and full of confidence. It doesn't get any more pressure put on you or any bigger hype than a showdown final so we dealt with that last week and got the results. Certainly going forward we're pretty comfortable with where we are at. David Adamson, Ten News. It's the NRL's semifinal weekend in Sydney. Melbourne Storm play the North Queensland Cowboys tomorrow while the Brisbane Broncos take on Sydney's West Tigers on Sunday. Ten's Adam Hawse joins us from Sydney. And the Broncos have a poor finals record?

yes, Natarsha, the Broncos haven't

won a finals game since 2002,

losing their last five in a row.

They arrived in Sydney last night

faced with a tough task of having

to beat the Tigers this weekend who

were so impressive last weekend.

According to St George Illawarra,

the team waiting to play the winner

next weekend, the Tigers have a

question mark over them. The

Broncos score and score ask get

their tail in the air and no one

knows how the Tigers will respond.

They're a young team. A league

veteran is hoping to be fit for

tomorrow's Storm game? Yes, Robbie

kerns will be given until kick-off

to prove he's overcome a shoulder

dislocation. He's desperate to play

but not if he disadvantages his

team. I want to be out there. If

I'm not 100% I won't be pulling on

the boots which is unfortunate but

it's a big sacrifice. Finally, the

Cowboys have wrapped up a training

session here in Sydney. The big

question is whether anyone willturn

up here to watch the two interstate

teams tomorrow with only small

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because we'll also give you a free pre-paid mobile package worth up to $319. With 8 months free broadband, $0 connection and a free pre-paid mobile, the choice is simple. The choice is Optus. So call 1800 555 558 now or visit any Optus World store. Yeah. This program is captioned live. Now for a look at the national weather. Swimmers, surfers and stars of the small and silver screens - they were all in the running to be named Bachelor of the Year, but there could only be one winner. An eligible final field of 50. All well qualified, all suitably single - and all vying for the one coveted title. But just what does it mean to be Australia's most eligible? It's everything. Cleo Bachelor - it's a good title. Doesn't it mean if you're a boy everyone's going to be after you? Does Bachelor of the Year mean you can't hold a relationship uof any kind and therefore are hopeless with women? Not so, according to some. Boy wise - I've seen a couple - yeah. OK, so the title's certain to be a winner with the ladies, but could it be counter-productive for the tough guys of Aussie sport? It's been good for the kickboxing world - you know, lift the profile higher. Nobody's given me any grief. The event wasn't restricted to blokes. This season's summer swimwear making a literally brief but equally popular appearance. But amid the glitz and glamour, there could be just one winner. And the 2005 Cleo Bachelor of the Year is Ryan Phelan. CHEERING Network Ten's ever popular 'Sports Tonight' host taking the coveted title, earning a well deserved night off from duties behind the desk. But there's little doubt the 29-year-old will have plenty to keep him occupied. I think the ratio of women here is three to one so the odds of at least having a nice drink later in the evening are certainly good. Luke Waters, Ten News. That brings you up to date with all the news.

Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day

and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling. Good afternoon. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.