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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. the 60th anniversary of victory The 'Daily Telegraph' marks in the Pacific, could still return, but if Douglas Macarthur he wouldn't recognise himself.

of the General's famous mug, Instead of using a photo one of Gregory Peck, the 'Tele' have used who played him in the movie. looked like this. The real General Macarthur I'm Liz Jackson. Hello and welcome to Media Watch. rather more serious photo problem The 'Adelaide Advertiser' had a for their classified ads. in this promotion When Emily placed her ad, could take her photo, the 'Advertiser' asked if they to promote their new free ads. Ben McMahon Emily told us that photographer wanted her to lie on the bed. make a big feature of the bed post, The photo that was published does attached to which are these. Emily was shocked and embarrassed Melvin Mansell The 'Advertiser's editor told us their photographer: Oh, really? about that 'conversation' We asked Emily Ramsden embarrassed to furious. and she moved from that the paper's editorial staff Editor Mansell does admit but went ahead and published. knew the photo showed the handcuffs, this crass error of judgment alone? But will the photographer wear that Emily might not mind Whatever made the editors think and the lewd phone calls? the cheap laugh at her expense She's told Media Watch: feeling aggrieved The Red Cross is also of articles caning them after a recent series from Sydney to Perth. in the 'Sydney Morning Herald'. It started like this after the event, The story ran the day which Gerard Ryle said was: the Herald's story The 'West Australian' picked up on their front page. and ran it even bigger

Their cartoonist weighed in as well. The following day, Chris Joyce, evening, contacted Media Watch. who actually went to the Red Cross 20 people were there. He went on to tell us around

that the 'Herald' described? So could this be the same event and the cocktails? Where was the catering, the party actually gone, Well, the 'Herald' hadn't confirmed. as journalist Gerard Ryle the evening was to have been funded: But what of Ryle's claims that cost just $300. The Red Cross says the event communications manager - They concede their Vedran Drakulic - an administrative cost initially said it was of the tsunami appeal for the questions in writing, but that Vedran asked Gerard Ryle so that he could go and check. Ryle sent this email later that day. six hours later: Vedran Drakulic replied

cause Ryle to drop his story? So did this outright denial No way. the Red Cross to change its plans. He claimed his questions had forced believe their accounts are right, Now the 'Herald' and the 'West' may for their damaging claims but the evidence they've produced looks thin, or wrong, a beat-up at best. an immediate impact, But their stories had

as the letters page revealed. the damage their stories had done. The 'West' shed crocodile tears for the Red Cross Sadly, any backlash against Spare us, please. Now while we're in WA, Howard Sattler. let's check on Perth talkback host He's been a regular on Media Watch appearance back in 1990 since he made his first hosted the show. when Stuart Littlemore In Perth on Thursday, joyriding in a stolen car six Aboriginal children were by police. which crashed when being chased All were aged between 12 and 15. Three were killed. let's hear what's changed. So, 15 years later, news if Aboriginal offenders die? Does Howard still think it's good talkback segment Howard was co-hosting a regular

with Hughie the cabbie when David phoned in.

No, Howard, you didn't say it, it was pretty funny but you seemed to think to go to air. and you allowed it is on a 10-second delay All talkback at 6PR can be cut off. so that calls like that made his excuses. The next day Howard

"Could cause offence"? 'Inadvertent'? Let's just have another listen.

or just indulgence? Would you call that support, It's certainly not a rebuke. there. Well, Howard, we agree with you to break old habits. But we know how hard it is behaving true to form. Seven's 'Today Tonight' is also when it comes to bagging Anything goes - especially like Ten's 'Australian Idol'. an opposing network's program contestants on 'Australian Idol' But first, the starry-eyed competitions and other television singing for fame and fortune. are understandably hoping biggest names in the music industry But now some of the are saying enough is enough, is all about television and that 'Australian Idol' and not music. And which big names would they be? legendary singer Renee Geyer, 'Today Tonight' approached

but she didn't want to know. So who did 'TT' get instead? Let's watch and see. Apart from the 'Idol' judges, is criticising the contestants. no-one barely out of school. They're the victims, one-hit wonders at best. History tells us they'll be Just this week Renee Geyer, has produced, one of the best voices this country it's simply asking too much. said that at that age, to get good. I'm just starting

what music is about. I'm only just starting to realise What's going on here? Well, when Renee said 'no', simply pinched an answer 'Today Tonight' 'Enough Rope', she'd already given on the ABC's completely out of context. and dropped it in with 'Australian Idol'. Her answer had nothing to do sold 40,000 copies Your last album 'Tenderland' which is huge in this country. has had great reviews. Your new one tonight Do you think you're at your peak? I'm just starting to get good. what music is about I'm only starting to realise

and creating things and getting ideas. Renee was appalled. We couldn't agree more. And while we're talking big, fat beat-ups 'Today Tonight' reporter Dave 'Sluggo' Richardson last week won the 'Ernie Award' for the most sexist media personality of the year. The judges were particularly appalled by this ambush in a shopping centre car park. How many kids have you got? Five. How many dads have you got? Oh, I don't want to do this, thank you, no. How many, darling? No, no. Sluggo wasn't there to collect the award himself,

so we've been asked to hold it for him. So, Dave, feel free to come by any time - maybe I'll see you in the car park. Until next week, goodnight. Captions by Captioning and Subtitling International.