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(generated from captions) with New South Wales. I will Transportation has been a big issue time as one of his main priorities. identified making the trains run on all around New South Wales. He has today and it has people cheering investment properties is scrapped this tax involves the sail of short-term. He has announced that make voters happy at least in the vendor tax is the one that will mentioned the scrapping of the Good afternoon, David. Yes, as you we can expect from Mr Iemma? Aela, what are some of the changes by Seven News reporter Aela Callan. For more, I'm joined the controversial vendor tax. including abolishing and announced a series of changes this morning He was officially elected Premier Morris Iemma. under incoming New South Wales will be immediate winners property investors But first - was behind a plot to murder his wife. And Joe Korp's jailed lover says he amid fresh cover-up claims. The Queensland Health scandal widens announces sweeping changes. The incoming New South Wales Premier In this bulletin - Good afternoon. This program is LIVE captioned. The 4.30 News with David Johnston.

week ago. The cover up relates to a Steve buck land who was sacked a heard about a cover up involve sing Morris inquiry in Brisbane. We explosive start to hearings for the Good afternoon. It has been an this alleged cover-up? Cathy, what can you tell us about is being investigated. where this new scandal at the Morris inquiry in Townsville Seven News reporter Cathy Weis is of the department. involving the former director-general by fresh claims of a cover-up, has been rocked Queensland's embattled health system tomorrow. takes place at government house who that will be but the ceremony finance minister. No word yet on deputy role. There will be a new Iemma said he did ask to vacate the was pushed by the party but Mr said it was time to go. Denies he Carr announced his retirement. He deputy who served alongside bob role of treasurer himself after the will be taking ong the challenging We do have a few clues. The premier the shape of his new Cabinet? Aela, did Mr Iemma announce and medical care. to provide hospitals to teach our children, to get us to work on time, that are reliable, to deliver basic services is an obligation to the community of my government's priorities At the heart and health. basics, transportation, education reform. He is getting back to the Minister's industrial relations saying he will take on the Prime taken on the federal government wouldn't commit to that and he has the way to some job cuts but he in New South Wales perhaps paving order of all government expenditure the Olympics. He has pledged an as eefirbently as they were during Sydney and New South Wales to run proposals he is proposing. He wants summarise briefly some of the

Herman said she never hated her and hated the mother of two. Tania she tried to kill her because she lawyer. He suggested to ther that lawyer. He suggested lawyer. He most of it being questioned by the two hours in the witness box today Tania Herman spent a little over has the details. Anastasia Salamastrakis Seven News reporter to murder his wife. he was behind a plot claiming has appeared at his committal hearing Tania Herman Joe Korp's jailed former mistress case now. To Melbourne's woman-in-the-car-boot would think it will not go too far. a state that spends 20% less one will try to improve things. But on underfunding. They are funding that and intimidation as well as highlighted a culture of bullying What did that find? It has interim report is being released. the next two zais. And a separate hearing is likely to continue for described Peter Leckie. That and sarcastic for the way he described as adversarial, bullying, against them. Tony Morris was from making adverse findings them. They want the inquiry stop sd commissioner was biased against was taking action that the They are. The hospital figures who What is the latest there? shut down the inquiry. Cathy, two people are trying to to withhold it from this inquiry. one would think deliberately, and has chosen, from public scrutiny, knew that it had been kept of that material, knew of the existence was director-general, who until a week ago little doubt that Dr Buckland, On that material, had to say today P properly qualified. Here is what he discover sd that the doctor wasn't secret documents en after it was about it because the inquiry saw qualifications. We are finding at Townsville despite not having bogus Russian scientists who worked

against the government's industrial relations reforms but its leader is struggling to keep up. It's another blow for Kim Beazley. While the union campaign against the Government's industrial relations reforms has helped Labor rise to its best electoral position since April. The Opposition leader's popularity has hit to an all-time low. on the back of the union campaign The party is riding high its strongest position in months. despite Labor moving into has fallen to an all-time low Kim Beazley's popularity Meanwhile, Opposition leader to discuss possible legal action. will meet this Friday The State and Territory leaders I am duty-bound to oppose them. that I do and coming from the background the livelihood of many These changes threaten in the early '80s. at the height of the recession when my father was made redundant was forged by my own experience from was forged by my own experience from badly treated in the work place wrought on people who are of the personal devastation My understanding are safe. to know their jobs and incomes it is important for people Morris Iemma says Incoming New South Wales Premier to the proposed changes. are ramping up their opposition the Labor leaders across the country Following union protests industrial relations reforms. to stop the Federal Government's take legal action in the High Court The State Premiers are threatening to Trial dredging will begin on Friday. for commercial purposes. it is necessary to widen the bay The State Government says dredging machine. a multimillion-dollar of the Queen of the Netherlands, attempted to stop the arrival A flotilla of boats of Port Phillip Bay. campaigning against the dredging protesters have taken to the water Still in Melbourne, wound up. hear from Joe Korp but today it has 12-month sentence. Tomorrow we will Park prison where she is serving a her evidence and is back to dear knocked off. She finished giving with Joe Korp was to have her She said the best way she could be that they was going to kill Maria. denied that she told her sister that she didn't know the woman. She

Two new polls show Mr Beazley's approval rating well behind that of the Prime Minister. To add insult to injury, voters even believe outgoing New South Wales Premier Bob Carr would do a better job. Nationally 48% of voters would like to see Mr Carr in Canberra as opposed to 37% for Mr Beazley. But after 17 years in politics, and 10 as State Premier, he says he has no plans to enter the federal arena. While they'll welcome the rise in the party's fortunes, Labor MPs will no doubt be concerned at their leader's standing as the Coalition struggles to sell its new industrial laws and faces a revolt from some Nationals over the sale of Telstra. I didn't come into this business just to sort of worry about whether we were 10 points ahead in each particular poll. On the eve of Schapelle Corby's retrial her lawyers have asked Justice Minister Chris Ellison to make a detour to Bali for a meeting. Ellison flew to Jakarta this morning to hold talks with the Indonesian Government and says his door is always open to Corby's legal team. But he is not impressed with Hotman Paris Hutapea's criticism over the government's willingness to help her appeal. Can I say, the Australian Government at every turn has endeavoured to assist the lawyers for Schapelle Corby. We will continue to do so. We do need information from Mr Hutapea though to assist us in that cause. Corby's lawyer initially knocked back a meeting with the minister saying he was too busy preparing his defence. NASA has decided to carry out an emergency repair operation on the Discovery shuttle. To fix the problem, and astronaut will venture underneath the space craft, a risky manoeuvre never done before. Astronauts Soichi Noguchi and Steve Robinson this morning on their second space walk to replace a gyroscope that keeps the space station in orbit. Yeah, this is just like putting in an aeroplane engine. But the next mission will be riskier as Robinson goes underneath Discovery's nose on Wednesday to remove those protruding gap fillers. When we looked at the unknown versus what we do know about EBA it was a very easy decision to add the task to EBA No.3. They'll have to ride the space station's arm until he's out of sight of his fellow astronauts and out of direct radio contact with Mission Control. The concern, Robinson or a piece of equipment might accidentally damage one or more of Discovery's tiles. We're making sure that we're taking as many tools off of them as we can and holding their safety tethers back behind them. The gap filler sits between the shuttle's tiles as they expand and contract under extreme heat. The longest piece of protruding filler on Discovery is just an inch long but engineers are worried that on re-entry that tiny piece could drag super-hot air down Discovery's belly creating a sort of blow torch aimed at one or more tiles. Robertson's job - remove the filler. The first attempt is going to be to pull it out. and we don't expect that to take a lot of force. If it seems to be taking a lot of force, then we're going to look at cutting it off. Today Discovery's astronauts were told to start preparing. There will be a lot of reading for you to be done in the next hour or next day. We're ready for anything you might stock us with. We're just feeling lucky to be up here. Next in Seven's 4.30 News - Pakistan's link to the London bombings. And one man's inspiring quest to lose weight. MUSIC CONTINUES Smooth as. SONG: # Stir it up in the morning... # When you stir in the morning, stir something really tempting. Stir Uncle Tobys Oats Temptations, and they'll stir something good inside you. jpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppz # Stir it up. #

This is the 4.30 News. Two more suspects have been arrested in connection with the failed bomb attacks in London. Authorities have also uncovered new information suggesting the 21 July bombers may be linked to Pakistan. Muktar Said Ibrahim obtained a British passport last fall. Officials say, in December, he travelled from Britain to Saudi Arabia then on to Pakistan. It raises the possibility that they were involved with Pakistani Jihadists and possibly even with al-Qaeda itself. That would put Ibrahim in Pakistan at the same time as two members of the 7 July bombers seen here arriving in Karachi last November. Today in London, massive security triggered by what authorities say is intelligence suggesting a third cell of bombers may be ready to strike. There is conflicting intelligence about the nationalities of these individuals. One of the 21 July bombers Hussain Osman, was charged in Rome today. His lawyer claims he's not a terrorist. TRANSLATOR: The explosive used was not deadly. He didn't know exactly what was inside the bag. So how did Osman escape Britain amid its largest man-hunt ever? Italian and British officials say last Tuesday, five days after the bombing he boarded a train at this station in the heart of London. They tracked his cell phone calls, through Paris, Milan, Bologna and finally Rome where he was arrested Friday. Egyptian police have shot dead one of the prime suspects thought to be behind the deadly attacks in Sharm el-Sheikh last month. At least 64 people were killed in three blasts at the popular Red Sea tourist resort. Mohamed Fulayfel was killed and his wife wounded in a gunfight near the town of Suez. He was also on trial in absentia for bombings at three other Red Sea resorts in October last year. 24 people have been killed in rioting in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum. Christian and Arab gangs clashed following the death of newly appointed vice president John Garang. Sudanese police were called in and curfews are now in place. Garang, a former rebel leader, was seen as pivotal to implementing was seen as pivotal to implementing a peace agreement that ended more than 20 years of civil war. And a funeral will be held tonight for King Fahd mourn the loss of their leader. as the people of Saudi Arabia mourn the loss of their leader. Crown Prince Abdullah has been confirmed as the new monarch. The 81-year-old has been running day-to-day business in the oil rich nation since King Fahd suffered a stroke 10 years ago. Saudi officials say the transition should be smooth. I cannot imagine that there will be any particular change. Crown Prince Abdullah will formally assume the throne on Wednesday. An American man is taking drastic steps to shed excess kilos. In fact, lots of them. He's walking nearly 5,000km across the US to get healthy. Vince Vaught says he want to be able to stay alive and watch his children grow up. (The Who sings) # I can see for miles # Every day, rain or shine, Steve Vaught is walking, and walking, and walking. Every day you want to quit. But quitting is not an option. Vaught made a promise to himself to walk almost 3,000 miles from his home outside of San Diego to New York City. It's not really about the walk, it's about the health, physical and mental. Suffering from extreme obesity and severe depression, the 400lb former Marine decided the cross-country trip might be his only chance to stay alive and see his children grow up. I think I'm developing a blister. Vaught is losing weight, but he's adding new injuries on an almost daily basis. Then, there are the bugs, the primitive sleeping conditions and for the next several months, nothing but long stretches of open road. # I can see for miles and miles # Next in Seven's 4.30 News we will take a look at the financial markets, check tomorrow's weather, and see what is making headlines around the country. 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(Whistles) A delicious blend of fruits, oats and bran, Kellogg's All-Bran Fruit 'n Oats is a tasty way to make fibre your friend. You're watching Seven's 4.30 News. Time to check the financial markets with Westpac global chief economist Bill Evans. Hello, Bill. What happened today? David, a lot of news today. Retail sales for June came out at 1 .3% that was more than double than what we were expecting. We saw the New

South Wales premier drop the vendor tax for investment properties. We saw a record price to oil in reaction to the death of the king. And as a result of all of those developments, the markets finished out in positive territory again but still below those records of a couple days ago. The property shares have done well as a result of the vendor tax decision. The retail shares have done well as a result of the rise in the retail sales and the oil shares have done particularly well . The Aussie dollar also did well in response to other good news which related to a fall in our trade deficits now running about half the pace it was running in the March quarter. Tomorrow of course we will hear the result of the Reserve Bank's board meeting as to whether they decided to raise interest rates. I think it is extremely unlikely but this retail sails number today is unlikely to have a rate cut this year. Now let's take a look at what the weather has in store for tomorrow. about most of the Queensland coast. Showers are likely region. bringing some patchy rain to the the south-east tomorrow The front will cross triggering scattered showers. across the south-west corner In the west, a cold front is sweeping and it is slowly clearing out to sea. the rain has eased over Queensland From the satellite, Thanks, David, and good afternoon. David. David Brown has the details.

Email - Captioned by Seven Network See you at the same time tomorrow. I'm David Johnston. But that's the 4.30 News for today. of Seven News at 6.00. coming up in State editions Just some of the stories about 30 minutes after take-off. was forced to return to Perth The 777 jet was forced to return to Perth in a full scale emergency. as the plane was caught up have described their terror a Malaysian Airlines flight passengers on board And in Perth, to calls for help from the community. and the police helicopter responding involves the elite STAR Group The operation called "On Look" and city crime hot spots. to crack down on suburban have launched a new campaign South Australian police and playground. within sight of the classrooms and dumping them and addicts are using from a nearby health centre Free syringes are distributed next to a Richmond primary school. of needles by drug addicts parents are outrage over the use In Melbourne - on investment properties. including abolishing the vendor tax the other changes he will make and discuss ailing public transport system to fix Sydney's He will talk about his plans Premier Morris Iemma. Seven News will be joined by new In Sydney, They believe it drowned in the net. on the ocean floor. but divers found its body to save the calf Its mother tried frantically of a baby humpback whale. following the death from Gold Coast beaches for shark nets to be removed There are renewed calls making headlines. and these are some of the stories in your capital city at 6.00, Seven News coming up in your capital city at 6.00, Thanks, David. More at 6.00. David. That's the latest weather.