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(generated from captions) there was a commotion in the water. Next instant

at the time Both of us were facing the other way a tail fin come out of the water. and we turned back around and saw moment a shark attacked them Survivors tell of the terrifying family beach. while diving off a popular

Also tonight -

phone service is making talk cheap. we'll show you how a new Internet First tonight, model facing drug charges in Bali. a dramatic day for the Australian signature on a police record A document exists showing her an ecstasy addiction admitting to having

been quick to issue a denial but her legal team's who took down her statement. and so have the police and her Indonesian lawyer The Australian of her first police interview reportedly signed a transcript she's addicted to ecstasy where she allegedly said denied she made the startling claim. but when questioned today her lawyer No. Oh, I don't think so. released a statement Her Australian lawyer

in response to the alleged admission and has sought medical treatment, she's been taking it for a year

strenuously denies the allegations. saying Michelle Leslie Sugiarto also dismisses the claim. The narcotics chief Colonel Ban Bang they're not supported by any evidence He told Ten News confirming an addiction. such as doctors' statements

the Adelaide-born model Reports suggest

the night of the arrests also told police she was on ecstasy policeman today revealed but Bali's most senior drugs her urine test were negative. for blood test results. They are still waiting has visited the 24-year-old A distressed family member at the bail jail. very close to Michelle. I'm just someone for all the support back home. But thank you so much She's fine, thank you. How is she?

two witnesses will be questioned Investigators have also confirmed where she was arrested. and a security guard from the party

who Ms Leslie has allegedly claimed And a woman named Mir and put them in her bag. bought the drugs is Mir seems to have disappeared. The problem for police Martine Griffith, Ten News. Another roller-coaster day Schapelle Corby. for convicted drug smuggler, to a special announcement Her lawyers' invitation had decided on an appeal. had raised speculation the High Court

They quickly played down that idea, was unlikely saying any early announcement because one of the judges is away. they remain hopeful. But having won a 60 day postponement,

befoer the 29th of October. I do hope the action will be coming is facing 20 years in a Thai jail A former police officer as a sex slave. for allegedly keeping a 13-year-old

He was hunted down in an operation and overseas. involving investigators in Perth Hiding his face with manacled hands, 46-year-old Christopher Ronald White police headquarters is led into Chiang Mai after his arrest yesterday. Stacked on a table in front of him the former WA police officer a pile of DVDs allegedly featuring with a young girl engaging in sexual acts

for three years. he held as a captive sex slave

The allegation in Thailand sexual assaults on a young girl. is that Mr White committed This is a very serious issue with the Thai authorities on. one which we are working and moustache were much darker, 15 years ago, when his hair was cleared of corruption charges, the former officer but resigned from the force action could be taken against him. before any internal disciplinary of taking the 13-year-old girl Mr White has been accused hills tribe family from her poverty-stricken of paying for her education. on the pretext Keeping her prisoner for three years, to repeated sex attacks subjecting her in pornographic videos. and forcing her to take part any serving or ex-police officer There's absolutely no support from if he's committed these offences.

in Thailand, Just 24 hours before the arrest several homes and business premises Australian Federal Police raided in Perth, that are still being analysed. seizing computer discs

three search warrants in Perth The AFP has carried out the Customs Service intercepted mail and, of course, to a unit in Perth. alleged to be from Thailand without any charges being laid Mr White is being held and WA continue. while investigations in Thailand Rex Haw, Ten News. of cricketer David Hookes A girlfriend to rescue him on the night he died. has described her fear as she tried at the trial of a bouncer, She's given evidence the cricket legend. accused of killing Christine Padfield told court with an invitation by David Hookes, her night out began to save him from bouncers. and ended with her attempting looking on stony-faced Hookes's wife, Robyn, at the trial of Zdravko Micevic, as Ms Padfield gave evidence over Hookes's death. the man facing a manslaughter charge the violence came without warning. The witness claimed in a headlock She said the bouncer grabbed Hookes the way Mr Micevic spoke to a woman after he'd complained about at a St Kilda hotel. Jurors heard a smart-arse, the bouncer called the cricketer

in another headlock outside. ripping Hookes's shirt as he put him

she tried to keep the two apart, Ms Padfield said and fear for Hookes's safety, but in panic, she went to get her car. told the jury Cricket Victoria manager Shaun Graf separate until Ms Padfield returned. he kept the bouncers and Hookes Then he relaxed, to stop Hookes from entering the car. giving the security staff a chance into a crouching position He claimed Hookes had been forced when he was punched. by Mr Micevic's lawyer, When questioned with bouncers inside the hotel, Ms Padfield denied struggling but said Test batsman Darren Lehmann cricket team Wayne Phillips had - and coach of the South Australian during their evidence. a claim both men rejected Hookes was aggressive, Mr Phillips told the jury

shoving back at bouncers -

on radio and have it closed threatening to criticise the hotel

to usher him away. as his friends tried

Christopher Still, Ten News. Brave words tonight from the family of Australia's latest shark attack victim. They say he would want the shark left alone, not hunted down and killed. Haunted by a horror end to a routine research dive, three Adelaide University colleagues recall how a shark claimed the life of 23-year-old scientist Jarrod Stehbens. I looked around, and just a big white mass... and Jarrod fought it off intitally and then it came back again, grabbed his leg and just took him deeper. And he seemed quite calm and he was trying to get his leg out of its mouth. The group was diving about 6km off Adelaide's most popular beach when the shark attacked.

On the boat they noticed bubbles, and then... Next instant there was a commotion in the water. Both of us were facing the other way at the time and we turned back around and saw a tail fin come out of the water. A split second after we sort of went you know, "What is it? Oh, my God" And then a split second after a diver come up and they yelled help like three times. An extensive air and sea search has failed to find the diver. His family recalled a devoted son, brother and mate, popular everywhere he went. He's got people that he knows everywhere, so obviously they are going to take it very hard as well, just like we are. Despite their heartbreak,

the Stehbens don't believe his killer should be hunted down. Jarrod wouldn't want that. After that last incident we had sort of discussed it.

Why would he, he's a marine biologist, he wouldn't like anything killed. Jarrod was just two weeks from starting his PhD in Germany. Emily Rice, Ten News. Rebel politician Barnaby Joyce says the bush will get nothing if he doesn't support the full sale of Telstra. So he's backing a sell-off but now the Nationals Senator is facing accusations he's betrayed the people who've been depending on him.

Val Jeffery's general store is the hub of the Tharwa community,

just outside of Canberra. Only problem is to get mobile reception, locals have to stand under a light post. If anyone drives up here they must think we're all silly because you've got people wandering around here under this post with mobiles stuck on their ears. And that's why after weeks of indecision, and National Party meetings in Queensland, Barnaby Joyce has finally said he will support the sale of Telstra. The rebel Senator says the Government's $3 billion pledge to boost services in the bush would have been at risk otherwise. The greatest loss would be to not vote for the sale, have it sold anyway, and lose the deal that we had on the table. But he also wants customer service guarantees to ensure problems are promptly fixed. He says Telstra pays lip service to existing laws

and should face big fines and licence penalties for not maintaining standards. Obviously there's not enough teeth in the legislation for Telstra for one to take it seriously. The PM has cautiously welcomed the decision. Let's just take it a day at a time, will you? He's made a statement, I welcome it. I'm sure that the legislation will meet his concerns.

But the people Senator Joyce says he represents are disappointed at his decision. He's put himself up as a saviour and he's let everyone down. Two major centres like Bathurst and Orange, between those two you can't get mobile service. I don't believe it will ever be fix now. And farmers still oppose the sale. We won't be changing our position until we see real evidence of legislation that will address the problems that exist in rural Australia. It's been a brutal introduction to Canberra for Barnaby Joyce.

An instant celebrity after threatening to block the sale of Telstra, his decision to support it after just three weeks as an official Senator has now made him a political target. The Opposition says he's betrayed Queensland. When you brain wash the Nationals these days all you need is a light rinse. Laurel Irving, Ten News. The departure of Lachlan Murdoch from News Corp has cost his father's media empire $20 million.

That's what he leaves with in salary due to him along with his bonus and severance pay. The details of his payout are in a notice the company sent to the United States Securities Exchange Commission. After the break - five bandits in a stolen car hunted down with help from sci-fi technology.

And later in the news - how a new Internet phone service is making talk cheap. Essentially you can call anyone around the world, across the room or across the world. You can speak with family and friends for free. For as long as you like.

A young woman has watched on helplessly as her partner was stabbed to death in a suburban street. Police say it appears the father of three was attacked for his bicycle. WOMAN CRIES OUT The anguish of a woman who's watched in horror as her partner was stabbed to death in front of her. WOMAN SCREAMS OBSCENITIES

25-year-old Alex Cooper was stabbed with a knife in the inner-city suburb of Collingwood just before midday. It appears it's just someone going about their business

has been approached by a male with a knife. and any death is sad. His cousin, who arrived on the scene soon after, was inconsolable. He's got a young family.

Yeah, they're sitting over there waiting. Just being able to watch him. Police believe the man was killed for his bicycle - a yellow racer - and urge anyone who finds the bike to contact them. Black handled bars with black grips. Black spokes in the wheel and a clock fitted to the handle-bars. Something so simple, over a bike, you know, it's horrible. I mean he's got kids. They've got his wife just sitting up there

being able to see her deceased husband laying on the ground. Three men were arrested but all were released later this afternoon.

There is only one witness to this incident which is the girlfriend of the deceased and at this stage she hasn't shone any light as to why this has happened. Kate McGrath, Ten News. Police have arrested a carload of bandits on suspicion of home invasion. The men were rounded up at the end of a car chase,

a camera in a police helicopter capturing the drama as it unfolded. A stolen car speeding along the Graham Farmer freeway. Lights off, dodging traffic, but it can't escape the police eye in the sky. Officers called in the police chopper after abandoning their pursuit of the suspected home invader

just after 8:00 last night. The use of the helicopter meant that we weren't putting our own officers at risk. There weren't vehicles driving at extremely high speeds on the roads. The 14-minute chase finally ended on Karrinyup Road. Here you see officers using a stinger to deflate the car's tyres. The driver fighting for control. POLICE RADIO: They might have hit him with a stinger, VKI. Five men then abandoned the immobilised car, running to hide amongst nearby houses. The chopper's infrared camera and night sun light

then directing officers and a canine unit to locate and arrest all but one. Got one in custody. Yippee, good work. People were located hiding in bins and buildings and were able to be apprehended safely. Police have charged three men with stealing a motor vehicle. Their investigations are continuing into a suspected home invasion in Applecross which sparked the entire chase.

Les Faulds, Ten News. Hair loss affects up to three-quarters of Australians. But if you're fretting over those failing follicles you may soon be able to clone your own.

What's inside may count, but sometimes it's what's missing on top we notice. Shane Warne didn't mind making finding follicles a public affair. Then there are myths.

For some reason, people think that olive oil works!

But for Eileen Thomas, a lifetime of bald patches never meant leaving home without a hat and refusing to be in photos. I was terrified of going swimming with people because when I jumped in, of course my hair would part where I had no hair. A transplant has finally given her a full head of hair for the first time in five decades since she was burnt in a fire. How do I feel? I feel great. A scientific conference for hair restoration

has heard how devastating baldness can be. Emotionally, I've had people that were suicidal. Last year, I had two that were urgent consultations sent from psychiatrists. Now one was a young woman and one was a 22-year-old boy. Transplants are increasingly popular, implanting individual follicles makes a permanent and invisible solution. I mean, if you look in the mirror and you go, "Oh, tragic",

you do something about it and that's why I did it. Some lasers, tablets and solutions the only other proven treatments. And if you're looking in the mirror thinking this doesn't apply to you, consider a staggering 70% of men and 50% of women will suffer hair loss problems at some point in their lives. Good news is, hair cloning research is well under way

and could be available within seven years. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News.

After the break - we'll show you how a new Internet phone service is making talk very cheap. Essentially you can call anyone around the world,

across the room or across the world. You can speak with family and friends for free. For as long as you like. And in Sports Tonight - find out why 17-year-old surfer Stephanie Gilmore is among Australian sport's hottest prospects.

There's been a scare for Qantas passengers.

Residents under the flight path say they saw flames coming from a jet's engine. People in Sydney's southern suburbs say they heard what sounded like a jet engine backfiring and saw flames spewing out. Qantas says there was a technical fault on a 737 with the pilots feeling vibrations in an engine. The fire brigade met the jet when it landed, but there was no official report of flames or smoke. The incident comes a week after a Qantas plane made an emergency landing in Japan. To finance, and Jacqui Maddock at CommSec. And soaring oil prices starting to depress the stock market.

Talk is very cheap with a new Internet phone service. Google has gone public with the latest online talk system,

putting the service in reach of more people. It's probably time for the telcos to start getting worried. Internet giant Google has launched into the online phone business. Essentially you can call anyone around the world, across the room or across the world. You can speak with family and friends for free.

REPORTER: For as long as you like? For as long as you like. It works like this - you download the free software, check your phone buddy's online and make the call. Listen, I think we're going to have to cancel tomorrow night, dinner. WOMAN ON PHONE: Oh, no way! I was planning a fondue. The catch is you need to have a high-speed Internet connection

and you can only call people who've also downloaded the software.

If your computer doesn't have a microphone and speakers, a headset like this will do the trick. I think most people will be able to install this application easily and use it. I think it is going to be well-suited to the younger market. Google isn't the first with this service. There's big competition already out there for Microsoft, Yahoo and Skype. Some of those provide calls

that can go from computer to mobile or landline, not just computer to computer, something Google hopes to offer within a year. But the sheer size and awareness of the Google brand name has experts predicting

the number of people dodging a telephone bill will rise, and rise fast. I think the telcos themselves are going be putting out similar sort of services in the future to try and fend off this kind of service. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

The weather's next and then it's Sports Tonight with Leigh Diffey. Deb they sure have, and it's getting a bit old really isn't it. But credit to the Poms they're away again

but not before Warney had something to say about it. Personal troubles aside, Warne continues to be an Aussie Ashes star the season is over for Brisbane's big man

The season is over for Brisbane's big man And is naughty Neill - Lucas sent off again.

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Taking a look now at the weather around the nation. The satellite's showing extensive cloud building around the eastern districts of Western Australia, some bright cloud nearer the coast, low cloud pushing onto parts of the east coast, but mainly clear skies elsewhere. On the Synoptic Chart, a broad band of low pressure is crossing Western Australia towards South Australia as a low moves inland, with a high in the south-east is dominating the continent. So tomorrow looks like bringing wet and windy weather to Cairns,

but Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Hobart should all be fine. Mainly sunny too for Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Alice Springs,

with a fine and sunny day in the Top End. And finally tonight, if you can't believe it's not butter, then believe this. A sculptor in the US has used more than 363 kilos of the dairy product to make a life-size breakfast table, complete with mum and the kids.

That's the equivalent of more than 700 standard tubs of butter from the supermarket.

The artist from Pennsylvania buttered up the judges at a State fair in New York. That is the latest from Ten News. Stay with us, Sports Tonight with Leigh Diffey is next. I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. From the Late News Team, enjoy the rest of your evening. Goodnight.