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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. A show of defiance in London are remembered. as the sacrifices of wars past Britain's military command in Iraq. Speculation Australia will take over the one-day series against England. A Ponting century squares Ten News with Deborah Knight. Good morning.

from Londoners First today, a show of defiance on the city. in the wake of the terror attacks packing the streets Tens of thousands of people to mark the end of World War II. investigations into the bombings, But there's been a setback for from the blown-up bus failing. with security video but could rise to more than 70. The death toll now stands at 49, It's a painstaking search - police look for clues, of roads around the blast sites. scouring every last centimetre as investigators suffer a setback - Cars still being impounded time of the blast was not working. a security camera on the bus at the or photo images Authorities appealing for footage

to help piece together the puzzle.

at Heathrow Airport Three men have been arrested breakthrough, but not officially. in what appeared a significant and pure speculation at this stage It's inappropriate with the attacks. to be drawing any direct linkages

insists the attackers were British, Scotland Yard's former top cop backed by al-Qa'ida. Lord Stevens says: including AFP experts, For forensic teams, of trying to remove trapped bodies the grisly task remains of train carriages from the shattered shells in searing underground heat. remain in hospital. Six of nine injured Australians Unconfirmed reports suggest those bodies still to be recovered. an Australian may be among of a repeat attack, Despite the threat

there'll be no travel warning. our top diplomat says but not just idly wander about You should go about your business the possible consequences. without taking into account even at the VE Day commemorations. Still, no risks taken, to mark the occasion. Thousands of veterans joining royalty fall from the sky, A million poppy leaves providing a grand finale as a clear message. to an event which also served haven't we? We've been through the war, We have to go on. We know what it's like. we're going to beat the terrorists. We're going to beat the bombing, put us off places. They aren't going to in effect. It's a case of showing the flag, Frank Coletta, Ten News. the wreckage of a light plane An air search may have discovered with three people on board, in the Victorian Alps. missing since Friday at Mt Hotham Until now, extreme weather conditions to ground searches have restricted police and volunteers millionaire Brian Ray in their attempts to find property and his wife Kathy. has been missing Their Piper Chieftain requested permission since pilot Russell Lee to land at Mt Hotham on Friday night. Queensland's wild weather has eased fallen trees and broken power lines. with emergency crews cleaning up More than 50,000 lost power yesterday down across the State's South East. as high winds brought trees crashing At Petrie, in Brisbane's north, crushed by a massive gum tree. engineers will examine a house may be structurally unsound. The owners fear the whole building working around the clock Emergency crews and sheets of roofing iron to clear broken branches brought down in the storm. its way onto the US mainland. A deadly hurricane has smashed

the worst to hit Florida Hurricane Dennis said to be one of in 150 years. Rahni Sadler North American correspondent the storm in our US bureau. is monitoring Rahni, it wreaked havoc in Cuba, as first feared? but the damage not as bad in the US

That's right, Deb. As the storm

approached, it was a potentialy

catastrophic category four on the

5-tear scale, with winds well over

200km/h. When it finally made

landfall, just before it turn under

to a category three, with winds

still packing in 190km/h, bringing

down trees and powerlines, sending

potentialy very dangerous debris

through the air. Watch out! Get

back! Get back! Look over there.

That is illume nm. Look at this.

It's all coming apart. The trees

are coming down. Big trees coming

down. Big trees coming down. Watch

the sign, it's down! It's falling

apart. Get back, get back!

Extraordinary pictures. The storm

hit in the same Florida town

devastated by hurricane evan last

year? That's right, Deb. The eye of

the storm hit right near Pensacola,

Florida, and those people worst

affected today are the people who

were halfway through rebuilding

their homes after evan hit in

September last year. Although this

storm is stronger than evan was

last year, it doesn't seem to have

caused quite as much damage. Locals

are joking that's because anything

that could break broke during evan

last year. The death toll took 37

lives last year, Dennis so far has last year. The death toll took 37

taken two lives, one electrocuted,

the other a child being run over.

The storm is slowing as it heads

inland but still has strong rain

and winds and it is expected to

Deb. Thank you. cause extensive inland flooding.

to put the hard word on Australia Speculation Britain plans to send more troops to Iraq. A formal request could come for talks with Tony Blair. when PM John Howard visits London As the war on terror escalates, Australia's military involvement. so too does speculation about Reports from London suggest a bigger role in southern Iraq Australia may be asked to play to Afghanistan. as Britain redeploys its forces important role in al-Muthanna, Clearly we've been assuming a fairly the southernmost province, would be keen and no doubt the British Government to have us further involved. his British counterpart, Tony Blair, PM John Howard meets with later this month, is expected to be on the agenda. where talk of troop numbers in southern Iraq, Australia already has 450 soldiers but the British might ask Canberra the regional headquarters in Basra. to commit up to 300 more for Cabinet meets tomorrow to Afghanistan. to discuss a fresh troop deployment However, the Howard Government says by Britain or the United States it hasn't been asked to bolster its Iraq contingent. We have the capacity. Obviously a lot depends Afghanistan at the same time. on what we're looking at sending to I think the problem from the Government's point of view is it would point to a longer-term deployment in Iraq. Labor says it's a case of mission creep and there should be more Australian troops in Afghanistan, not Iraq. We're going to be bogged down in a military quagmire that's in a situation where the former head of the defence forces said that already our military dancecard was pretty well full. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. And PM John Howard has just spoken in Sydney on the plans for our military personnel.

We have quite a significant

contingent in Iraq already and that

contingent will stay until it's

done its job. We are tomorrow

looking at the question of whether

we should make an additional

commitment to Afghanistan , and

we'll look at all of the facts and

circumstances and no doubt the

whole issue of troop deployments

abroad will come up, because you

always look at where else you are

committed when you're looking at

the possibility of a new commitment.

But the story in the London 'Sunday

Times' is not based on any

discussions of which I have any

knowledge. Prime Minister John

Howard speaking a short time ago. A Sunshine Coast landmark has been destroyed in a spectacular fire overnight in Queensland. Fire crews were unable to save the historic Eumundi Butter Factory with the majority of the building destroyed. Built in the early 1900s it became the hub of the local arts community and the original home of the Eumundi markets. Witnesses say they heard explosions coming from the site

as it was engulfed in flames. I thought there may have been someone throwing rocks on the roof or something and I came out and I heard more like the roof just collapsing I think. Fire crews and police are investigating. A hostage emergency is unfolding on Macleay Island in Queensland's Moreton Bay. Negotiators have spoken to a woman being held against her will in a house on the island. Police believe the hostage taker has at least one high-powered gun in his possession and may also be armed with a machete and other weapons. The house at the centre of the drama is near the local school. Students have been to stay at home and nearby houses have been evacuated. The main message we'd like to get across at the moment - is that residents stay away from the area and let police do their job.

It's just a bit scary, it's too close to home. It's not yet clear whether the gunman is known to his hostage.

Still to come in Ten News - Shane Warne's frank admission about his marriage break-up and his plea to the Australian media. Also - what sparked violent clashes in South Korea leaving hundreds of people injured. And - the countdown to the first space shuttle launch since the 'Columbia' disaster.

You can't totally eliminate the risk of something going wrong in an extremely complex machine like a space shuttle. Anger. Wonder.

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and see exclusives, like inspired home ideas from around the world, and kids shows where they'll laugh AND learn. Call: This program is captioned live. Shane Warne has acknowledged he's to blame for the collapse of his 10-year marriage. In a newspaper column today, the cricketer concedes the split with wife Simone is his fault but says the reason will remain private. He's asked the media not to make things any tougher for his family describing as regrettable the publicity surrounding his personal life. British tabloid reports had suggested Shane Warne was involved with more than one woman since moving to England. Simone and the couple's three children are back home in Melbourne. A challenge in the Brisbane Supreme Court today to have Queensland's Dr Death inquiry shut down. Reporter Danielle Isdale joins us from Bundaberg where the Morris Inquiry into the actions of Dr Jayant Patel is being heard. Danielle, the legal challenge is based on claims that the inquiry commissioner is biased. Are proceedings continuing this morning?

They are, Deb. But very uneasily.

You can imagine the victims of Dr

Jayant Patel are having the

toughest time of this - they just

want to know one way or another.

They thought they'd find out this

morning, but there has been some

security problems and the entire

court has been evacuated. The

victims are very tense and worried.

If this application is successful

if the former hospital boss at

Bundaberg is successful in ousting

all three commissioners and stopping

the inquiry through the courts,

then no-one really knows what will

happen - if those commissioners

will be replaced or if the whole

thing has to start again. We're

hearing more evidence as usual

today until news comes through, but

it's a very tense time until then.

We'll assay wait your full report

at 5:00. Thank you. Violent clashes in South Korea over plans to expand US military bases. Big crowds battled with up to 10,000 riot police. Protesters destroyed a US flag, and police responded by blasting the crowd with fire extinguishers. Nearly 200 people suffered injuries, but only 3 arrests were made. Locals believe peace on the Korean peninsula will be threatened if Washington goes ahead with plans to move its 32,000 troops from north of the capital to the south, away from the border. NASA says it's all systems go for its first space shuttle launch since the 'Columbia' disaster two years ago. Preparations for the agency's re-entry into space are under way, with lift-off set for Thursday. 'Discovery' will take seven astronauts and vital supplies to the international space station. Experts believe the safety risks have been reduced to an acceptable level. You can't totally eliminate the risk of something going wrong in an extremely complex machine like a space shuttle. Smashed tiles during lift-off caused the Columbia shuttle to break apart during re-entry in January 2003, killing all seven crew on board. Ahead in Ten News - pressure mounts for the finals charge in the NRL and AFL.

And the skipper's day out at Lords as the Aussies square the series. COMMENTATOR: Five wickets for Brett Lee. Large bills can be annoying, especially on your home phone. But with the new Optus $39 Home Cap you'll pay just $39 a month for up to $120 worth of calls, including calls from your home phone to mobiles, national and international calls to every country. And if you spend less than $39, you only pay for what you use. So put an end to large bills with the new Optus $39 Home Cap. Call Optus now on: And switch today. SONG: # Yeah, yeah, yeah. # In finance news - the Australian share market is higher this morning in early trade. Jacqui Maddock at Commonwealth Securities. Jacqui, how have the markets rebounded since Thursday's bombings?

Well, UK markets took a battering

on Thursday night as news of the

terrorist attacks broke. UK stocks

did rebound on Friday, however, as investors returned to the

investors returned to the market.

It was a similar story on the US

indices, where the Dow Jones posted

its biggest one-day gains since

April on Friday night. The

Australian share market, the All

Ordinaries are trading more than 30

points in front, suggesting the

markets have shrugging off any

impacts from the bombings. And

Fairfax joining the loenly hearts

trade? It has pertkhsed online

dating agency RSVP and its 600,000

members for about $40 million.

Let's hope it's a max made in

heaven. Very nice. Thank you. To sport, and in cricket, Brett Lee's push for a Test recall hit top gear at Lords as Australia thrashed England by seven wickets in game two of the one-day challenge. Ricky Ponting made a welcome return to form with a century, but Lee's 5-wicket haul just edged out the skipper for man of the match. A minute's silence for victims of London's terror bombings, and England's openers set about lifting spirits for the locals. COMMENTATOR: Good shot. Half stopped. Michael Kasprowicz making up for missing the last four matches against England. He's got him first ball.

Reeling at 3/28, the suspect top order crumbled again.

He's dragged that on.

Lee's timing perfect with the first Test 10 days away, but the search for rhythm continues for Jason Gillespie. Andrew Flintoff smashing the struggling quick out of the attack. Well, nothing's changed really. That is a glorious shot. Flintoff's 87 saving England from embarrassment but not a record haul for Lee. Caught! What a catch.

What a fantastic catch. Five wickets for Brett Lee. 5/41 the best return by an Aussie bowler in a one-dayer at Lord's. It's always great to bowl here, and to take five wickets at Lords is pretty special. Defending 224, England couldn't afford this. No-ball. Another no-ball. Half the crowd's out of their seat. Adam Gilchrist smashing 29 off 20. Flintoff first to break through. He's got him. The bowling change has worked. Ricky Ponting's never lost a match at Lords. He set about squaring the series. Well, that's a fine shot. The skipper blasting his way back into form. Edged wide of the keeper, Ponting goes to 100. That's one heck of a pleased Australian captain.

Ponting's 18th one-day ton equalling Mark Waugh's Australian record.

The series to be decided at the Oval tomorrow. It just goes to show what sort of cricket we're capable of if we do perform to our absolute best, and we were pretty close to doing that today. Tania Armstrong, Ten News. To AFL, and the Western Bulldogs have limped home after a bruising Round 15 loss in the west last night against Fremantle. The victory keeps the Dockers in contention for a finals berth. But again, injuries have hurt Rodney Eade's Bulldogs. Smiles were tough to find on the red eye's arrival. After a season of promise, last night was a Bulldog shocker.

It was a disappointing performance. Obviously in the last quarter and a bit, we were fairly competitive for two and half quarters but to fall away like we did was disappointing. Worse news follows for Rodney Eade - his chronic injury concerns continue. This time, young midfielder Cameron Faulkner has broken a collarbone. If I can catch the back end of this that would be great but yeah, just definitely next season. It's a pretty tight group - the guys work together pretty well and they feel for Cam because he's such a great kid and he's worked hard and he's fairly tough at the footy so it's disappointing to get the injury. To add salt to the gaping Bulldog wound, Scott West has been booked for wrestling. It was a welcome return to form for the Dockers. Their finals hopes remaining alive. COMMENTATOR: Straight to Longmuir here's a gift. You get teams at the right time and the wrong time and I think the Western Bulldogs got us at the wrong time. I mean, the guys are really desperate to get season back on track. And Denis Pagan admits his own future at Carlton is under scrutiny following his Blues' humiliating 80-point thrashing by St Kilda.

I've got a tough skin and I'm not responsible or accountable to people like yourself, I'm responsible to the club and if the club thinks I'm not the right person, that's OK - we're all big boys here. Tim Hodges, Ten News. In the NRL, a host of weekend upsets has turned the top eight race into a logjam, with just two points separating third and tenth spots. And another injury blow to the Bulldogs' premiership defence - Fullback Luke Patten facing up to two months on the sidelines. It's a scene the Bulldogs are getting used to - Luke Patten returning to Sydney for the medical verdict on his ankle injury. He didn't get a lot of sleep last night, but he's hopeful that it's not gonna be so bad. The doctor's not quite sure. It's either ligaments or a small bone fracture, so we'll just have to wait and see.

A case of one Dog departs, another Dog returns.

Willie Mason making his first appearance of the season as the premiers scored a 2-point win over the Warriors. COMMENTATOR: Oh, no, Braith Anasta! Not him, not again.

He grabs a hat-trick. The top eight race the tightest in years. Last-placed Newcastle throwing another spanner into the works with its win over the third-placed North Queensland Cowboys. COMMENTATOR: He's gonna claim his second try!

The Knights trailed 18-4 at the break. A half-time spray from coach Michael Hagan summing up their first 40 minutes. Bordering on embarrassing and soft, and I thought the players deserved to give the fans a much better second half performance, and they did that.

And another giant scalp for the Wests Tigers, backing up wins over Manly and St George-Illawarra with victory against the Roosters.

COMMENTATOR: To score try number two for the Tigers. The Tigers now two points out of third spot, but their coach is talking down their prospects of a top four finish. I'm trying to keep their heads down for the play-offs. And as I've said, there's eight weeks, and the wheels can fall off very quickly in this business. Juan Pablo Montoya has won the British Formula One Grand Prix

after a start to finish duel with world championship leader Fernando Alonso. Alonso started on pole position but Montoya grabbed the lead on the first lap setting the tone for the rest of the race. COMMENTATOR: And Montoya's through. What a great start by the Colombian. It was Montoya's fifth career victory and a maiden win for his new McLaren team. Alonso's second place

extending his world championship lead over Kimi Raikkonen who finished third. Australian Mark Webber finished one lap down in 11th place. Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation. Stay with us.

This program is captioned live. Looking now at the national weather details and for the rest of the day. And an update on two of our top stories. First to that siege in Queensland - the female hostage has been released and police are preparing to storm the house on Macleay Island.

And a search has located the wreckage of a missing light plane in the Victorian Alps. That is the latest from the Ten news room. We'll have updates throughout the day

and full details in Ten's news hour tonight at 5:00. I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company.

Have a great afternoon. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.