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(generated from captions) bomb-making factory. another so-called had uncovered anti-terror squads in Leeds after reports up by Egyptian police in Cairo Biochemist Magdy El-Nashar was picked the most significant. but this could be provides a new twist, Every day another raid that killed 54 people. accused of making the deadly devices has been arrested in Cairo, Egyptian biochemist Magdy El-Nashar London bombing investigation yet. it's the biggest breakthrough in the But first tonight - the first Australian death. As friends and family grieve of the suspected bombing mastermind. Police raids lead to the capture Tonight - caught in Cairo. This program is captioned live. at Leeds University for five years, He'd been a bio-chemistry student of explosives. where police found a large stash was very close to another, and that his home El-Nashar lived near the bombers What is not in dispute is that and always intended to return home. insists he's on holiday The man accused of making the bombs send officers over there. or we will, of course, if there's evidence of that nature, seek his extradition, If necessary, we will likely either with the attacks. he had nothing to do his interrogators The 33-year-old telling ripped through the capital. just days before the blasts El-Nashar left England

54th victim yesterday The 28-year-old became the attack's It was the last of the four blasts. in London's Tavistock Square. blew up a double-decker bus when suicide bomber Hasib Hussain Mr Ly suffered shocking head injuries who embraced life with open arms. and a fun-loving friend a loving partner, a doting uncle, He was a devoted son, the return journey alone. She'll now make with her boyfriend Sam Ly. Mandy Ha travelled to London that destroyed a double-decker bus. after being injured in the explosion Sam Ly died more than a week who loved his family and friends. as a happy go lucky man, has been described in the London bombings The only Australian killed bombs and would-be bombers. wanting to know if there are more to search far and wide, British officers continue run by a banned extremist group. who attended a religious school and Shehzad Tanweer, recently visited by Khan which was believed to have been to Pakistan, as the investigation stretches between the killers and al-Qa'ida, Police expect to soon make a link of parliament, just last year. was a guest of an MP on a tour Mohammend Sadi-kee Khan that Edgware Road bomber, At the same time it was revealed who lost their lives. the first for the 54 for 20-year-old Shahara Islamra, The private funeral has been buried. One of his 13 victims they had no idea what he was up to. But they also admit was a loving and normal young man. His parents say their son double-decker Tavistock Square bus. His device destroyed the have told of their devastation. 18-year-old Hasib Hussain, of the youngest bomber, It comes as the family rather than the military variety. sophisticated home-made devices, They're now considered to be have been closely examined. at Leeds and at the bomb sites Explosives found in earlier raids Carolina State University in the US. and also spent some months at North family by his side. when he succumbed to his wounds, that I was right. and every day I discover statements for the last years I have been standing behind these Absolutely. Do you believe that as well? REPORTER: Not by al-Qa'ida? it was done by the American. 50% of the New York people believe and the September 11 attacks. who was behind the London bombings Sheik Omran repeated his doubts about is attending a Muslim conference, Speaking in Sydney, where he were Muslim extremists. still refuses to believe the bombers cleric Sheik Mohammed Omran controversial Australian Islamic and series of raids, Despite the latest arrest That story shortly. picked up by the system. fabric of the bag in this image The company is visible through the handgun provided by the company. We tried it out with a rep licka could be on the cards. Even high-tech scanning devices More security cameras are expected. 2.5 million passengers. to protect the Tube's are looking at underground authorities the high-tech security measures And later, Christopher Still, Ten News. and I waved him goodbye. Last time I saw him he was in a taxi to make sure I got home safely. he always wanted Sweet guy that he was, their final goodbye. Mandy Ha left to remember real happy-go-lucky fella. and a real happy, real calm nature He just had a really lovely nature, all he knew. Mr Ly left a strong impression on was an attack on us all. It's a reminder of how that attack I extend my sympathy to the family. has affected many. His death, so far from home, to have a little baby girl. He always wanted He had aspirations to get married. Mr Ly often dreamed of the future. An information technology specialist, denied a loving uncle The terror victim's niece and nephew in their own manners. and are dealing with it are very upset, of course, They certainly

does not offer David the prospect of justice. Pessimism shared by David Hicks' father. David might be in a situation where he's freed, but under those commissions I'd doubt it. The PM will meet the President here at the White House early next week. Before then he'll have discussions with Defence Secretary Rumsfeld. But the fate of David Hicks isn't expected to feature. Our government is happy with the military commission. I am concerned to see that the truth of the matter is established and I am satisfied that the rules governing the military commission will do that. In Washington, Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A man faced court today charged with the murder of his baby daughter. The 23-year-old allegedly sat does not offer David a fair trial, system The current military commission to press ahead with its own appeal. But the Hicks legal team is likely and frankly it's got beyond a joke. for over three years This has been mishandled for a speedy end to the case. The Opposition too is keen That has always been our position. as soon as possible. hearing should go ahead We think the military commission on the 7-week-old girl after feeding her on Wednesday, in their home near Newcastle, north of Sydney. The court heard he admitted to police he sat on the girl for between 5 and 10 minutes, before his wife woke up and tried to revive the child. The baby was taken to hospital by ambulance, but doctors couldn't save her. The man was refused bail and will appear in court again on Monday. like Hamdan and Hicks. doesn't apply to al-Qa'ida suspects, and the Geneva Convention are properly constituted the controversial military tribunals It found that Salim Ahmed Hamdan. an application by another detainee a US appeal court rejected In a 3-0 ruling, in the long running David Hicks saga. news broke of a major development in Washington As the Prime Minister arrived a military tribunal to go ahead. for his controversial trial before A US court has cleared the way terrorist David Hicks. A major blow to suspected Australian in Australia was likely. by suggesting a terrorist attack of scaremongering Sheik Omran also accused the PM

was involved with him. He says other Milat crimes like the attempted murder of English backpacker Paul Onions point to the killer acting alone. Mr Marsden, who was too ill to appear on camera today, says he's always been plagued by his decision to represent Milat in a 1974 rape case. It was a case he won, allowing Milat the freedom to later murder seven innocent people. In hindsight you could say I wish he'd been convicted or it might have prevented these murders, but that's not something you can accept personal responsibility for, that's the system. Mr Small believes there are more victims out there, but concedes Milat will probably take his secrets to the grave. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. Harry hysteria has swept the globe, with the release of 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.' The simultaneously timed worldwide event ends a long wait for fans. A restless night of waiting My own view is and always has been, since at least his arrest, that he acted alone. Mr Small has been aware of Mr Marsden's suspicions for some time. He mentioned a name, which I can't mention publicly, of course. But we found no evidence that that person was involved or indeed that any person The former head of the backpacker murders investigation has expressed doubt about new claims a woman helped Ivan Milat. The theory has been revealed in a so-called deathbed interview with Milat's former lawyer. Prominent Sydney solicitor John Marsden represented Ivan Milat for 20 years. Now, on his deathbed, struggling with cancer, he's revealed his theory that not only did the backpacker killer have an accomplice, it was a woman. It's long been suspected that Milat did not act alone, but speculation at his trial centred on two of his brothers. MAN: Ivan, have you got anything to say? Who else was in the forest with you, anyone else? Former Assistant Police Commissioner Clive Small headed the taskforce that captured Milat. He doesn't believe either theory. couldn't curb the excitement of millions of muggles around the world as the witching hour drew ever closer. I didn't sleep much last night and I woke up at 5:00. We were excited when it was three months. Now it's today and its just, like, over-exciting! Finally, the strict embargo on the world's most anticipated novel was lifted. All the magical mysteries revealed. 4, 3, 2, 1! Some just couldn't wait to cast their eyes over the treasured tale. He remembered it as though it was yesterday and knew it would hurt him until his dying day. At Edinburgh Castle, a very special appearance. It's JK Rowling. The mastermind behind the phenomenon spellbinding a lucky few with the first chilling chapter. This is brilliant, said Ron. And he and Harry led the way into the shop. It was packed with customers. Harry couldn't get near the shelves. Much like his books, which flew out of packing boxes before they could reach the rack. A record 10 million are expected to be sold in the first 24 hours. The highly publicised release simultaneously timed at stores around the world. There's been so much suspense and anticipation built up around this book, particularly with all the security and the embargo we've had to sign. It's just unbelievable. Would-be wizards and witches boarded a misty mystery ride in Sydney, the Gleewarts steam train, an early morning express delivery of the new novel. And they came from all directions to catch their copy in Brisbane, fans young and old, unable to get enough of Harry the hero. And now the question remains - who will be the first to finish? Tonight or today - soon as we get home probably. Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. Still to come in Ten News - a mother's emotional plea for help to find her daughter's body. And delayed again. NASA frustration as the shuttle stays grounded. Domino's has a delicious new menu. Want to play? New Godfather has improved features, like new tomato herb sauce and new Mediterranean-style olives. Other new menu pizzas are available to download now. SONG: # Domino's. # All Retravision stores are locally owned, so personal service is second nature. And we'll do this Sony digital camera for $579. Our Big Brand Sellout is on now. So for bonuses... # At Retravision, yeah, we'll do it. # This program is captioned live. The mother of a missing Queensland woman has made an emotional appeal to help find her daughter's body. Police have been searching since last week for Ipswich woman Jolene Mills. Her husband Gary has been charged with her murder. Jolene's mother says the family doesn't want to believe the 29-year-old is dead. I just wait for the phone to ring, (sobs) to just hear her voice. The family has appealed for any information about the last movements of the mother-of-two. A former Queensland police officer has been arrested and charged with perjury over the suspicious death of a teenage girl. 17-year-old Angela Meeling was found dead in scrubland near Cairns five years ago. Former Constable Adrian Deemal was the last person to see Angela alive. He told a coroner's hearing he'd picked her up from a carpark where she'd been assaulted by a group of teens. Instead of driving her home, he said he dropped her several kilometres from where her body was found a month later. More embarrassment at NASA, the launch of the space shuttle 'Discovery' now likely to be delayed for at least a week. A faulty fuel tank sensor forced the cancellation of Thursday's planned flight. Hundreds of NASA engineers are hard at work, trying to fix the mystery problem. Everybody is going to ask, what is that date going to be, but I don't know, it depends on how quickly we can find the problem and fix it. It'll be the first shuttle flight since the 'Columbia' accident 2.5 years ago. Among the 'Discovery's crew is Australian-born astronaut Andy Thomas. Actor-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger is under fire for a potential conflict of interest. Opponents claim he jeopardised Californians' health to protect a multi- million-dollar income. From action star to embattled politician. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's accused of compromising his position to protect his income. Governor Schwarzenegger has been secretly taking in millions of dollars without telling the public. Last year Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill that would have restricted the use of steroids and other dietary supplements. At the same time he was being paid $5 million as a consultant to fitness magazines whose major advertising revenue comes from producers of steroids and other dietary supplements. Here's a case where a bill comes before the Governor, Is he ruling on the merits? Or is he ruling on his own private financial interests? That's as clear a case as you have of a conflict of interest. Schwarzenegger's admitted using performance enhancers as a young body builder but has since denounced their use. In vetoing the bill last year he asserted, most dietary supplements are safe. The evidence would suggest that many dietary supplements are dangerous and have been linked to the deaths of more than 100 people. The scandal comes at a bad time for Schwarzenegger, whose popularity as Governor is at an all-time low. Today Arnold Schwarzenegger announced he's ending his multimillion-dollar deal with the magazines, not because he's done anything wrong but because he wants to leave no doubt that the people of California have his full devotion. Schwarzenegger says he'll be happy to look at a new draft of the bill, saying, "I want to do everything I can "to get rid of performance-enhancing substances." In California, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Ahead in Ten News - the extraordinary security measures considered for the London Underground. And how could a mother turn her back on a baby like this? The tragic tale of an abandoned orang-utan.

This program is captioned live. A fresh wave of suicide bombs has struck Iraq, killing at least 28 people and injuring more than 100 others. Baghdad again took the brunt of the attacks. Insurgents using cars and motorbikes packed with explosives to target Iraqi and US forces. In the deadliest incident, eight people died in an attack on an Iraqi army base in northern Baghdad. A review of security on London's Underground train system has already begun. Police promising to introduce new high-tech scanning technology and extra security cameras. More than 3 million people use the Tube every day, policing that is a big challenge. The key question is how to keep London moving and safe at the same time. Close circuit television provided crucial clues in the hunt for the bombers. There are 6,000 cameras in use, thousands more will be introduced soon. But is this enough? Police chiefs say new thinking is needed. The return to normality is now a new normality and we've got to adapt and adjust all the tactics we have to deal with that threat. A high-tech CCTV system was tested at a station last year. It picked out and highlighted unusual or suspicious movements to help staff watching several screens at once. Alternative smart technology can target cameras on individuals as they move through the network. Then there's scanning, this demonstration system can search people. The aim is to develop it to cover crowds on the move. We tried it out with a replica handgun provided by the company. The gun is visible through the fabric of the bag in this image picked by the system. There are obviously things like search arches and wands that can pass over people that we use at the moment for identifying knives and other offensive weapons. There are means of identifying explosives as well but we'll have to look at the practicalities of all of these. But security checks could mean delays. New technology comes with a price tag. Tube management says it hasn't yet seen a new system which is workable. Meanwhile more traditional random searches have been stepped up. Police in California are on the lookout for a criminal they've dubbed the senior citizen bandit. The man, who appears to be in his mid-to-late 70s, robbed three banks at gunpoint this week. tomorrow's weather. everything you need to know about Next in Ten News - with its mother. before the baby is finally reunited up to six months Officials say it could take in the arms of their parents. constantly carried baby orang-outangs have to be Unlike humans, but it's an exhausting task. of doting human care The loveable primate isn't short infant was rejected by its mother. No-one's sure why the 1-month-old to an abandoned baby orang-outang. becoming a foster parent has taken on a new role A Russian zoo keeper most wanted fugitives. one of the FBI's 10 he's 75-year-old James J. Bulger, the possibility Authorities have not ruled out the man and dob him in. Police hope someone will recognise for some reason. He tells us he's very desperate as well dressed and well spoken. Tellers describe the elderly bandit Statesman Internationale. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions I'm Tracey Spicer, goodnight. 8:30 tomorrow morning. That's 'Meet the Press' Tony Burke on the Palmer Report. and Shadow Immigration Minister the skills shortage who'll be discussing is Training Minister Gary Hardgrave Tomorrow's guests on 'Meet the Press' with the latest news. That brings you up to date for holding the most records. He's in the 'Guinness Book' to breaking records. Furman's no stranger and it's...I'm happy. of technique and strength, and there's a lot Even though it's short, it's tough, 4.5m and weighing a whopping 7kg. No mean feat with a hoop measuring at least three full revolutions. Guinness rules require he complete swinging the biggest hula hoop today. Ashrita Furman broke the record for his way into the record books, again. Finally, a New York man has spun at the weather around the nation. And now for a quick look This program is captioned live.