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(generated from captions) after fresh bomb threats. again been brought to a standstill First today, parts of London have Good morning. Good morning. also end up in Iraq? but will a fresh contingent in Afghanistan, And more troops set to be deployed attackers in their tracks. how the Government plans to stop counter-terror strategy - Australia's new shut down parts of London. Fresh bomb fears This program is captioned live.

Frank Coletta, Ten News. wherever they are. planners of this outrage, Not just the perpetrators but the We will pursue those repsonsible. two days after the blasts. only passing details to Britain, the Spanish secret service apparently they would launch attacks in Europe, warned five weeks ago It's been claimed al-Qa'ida intelligence services. as Tony Blair defended the House of Commons in lockdown no chances are taken, Around Downing Street, Ah, not for a long time. Do you think you will use it again? if something happens. and there's no way out like, so far down, Petrified, because it's, kind of, trains are off limits. For expat Australians though, Happening again. What are you worried about? Very worried, yeah. is by train. The only way to go to work I've got to go to work. on the Tube. as locals continue to travel Security is tight on the Underground Today she started to laugh and joke. She's a very positive person. as first feared. her injuries not as bad in the Edgware Road explosion, She was burned of the terror attacks. became an iconic image Davinia Taylor's masked face what happened to him. and we are waiting to find out Five days on, five days on This is now the fifth day. loved ones pleading for help. Thise desperate for news of missing She died in the King's Cross blast. Susan Levy, the first to be named. 53-year-old English mother of two, identified at the makeshfit morgue. Victims are now being officially and we've got to get this right. in English history This is the biggest crime scene the death toll expected to top 70. to recover bodies, many metres underground terrible conditions Forensic teams battling on a city bus. One of the false alarms in response to bomb threats. dash through the streets A constant stream of police cars SIREN WAILS London is still a city on edge. that killed 52 people. about last week's terror attacks they had prior warnings deny claims It comes as secret service agents

Prime Minister says he knows of no British contingent in Iraq. The us to take command of the Basra saying that Britain is about to ask a report from British sources troops into southern Iraq? This is that Australia will also send more thing, but what are the chances our homeland. Afghanistan is one in our region and, ultimately, on centre directly linked to security security in Afghanistan front and spread across Asia and therefore terrorism launches in Afghanistan agrees, that the tentacles of it says, and the Government I think troops back to Afghanistan, because supporting the sending of more Laborer Opposition, which is Afghanistan, and the Federal urging us to send forces back to support from the British Government the Afghanistan Government, the parties. The original request from urged on by some interesting Cabinet and Government is being take wn the utmost seriousness. The as Afghanistan, it's a decision to a very hostile environment such to send Australian forces overseas the Federal Cabinet gets together Deb, as you'd know, whenever Well, for the Federal Government? but how big a decision is this on this for some time, Greg, there's been speculation Greg Turnbull joins me from Canberra. Ten's political correspondent could be part of that force. and combat engineers It's understood special forces troops back to Afghanistan. to decide if Australia should send Federal Cabinet is meeting today in the past two years. about suspicious activities has received 48,000 calls and emails national security hotline The Government's has taken place on Australian soil. no actual terrorist incident just because we must not become complacent The message to take home is that of an attack here. despite the ever-present threat for police and ASIO, to resist increased powers said some people were continuing Philip Ruddock, the Federal Attorney-General, conference in Canberra, Speaking at a major homeland security about terrorist attacks on our soil. into a false sense of security not to be lulled Australians have been warned

Queensland developer Brian Ray and multi-millionaire Victorian pilot Russell Lee, under a metre of snow. which was found yesterday of the Piper Chieftain to clear a path to the wreckage A bulldozer has been used plane that crashed late last Friday. to remove three bodies from a light may hamper efforts Bad weather in the Victorian Alps A to competitive cycling immediately. the Victorian can return The decision means human growth hormones. which proved he'd injected no scientific evidence ruling there was quashed the ban and fine The Court of Arbitration for Sport was a shooting gallery for athletes. after alleging the Institute of Sport embroiled in a storm of controversy The former junior world champion was to overturn a 2-year ban for doping. Cyclist Mark French has won his bid to employ more staff. won't influence them changes to unfair dismissal laws of businesses believe A new survey suggests 81% may not be so easily convinced. But it appears employers and that safeguard working families. that are in the national interest long-term refroms that they will accept sensible, time and again The Australian people have shown in sustaining national prosperity. was the next logical step John Howard said workplace reform In a speech in Sydney last night, for industrial relations reform. in his push the economic case The Prime Minister has outlined in Canberra. Political Correspondent Greg Turnbull deliberations. a close eye on Federal Cabinet John Howard on the spot. We'll keep week's time, a request could put Tony Blair at 10 Downing St in a is that when he's one on one with it that way. The fact of the matter such request, and probably prefers and his wife Kathy were killed. Victim identification officers and investigators from the Transport Safety Bureau are examining the scene before more bad weather hits this afternoon. Dramatic scenes as police break up a long-running demonstration in Queensland. Protesters had hoped to stop a controversial supermarket development which they say would kill local platypus. After 18 months occupying the Woolworths development site, protesters knew the police would come - they just didn't expect them in such numbers. Just before dawn, over 150 Queensland officers moved to enforce a court order and remove the demonstrators and their Maleny campsite. Could you ladies come off the front, we'll help you off the site. Some refused to go, but before long, all were out one way or another. Shame on them for wanting to destroy the environment, for wanting to destroy the local businesses, wanting to destroy the ambience of this community. Dozens had to be carried from the property. The confrontation brought the normally quiet mountain hamlet to a standstill as police blocked the main street. A fascist reaction, supporting a corporation which is not in the interests of the citizens of Maleny. The proposed supermarket development has angered many locals, who say it'll kill local business, and green groups who fear for the platypus living in the adjacent creek. It's really embarrassing and it's taking away people's rights - we don't want Woolies here. So it's come to this - it appears this is the end of the road for the demonstrators. They do claim to have legal avenues to explore, but with the physical obstructions removed, construction of the supermarket can now proceed. And no time was wasted. Just up the road, scores of trucks carrying heavy machinery were waiting and under police escort, they entered the site to begin work. Max Futcher, Ten News. Australian surgeons have given new life to a young boy from Papua New Guinea whose face was deformed by a rare brain haemorrhage, a 6-hour procedure bringing a smile to the toddler. Like most toddlers, Asi Heni is a handful. But just weeks ago, his life was hanging in the balance. A rare brain haemorrhage known as encephalocele meant his brain tissue protruded from his face. With only thin skin covering it, just falling over could have meant certain death. His sight, and therefore his ability to walk, was also affected, and the future psychological scars were potentially irreparable. Otherwise they're like a freak and they cannot cope in normal society. A specialist team at Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital spent more than six hours correcting the severe deformity. Surgeons pulled back Asi's skin, removed the front part of his skull, repaired this hole where the brain pushed through and then rebuilt his face with a series bone grafts. In neurosurgery, we see lot heartaches and poor outcomes. To see someone recover as well as Asi and do as well is extremely rewarding. Despite an initial metabolic reaction, Asi's recovery has been swift and he's even learned to walk. Amazed and surprised. Asi and his mother returns to Papua New Guinea to his father and little brother at the end of the month. Kate McGrath, Ten News. A baby killed after her drunken father used her as a human shield. How the deadly police shoot-out started when Ten's Morning news returns. And the daredevils who just couldn't run fast enough in Pamplona. A toddler has been shot and killed by police in Los Angeles. The baby was being used as a human-shield by her father when officers opened fire. An horrific end to a police standoff in the notorious south L.A. suburb of Watts. GUNFIRE Police opened fire on 35-year-old Jose Raul Penya and his 19-month-old daughter, Susie. When officers fired in self defence, the suspect went down as well as the baby. Officers were called after Penya began firing randomly at a local intersection. About a good 12 shots is what I heard, a good pop, pop, pop - about 12 shots. Penya took cover in the used car yard he owns. Over three hours, he emerged three times to shoot at police, each time using his baby daughter as a human shied. He fired in excess of 40 rounds. Penya angered when police helped his 17-year-old stepdaughter escape out the back. Penya stepped out the door, the back door of the building, still holding the child in his arms, and confronted a team of SWAT officers. He shot wildly as he ran back into the office, hitting one policeman in the shoulder. 11 officers opened fire in response. The infant was struck by gunfire and also died at the scene, Our deepest sympathies goes out to the family. Wife Lorena told reporters she continually begged officers not to open fire, telling police her husband was depressed and needed to see a psychologist. Police maintain their response was justified. Officers have the right to protect themselves, their fellow officers and innocent bystanders. In Los Angeles, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. An emotional service in Bosnia has marked the 10th anniversary of one of the worst European atrocities since World War II. Today, friends and relatives mourned the 8,000 Muslims systematically massacred by Bosnian Serb forces. Today, more than 600 of Srebrenica's victims were finally laid to rest. Their remains have been identified only now, 10 years on, through DNA testing. A vast number of coffins and yet still only a fraction of those who were massacred. For their loved ones, even the passing of a decade has failed to ease the agony of their grief. 10 summers ago, in 1995, the Bosnian Serbs overran Srebrenica, a Muslim enclave. At first, they handed out sweets and promises that no-one would be hurt. It was a cruel lie. In the end, the United Nations betrayed its promise of protection. When the Serbs came, the UN simply allowed them to walk in here, select their victims, and kill on a staggering scale. Colonel Gerry Kremer was one of the Dutch peacekeepers in Srebrenica. He says he and his men were in an impossible position. We had to defend 40,000 Muslims from a Serb army was that was very well-equipped with tanks and artillery and everything. We didn't have a chance. This recently released video shows how the Serbs led away their victims to be murdered in cold blood in the worst atrocity in Europe since the Second World War. Four men have been gored during the annual running of the bulls in Spain. In the most dangerous run at this year's festival, the 12 animals separated, some even running the wrong way, as this off-duty policeman found out. SCREAMING AND YELLING Seven more people were badly hurt in the stampede through the streets. The bull running, for men only, is a feature of the 7-day festival that dates back centuries. A unique red carpet appearance by mum-to-be Britney Spears, COMMENTATOR: Hint of an elbow there. over the Eels/Dragons brawl. And the fallout continues over the Eels/Dragons brawl. And the fallout continues It opens in Australia on September 1. which starred Gene Wilder. to the 1971 Willy Wonka film, is different Producer's insist this story of a lollie factory. where five children win a tour is based on the Roald Dahl novel, The movie, starring Johnny Depp, with husband Kevin Federline. 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' as she attended the premiere of to her swelling belly with an arrow pointing "I Have the Golden Ticket" her shirt displaying the words

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to surround Ashley Harrison South Sydney was desperate has joined the Sydney Roosters. Ashley Harrison while Rabbitohs captain offer to play with the NRL club, Braith Anasta has rejected a massive and a double blow for South Sydney. To sport - at Commonwealth Securities. Jacqui Maddock investors are expecting big things. month. Companies be warned - season due to kick off later this season due to kick off later this the upcoming company reporting little flat-footed today, awaiting positive territory. Investors are a overnight. The share market is in for the third consecutive session morning? Wall Street moved higher positive start to local trades this hurricane named after a female. A not nearly as powerful as a has been a little disappointing, gas. Dennis has hit the coast and produces a quarter of its oil and in the gulf of Mexico, where the US has threatened to wreak harveicic days and that's as Hurricane Dennis a breather in the last couple of That's right. Oil prices have taken in oil prices overnight? and, Jacqui, another slide at Commonwealth Securities - To Jacqui Maddock share market is slightly higher. In finance news - the Australian has reportedly resigned Celebrity businessman Steve Vizard It only takes a few minutes,

his final winter at Glenferrie. to what now will certainly be in a humiliating postscript officially reprimanded The 30-year-old to explain his provocative comments, the coach and the club's CEO the Hawks' leadership group, Holland yesterday had to meet Unable to get a senior game, next year. my hand for another year elsewhere I'm, sort of, thinking of putting up at Hawthorn, that I haven't been given a fair go Cause I'm, sort of, so disappointed on radio. when he aired his dirty linen for Nick Holland on the weekend A miserable season reached new lows leadership group for going public. but he's been disciplined by the he's not getting a fair go, The disgruntled AFL forward says on the weekend. over controversial comments made to team-mates has been forced to apologise Hawthorn veteran Nick Holland Owen Martin, Ten News. Marsh one week for a high tackle. 2-week suspension for striking, Barrett facing a maximum charged is absurd in the extreme. should be a reason he should be that his cleanskin circumstance and to suggest help him rather than hinder him, should be in his advantage, His role model situation in the game disciplinary action. for Barrett to face by Marsh's public call Dragons officials angered that sparked the fight, over the incident were charged after both PJ Marsh and Trent Barrett at the judiciary tomorrow night could be played out Parramatta and St George Illawarra And Friday night's brawl between in the next few days. he'll be joining the club set to announce with Bulldogs star Braith Anasta is set to get a whole lot deeper The Roosters' roster and they've all got depth. the top-four teams in the comp You have a look at was the depth in the club. A major factor wishing him well. disappointed Souths management and captain Luke Ricketson, he'll replace retiring lock At the Roosters, yeah. so that was definitely a factor, go around at that time of the year, get jealous watching other teams and you, sort of, for three years now I haven't played semifinal football was greener at Bondi Junction. Harrison deciding the grass steered clear of the cashed-up club, but so far, the big names have with more representative players,

details, and for the rest of the day: Looking now at the national weather Stay with us. around the nation. a look at the weather Next in Ten News - Tim Hodges, Ten News. screws into his broken right hand. after surgery to insert a plate and will miss a fortnight And Essendon skipper James Hird with a damaged shoulder. the same amount of time Campbell Brown to miss with a badly bruised foot. to miss a month with star onballer Sam Mitchell More bad news for the Hawks have been really kept in-house. but this is an issue that should and his frustrations, We feel for Nick we've got across to him. and that's the main point with comments in the public forum anything that we're trying to do and we don't want to destabilise all these things in-house that we probably like to keep is just to make Nick clear The way we've dealt with it

details, and for the rest of the day: Looking now at the national weather

The book's content is such a secret that even the illustrator wasn't allowed to read it. All I know is I was asked to paint Harry Potter and Dumbledore looking very apprehensive as something came towards them. Now, I'm not sure what that is, but I'm looking forward to finding out. Australian fans can buy their copy of 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' this Saturday. That is the latest from the Ten newsroom. Stay with us, we'll bring you updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight at 5:00. I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company. Have a great afternoon. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. to the National Library of Scotland. signed the first copy, to be donated now one of the world's richest women, Author JK Rowling, of over 10 million copies. in an unprecedented print run is being circulated across the globe and the Half-Blood Prince', 'Harry Potter The sixth book in the series, of the latest Harry Potter novel. is surrounding the delivery Tight security