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(generated from captions) THEME MUSIC GUITAR STRUMS


# My island home # My island home... #

studio like this in Australia. PETER GARRETT: There's no other is the first of its kind. This Papunya music studio CHEERS BAND WARMS UP

get me a chance to sleep here. Sometimes they'd even 1,2 a 1,2,3 go. BAND PLAYS How're you doin'? Frank, singer. The lead singer? This is the lead singer. (All laugh) BAND PLAYS (Sings) from. Where your family comes from. You need to know where you come

(Speaks Aboriginal language) All I can say is that... with his pack of horses ..white bloke just came up and told my family to move out, out of there. And we built a homestead there. And my grandfather... ..always sat on the side, looking.

You know, "That's my country". But that's what he'd say. it was in his heart, Because he, you know, that old saying. Drink Sammy's water. Good country out here. Pure... ..pure water. Quench our thirst.

They grew up here. they were born here. They grew up here,

(Speaks traditional language) Belonged to my father. And this belongs to Sammy Butcher. His grandfather's country.

the same song we're now doing. They're gonna, they're gonna sing It's Saturday night. So enjoy! They're gonna sing one more song. (Band plays) that you love, around you. I think it's the people You know? And... whether they're drinkers ..doesn't matter or drunks, you know. But still, they're part of you. respect every one of them. And, you know, you got to And... way or another, when you do something good, they'll respect you and your ability.

(Band plays) ROCK'N'ROLL MUSIC (Sings in traditional language)

(All sing in traditional language)

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