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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. wild celebrations across England Reclaiming the Ashes -

for Australia. as the soul-searching starts we weren't good enough. At the end of the day taking civil action And the widow of David Hookes of the cricketer's manslaughter. against the bouncer cleared

Ten News with Ron Wilson.

Good morning. in Ashes euphoria England is caught up from Australia after winning back the famous urn

for the first time in 18 years. the cricketers to hero status, The victory has catapulted across London. sparking wild celebrations CHEERING

was broken England's 18-year Ashes drought

of national pride. by an unstoppable wave We just won the Ashes! The ranks of the Barmy Army swelled flooded onto London's streets. as thousands Workers downed tools and packed pubs of its fiercest sporting rival. to witness the final humiliation CHEERING Even the old bill took time off

cricket's greatest prize. as England captured Those lucky enough to witness history and its surrounds. packed every corner of the Oval Welcome to the 6:00 news. of south London, Behind me in a little corner cricketing history is being made. are shouting already, Thousands of fans "The Ashes are coming home." The simple act of removing the bails The simple act of removing the bails in the Old Dart. signalling cricket's resurgence to the background, It's pushed football which is absolutely fantastic, on the back pages for once. and we've had cricket been about - This is what this summer's people are sitting on rooftops. the ground is full,

in nearly 20 years, For the first time the bitter taste of defeat. Australian fans experienced I can say congratulations.

you've smashed us all series. Congratulations, you won the Ashes, A second day of victory celebrations through central London culminates with a street parade for England's new heroes. Gerard Scholten, Ten News. will take civil action The widow of David Hookes

against the Melbourne bouncer of her husband's manslaughter. acquitted to the cricketer's family, Zdravko Micevic has apologised to go on holidays. saying he now plans waited 18 months to pass on. It was the message Zdravko Micevic to say this before, I've never had the chance my condolences to the Hookes family. but I'd like to express I'm sorry this ever had to happen. all the best in the future. It's just unfortunate. I wish them it's all over, mate. And, yeah, I'm just glad acquitted of killing David Hookes, The 23-year-old had just been

former international cricketer a broadcaster, and Victorian cricket team coach. when his head hit the ground Hookes received fatal injuries outside a Melbourne hotel. after being punched by Mr Micevic confrontation between bouncers, It was part of an aggressive including Mr Micevic,

his girlfriend, Christine Padfield, and Hookes' group, which included and cricketer Darren Lehmann. in self-defence Mr Micevic claimed he punched Hookes after the cricketer struck him twice. enough reasonable doubt His lawyers generating not guilty of manslaughter for a jury to find Mr Micevic after deliberating for five days.

Micevic, his employer and the hotel Hookes' widow, Robyn, is suing Mr of more than $175,000 a year. for lost income this process - only losers. There have been no winners through Families have suffered immeasurably. at the verdict, obviously. We are bitterly disappointed Born in Serbia, he plans to return there, Mr Micevic denies rumours with his family, saying he'll remain in Melbourne death threats since Hookes died. which has been the target of numerous to the security industry. He won't return to move on with their lives. Two families now left Christopher Still, Ten News. has shrugged off the prospect Prime Minister John Howard

for the United Nations of an embarrassing failure

on major reform. as it tries to reach agreement gathering in New York for the summit. A record number of world leaders are Mr Howard has come to New York of around 150 world leaders to take part in a 3-day summit of the UN General Assembly. to mark the 60th session has begun, But even before the meeting for the beleaguered UN the signs are that reform proposals will hit the too-hard basket.

Mr Howard taking it in his stride. a very relevant organisation. I think the UN will continue to be we should slit our wrists I don't think But many now believe

bureaucratic factions and hardliners the UN is so riddled with are in doubt. that its relevance and future Certainly Mr Howard sees more value between countries. in one-to-one relationships Inclusive processes are important, in times of stress but it is what nations actually do

of good international citizenship. that in many ways is the true test of the United Nations The diplomatic mish-mash look positively simple, makes Australian domestic politics has taken a backward step - but it's there that Mr Howard paying for high petrol prices the latest Newspoll showing he may be on the sale of Telstra. and the dillydallying five points as preferred PM, Newspoll has Mr Howard slumping

over Kim Beazley, stuck on 27. but still with a commanding lead on the two party preferred. Labor narrowly ahead on the Telstra sale, Asked for his latest thoughts a New York state of mind. Mr Howard was in to Helen Coonan. I'll leave the details of that Come and join me on a walk. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. In New York City, his fall-back position And the PM has lost

on the proposed sale of Telstra. has turned on the Coalition, Family First senator Steve Fielding refusing to support the sell-off. joins me now. Ten political editor Paul Bongiorno is Steve Fielding's decision? Paul, how significant

Well, it's significant on a couple

of grounds. The first one of course

is if Barnaby Joyce or another

Government senator crossed Government senator crossed the is if Barnaby Joyce or another

floor and voted with the

floor and voted with the Opposition against the sale. Then

John Howard would be looking for

someone else. Everyone thought that

that someone else would be Steve

Fielding. But

Fielding. But the Senator does feel

duded. He said the agreement

between Family First and the

Liberals before the election was

that every piece of legislation

would be accompanied by a family

impact statement. The Senator this morning said

impact statement. The Senator this morning said if there is one, he

hasn't seen it and he's disapointed.

But he also says that perhaps

without the statement or with it,

that he himself can't vote for the

sale of Telstra. He believes it's

not family friendly. Here's how he announced it.

Look, I've decided to vote against the full sale of Telstra. I don't believe it's in the best interests of Australian families. This Government has allowed Telstra to run as a business rather than an essential service.

Up until now, it's all been about

Barnaby Joyce. What now for him?

Barnaby Joyce this morning is

looking through the sale Bills with

advisors from Communications

Minister Helen Coonan's office. But

last night he had a meeting with Minister Helen Coonan's office. But last night he had a meeting with

his national party colleagues. The

history of the party room is that

for the last... the tell that --

Telstra sale has gone before them

four times and there's every

indication that they will vote yes.

We don't know why he didn't vote

for an extension of time for the inquiry. for an extension of time for the inquiry. He said the Government

wouldn't deal with him then. I

would have thought that the

Government would have greater

reason to deal with him then. I

think now there's not much doubt that's exactly

that's exactly what he's going to

do. Thank you Paul. America's emergency response chief has quit over the bungled handling of Hurricane Katrina. President Bush learnt of the resignation while touring the hardest hit areas of the disaster. While George W. Bush was dodging powerlines in devastated New Orleans,

his head of emergency response took a direct hit. Just days after being sent packing to Washington, Michael Brown has quit, becoming the first political casualty of America's shamefully slow search and rescue mission. We are moving on.

We are going to solve these problems. For his bit, President Bush was handing out hugs and handshakes and lots of denials, claiming America's troop commitment in Iraq didn't leave the military understaffed, nor did race colour any decision to send help. The storm did not discriminate and nor will the recovery effort. But two weeks on, progress is slow. In some parts, rescuers are only now responding to emergency calls, and in most cases all they're finding are the dead. In one hospital, 45 bodies are waiting to be recovered. It's indescribable. Unless you're actually there, you don't know what's going on. There's bodies out there in the street. Animals are chewing on carcasses. My guys are seeing stuff they will remember for the rest of their lives. Those who survived are still fighting for their lives. The line-up for food and aid can take all day. All these people dying like that, that's awful. It's sad, very sad.

In a change of heart, authorities will now allow residents who want to stay to remain in their homes. They'll even help them by bringing food and water. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. A lucky escape for a truck driver whose semi-trailer collided with a train in north Queensland. It's believed the truckie may not have seen warning signals at the crossing. The force of the crash was enough to derail two carriages,

but amazingly no-one was injured. The train was transporting copper to a local refinery. Queensland Rail says the main line has now been cleared for traffic. Lleyton and Bec Hewitt are back on home soil this morning after the tennis star's disappointing semifinal loss at the US Open. Tired after a long-haul flight, the couple was greeted with a warm welcome from family at Sydney airport. But they remained tight-lipped for the waiting media.

The newlyweds won't be going anywhere for a while. Bec is due to give birth to their first child next month. What caused the big blackout that sparked panic in the streets of Los Angeles - that story when we return to Ten's Morning News. And country meets city at an awards night honouring some of our biggest music stars.

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