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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. takes a tragic turn - The John Brogden scandal tries to take his own life. the disgraced former political leader We are a very forgiving society and people want him - just to put this behind him people are united in wanting him and just get on with it. Ten News with Natarsha Belling. Good morning. tragedy strikes a school camp - Also today, a 15-year-old student killed the nation's south. as wild storms ravage becomes more desperate And the search for survivors kills hundreds of people. as Hurricane Katrina scandal has taken a dramatic turn - First today - the John Brogden former NSW Liberal leader the disgraced attempting to take his own life. He was found by frantic staff members

North Shore late last night. in his electoral office on Sydney's Royal North Shore hospital Ten reporter Dan Nolan is outside where Mr Brogden is now recovering. Dan, what's the latest? The

latest report on John Brogden's

condition is that he is

satisfactory and he will make a

full recovery from his physical

of last injuries, at least. He slept most

of last night and has been sleeping injuries, at least. He slept most

again this morning, but he is fully

aware of the dramatic events that

hours. have unfolded over the past 18

With his political career in tatters, his electoral office late last night. John Brogden attempted suicide in

leader unconscious in a back room, Paramedics found the former Liberal of past glory. just metres from mementoes to Royal North Shore As a result, Mr Brogden was conveyed suffering from minor injuries. visited him in hospital Stunned Liberal colleagues maintained a bedside vigil. while wife Lucy this week, Everybody has been devastated but tonight everybody's just praying and out of hospital tomorrow. that John will be OK The devastating week began on Monday as opposition leader when John Brogden quit Bob Carr's wife a mail-order bride after calling former premier two women. and also inappropriately touching During a difficult press conference of what was to come. he showed no signs They only bruise a little. Balmain boys don't cry, mate. had rocked him to the core, We knew the events of this week there's no doubt about that. all shocked tonight. But we were certainly The former leader was set to face allegations today a fresh round of sexual harassment with claims by a Sydney newspaper with claims by a Sydney newspaper

threesome at a staff Christmas party. that he asked two women for a

He's lost his job and he could have

lost his career. He's humiliated

by the whole thing and it's a the

front page of every newspaper in

the country. We're united in

quick wishing him well and wishing him a

quick recovery. There is a chance wishing him well and wishing him a

he could be released later today

into a private facility where they

will monitor his mentaling

with-being over the coming days.

Back to you. Thank you, Dan.

Joining us now is Paul from

Parliament House in Sydney. What

Liberal Party here now for the State's Liberals? The

Liberal Party here is in a state of now for the State's Liberals? The

shock. Politicians on both sides

are in shock. Peter Debnam will

become the new Opposition leader in

NSW, unopposed. Barry O'Farrell

didn't have pulled out this morning, he felt he

didn't have the numbers for a pulled out this morning, he felt he

decisive win. Here's what he had to

say. Ultimately what I think our

supporters want is a competitive

alternative to the Iemma Government.

I think Peter is better placed to

do that because he's in a better

position to unite the party than I

to find a am. How dirty was the campaigning

to find a replacement for John am. How dirty was the campaigning

Brogden? This became a dirty fight

overnight. It was a fight to the

point where it could rip the Liberal Party asunder. The

allegation is that the right wing

faction in the party heavyed some

of the voters before the election.

O'Farrell ziebed he could

O'Farrell ziebed he could have only of the voters before the election.

scraped in which would have made

life difficult in the future.

the nation's south, Wild storms have lashed

and South Australia. tearing apart areas in Victoria Tragedy struck a school camp, a 15-year-old girl a falling branch killing while she slept in a tent. made for a sleepless night Ferocious winds and heavy rain across storm-ravaged Victoria. Perhaps none luckier than Max Nelson,

tumbling from the ceiling above him. who woke with heavy rocks and rubble Oh, my goodness me. that he survived. I just don't believe

who heard the roof collapsing A neighbour rushed to help the elderly man for an eye injury. who was treated at hospital of Cyclone Tracy. It actually reminded me It really was quite frightening. I was there when I was eight. kept SES volunteers busy. Winds of more than 100km/h

as streets were turned to rivers. Power cuts hitting several suburbs and hurled about. Rooves ripped from houses Across the house, to the front, and damaged the car as well. and fell on top of the car for a man in Melbourne's east, Another lucky escape

driving out of his carport it was crushed by a tree. just moments before He went off in it down came a great big branch. and about five minutes later

was killed Tragically, a 15-year-old schoolgirl in the wild winds. when a tree fell on her tent from Toorak College in Mount Eliza The Year 10 student and teachers in East Gippsland. on a camping trip with friends The school is obviously devastated. are in shock The students who were away very closely with all of them. and counsellors are working

of South Australians Meanwhile, tens of thousands

without power. have sheltered from fierce storms black-outs in the State's history. Fallen trees causing the worst One motorist saw this tree collapsing to avoid being crushed at the wheel. and in a split second just managed moved out of the way The car in front of me so I could move just in time of the car as opposed to hitting me. so I could take it off the back end yes. I think I'm very lucky to be alive,

from their sinking yacht Two people have been rescued in the Great Australian Bight, around 130 nautical miles west of Port Lincoln. They're now onboard a tuna fishing boat which answered their May Day call. Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. It's feared hundreds are dead in the wake of one of America's worst ever storms. So bad is Hurricane Katrina's devastation, that some are making tsunami-like comparisons.

New Orleans drowning a a toxic soup. 80% of the city flooded, some areas up to 8m deep. A day after the hurricane, emergency crews work desperately to save hundreds trapped on their roofs. 40 choppers perform rescue after rescue after rescue. Frightened and injured, they cling for their lives.

Others needed help to get out. Axes necessary to pluck people to safety. Hundreds more saved by boat. A difficult experience for the sick and aged. The rescued taken to the already overloaded Superdome. 25,000 wait in squalor with no power, no food, broken toilets and floodwaters rising.

There is water lapping at the foot

of the Superdome now. I would guess

- I think I saw people walking in

knee deep as they were trying to get in. Prisoners whose jail is under water restrained on an overpass with nowhere else to go. They, like many are today, without food or shelter.

70,000 people who ignored the

70,000 people who ignored the

first see evacuation order will

having to leave the city. But residents won't be allowed to stay. They'll have to collect their belongings and find somewhere else to live for the next two months.

Roads are blocked, water systems

are out, the telephone system is

out, the electricity is out. Some don't have belongss to collect. At least 40,000 homes are completely destroyed. Australian Pam Mckay fled her New Orleans home with nothing more than her wedding photos.

I like most residents are in a

state of shock. People are dazed.

It's such a tragedy difplt we had

no idea the extent of it. At least 2 million people are without power. authorities say it's the worst natural disaster to hit in US history.

The Federal State and local

Governments are working side by

side to do all we can. Ten News reporter Leisa Goddard-Roles joins us now from New Orleans. Devastating scenes. Some describing this hurricane almost as powerful and devastating as a tsunami. Authorities are saying that. They're saying it's America's tsunami. Certainly they were up today in a helicopter today for the first time getting an aerial view of the flood waters

and it's just incredible, the damage that's down here. What about the rescue efforts? What's the situation there? Rescue crews and military are being flown in from across America to try to help out with the rescue efforts,

but, as we're seeing more survivors coming out, we're hearing more and more harrowing stories, and this is one of the most heartbreaking ones of all. Your house split in half? Right in half. We got up in the roof, all the way to the roof,

and wall just opened up, divided. Who was at your house with you? My wife. Where is she now? Can't find her body, she's gone. You can't find your wife? No, I try. I hold her hand tightly. She told me , "You can't hold me."

She said, "Take care of the kids and the grandkids." What's your wife's name, in case we can put this out there? Tonia Jackson. And what's your name? Hardy Jackson. Where are you guys going?

We have nowhere to go.

I'm lost, that's all I am. This is very much a search and rescue mission at the moment, but authorities are preparing for the next grisly phase,

which is recovering bodies.

Predictions are the death toll could rise into the hundreds, if not the thousands, and temporary morgues are already being set up. Thanks, Ten's US correspondent Leisa Goddard-Roles from New Orleans. If you thought you were paying more than ever for child care, you're right. We'll tell you why when Ten's Morning News returns. And why these violent protests fell on deaf ears.

This program is captioned live. Protesters are expected to take over the streets of Sydney again today after last night's violent clashes with police. Tight security surrounded the opening of the Forbes conference

but didn't prevent violent demonstrations at the Opera House. Ten reporter John Hill is at the conference today. John, the protest turned out to be a bit of a fizzer.

That's right. There were no

protesters here now, but more are

expected, as you say. It was a

different story last night. 800

protesters came and marched on the

Opera House where they attacked a

2m fence. Police lines were very

strong behind there. In that battle,

the police charged in with horses

to break up the crowd, quite

violent. Seven people arrested in

the battle. What are the delegates

talking about today? The bad news

here is about oil. The concern is

with high oil prices that will

drive up inflation and in turn push

up interest rates here and all

around the world. The concern

basically is that the world economy

is fragile and as the market isn't

working, a single event like a

hurricane can drive the price of

oil up to over US$70 a barrell and

that's a big problem for everyone. A man is expected to be charged later today after a dramatic end to a ram-raid robbery. The suspected thief suffered broken bones and cuts after crashing into parked cars. Full of stolen soft drink and cigarettes,

nothing was going to stop the alleged ram raider from making a clean getaway - nothing but six parked cars. The alleged thief had earlier cleaned out the Freedom Fuels servo at the Grange but was spotted by police shortly after. The shop was closed at the time and within minutes the alarm was raised by some quick-thinking neighbours. Police chased the stolen station wagon but called the pursuit off after the car collided with them. Soon after he was stopped for good. It subsequently collided with a vehicle coming out of a side street, causing it to career onto the wrong side of the road into parked vehicles. A team of firefighters and ambulance officers converged on the scene that resembled a demolition derby. 45 minutes later the man was cut free from the wreckage of the car, Coca-Cola and cigarettes spilling onto the roadway. The offender received a broken collarbone and some other injuries. The driver of the other car received abrasions.

The man was then wheeled into the Royal Brisbane Hospital for treatment. Soon after police returned the stolen goods to the service station. Police are expected to charge the man later today.

Jesse Grayson, Ten News. Parents have suspected it for some time and now it's official - the cost of child care has skyrocketed in the past year. In the past 12 months, child care payments have increased almost 12.5%.

That's five times the rate of other goods and services. The average weekly fee for long day care is $208, up from $154 in 1997. The Labor Party-commissioned study shows demand for child care continues to outstrip supply. And it's set to get worse when single parents are forced back into the workforce under the Government's welfare to work changes.

Peter Costello is standing by his statements that he's already leading the country, but maintains he's John Howard's biggest fan. Mr Costello reignited leadership tensions by saying, as Treasurer and Deputy Leader, he's already a leader. The comments raised plenty of eyebrows, but there's no backdown.

I feel in a sense I lead in this

country with 10 Budgets and

responsibility for the economy.

What else would you expect me to say? But he says no-one supports the PM more than he does,

and they have a partnership with different areas of responsibility. Ahead, why Aussie cricket captain Ricky Ponting's been hammered by the British media. That's when Ten's Morning News returns. Also, the Swans have landed in Eagles territory for the AFL finals.

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This program is captioned live. In finance news - a slow start to the day for the Australian share market. Jacqui Maddock at Commonwealth Securities. With another record high for the oil price, what can motorists expect at the bowser?

Would you like the bad news or the

worse news? Oil prices were up at

US$70.85 overnight as investors

fret about oil supplies caused by

hurricane Katrina. It's probably

best to fill up your tank now

because usually it takes around a

fortnight to feel the impacts of

rising oil costs at the petrol

bowser and clearly things are only

getting more expensive. Australian cricket coach John Buchanan hopes cricket authorities will soon clear up the grey areas surrounding the use of substitute players. The Aussies have arrived in London for the next week's series-deciding Test under more pressure. Skipper Ricky Ponting labelled a whinger by the British media for complaining about being run out by a specialist fielder. On the selection front Matthew Hayden is under pressure to hold his spot.

I mean Matthew is the first person

to admit like any other player that

nobody's got a God-given right to be selected. Melbourne skipper David Neitz has failed to appear for training this morning as his battle to overcome a knee injury continues.

But the Demons maintain their star forward will be given until game morning on Saturday to prove he's OK for the club's elimination final against Geelong. The man everyone came to see at the Demons' training run failed to front at all. No sign of David Neitz who's been told to further rest his wonky knee. He met with the medicos - they want him to stay off his feet for a little bit longer.

The Demon skipper's D-day comes on Friday. The 30-year-old must prove his fitness then to have any hope of leading his team in its cut-throat elimination final against the Cats on Saturday.

It won't be 100% again, we all know that. We're just going to have to ascertain how he is probably Saturday morning and then make a call. Better news for midfielder Cameron Bruce -

a certainty to return after a month out with his knee. Brad Miller also looked to do enough to suggest he'll return as well - a perfect replacement should Neitz fail to play.

Travis Johnstone failed to train, attending a family funeral. And plenty of support for the Sydney Swans on their late night arrival in the west. It's always a bit of a surprise when you come over here and you see so many red and white people dressed up asking for autographs.

The Swans will train at Subiaco this evening as they familiarise themselves before Friday night's finals opener against the Eagles. I think we need to prepare both physically and mentally and this is the best option for us I think at the moment. In the NRL the Wests Tigers have been served with a breach notice and are set to be fined for using an illegal kicking tee. The Tigers used the home-made tee, which is a sawn-off witch's hat,

to great effect against the Melbourne Storm.

Its advantages include longer hang time that allows the defence to move up.

The NRL says all clubs must only use official tees. Two more Aussie players have bombed out of the US tennis Open in straight sets. Wayne Arthurs went down to Italian David Sanguinetti before Samantha Stosur joined him on the casualty list. Stosur lost to Chinese qualifier Tian Tian Sun, who's ranked 131 places below the Queenslander. It was her third first round loss

from four Grand Slam appearances this year. World number one Roger Federer was in awesome form as he started his title defence

against Ivo Minar of the Czech Republic. COMMENTATOR: To say he was brilliant is an understatement. 6-1, 6-1, 6-1 in exactly one hour and one minute.

It was Federer's 29th consecutive hardcourt victory. Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation.


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This program is captioned live. Now for a look at the national weather.

Speculation is rife Princess Mary will give birth to a baby girl.

Mary has been seen in public for the first time

since all members of the Danish Parliament backed a constitutional change allowing her first child, regardless of the sex, to become the monarch. As the law currently stands, the throne could only go to the royal couple's first-born boy. The proposed overhaul has sparked talk that Mary will give birth to a daughter in October.

That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling. Good afternoon.

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