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reunited with his family. Ashley MacDonald finally have to come all this way. Good to see you - you didn't What did you expect us to do? died in jail during the aftermarth. He survived the hurricane but nearly And no deal - voting for the sale of telstra. Barnaby Joyce rules out

Good evening and welcome to Ten News. as finals fever grips Adelaide. Also tonight - a city divided are going to to support their team. The extreme lengths some devoted fans an Australian hurricane survivor But first - with his family in Tennessee. has finally been reunited Katrina hit New Orleans, Ashley McDonald was in jail when Katrina hit New Orleans, Ashley McDonald was in jail when storm that almost claimed his life. but today he revealed it wasn't the thought he was dead. For 10 days, Ashley McDonald's family all this way. You didn't have to come Thank God you're all right. What did you expect? was arrested in New Orleans The 30-year-old factory worker the night before the hurricane hit. His family was horrified to hear weathering the storm behind bars. he wasn't as safe as they thought I seen one bloke get stabbed. underground cells and they drowned. They put two prisoners in the When floodwaters rose, of prisoners trapped in their cells. prison guards left hundreds Four days with no food, no water, no power. no toilets, no airconditioning, and left us. The guards just took off Some managed to escape. popped the doors off the cells A lot of the young kids somehow

get through the bullet proof glass. using broom handles and mops to tried desperately to get out. The Australian and his cellmate just couldn't do it basically. Everyone else done it and we the prison guards finally returned. The city in chaos,

dive under the water We had to actually

to get out of the jail. to get under the door to a prison just out of town. The Victorian was transferred

on to a football field, 7,000 prisoners crammed at least one with a gun. many armed with knives, A lot of death row criminals. A lot of petty criminals. A lot of weapons. No toilets, no running water. No shelter from the sun or rain was just a white sheet. and all we had to sleep on

and froze during the night. Got burned during the day

the field became filthy. With no toilets, cherry picker and fed basic rations. Prisoners hosed down from a two peanut butter sandwiches The guards threw over the razor wire fence once a day as quickly as you could, and you had to grab them experience you can imagine. so it wasn't the most pleasant on to the wrong gang's turf An accidental walk

for the naive Australian. nearly turned ugly and screwdrivers said, People who had homemade knives I'll have your shirt" "I'll have your blanket. you say, "You can have it." and when someone's got a knife

While in jail,

he was causing back home. Ashley had no idea how much fuss to the Australian people Today, he apologised that went into finding him. for the cost and effort I was going to give him. I better go easy on the punch

Rahni Sadler, Ten News. In Clarksville, Tennessee,

Two of the heroes out of devastated New Orleans who helped get a group of Australians have returned home to their families. to return to America, But the pair are planning

to help victims of the disaster. once they've raised enough money A bond born of adversity. and John McNeil Brisbane men Bud Hopes of the New Orleans Superdome escaped the hell hole with a group of other Aussies.

Yeah, let's have a beer. they walked into Brisbane Airport This morning, behind them, families ahead. with their tales of horror I'm good. Yeah. Are you? You look good, you look good. I'm just happy to be here. Long time. How did you travel, well? It's just marvelous, it really is. I'm really overwhelmed. are planning fundraisers Already McNeil and Hopes

for the American homeless.

is for the people of New Orleans, The concern now who are struggling through this. because they're the ones by the Australian Government response They are still not impressed

but are past criticism. to its own citizens in trouble, We're sort of over it now.

to be with their relatives, Instead, they are just happy and also meet each other's. You've got a good boy there. he's a 22-year-old big man. He is a man, in 10 days Their bond will grow even stronger to the States. when the two men return to continue their travels They're going back who helped them stay alive. and to try and help those

We left a lot of victims there. We left a lot of heroes there. and do something. We've got to get organised It's a sad, sad, sad place. Mark Suleau, Ten News. for the United States. Another hurricane is heading

hit the coast of Florida on Monday. Forecasters warning Ophelia could

still rounding up Katrina survivors. In New Orleans, rescue crews are to a secure facility out of state. You will then be evacuated recovering bodies, Authorities have finally started to makeshift morgues, refrigerated trucks delivering them than the 10,000 originally feared. but the toll is expected to be less some people predicted Some of the catastrophic deaths may not in fact have occured. is trying to ban the media The US military by refusing to give reporters access. from covering the operation, over the government's slow response The political storm has claimed another victim. to the disaster

has been replaced. The man leading the relief effort

chief Michael Brown Federal Emergency Management Agency just sent back to Washington. hasn't been sacked,

of President Bush. The agency boss is a personal friend Vice Admiral Thad Allen, US Coast Guard chief, on the ground. is taking over relief operations the call for help. Hollywood has answered during a telethon Celebrities collecting donations to raise money for hurricane victims. Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz Bruce Willis, Jack Nicholson, and Julia Roberts among the stars supporting the appeal.

Tonight we call upon the soul, spirit and compassion of the American people to help all of our brothers and sisters from the Gulf Coast through this unthinkable tragedy. The one hour concert, called 'Shelter from the Storm', was broadcast on all the major US television networks. U2, Paul Simon, Mariah Carey, the Dixie Chicks and Rod Stewart joining the line-up.

The money will go to the Red Cross and Salvation Army. And the Victorian Police Force is also lending support, Now to other news - the sale is off. A furious Barnaby Joyce says he'll no longer support the full privatisation, given the current legislation. His backdown coming as Telstra chief has awarded themselves a multi-million payrise. In Warwick, country Queensland, Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce had a sombre message for the small group who came to hear his thoughts on Telstra. It's possibly not the same - not the same deal that was on the table. He's still fuming after yesterday's Senate committee probe where he learned that trust fund set up to improve services in the bush may be less than the $2 billion promised. You're asking me now how the legislation stands right now? Well, right now it says up to $2 billion

and up to $2 billion I'm not voting for. Senator Joyce also wants more time to consider the proposed laws. The Government says there's no need for any delay. We've made it very clear that we intend to proceed with the sale of Telstra. I say, don't be bullied, Barnaby. Don't be bullied by this bunch of out of touch politicians. Adding salt to the wounds, Telstra's top executives have won themselves a multimillion-dollar pay rise. They will take home more than $25 million this year

almost double last year's payment. That's according to the annual report. A Telstra spokeswoman saying the increase was reward for the company performing better. But late this afternoon the spokeswoman said $9 million included long term incentives and wouldn't be paid. Either way, in light of the recent share plunge, investors aren't happy. Shareholders are going to see their return go down investors aren't happy. Shareholders are going to see their return go down while the executives' return goes up. It's not an acceptable situation. Greens leader Bob Brown, who is also pushing for a delay of the sale legislation, says it's just of sign of what's to come if the telco is fully privatised. They'll be creaming the money off like the big corporations do, CEO salaries, millions of dollars

which should be going into telecommunications. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. The results of our Ten News phone poll are in. We asked if the you thought the rest of Telstra should be sold? Your response was a resounding 'No', 89% of viewers voting to keep the telco in government hands. The future of Telstra will be the topic when Shadow Communications Minister Stephen Conroy Meets the Press. Tomorrow at 8:30, here on Ten. Adelaide is in the grip of footy fever, tonight's AFL semifinal dividing the city.

It's the first time Port Power and the Crows have met in the crucial Showdown and the whole town is abuzz with excitement. Billed as the biggest clash in South Australian football, it's polarised the State.

Power supporters go all out to support their team. One family's entire house a shrine to the club, from the carpets to the outside walls. Many supporters start very young.

Do you want the Crows to win? Yeah. First thing they wore in hospital was a Crows T-shirt, so, yeah. Local businesses doing their bit for both teams. Politicians also taking sides. I'm a Power supporter, my son is a Crows supporter, but my daughter has joined up with the Power so we've got the numbers with us. I reckon the Crows can win. It's going to be tight. Probably less than a goal.

But they deserve to, they've had far the better year, and good luck to them. I'm the only Port Power supporter, my mother and father and two sisters are Crows. My husband's at home, he's a Crows supporter. And I'm not going home tonight if we lose. Both teams know what it's like to win the flag - Port won it last year and the Crows have had it twice. But the fight this time is more intense than ever. Come on the Crows! Power! Power! If you're not prepared to brave the expected showers, you'll see all the action here on Ten. Peter Sellen, Ten News. A year after she survived the Jakarta embassy bombing, little Manny Musu is facing a new threat to her life. Details when Ten News returns. And - where police uncovered this massive haul of stolen tobacco.

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The Gederal government has denied free speech is under threat as part of its tough new terror laws. But civil liberatarians fear a change to the laws will only target certain communtiy groups.

Under the plan, it wouldn't just be the terrorists who take part in an attack on Australia, or our military who would face Australian justice, It's not a debate about whether our troops should be sent, it's about whether their conduct jeopardises their operation. And the Minister has an example in mind.

If people were about to sabotage

vehicles that might be used by the military. Civil liberties groups think there is another agenda.

It's quite clear by intention It's quite clear by intention is to

discriminate against people from a Muslim background. Depending on how loosely sedition is defined courts across the country

The Minister rejects a witchunt on Muslim groups is on the cards. He also confirmed ASIO is in the middle of expanding its ranks by around 500 as the efforts to combat terrorism. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. A year on from the Jakarta bombings and the youngest victim of the attacks, Manny Muso, faces more life threatening surgery. Her Italian step father says the first anniversary of that horrific day has re-ignited painful memories. A year after terrorists attacked the Australian Embassy, their youngest victim's fight for life continues. 6-year-old Manny Muso was evacuated to Singapore covered in shrapnel wounds after the blast.

Now living with her step-father in Italy, doctors are preparing to perform delicate brain surgery.

I'm really scared. The doctors say there a chance she won't survive. Manuel Muso says he deeply misses his wife Ava, one of 11 Indonesians killed in the blast, but must stay strong for the 6-year-old. He says shrapnel is embedded in her head so doctors must protect her skull with a cranial cap. There is a chance of paralysis but her family says she's beaten the odds before. She is very strong, very strong, also very smart.

Mr Muso discovered Manny's biological father was Sydney policeman David Norman after the bombing, the tragedy has brought them together. Under a custody agreement,

she's growing up in Italy but stays in constant contact with her Australian father. Manny and her step-dad are travelling to Jakarta at the end of the year,

before heading to Australia, but it's unlikely she'll want to come here to the embassy. Her Indonesian aunty says Manny phoned her last night from Italy telling her she misses her mother everyday. I

I miss Marie, I want to see her son

but I don't have money to fly over to Italy. The family is grateful for Australia's support and say the links with her heritage will always be strong. Customs and police officers have seized $1.5 million worth of stolen cigarettes and tobacco. Officers raided two warehouses in Sydney yesterday

netting more than 15,000 cartons of cigarettes and hundreds of kilograms of cut tobacco. Police believe some of the drugs were stolen from another warehouse in the city earlier this year. Some of it is bagged tobacco product which is from a tobacco grower which is an unlawful product to have possession of and some of it's clearly been illegally imported. Police have made six arrests and expect to make more soon.

Still ahead in Ten News - outrage over plans to set a neo-Nazi axe murderer free. And marry me at the movies. Why this couple chose the silver screen to say 'I do'.

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Three young backpackers have been killed and nine others seriously injured in a bus crash in central Queensland. The travellers were in a mini-bus that collided with a 4-wheel drive outside of Bundaberg at 3:00 this afternoon. Many of the injured were flown to Bundaberg Base Hospital and the most critical are expected to be airlifted to Brisbane tonight. The dead and injured are believed to include French, German and Korean youths picking fruit while on working holidays. Melbourne's Jewish community is outraged a vicious Neo-Nazi axe murderer will soon walk free from prison. Once boasting to bombing a synagogue, Dane Sweetman has be paroled after serving 15 years of a 20 year sentence. Dane Sweetman has become notorious as one of Victoria's most violent prisoners. At his supreme court trial the Neo-Nazi skin-head produced a knife, plunging into the dock before prison guards leapt on him. He was sentenced to 20 years jail after driving an axe into a man's head because he'd ogled Sweetman's girlfriend at a party commemorating Adolf Hitler's birthday. Now with five years left to serve, the Victorian Parole Board has agreed to release the 36-year-old, a move which has outraged the Jewish community.

Somebody who's been convicted of a hate crime and who professes hate against Jews and to other people in our community ought to serve the full sentence. With close links to the Neo-Nazi movement, Sweetman allegedly boasted to bombing a synagogue the day after completing an earlier prison stretch.

He's also been convicted of several serious assaults, attempted murder and sex crimes. The Government argues Sweetman's early release will ensure the community is safe. By having someone released on parole the Parole Board is very easily able to monitor the person. Whereas, if they just finish their maximum sentence then they're not monitored. The Victorian Opposition

wants the perpetrators of serious crimes of rape and murder to be subjected to the same intensive supervision as some of the State's most dangerous sex offenders. Why wouldn't we extend to them a set of parole conditions which are so stringent that the community would be protected for life? Dane Sweetman is due for release early next month. Gerald Scholten, Ten News. Rescue teams have spent the day trying to find a distressed whale which had became trapped in rope off Warrnambool on Victoria's south-west coast. The Southern Right was spotted by fishermen yesterday, rescue crews managing to attach buoys to the mammal in a bid to slow it down and cause it to tire. But attempts to free the anxious whale were abandoned as light faded. There was no sign of the 14m sub-adult today. The weather's next and then it's Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan.

Yes Natarsha - it's their grand final tonight as the Minor Premiers the Adelaide Crows prepare to take on the Power. We'll have a full preview of tonight's match and a recap of the Swans thrilling win over Geelong last night. Glen Boss pilots 'Spark Of Life' to win the group one Manikato Stakes at Moonee Valley. And Kim Clijsters a hot favourite to win her first Grand Slam - through to the final of the US Open against Mary Pierce. The day's sport is next.

Spectacular electrical storms have rolled across Victoria

bringing with them heavy rain and thumping thunder. The dazzling sky-show began around midnight in Melbourne, lightning bolts dancing around the city's buildings. The spring storm-cell rumbled in from the state's north-west

before petering-out after moving east. Increasing land heat leading to unsettled air was the cause. There were no reports of any major damage. Looking at the weather forecast now - on the satellite, cloud stretching from the interior to the south-east along a trough is causing widespread rain and potentially severe storms, mainly in the south-east. Speckled cloud is crossing South Australia in the wake of a cold front,

bringing scattered showers. Mostly clear in the west under a weak high. On the synoptic chart - a trough will generate rain and trigger isolated thunderstorms across Queensland and north-east New South Wales. Cold south-westerly winds behind a cold front will maintain showers and highland snow across NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. A front approaching south-west Western Australia will cause showers later.

A wedding with a difference in Brisbane today. The bride and groom declaring their love for each other at the movies.

Ruth Hatchett chose to walk down the aisle of a suburban cinema, gold class, of course

to say her "I dos" to beau Nathan Harvey right in front of the silver screen. APPLAUSE

The couple are committed film buffs - Nathan having worked as a cameraman on local productions.

The guests were treated to a show as part of the reception. That brings you up to date with the latest news. Stay around for Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan. I'm Natarsha Belling, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.