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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. new video shows the moments of impact Tonight - of Hurricane Katrina. demanding to know Australian tourists in Bali in the line of fire why they were left inside their hotel. when a bomb was found that we were just upstairs. I feel a lot of anger It was really blase. seriousness of what was happening. Nobody moved or made aware of the The chilling new research from doctors. that's sparked a dire warning of mentally-affected babies We're facing a future epidemic

during pregnancy. if women don't stop drinking

with Ten's Late News. I'm Sandra Sully Hello and welcome.

you'll have to allow Also coming up - how much more time to meet a new check-in deadline. to get to the airport but I'll play it all night. I've got to go to work tomorrow And -

What has the new PlayStation got can't be without? that computer games fans is running rampant First - the threat of disease in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Health officials in the US say have been recovered from the debris, not all those killed as bodies decompose. setting the scene for deadly diseases seen for the first time on video. The horror of Hurricane Katrina

an unstoppable wall of water. It's like a tsunami, killed thousands of people. Authorities now fear it may have

as the storm was over He told me as soon but I haven't seen him since. he was going to come to us, thousands more are hungry, dehydrated In New Orleans, and desperate to be rescued. there's a high risk of disease. In the humidity, in the water We have dead bodies and at some point in time, to create a serious disease issue. those dead bodies are going to start in the city that was floating - We had bodies, you know, floating in the water. old people and babies It was just getting worse. The dead are everywhere. probably during the storm surge Apparently she died in one of these buildings here. Survivors spray-paint their plight. These need urgent medical help. to rescue themselves. Many were forced doors, my bottom box spring I had an air mattress, two closet and made a raft out of it. a huge humanitarian crisis Authorities now face for food, water and shelter. as the homeless search the streets with medicine and supplies, Four navy ships have been sent but they won't arrive for days. The situation has become so desperate higher ground with people trying to find makeshift refugee camps that major highways have now become most disadvantaged where hundreds of the city's wait in sweltering conditions,

will find them shelter. hoping someone home is now a strip of bitumen. For this mother and child, to eat or drink or do There is nothing and no help on the horizon.

where cars once sped by. Makeshift hospitals operate Looters are becoming more brazen. shops and are firing back at police. Gangs have stolen guns from abandoned in foreign countries, not here. You hear about this A massive operation is under way

trapped inside the Superdome. to save 23,000 people the safe evacuation centre, 2This was supposed to be but it's flooded too.

We don't have any answers right now with these folks on what we're going to do once we stabilise the situation. in the richest country on earth. All this This recovery will take years. Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Outside New Orleans, In an unbelievable development more than 20,000 hurricane victims the operation to bus to the Houston Astrodome from New Orleans has had to be suspended. a number of shots were fired Police say at Chinook heavy lift helicopters to staging points being used to take evacuees where buses are waiting. shortly after dawn. They hope to resume the evacuation the terrifying stampede in Baghdad. Families are burying victims of of funeral processions A constant stream is crisscrossing the Iraqi capital. at least 1,000 died Officials now believe stampeded a crowd when rumours of suicide bombers on their way to a religious festival. of about a million Shi'ite pilgrims were swept away in the River Tigris. It's feared many more bodies remain in hospitals Hundreds of injured scattered around the capital. caught up in a bomb scare in Bali Australian tourists they were left in the line of fire. are furious how they were kept inside the hotel They've told from the fourth floor. while police removed a bomb A cleaner made the chilling discovery of Kuta's 5-star Paradiso Hotel. on the fourth floor was wrapped in cloth The sophisticated bomb in a plastic bag. and dumped outside a guest room the unexploded device had two timers, When staff realised bomb squad police were called in. into the foyer They drove an armoured truck

ingredients needed for an explosion, It contained charcoal, one of the took it away to be detonated. and, in a delicate operation,

but no gunpowder. it was a police exercise Guests are outraged they were told and not the real thing. that we were just upstairs. I feel a lot of anger It was really blase. seriousness of what was happening. Nobody moved or made aware of the that we weren't notified It's a little bit scary to know happening here. that there's something like that Kerry and Craig Tonkin Gold Coast couple from where the bomb was found. were two rooms away by an army chap I was sort of grabbed and told to get back in the room. for friends." I said, "I'm just waiting and just pushed me back in the room. He said, "No, you're not," several Australian tourists The scare has prompted

to book an early flight home. The Indonesian President has warned a terrorist attack is imminent. in Jakarta over the next few months, Intelligence suggests it may happen has Bali police so worried. and that's why this scare arrested on drugs charges With the recent spate of Australians of the Bali bombing coming up, and the third anniversary

another attack on Western decadence it's feared this may be a warning of by terror group Jemaah Islamiyah. In Bali, Martine Griffiths, Ten News. In what's believed to be an Australian first, DNA evidence has helped convict a man accused of shocking animal cruelty. He's been fined

and banned from owning or living with animals for 10 years. We warn some viewers may be disturbed by images in this story.

It's taken two years and the latest crime-fighting technology to win justice for Barbara, the red heeler found clinging to life on a river bank after a brutal bashing.

She had very deep wounds to the head with some chips out of the bone and she was in a pretty bad condition. 21-year-old Jay Finlay, seen here in a beanie with RSPCA officers, today pleaded guilty to beating and wounding Barbara and this Rottweiler, now recovered and renamed Kaiser, on a Swan Valley property. Instead he left them in agony. But investigators couldn't link him directly to the crime until a wheel brace found nearby provided vital clues. Some time later, he gave us a DNA sample

and we checked that and proved that his DNA was on the wheel brace. We proved his dogs' DNA was on the wheel brace. As far as we are concerned, this is the very first case of animal cruelty in Australia that has actually relied on DNA evidence. Within weeks of the attack Barbara delivered a litter of healthy puppies. Then a second DNA test, this time on Barbara's pups, proved that Kaiser was the dad and that both dogs were on the property when the bashings occurred. Finlay received a 6-month suspended jail term, a $5,000 fine and has been banned from owning or living with a 4-legged animal for 10 years.

The RSPCA says the DNA breakthrough send a warning to all animal abusers. We've done it once, we've had the test case and we'll definitely use it again if need be. Nick Way, Ten News. Two students have been killed driving home from school. The car they were in left the road hit a concrete culvert and then a tree, killing the 18-year-old boy who was driving and his 17-year-old girl passenger. The accident happened near Leeton in the New South Wales Riverina. It appears from investigations to date that once the car hit the culvert it's become airborne and collided with the tree. The road has been closed since the crash this afternoon while accident investigators try to find out what went wrong. The value of homes has dropped in two cities with one of the cities suffering its worst slump in 20 years. Long celebrated as the strongest market in the country Sydney property has lost its steam. Australian Bureau of Statistics figures released today show house prices there fell 5% over the last 12 months, and that dragged the national average down 0.1%.

Sydney's actually worn the weight of the vendor's tax in NSW. It's been particularly challenging for real estate agents. Essentially what we're seeing now is a bit of statistical payback, but the outlook is positive. We've got a very stable environment as far as interest rates are concerned If anything, the bias for interest rates is towards the downside. Market watchers say things aren't expected to change much over the next 12 months. We predict a steady market and buyers would prefer, I think, a steady market. Evan Batten, Ten News. Stay with the Late News. After the break - the chilling new research that's sparked a dire warning from doctors. We're facing a future epidemic of mentally-affected babies. Almost wakes me up to something I should have done earlier. This brother and sister found out three years ago each was still alive, but why was the reunion delayed until now? This program is captioned live. 1,000 babies are being born brain damaged each year because their mothers drank alcohol while pregnant. The staggering statistic has sparked calls for warning labels on alcohol containers. A social indulgence maybe, but the warning is out on alcohol. We're facing a future epidemic of mentally-affected babies

if women don't stop drinking during pregnancy. A new study reveals a third of women drink while pregnant, putting their babies at risk of foetal alcohol spectrum disorder. The level of alcohol in the baby is consistent with the level of alcohol in the mother. Elizabeth Russell knows the dangers because her son Seth suffers learning and behavioural problems caused by the disorder. But the study shows women generally aren't aware of the risks. The Salvation Army is now campaigning

for all alcohol containers to carry labels like those on cigarette packets which warn of the dangers to pregnant women, a practice already compulsory in the United States. A lot of Australian products produced for the US market are going to the US market with labelling and yet the very same product being sold in Australia doesn't carry any warnings whatsoever. Medical authorities saying it's time for change. It took a long time to recognise that tobacco was harmful and I think alcohol is more entrenched in the mainstream of society even than tobacco was. A sufferer making the final plea. Please think twice about it.

It's not good for you and it's not good for your baby either. Kellie Morgan, Ten News. And a visiting specialists say preventing serious illness needs to start before conception. Dr David Barker of the University of Southampton says

research shows low birth weight babies are at increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure and osteoporosis. He says he believes a pregnant woman's nutrition is more important to a baby's health than the genes. The doctor's advice to mothers-to-be is to have a diet that's wide-ranging and healthy. A brother and sister have been reunited after a lifetime apart. They found each other three years ago but a lack of cash prevented them getting together again until now. Stephen was told his sister, Alice, was dead, but he never gave up hope they would one day be reunited. His prayers answered this week as the siblings finally met up.

Almost wakes me up to something I should have done earlier. Stephen fled their home in Hungary after World War II. Alice wrote more than 200 letters to the Red Cross officials all over the world after promising her mother she would track him down.

She finally found him living in Sydney three years ago.

But neither could afford the airfare, until a Hungarian television station chipped in and flew Alice down under. If I could have jumped out of my own skin, I would have, to meet her. But at the same time, I prayed and my prayer was answered. (Speaks Hungarian) Alice says she couldn't describe the happiness. There is no word in the dictionary. They were both reduced to tears. Stephen and Alice will spend the next fortnight catching up on the last 58 years. Sadly, then Alice will return home alone, but Stephen says he may one day return to his old home.

I think this is a story about never giving up on our dreams, about a promise to her mother. The Red Cross says Alice and Stephen's story gives hope to others. For people that are looking for families, I would say, don't stop. Alice is a perfect example of somebody that has just not given up. Evan Batten, Ten News.

Grieving relatives are marking the first anniversary of the siege at Russia's Beslan school that left 330 dead. After two days of memorials at the siege site, hundreds of friends and survivors packed the church of the Icon of the Mother of God where Patriarch Alexy of Moscow led the service. Anger remains high in the town, many blaming official bungling for the high death toll - half of them children. Soldiers surrounded the church fearing Chechen rebels would mark the anniversary with another attack. When we come back - how much more time you'll have to allow to get to the airport to meet a new check-in deadline. I've got to go to work tomorrow but I'll play it all night. And, what's the new PlayStation got that computer games fans can't be without? Then in 'Sports Tonight' - Lleyton Hewitt the only Australian still in the running at the US Open. This program is captioned live.

There may be a rude shock in store for passengers flying domestically with Qantas. From today, travellers arriving less than 30 minutes before their flight may be refused check-in. The airline says the rule applies because all checked luggage must now be screened on domestic flights. Many passengers knew of the change today, but some didn't. At the end of the day, if they say you can't get on the plane there's not a lot you can do about it. As long as they don't charge you again for getting on another flight. Qantas says it will move late passengers to other flights if seats are available. The wait is over for Australians eager to get their hands on the latest gaming gadget to hit the market. The PlayStation Portable combines games, movies and music.

It's the sort of launch that brings mad fans out in the middle of the night. That's what happened when PlayStation Portable, or PSP, finally went on sale in Australia at midnight. I've got to go to work tomorrow but I'll play it all night. 5 million of the pocket-sized units have been sold since it was released in America and Japan last year.

25,000 were on order by Australians wanting to join the club. The attraction - it not only plays games but is a portable MP3 and DVD player to boot. It's basically a high definition LCD screen that you would see in homes on walls. The catch - the games and DVDs are on a new format, called a UMD, or universal media disc. Only 25 games and 18 movies are currently available on the UMD format but most movie houses and music video houses

are planning to release on DVD and UMD simultaneously in coming months. As part of the launch, a nationwide contest was held for budding film-makers to shoot a 3-minute movie especially for the PSP, and the best 25 efforts are available to download free from the website The winner - 20-year-old Thomas Marley, with his animated movie called 'The Drop', about a raindrop on his maiden shower. Gee, fellas, I don't think this is such a good idea. I mean, coming out of a cloud? It's nuts! The new toy retails for $399. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

To finance news and Tom Piotrowski at CommSec, and our last family-owned brewer under threat.

The lion and a thing group will The lion and a thing group will pay

three hundred and fifty three hundred and fifty million

dollars for Coopers. The reason dollars for Coopers. The reason they

are doing this is to bridge the are doing this is to bridge the gap between themselves and between themselves and Foster's.

Which has fifty per cent of

Which has fifty per cent of the

history in beer market. history in beer market. Coopers

which was established in which was established in eighteen

sixty two answering business sixty two answering business and

today's figures show well today's figures show well as

businesses are making profits businesses are making profits they

are more than happy to

are more than happy to reinvest.

When you combine that with the When you combine that with the our

love for interest rates which love for interest rates which is

buried favourable it is good news buried favourable it is good news as

far as investors are concerned. The Australian share market surged ahead, the All Ordinaries jumping 46 points. Thanks, Tom. CommSec's Tom Piotrowski.

The weather's next and then it's 'Sports Tonight' with Leigh Diffey, and Leigh our latest NBA star has some big plans for the NBL? Sandra, Andrew Bogut's focus is naturally on America basketball but the home-grown stuff here is important. He wants to become a team owner. I'd definitely like to be an owner of team. That's something I'd dream of doing once I retire, because I want to stay in the game no matter what. I dream about maybe having a soccer team. And Makybe Diva is given a chance

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