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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. 'Discovery's safe landing. the astronauts' minds What was going through as they made their return to Earth. Is this an Australian terrorist? you will be killed. As you kill us, again. And Libby lowers her record time, Ten News with Deborah Knight. and a manhunt is under way in Sydney But first to breaking news, Jubilation for NASA

safely back on Earth. with the space shuttle 'Discovery' including Australia's Andy Thomas, The crew, declared the mission a success which never made it home. and a tribute to the 'Columbia' crew Mission accomplished. 24 hours late but safe, in the Californian desert. 'Discovery' touched down Welcome home, friends. tracked the shuttle Night vision cameras in the sky. from when it was a glowing speck the Earth's atmosphere The sonic boom as it re-entered was heard for hundreds of kilometres. Wheel stop. Roger, wheel stop, 'Discovery'. spectacular test flight. Congratulations on a truly to hear Thank you, those are great words and we are happy to be back the whole team. and we congratulate a collective sigh of relief, As Mission Control breathed Australia's Andy Thomas, the astronauts, including

for the first time in 14 days touched ground kilometres around the Earth. having travelled 9.3 million with the shuttle, After so many safety scares was check its fragile heat shields, the first thing they did relieved to find no major damage. a fantastic success. NASA declaring the mission the 'Columbia' crew. Today we honoured It's a great day. We brought 'Discovery' home safely. Commander Eileen Collins admitting was never far from their thoughts. the doomed 'Columbia' crew the 'Columbia' mission coming home I did think about but I would say it's more of a and we're going to press on." "We're going to get through this It was a great achievement. It was an important step for NASA of the American people. to regain the confidence scheduled for next month, With another shuttle launch wrong during 'Discovery's mission. NASA will now focus on what went Until it can fix the problem, and the shedding of foam, with the external fuel tank the fleet will remain grounded. 'Discovery' back to Cape Canaveral. The first job, though, is getting and flown to Florida It will be piggybacked next week. on a specially modified jet As for the astronauts, to reuniting with their families. they're now just looking forward Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. In the United States, and much-relieved father Adrian Andy Thomas's proud like the rest of us, on television, watched 'Discovery's touchdown, and he joins me now. from his home in Adelaide, this morning. Mr Thomas, thanks for your time

This mission hasn't been easy from

the start. There have been a lot of

hitches long the way. It must have

been a fantastic feeling for you

when the shuttle made its way

safely home. It certainly was, a

wonderful relief and a very tense

time. I've been virtually on the

edge of my abilities, although I

tried not to show it, since the

launch. Andy didn't attend the

first press conference held by the

'Discovery' crew. Have there been

any last minute problems? Have you

had a chance to speak with him yet?

I've spoken to him as recently as a

quarter of an hour ago. He's back

home with his wife in his own home.

They flew back almost immediately

following the landing. He is

utterly exhausted and was on his

way to bed. We've reserved any

heavy discussions, which I'm sure

will take place to a later date.

In the meantime, I told him as I

did when he was a small boy, "Go to

bed." This is a feature of his

youth. He needed his sleep. You

must be very proud of your son who

has declared this space mission is

his last. Do you think 'Discovery's

success might persuade him to

change his mind? There's always a

possibility. But I think he's 53

years old now, he's a senior

amongst the astronauts and there

are many young up and coming people

astronaut who have been training in the

Korp itching for flights. He'll be

glad to step aside. On the other

hand, if his particular skills are

wanted and they ask him, I think he

might go. That's just knowing the

man, that's what I think. Thank you

for your time this morning, Adrian

Thomas, father of Andy Thomas. will examine a militant video Australian security agencies an Australian accent featuring a man with what sounds like on the Western world. warning of more terrorist attacks television, First airing on Middle Eastern calling for recruits the video shows an armed man for a holy war on the West. People of the West, by the lies of Blair and Bush, don't be fooled that you are free nations. For the only freedom that you have of your whims and desires. is the freedom to be slaves Your children are free - of their childhood and innocence. free to be deprived Your women are free to be used and entertainment as tools of business

and all of you as a whole and women who rule you. are the slaves of the con men of an al-Qa'ida documentary, Believed to be part the video also shows on a US helicopter what's thought to be a rocket attack in Afghanistan in June. that killed 16 US soldiers is not your back yard! Germany or South America! The Muslim world is not Japan, of Islam The honourable sons and daughters watching you spread your evil will not sit down, to our land. and immorality and infidelity The honourable sons of Islam kill our families will not just let you Kashmir, the Balkans, in Palestine, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. Indonesia, the Caucasus It is time for us to be equals. you will be killed. As you kill us,

you will be bombed! As you bomb us, of Coalition unity Public declarations today in a party room meeting. despite an ugly confrontation

Tensions are high to block key legislation. over threats by National MPs after a fiery party room meeting. A friendly chat just hours

with Nationals Leader Mark Vaile John Howard mingled at a function for Coalition MPs the day on the importance of unity. after lecturing members earlier in Then, just to show there were no hard feelings, he sat next to Nationals senator Ron Boswell. We all enjoyed a beautiful dinner last night. All bonhomie and friendship and love. The man who sparked the tensions arrived at Parliament in a tractor this morning, as part of a campaign promoting Australian produce. Barnaby Joyce has threatened to cross the floor on the sale of Telstra and has raised concerns about other key Government legislation. His stance has angered some Liberal MPs. This dopey so and so doesn't understand that while we own it, we are restricted in what we can do about it. And Liberal MP Bill Heffernan ridiculed Senator Joyce's position in the party meeting, prompting a physical confrontation with his new colleague, who is believed to have angrily grabbed his arm later. My first time in the party room. It's an interesting atmosphere and I have got broad shoulders, I can wear that. Still, the PM is playing down reports of the confrontation. You'd have thought it was seconds out of the ring. (Laughs) It was nothing of the kind.

And, he says party room debate is healthy. Bill is a good bloke and Barnaby's a good bloke. They're both good blokes and they're both my good blokes. The Nationals Leader admits there's tension between the parties, but says ultimately, unity will prevail. Like any family, there will be always be internal differences of opinions, there'll be internal debates. Laurel Irving, Ten News. Victoria's largest private school has suspended two teachers over an exam scandal. The day before a major literacy test last week, the Wesley College teachers are accused of running a spelling bee including words from the exam. 43 students from Year 5 re-sat the test this morning as education authorities continued their investigation. The college describes the breach as extremely serious. Motorists are feeling the pinch with petrol prices hitting a record high. Driven by record crude oil costs unleaded petrol has reached as much as a $1.23 a litre in Melbourne. It is quite high, that's why I've only put $20 in today. hoping that in a few days it will come down and I'll get a bit more value for money. The ripple effect will be far- reaching. Airlines and supermarkets are expected to raise prices to offset the high cost of fuel. A young Brisbane family has survived a horrifying ordeal

after being trapped inside their burning home. It's still not clear why the house burst into flames as the couple and their two children slept inside. When firefighters arrived, they knew the battle to save the home was already lost. Desperate neighbours had called for help when they saw flames and heard the screams of the terrified family inside. To hear the next door neighbour screaming the son's name... was quite hysterical. The young family of four was initially trapped inside the Queenslander, desperately searching for a door not blocked by fire. The young mother, suffering minor burns, emerged carrying her newborn baby. Her husband and son also escaped. They were unharmed. Lack of water initially hampered firefighters before another danger presented. Prevailing weather conditions, wind, was pushing the flames next door. Mark Finley was sleeping in a caravan with his family just metres from the blaze. Oh, scary. Yeah, my heart was pounding, my heart was really pounding and I can't imagine how the next-door neighbour felt. Investigators were on scene this morning

trying to piece together how the house caught ablaze. The damage bill is expected to run to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Only the shell of the house remains. Every personal item in the home was destroyed. Summer Burke, Ten News. The Commonwealth Bank announces a multibillion-dollar profit. What that means for customers when Ten's morning news returns. And the 4-legged fugitive that had police on the run.

This program is captioned live. Australia may be about to export uranium to China. Anti-nuclear campaigners are horrified, warning it will only encourage Beijing to make nuclear weapons. Australia should seriously consider not allowing our uranium to be exported to countries that have nuclear weapons. The Federal Government says any uranium we sell to China would be used for peaceful purposes. New underwater pictures reveal the painstaking efforts that saved a Russian submarine crew. Trapped by fishing nets on the ocean floor, the men were freed by a Royal Navy team and a very special robot. These pictures, taken by the onboard cameras,

show a British semi-submersible, 'Scorpio 45', saving the vessel and her crew. The remote operator struggling to manoeuvre the robotic arm to grip each of the cables and then, using another arm, cut them. The process took agonising hours as the sub's air supply reached critically low levels and the man who controlled 'Scorpio' said failure was always a possibility. I had only one camera and no sonar. I was a bit twitched. But between myself and my colleagues, we managed to get the ROV fully operational.

That meant triumph for the British rescue team who returned home today to be greeted as heroes by friends and family. It was a chance for them to reflect on the moment

they knew they had succeeded in bringing the sub to the surface. I can assure you a lot of grown men cried that day

to see that submarine back on the surface. I'm sorry, but the emotion is getting to me again. Small wonder. The ability of the 'Scorpio' to function effectively at extreme depths meant the seven sailors trapped in this mini-sub were saved.

The family of the late Christopher Reeve has been dealt another cruel blow, with the widow of the former Superman actor announcing she has lung cancer. Dana Reeve, who spent nine years caring for her paralysed husband, has made the announcement following rumours about her health.

The 44-year-old non-smoker helped her husband fight for stem cell research

after a horse-riding accident that left the actor in a wheelchair. He died in October last year.

The couple has a 13-year-old son. Now to a story about the runaway dog that brought New York city to a standstill. This is Snoopy, a 3-year-old poodle cross, who ran away from home and onto a major city highway dodging passing cars and police. It's a high-speed pursuit but it's of the 4-legged kind. Millions watched on live television as the 4-legged fugitive

continued to escape the clutches of authorities again and again. Come on, get him. Oops! He tried. Snoopy's luck seemingly running out when he was hit by a car, but amazingly it didn't stop him. Eventually five police officers cornered the runaway poodle. Snoopy is now recovering. Libby Lenton surges to another world swimming record. That's when Ten's Morning News returns. And the honeymoon's over - but what caused a new-look Hewitt to pull out of a Canadian tournament mid-match?

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This program is captioned live. The Commonwealth Bank has posted a record annual net profit of nearly $4 billion. But despite a 55% improvement on last year's results,

the profit is reportedly as much as the market expected with shares dipping slightly this morning. The announcement comes as chief executive David Murray departs the bank this week. He will be replaced next month

by former Air New Zealand chief Ralph Norris. Mr Murray presided over 20,000 job losses during his 13 years at the helm. Juliana Roadley at Commonwealth Securities and consumer confidence bounced back unaffected by higher petrol prices?

Today's result was up by 7.6% and

that shows that we are enjoying the

stable interest rates at the moment

and more cash in our pockets after

the tax changes since July 1.

Petrol prices are slightly

affecting our result, but we have

really high employment at the

moment and wages are increasing.

That's helping comment the old

theory that Australia is the lucky country.

Australian fast bowler Brett Lee is still hopeful of playing the third Test against England with an infected knee. despite remaining in hospital joining the squad on stand-by. NSW paceman Stuart Clark from selectors Stuart Clark received an SOS while playing county cricket. With Australia's attack in crisis, is happy to help out. the 29-year-old Blues right armer you've always dreamed of doing. It's something

Not many people get the opportunity, period of time I'm here, and I'm lucky enough, for whatever to be doing it. of Thursday's third Test With Glenn McGrath already ruled out at Old Trafford, Brett Lee is touch and go. of antibiotics Still being pumped full he's discharged later today. at a hospital in Birmingham before If Lee does come up, in Manchester - he'll like what he sees for the first couple of days a hard, flat pitch forecast for Shane Warne. before one that will turn the leg spinner returns to the ground Poised on 599 Test wickets, the ball of the century in 1993. where he sent down COMMENTATOR: And he's done it! to do what I did, first ball, It was an amazing day was a fantastic way and to win the Test match over the years. to start my Ashes campaigns Mike Gatting still living down on English soil. Warne's first delivery to just have a little look You're always taught someone you haven't seen before, at the first ball you face from so I suppose there's a point in case shouldn't have done - where you perhaps and got on with it. you should have just swept it Tania Armstrong, Ten News. celebrating yet another world record, Australia's Libby Lenton is

for the 100m freestyle smashing her own 1-day-old mark Championships in Melbourne. at the National Short-Course hot-pink suit, Swimming in her special off the time she set on Monday night. Lenton shaved two-tenths of a second in 51.7 seconds. The 20-year-old touching the wall CHEERING AND APPLAUSE to go under 52 seconds Lenton is the first woman over the shortcourse distance. to the US Open has suffered a setback Lleyton Hewitt's build-up from the Rogers Cup in Montreal after his withdrawal with a bout of gastro. post-wedding look, Hewitt unveiled a new and retro Pat Cash-style headband. complete with haircut leading 4-3 in the opening set, But with France's Florent Serra Hewitt called it quits. TRAINER: He has to stop. COMMENTATOR: Oh, this is sad. New wife Bec was there to nurse him of his career. through the second retirement the biggest clash of the first round, Spain's Rafael Nadal won in three sets. beating countryman Carlos Moya will decide later today Reigning AFL premiers Port Adelaide 2-match ban from the tribunal whether to appeal Byron Pickett's for rough conduct. with the decision, The Power was clearly angry Carlton's Patrick Wiggins, saying Pickett did not charge to protect himself. but had been trying It was inevitable contact. it was inevitable contact. The umpire agreed reduce the impact of it. Byron slowed down to he could have done. I don't know what more two weeks after being found guilty, Docker Des Headland will also miss but better news for St Kilda, free to play against the Kangaroos with Justin Koschitzke this Saturday night after being cleared of striking.

In the NRL - with a great league heritage. Parramatta has unveiled a rookie against the Bulldogs on Friday night Rod Reddy's son Joel makes his debut at fullback. these days The pair is very much in Eels colours with dad an Eels recruitment officer. Rod was a St George Dragons enforcer. In his playing days though, to get on the field. Joel just can't wait A little bit nervous, but I mean, a Friday night. it's probably good that it's It might sneak up on me I'll be out there. and before I know it, Wade McKinnon. Reddy replaces the injured at the weather around the nation. Next in Ten News - a look Stay with us.

at the national weather details. Looking now

from the Ten newsroom, That is the latest but stay with us. throughout the day We'll bring you updates in Ten's news hour tonight. and the full details thanks for your company. I'm Deborah Knight, Have a great afternoon. by the Australian Caption Centre Supertext captions