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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Dramatic developments in the hunt for the London bombers. Raids executed on the homes of four suspected suicide attackers. One man has been arrested. And a train station evacuated as more explosives are found. Ten News with Natarsha Belling. Good morning. Also making news today -

a last-minute glitch threatens to de-rail the much anticipated launch of the space shuttle 'Discovery'. But first, there have been a number of dramatic developments in the hunt for the London terrorists. One man, related to one of four suspected suicide bombers, has been arrested

over his involvement in last week's fatal attacks that so far have claimed 52 lives. A train station north of London was also evacuated as explosives were found in an abandoned car.

Dozens of police converging on the city of Leeds,

shutting down then evacuating several streets before launching raids on homes of three British men of Pakistani background. This sequence of events sparked by a double breakthrough.

Authorities spotted the suspects, among the UK's most wanted, on surveillance video from King's Cross and then received a call from the parents of one of them, reporting him missing. Anti-terrorist officers combed six houses in all. One man was arrested and inside one of the premises they found a large collection of explosives, which police destroyed. This investigation is moving at great speed. What we now know is that three of the suspected bombers travelled by train from Leeds to Luton, a fourth driving there by car. All four boarded a Link train to King's Cross. At 8:30 that morning they were caught on security cameras, all carrying backpacks. About 20 minutes later,

the three bombs exploded on the Underground within 60 seconds of each other. At 9:47 the bomb on the bus went off. It's believed all the suspects died in the explosions.

More bombs were found inside the vehicle left behind in Luton. It was destroyed in a controlled blast. In another significant development,

several items, including credit cards, have been discovered. Personal documents bearing the names of three of those four men close to the seats of three of the explosions.

Neighbours of the suspects are stunned.

He's just a nice lad. I'm shocked. Just a normal kid, you know, like the rest of them, playing in the street, kicking a ball. While this is a massive step forward in the overall investigation, the question anti-terrorist officers are asking is did the group work alone in Britain's first ever suicide bomb attack or are they a part of a bigger cell? As more victims are identified, the painstaking forensic work continues at the blast sites. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Princess Anne has visited one Australian victim, listening as she recounted her terrifying experience. The royal visited a London hospital, where she spoke with staff and met survivors of the blasts. Suffering a fractured neck, a puncture wound from shrapnel in her thigh and a burn on her arm, 29-year-old Louise Barry from Sydney told the princess how unfortunate it was that she could remember every moment of the attack. After surviving the train blast at Edgware Road, Louise boarded the ill-fated number 30 bus. She is expected to make a full recovery. Louise was the second Australian to be visited by royalty, after Prince Charles met with Sydney-born professor John Tulloch

at the weekend. And as we go to air, in Canberra, PM John Howard has joined the British High Commissioner to Australia, Helen Liddell, at a memorial service for the victims of the London bombing. The gathering at St Paul's Anglican Church is also being attended by Australia's new Defence Force Chief, Angus Houston, and representatives of the international diplomatic community. And a Palestinian suicide bomber has killed two Israelis and injured scores more near a packed shopping mall. A 6-year-old girl was among 30 people badly injured during the explosion, which claimed the lives of two women. It's been five months since blood has been shed in the region and the latest attacks are regarded a major setback to peace negotiations. Israel has blamed the militant Islamic Jihad. The bomber had just completed high school. Details of a new deployment of Australian troops to Afghanistan are expected to be announced by the Prime Minister later today. Australian SAS troops were pulled out of Afghanistan in 2002. An upsurge in attacks against US-led forces in advance of elections in September has prompted a request for Australia to go back in.

The new deployment is likely to include SAS soldiers, who'll join the search for Taliban and al-Qa'ida terrorists. A team of military engineers is also in line for the dangerous assignment. Hundreds of angry union protesters have besieged the Federal Workplace Relations Minister in Melbourne. They're outraged over planned changes to industrial relations laws

and what, they say, is Government interference. An army of construction workers downed tools in Melbourne's CBD and marched on a hotel guarded by a contingent of mounted police which arrived in time to head off the protesters.

(All chant) You stink! You stink! Inside, Federal Workplace Minister Kevin Andrews was selling John Howard's industrial relations reform proposals. Reforms which the Government says will make work sites safer and eliminate thuggery. Everybody knows. It has been pointed out year after year. We have an opportunity to do something about and it

and we will take it. The unions say it amounts to Government interference. We're telling him to keep his nose out of our industry, to keep his taskforce investigators out of trying to stir up trouble in this industry.

The union members promised there'd be no violence and inside, the Minister was taking their arrival in his stride. They can protest all they like. This is about doing the right thing for this industry about doing the right thing for Australia. (All chant) We're angry, we're loud, we're union and we're proud! Murray McCloskey, Ten News. Embattled spin king Shane Warne has begun to feel the fallout from his off-field antics - dumped from a lucrative TV contract. The cricketer's $300,000 deal with Channel Nine

has been terminated after a string of scandals. It comes just weeks after he and wife Simone split following allegations of infidelity. Nine's boss Kerry Packer is understood to have delivered Warne's marching orders personally, using a clause in his contract about off-field conduct. The world-record wicket taker had been with the network since 1994. A last-minute safety scare has threatened to postpone the launch of space shuttle 'Discovery'. Scientists believe they've rectified the problem but won't be certain until tomorrow. With the countdown in its final hours, a safety setback for NASA - a window cover fell off the shuttle on the launch pad, damaging thermal tiles near the base. The accident an eerie reminder of what went wrong with the doomed 'Columbia' flight, where damaged tiles caused it to explode. NASA is now racing to repair the damage, adamant it won't delay the launch scheduled for tomorrow. Just two hours earlier, it had been bragging 'Discovery' was the safest yet. I'm proud to report the vehicle is ready, the team is ready, I think our nation is ready and with some luck the weather will be ready so that we can begin our historic mission of returning our shuttle to flight and bringing our crew safely home. But a relative of one of the 'Columbia' victims isn't convinced. Adelaide's Andy Thomas is among the seven crew who'll man the mission. It's the 53-year-old's fourth flight into space. It will be the most scrutinised launch in NASA's 46-year history - more than 100 cameras on the ground and on planes will track the shuttle as it makes its way into orbit. Once in space, spy satellites will monitor it for any sign of damage. The world's media is also watching, as are a record numbers of tourists. It makes Americans happy. We need this to go off without a flaw, you know what I mean? The shuttle will spend 12 days in orbit, delivering supplies to the International Space Station. At Cape Canaveral, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Hollywood's most glamorous exes both collapse from illness - the details when Ten's Morning News returns. And BP bares the brunt of Hurricane Dennis.

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when the BMW they were in collided with a truck before crashing into a tree.

The driver of the car was taken to hospital in a serious condition.

The truck driver received only minor injures, his four passengers escaping unscathed. Prince Albert of Monaco has officially ascended to the throne. After attending a small ceremony in a cliff-top cathedral with sisters Princesses Caroline and Stephanie, Albert addressed the crowd and was given the keys to the city by the mayor. APPLAUSE He was then guest of honour at an open-air ball. The 47-year-old is the son

of Hollywood actress Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier, who passed away three months ago. While Albert is often touted as one of Europe's most eligible bachelors, he has admitted to having a 2-year-old son out of wedlock with an African-born flight attendant. Hollywood heart-throb Brad Pitt has been hospitalised after complaining of a flu-like illness. Pitt checked into an LA hospital two days ago,

after visiting Ethiopia last week

with rumoured girlfriend Angelina Jolie, where she adopted an AIDS orphan. The pair has been romantically linked since co-starring in the movie 'Mr and Mrs Smith'. A movie website in the US has reported Pitt's estranged wife, Jennifer Aniston,

is so stressed by Brad's new pairing that she collapsed on the set of her new movie,

ironically titled 'The Break Up'. Tom Cruise, at the helm for his latest movie in Italy, has been told not to bother going to France. The Paris city hall has pledged never to welcome Cruise or make him an honorary citizen because of his links to Scientology, which the French view as a cult. Cruise is currently shooting 'Mission: Impossible III' in Rome. Petrol giant BP insists there is no evidence of any environmental problems despite the collapse of one of its oil rigs.

The platform came down as Hurricane Dennis slammed through the Gulf of Mexico. There were no injuries as the rig had been evacuated in time. BP says the area was not yet producing petroleum and no spills have been reported. Power has been restored to the platform, with work under way to pump out the flooded floating legs. Ahead - the AFL set to step into line with world anti-drug codes. That's when Ten's Morning News returns.

This program is captioned live. In finance news - the Australian share market is slightly higher. Juliana Roadley at Commonwealth Securities. And consumer confidence has hit the skids?

Well, the market expected a strong

result, Natarsha, with interest

rates on the backburner and the new

tax cuts we received since July 1.

But the new terrorist fears and the

higher oil price, which is hurting

companies and a lot of motorists,

has put a spin on the results today.

Talking about oil prices, they're

still being driven by weather

conditions in the US? The US

hurricane season is well under way.

Last week we saw the oil price

hitting a record $62.10 a barrel,

and that was basically on fears

that Hurricane Dennis would disturb

supply. It did, and no we now we

have a new hurricane on the way,

Emily. It has pushed the price

higher overnight. We don't have too

much information on the storm at

the moment, but it is one to keep

an eye on. Thank you. A psychological win for the Aussies ahead of next week's Test series, thrashing England in the last one-day match of the summer. A stunning century from Adam Gilchrist helped Australia to an 8-wicket romp, but the good work started with the bowlers, as Jason Gillespie roared back into form. The Aussies pride themselves on being big-match performers. COMMENTATOR: That's down to third man and caught. Kasprowicz is the man down there. That's his 200th one-day international wicket. Four straight maiden overs from Glenn McGrath should've been rewarded with a wicket. Oh, he's dropped it! Can you believe it? Jason Gillespie's confidence hit rock bottom and Adam Gilchrist vowed to make amends for this blunder. Gilchrist back-pedalling. He's put it down now. Luck ran out when Michael Vaughan tested the dead calm of Ricky Ponting. Michael Kasprowicz stepped up with the next two wickets before Gillespie gave it one last shot. That's in the air and out. With just one England wicket on tour, Gillespie ripped into the middle order. At 6/93, England replaced a bowler with a batsman and supersub Solanki combined with Kevin Pietersen for 93 valuable runs. What a great catch, but I'm afraid it doesn't count. The prize scalp of Pietersen, Gillespie's third wicket. Chasing 229 to win, England's frontline bowlers were treated with contempt. That's flashed away past point for yet another boundary. Hayden, Ponting and Martyn chipped in but it was Gilchrist who saved his best till last with his first one-day ton in more than 12 months. Adam Gilchrist has just destroyed this England attack, and doesn't he love it. Gilchrist's cracking 81-ball century included 16 fours and 1 six. Ponting's 43 secured man of the series. A 2-1 series victory sweet revenge for a side gutted by their terrible start to the tour. We've just played our best cricket when it's really mattered, in big games once again. Tania Armstrong, Ten News. The AFL is poised to fall in line with other major sporting codes and become compliant with the World Anti-Doping Agency's drug code. Andrew Demetriou says a deal could be struck within a week to change the game's drug rules. A heart-to-heart across the Tasman with WADA's supremo David Howman has gone a long way to solving footy's most controversial off-field dilemma. I think he got a better understanding of the AFL which we're pleased about, and also I think he recognised our commitment to this issue both now and historically and we were pretty pleased with the progress we made.

I thought it was, you know, very, very productive. The breakthrough 3-hour meeting between WADA and the AFL has almost certainly buried the hatchet.

Aussie Rules closer than ever to falling in line with world sports drug code. We have very, very minimal differences. The only differences are in the areas that you know about - cannabis and sanctions

but on most other things we are the same. I think we've got a chance to put that case forward and I think David Howman appreciated it.

Andrew Demetriou will meet with Federal Sports Minister Rod Kemp next week, where an agreement should be signed that makes the AFL WADA-compliant.

On the field, disappointing news for Saints skipper Nick Riewoldt.

New scans dashing any hope his cracked collarbone will be ready for action prior to September's finals series.

Yeah, surprise, surprise they want to do a few more tests. So, I haven't really been given the all-clear yet. It's pretty conservative saying around the 6-week mark. And the Match Review Panel has cleared Port Adelaide club doctor Peter Barnes after becoming involved in this incident on the weekend. Tim Hodges, Ten News. and the Roosters' Chris Walker Penrith's Ben Ross

as they search for new NRL clubs. will continue contract talks today Braith Anasta, The game's hottest property, joining the Roosters. has finally settled on for a 3-year deal, Anasta has left the Bulldogs from souths. knocking back a far richer offer all-round. He says it was a tough decision and leaving my mates there It was hard leaving the Bulldogs This

football. This decision was purely made on

Meanwhile, fronts the judiciary tonight Canberra skipper Simon Woolford for a dangerous tackle. in an attempt to avoid a 6-match ban a much tougher assignment The Wallabies are expecting in Johannesburg next week. when they take on South Africa

The Wallabies flew out for South Africa this morning with skipper George Gregan showing he'd recovered from his knock to the ribs by helping load the team's mountain of baggage. The Springboks have dropped three players from the team which lost to the Wallabies last weekend. It's a great test for us to be able to play the game we want to play away from home, the same game and we want to be able to play at home and away from home. the scars of of battle Nathan Sharpe sporting during last week's match. following an unsavoury incident Golf legend Jack Nicklaus on his amazing career in style will bring down the curtain at the British Open. at a Major Championship The 65-year-old's final appearance by the Royal Bank of Scotland has been commemorated with printing of a ?5 note. living figure Nicklaus becomes only the third to appear on a British bank note of Queen Elizabeth II following in the footsteps and the Queen Mother. of two of his Open triumphs, The Golden Bear returns to the scene

St Andrews, Tom Watson. and has been paired with great rival Lance Armstrong Six-time Tour de France winner in the great race has recaptured the lead in the first mountain stage. after a commanding performance Armstrong rode most of his challengers into the canvas on the final climb to the 2,000 metre summit. But the Texan wasn't a lone star through the Alps - Armstrong happy to accept second spot

to 24-year-old Spaniard Alejandro Valverde, in cycling. considered the most impressive talent after the 10th stage. Armstrong now has a 38-second lead the weather around the nation. Next in Ten News a look at

to all Australians. with an urgent appeal

This program is captioned live. at the national weather. Now for a look

and Englishmen, We all know about mad dogs

and water? but what is it about the Welsh This may give you some insight - Bog-Snorkelling Championships. the World Mountain Bike so it didn't float away, Using a purpose-built, weighted bike a specially dug bog, 32 competitors took to before returning to the start line. the aim to round a pole

of a different kind. Spectators sank a few the antics or the eventual winner. Local livestock far from impressed by and training and dedication Obviously, years of practice and obviously psyching oneself up did the trick. Given the smell, no hugs for the victor. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day

and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight.

I'm Natarsha Belling. Good afternoon. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.