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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. terror trial is rigged. Startling claims David Hicks'

behind an attack on Australia. Why Osama bin Laden is allegedly straight into the record books. And Grant Hackett swims

wins his third individual gold. COMMENTATOR: Grant Hackett Ten News with Tracey Spicer. Good morning. the US military has rigged the trial Damning revelations today

David Hicks. of Australian terror suspect and his supervisor Leaked emails from a prosecutor unable to put together a firm case indicate US authorities have been and other terror suspects. against Hicks also compares the process to fraud. The prosecutor the emails as highly significant. Terry Hicks' legal team has described

is due to re-open within weeks. Hicks' trial Major Michael Mori joins us now. And Hicks' defence lawyer is quite strong. Major, the language in these emails The former prosecutor says on the American people" the process is "perpetrating a fraud and ethically intolerable". and it's "morally What's your response?

My response is the commission

process does away with any basic

fundamental protections you would

find in a court marshal or our

criminal justice system. It is set

up to only reach convictions.

Snayou're not surprised by the

emailgz? Not at all. I'm surprised

they found the right of day and the

public is being made aware. The Pentagon says the Pentagon says the comments are public is being made aware. The

based on a misunderstanding and

personality clashes. Does that have

any credibility to you? I don't see

it. You look at the rules and

procedures set up. It is designed

to be centrally careered by the

people trying to convict David

Hicks. The office proves the

charges against David Hicks, they

control all facets of the system.

There is no independent judiciary control all facets of the system.

you'd find in a regular criminal

justice system. If there is

evidence of improper conduct, can

David Hicks be set free? Really, I

think we know from what happened

with the British, the British

government said the military

commissions don't meet

international standards and they

through the demanded their citizens not go

through the process and they were demanded their citizens not go

released. I think David Hicks

deserves the same. He deserves a

fair trial or to be released. Is

David aware of the emails? He's not

aware of these specific emails but

he's aware the system is not

designed to provide him a fair

trial. We've always said give him a

fair trial and we'll take him on

but the government knows you but the government knows you give fair trial and we'll take him on

David Hicks a fair trial and he

won't get a conviction. Thanks for

your time, Major. Thank you. personally financed Concerning claims Osama bin Laden in Jakarta last year. the bombing on the Australian embassy has told Indonesian authorities, One of the key conspirator by courier. bin Laden paid for the attack they targeted Australia The bombers also claim in the Iraq war. because of our involvement insists we were a target The Federal Government went to war with Saddam Hussein. well before Australia

And later in Ten's morning news the latest breakthroughs we'll look at in the hunt for the London bombers. woman-in-the boot has fronted court. The husband of Victoria's Joe Korp, of attempting to murder his wife, who's accused at Melbourne Magistrate's Court arrived for day one of his committal hearing. the boot of her car earlier this year Maria Korp was found unconscious in state. and has since been in a vegetative

her feeding tube was removed But last week and she's expected to die soon. varied enabling him to visit Maria Mr Korp had his bail conditions being charged with murder and he now faces the prospect of

when she dies. in a Melbourne court this morning And two men will appear eight hour kidnapping ordeal. charged over a terrifying demands of up to $200,000 It's alleged the pair made extortion

from her high-rise apartment. after abducting a 24-year-old woman they allegedly donned rubber gloves An out-of-sessions hearing heard

how much it hurts to bleed. and asked the woman if she knew kidnap, abduction They'll answer charges including and aggravated burglary. mysteries will be re-examined today One of Sydney's most baffling wealthy Sydney woman Kerry Whelan when the man accused of killing

fronts the Supreme Court. is charged with murder Bruce Allan Burrell but is denying any involvement of the mother of three. in the 1997 disappearance has a preview of the case. Ten's Kevin Wilde

Tracey, as you mentioned, the trial

of 51-year-old Allan Burrell for

the kidnap and

the kidnap and murder of Kerry of 51-year-old Allan Burrell for

Whelan has begun in Sydney. The

mother disappeared from a car park

in May 1997. Her body has never

been recovered. The day after she

disappeared, her millionaire

husband received a ransom note.

Allan Burrell has desnyenied any

involvement. He is here in court

today. The trial began with legal

for argument which is expected to run

for the rest of the week. The jury argument which is expected to run

begins hearing evidence next Monday.

The matter is set down for a

photoal of 20 weeks. The trial has

been delayed since because of

health reasons for Allan Burrell.

Back to you, Tracey. health reasons for Allan Burrell. dominance of the 1,500m freestyle, Grant Hackett has continued his world championships in Montreal. winning gold at the swimming medal haul with 13 gold. Australia equalling its best ever he's owned for nearly a decade, Ready to jump in a race

before the first turn. Grant Hackett was out in front in the 800m last week, After a world record some were hoping for another.

out of reach While the mark had slipped half way through the marathon event, the world's greatest swimmer. there was no stopping COMMENTATOR: First man in history in a row at world championships. to win the same event four times enough energy to salute his team. The Australian captain with just of 14 minutes 42.58 seconds Hackett's time the fourth fastest ever. and it's a long race to finish on It's been a long week tonight and I certainly felt a bit tired I just wanted to get to the end. and on the last few hundred finished on a high. The all-conquering women

Australia's third world record of the meet to Jade Edmistone in the 50m breaststroke. The world record is there to be taken. It's Edmistone going in. Got it! She's got the world record! Brooke Hanson snaring bronze. Joy for a 22-year-old who had previously quit the sport. I knew I was going to be fast. I felt good yesterday and I felt great today, so yeah, it was just good. A clean-sweep for the girls in the 50m events. Libby Lenton's first individual gold medal. Lenton's going home strong. Lenton has got there!

I came in wanting to get better

than a bronze because that's what a

got the last two years. I'm happy with the swim.

The fiery 12-year-old who managed to escape a kidnap - how she set herself free when Ten's morning news returns. And Australian children sent into orbit by a special message from space.

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This program is captioned live.

The investigation into the failed London bombings has widened with British police arresting more people. Among those in custody, the brother of one of the main suspects arrested by detectives in Italy.

The police are making clear their operations are continuing and the threat remains. Today more arrests. In Brighton, two addresses were the latest targets of the investigation into the attempted bombings of July 21. The properties are now being searched for forensic evidence. Seven people have been arrested. That's six men and one woman. They're now being interviewed at police stations in Sussex.

Police in London are continuing to question three identified suspects

in connection with the attempted bombings. They've also been given more time to question Yasin Hassan Omar who was arrested last Wednesday in Birmingham. And today, another arrest in this house in northern Italy - the brother of the other main suspect for the attempted London bombings who was himself seized in Rome on Friday. Osman Hussain is being held in Rome's high security prison.

His lawyers say he could be swiftly returned to Britain under a new European extradition agreement. A formal request from the UK is expected to arrive tomorrow and the process could take days. Italian police as well as their British counterparts are keen to establish whether there's a wider network involved in the attempted attack and how far it extends.

Although three of the main suspects are being held tonight at Paddington Green, police are still searching for information on the kind of support the suspected bombers might have received. They're making clear this investigation is far from over. A schoolgirl's bravery has saved her from a suspected child molester. Authorities are urging other children to take note of the little girl's actions.

12-year-old Mickenzie was determined not to die. I have a lot to do with my life. I have dreams to fulfil. Mickenzie and her brother Kaiden were riding their bikes on this dirt road when a strange man pulled over. It was just the classic, "I've lost my dog can you help me find it?" When the children refused Damon Crist dragged Mickenzie into his car. I thought that I would never see her again. But this would-be kidnapper underestimated his victim. I was just hitting and screaming and doing whatever I could to aggravate him and make him mad. As Crist tried to drive away Mickenzie escalated her attacks - yelling louder, kicking harder and bashing him any way she could. He just pulled over and told me to get out. Her parents call it a miracle. We feel that our heavenly father was watching over her and has given us our daughter back. Experts hope other children take note of Mickenzie's courageous actions.

She did exactly the right thing. She fought and she yelled and she drew attention to herself until he said "This is just not worth it". I just didn't really want to have happen what has happened to everybody.

All the kidnappings that you hear about they - bad things have happened. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. NASA may have to conduct unexpected repairs on the shuttle 'Discovery'. Engineers have identified large strips of filler hanging from the shuttle's belly which could overheat on re-entry.

The astronauts are expected to fix the problem during tomorrow's spacewalk. From space today Andy Thomas announced the names of seven young Aussies who won an essay contest he sponsored on the importance of science. I think many of them understand that only a scientific and literate population can function in the modern world and that economic success comes from people who understand science. Andy Thomas will present each of the winners with special medallions he took with him to space. Claims of a miracle that are proving a real eye opener. Worshippers at this makeshift shrine in New Jersey in the US claim the Jesus statue suddenly opened one eye and turned its head last Thursday. Julio Dones, who set up the shrine, swears the statue's eyes had previously been closed. I had a friend of mine, so he's seen the event and when he told me, I felt the presences of the holy spirit.

Hundreds of believers are now flocking to the famous statue in the hope that he may wink at them. Ahead - the fallout from the finals chase in both AFL and NRL. That's when Ten's Morning News returns. Also, a wild first turn at the Hungarian GP. COMMENTATOR: Didn't see who he flipped over. This program is captioned live.

Australia's $10 million poker king Joe Hachem

has arrived home from Las Vegas to cheering friends and relatives. The Melbourne father of four is yet to learn how much of his winnings the tax man plans to take. (All chant) Hachem, Hachem!

The King of Cards is back home but is still flying high two weeks on. It's been crazy. I'm just a boy from the suburbs and suddenly I've got all these flashes and cameras in my face. I definitely haven't landed. Arriving to a celebrity's welcome at Melbourne airport this morning, the 39-year-old former chiropractor sported the diamond-crusted bracelet he won at the World Series Poker Championships. The victory over 5,618 other players already legend in Las Vegas, thanks to his entourage. We lead the "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi"

every time he got a hand and that really got under the skin of the Americans and other world champions. It's a real surprise for us, because he don't play all the time. He's not a professional. While a limo escorted Aussie Joe home,

those closest to him say this rags to riches fairytale come true won't change him.

Indeed, he opted to fly economy back to Melbourne. We're humble about it, so, look, we've been rich on personality and family values and that.

But the money's gonna be great. It's good for his kids. Of course everybody now wants a piece of Aussie Joe,

apart from endorsements and job offers from casinos around the world, the Australian Taxation Office also wants its slab of pie and as a result Joe could end up with just half his actual winnings. It's between Mr Carmody and my accountant and they can work it out together. And as for that poker face... I'm smiling too much. Impossible. Later on, maybe. Kellie Morgan, Ten News. In finance news - a mixed start to the day for the Australian share market. Jacqui Maddock at Commonwealth Securities,

reporting season kicks into top gear this week.

And investors are expecting big

things. Mining heavy weight BHP

Billiton is set to smash Australian

corporate history by posting a $5

billion net profit. Also Sydney,

Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide

have enjoyed the warmest May to

July period on record so investors

will be keen to see just how few

winter coats were sold when David

Jones and Coles Myer report their

earnings results in September. Richmond veteran Wayne Campbell

will determine his playing future this week after talks with Terry Wallace. The Tigers hopes of making a rare finals appearance slumped yesterday

when they were surprisingly thrashed by Carlton. Wayne Campbell has been fronting up for Richmond for 15 years

and grinned and beared another appearance this morning despite yesterday's disastrous loss. Campbell has maintained this season will be his last before a 2006 European holiday with his fiancee. But the veteran's great form and a persistent Terry Wallace have demanded a re-think. Wallace and Campbell will settle the issue this week. I think I'll sit down with Terry this week and have a chat about things so yeah, see what what happens after that. We haven't really sat down and talked about that yet. So wait until we do that, there's no saying too much. The Tigers are now much less likely to play finals after an unexpected belting from the Blues.

We sort of said "Well, we would've thought that "if you win that games that you should win "you'd be able to just about get there over but I think now you'd have to do something a little bit over and above that to be able to make it. It's been a long time between drinks for us, yeah, it's just great to get over the line.

Magpie coach Mick Malthouse is set for a hefty fine after letting fly at the umpires following their loss to Fremantle. I thought the umpiring today had - was - they were the third team. You need to see two teams out there, not three. They had far too much influence in the game. I'm still puzzled why they played the last one to Chris Tarrant when they could've played the previous eight. Rob Waters, Ten News. The NRL's top 8 jigsaw is still as confusing as ever, with the run of losses continuing for both Manly and Cronulla. The Sharks were thrashed by the Wests Tigers, amid reports of a player rebellion against coach Stuart Raper. It was Cronulla's worst ever loss at home -

beaten 46-6 by the Wests Tigers and in the lead-up to the match a group of senior players discussed the performance of their coach. Stuart Raper not holding back about yesterday's performance. On that performance today we're not within a bull's roar of winning the comp, let alone the top 8. Players have gotta forget the top 8 because playing like that we've got no hope. The Sharks carved up by young five-eighth Benji Marshall quick-stepping his joint venture club to an unprecedented fifth consecutive win. COMMENTATOR: That is as good as you'll see. At Brookvale, Manly looked set to end its 4-match losing streak when full-back Brett Stewart put winger Chris Hicks in under the posts against North Queensland. Hicks was still running back from the conversion when the Cowboys were allowed to kick off and re-gained possession

leaving the Sea Eagles furious. The Cowboys then completing an extraordinary finish to the game. Ty Williams scores and that wins the game! I'm just trying to remember if I've ever seen a game where the referee doesn't wait for a kicker to get back on side. And the round wouldn't be complete without another upset. South Sydney knocking over the premiers. The Bulldogs beaten by 13 points.

The whole game was an opportunity for us. A really good opportunity to get into the 8 and we blew it.

That's not to say the opportunity to get into the 8 is gone. Leanne West, Ten News. Australian golf's man of the moment, Mark Hensby, Another twist in the World F1 Championship, with series leader Fernando Alonso failing to score any points at the Hungarian Grand Prix. It was a helter-skelter opening lap of the race.

Kleen getting airborne after a tap from Jacques Villeneuve in what was a nightmare first lap for the Red Bull outfit. Kleen's team-mate David Coulthard also wiping out, while world championship leader Alonso was forced to pit after losing his front wing in the opening skirmish. Kimi Raikkonen winning the race from Michael Schumacher and Ralf Schumacher. Australia's Mark Webber finished seventh.

Valentino Rossi has taken out a dramatic win in the German MotoGP. In a crash-ridden race Aussie Troy Bayless was one of the first to come to grief. But his was nothing compared to Suzuki rider John Hopkins. COMMENTATOR: Let's watch this. Ohhh! A huge high side as he accelerates in that tight downhill section. The American who had also crashed in practice was not seriously hurt.

When the race was re-started with 25 laps to go and Spaniard Sete Gibernau looked to have the race in his keeping before running wide on the last lap, allowing Rossi to take out his eighth victory this season ahead of Gibernau and Nicky Hayden. Next in Ten News a look at the weather around the nation.

Weather around the nation:

Australia has a new prima ballerina after the final of the McDonald's Ballet Scholarship was held overnight. Eight young finalists graciously twirled their way around the Sydney Opera House stage to compete for the country's richest dance prize,

each performing both a classical and contemporary solo. The winner, 17-year-old Gemma Graze from Western Australia, receiving a $15,000 scholarship, $3,000 in cash and the chance to dance with the Royal Danish Ballet. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Tracey Spicer, good afternoon. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.