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(generated from captions) The 4.30 News with Rebecca Maddern. This program is LIVE captioned. Good afternoon. of the 4.30 News. Welcome to a special edition

It is nearly 24 hours by a series of terrorist bombings. after London was rocked the morning peak hour, They struck during four large explosions

of the city and moving west. beginning in the eastern part Three hit the Underground a double-decker bus. then one on board 52 people are confirmed dead. As we go to air, More than 700 have been wounded. are among the injured. Eight Australians is in London and joins us live. Seven News reporter, Diana Dorahy Diana, what is happening now? Rebecca, it's 7.30am in London would usually be reaching its peak. and the morning rush are yet to return to normal But transport services

and there are now reports

has collapsed, one of the underground rail tunnels There are

people are trapped under the rubble. with fears Here on the streets can still be felt, the heavy security presence reports in the capital. It was a day long feared At Aldgate East, on the pavement outside the station. where the injured were treated by any paramedic... Please, if you are not being treated where hundreds were moved to safety At King's Cross the horrors below ground. having escaped what was left of the No.30 bus. And at Russell Square, there was shock, confusion, Across the very heart of London, among those caught up in the moment. and an almost palpable sense of fear The unthinkable had become reality. in the pale emergency light, Below ground, through the Tube carriages, hundreds made their way all too apparent. a sense of claustrophobia Passengers battling smoke and soot. in dozens of carriages Scenes like these repeated stuck deep in the tunnel system. in the three Tube trains who had escaped the blasts Hundreds of others stranded underground were led from their carriages to the next station, and moved through the tunnels

street on the surface - traumatised. finally making their way up to the and people were covered in it. The windows came in and smashed, and I got a seat. My window didn't break for people standing. I think it was worse I have no idea. and we just got out, It was just black

so we have no idea what it was. after the explosion? REPORTER: What did you hear Screaming. Screaming.

You saw the carriage, was all over the place and literally the roof and the side like, in underwear and there were people, covered with blood. with their bodies

It was awful. and buses struggling to cope, With the entire Tube system shut down with crowds fleeing the area, London's road network was targeted. red double-decker buses was hit, One of the capital's signature ripping the roof from the vehicle. the force of the explosion

SIRENS captured by a passer-by This was the scene after the explosion. less than a minute The force of the blast aboard the bus blew passengers from their seats strewn across the road. and left injured to central London - I was just walking down the street didn't even notice the bus. I just went across the road just blown off my feet and stuff. and then, you know,

had woken up full of pride In the capital, where people Olympic bid success following yesterday's

was perhaps even more deeply felt. the horror of the attack above and below ground A coordinated series of bomb attacks, targeting London's transport system

consequences. with predictably appalling years to prepare for this disaster London's emergency services have had

ever seen and the biggest casualty evacuation quickly got under way. on the streets of the capital shoulder to shoulder with Tony Blair At Gleneagles, the G8 leaders stood Later, back in London,

addressed the nation the Prime Minister to justice. promising to bring those responsible of course, now be There will, and security service action the most intense police the most intense police

those responsible to justice. to make sure that we bring the emergency services confirmed By late afternoon, had been brought up to safety. that all those trapped below ground admitted recently, A senior police officer terrorists will hit the capital, it's not a question of "if" only "when". that prophecy was realised Tragically, this morning. on the streets of the capital in London. Diana Dorahy is still with us to this tragedy? Diana, how has Britain responded

Really, there is a air of defines.

One look at Britain's newspapers

this morning highlights that. Here

we have the Sun with the headline

"Our spirit will never be broken"

obviously echoing tonne knee

Blair's hesage of yesterday that

kpwrit obtain will not be

intimidated nor its way of life.

The Daily Mirror has this headline

"Bloodyed but unbowed" and a scene

there of some of the wreckage. The

Times has simply a picture, but a

picture that hay lights just how

terrible this tragedy was for

London yet. Simply a woman

clutching her face there as she

emmerpblgsfrs King's Cross Station. about how this happened? Is there a clearer picture today

Well, we have been told by police

that four devices were found but we

don't know whether they were the

work of suicide bombers or sell

of-timeed packages left on the

trains and bus. Obviously at this stage Scotland Yard is analysing

the evidence, found at the crime

scene and hopefully will have more

information later today from

police and investigators. We know

that a al-Qaeda group has claimed

responsibility but as I said

tkpirmd that. Scotland Yard has not yet con

to visit the scene again today? Is Prime Minister Tony Blair expected

We are not expected to see him back

in London today. He is at the G8 in

Scotland attending the first day of

the summit there. He did fly to

London yesterday for an emergency

meeting at No.10 but has since

known back but we understand the

queen will be visiting the wounded

in hospital today. Diana Dorahy in London, thank you. Terry Mongan is an Australian tourist whose family lives in Brisbane. He had just left King's Cross Station when one of the bombs detonated. The former Army officer, who narrowly escaped the Bali bombing, says the London attack says the London attack has brought back painful memories. I just got off the train at - or the Underground at King's Cross and we were just walking up the stairs and we just heard this almighty like "Boom",

and, yeah, just people started screaming and running and then the bodies just started coming out, people just maimed and injured. And then we've just kind of tried to do the best we can to help a few dudes and then the police rocked up and just said "Look, everyone, just get out of here." And then a mate of mine and I just legged it, legged it out of King's Cross Station and we were just, like, headed down towards Russell Square.

Like, there's a park down there and the park just started to fill up full of people. And then we walked past and looked down Tavistock Place and went to see the bus that had just been fully demolished. And, yeah, there was just heaps of people there and there was just bodies on the side of the road. And, yeah, then we just - we just walked along the road bodies everywhere. and there was just bodies everywhere. (starts to cry) I walked out of the Sari Club two minutes before it blew up

and then I, you know, left my job in Australia to come overseas and whatever and then you get blown up by terrorists again. And it's just - you think, "What's this world coming to?" One of the many extraordinary stories of courage emerging from the disaster. Australian tourist Trent Mongan there. World leaders have condemned the deadly London bombings and pledged support to help track down the terrorists. US President George Bush compared the work being done at the G8 Summit in Scotland to the actions of those responsible for the attacks. The contrast couldn't be clearer between the intentions and the hearts of those of us who care deeply about human rights, human liberty

and those who kill, those who have got such evil in their hearts that they will take the lives of innocent folks. The war on terror goes on. World leaders have postponed all announcements from the Summit for at least 24 hours. Prime Minister John Howard says the terrorist attacks in London will strengthen Australia's resolve

to continue in the war against terrorism. Mr Howard says, he will keep an appointment to visit London later this month because now more than ever Australia must show Britain its support. Signing a condolence book at the British High Commission, the Prime Minister says, he's shocked and horrified by the attacks. This brutal, indiscriminate, unforgivable attack on innocent people going about their daily lives is a mark of the depraved character of the people who carried it out. Mr Howard returned to Canberra this morning to be briefed by security and intelligence officials. But he says Australia's level of alert, currently at medium, will not change. That situation, of course, will continue to be reviewed. Australia will also send six officials to London to help with the investigation, including bomb and counter-terrorism experts. So that if a tragic event were to occur in our country,

we would be better able to deal with it. Opposition Leader Kim Beazley today condemned the bombings as cowardly. This is like an attack on the family. These terrorists are subhuman filth who must be captured and eliminated.

Like many Australians, for some Federal MPs the attacks were more than a little close to home. I have a daughter in London myself. I gave her a ring. My wife, Therese, who is here on business was on a train at the time, but she's okay. Mr Howard is due to meet his British counterpart Tony Blair in London later this month and says he intends to keep that appointment.

It was an important time before the events of the last 24 hours

and it's doubly important now. If you are trying to contact family in London the Department of Foreign Affairs has set up a hotline. That number is on your screen. And you can find more information on our web site.

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This is the 4.30 News. Government leaders say Australia is well prepared for an attack similar to that in London.

But is there anything we can learn from this tragedy from this tragedy and the people responsible that might help if Australia ever faces that challenge? Terrorism expert Aldo Borgu spoke with Seven News reporter Gemma Haines in Canberra. Aldo, what do we know about the group

which has claimed responsibility for the attacks? Well, certainly this form of group we haven't heard of before but that shouldn't come as a real surprise. These groups have a tendency of using a number of different names

and not least to sow confusion among security authorities. What does the execution of the attacks tell you about the group such as the sophistication and length of planning? Certainly that they are a very professional organisation. You are looking at four separate bomb attacks that probably would have required anywhere between about 20, 25 people to undertake the attack. The planning probably would have taken place at least over a 10- to 12-month period,

so all-in-all quite professional. Yet to be determined whether these were local British people

that actually undertook the attack or whether they were outsiders or sleeper cells that were put in there some years beforehand. Would you say the attack has all the hallmarks of al-Qaeda? Without a doubt. Obviously nobody wants to jump to conclusions but the fact is that they were a coordinated, synchronised attack. It has occurred basically against the transport infrastructure

with the trains, and it virtually was a carbon copy of the Madrid bombing. As a partner of the coalition of the willing, is it only a matter of time before Australia gets attacked? That's the easiest conclusion to come down to. when - or it's not a question of if, it's more a question of when. Obviously being geographically located far away from the centre of operations makes us a bit less likely of a target but the simple fact is as you find countries like the US, the UK, improving their security, particularly after they have been subject to attack, the terrorists will look for easier targets and sooner or later that may point them towards our direction. Are Australia's transport systems adequately prepared for attacks of this scale? It's obviously hard to judge because we've never been subjected to it. Obviously one of the reasons why the British reacted so well to these attacks is that they have been dealing with terrorism

for the past 30 to 40 years, and thankfully, on one level, we haven't had to. So unfortunately, we will only find that out once we actually get tested with a very real incident. Aldo, thank you for your time.

Thank you. To find out how the London attacks have impacted financial markets, we're joined by Westpac senior economist Antony Thompson. Hello, Antony. How have the markets reacted?

The markets have actually ended up

with a slight positive close today.

He is sending lee we have seen

local investors shift away from

growth stocks such as resources and

into more defensive sectors like

consumers staples. In US the share

market was down initial lee 1% led

boy weakness in travel related

companies and insureers but managed

to come back do a slight positive.

The oil price pulled back from a

record high of US $62 a barrel and

that bass on a view that some

softer interntional travel would

ease demands for fuel.

Lower oil prices help helped so

partial lee ease the negative impacts.

Energy stocks were down and

defensive sectors gained with Coles

Myer leading retailers The Aussie

dollar remained pressured. While

markets are going to be focused on

last night's attacks we have some

key data out tonight in the US with

the latest employment report. Thanks, Anthony. Briefly to other news now - Overnight, the Australian Protective Services were called to John Howard's Sydney residence to deal with a serious security threat. A man threw a flammable package into the grounds of Kirribilli House before trying to attack police officers with a knife. No police were injured, but the 27-year-old offender but the 27-year-old offender is under close guard at Royal North Shore Hospital. He's currently being treated for burns as well as undergoing a psychiatric assessment. The Prime Minister was not at home at the time. More than a million recalled Mars and Snickers bars

taken from New South Wales stores have become landfill. The bars were buried at a secure site at Lucas Heights in Sydney's south after the chocolate's manufacturer ordered a statewide recall. Last Friday, MasterFoods received a Snickers bar contaminated with a pesticide-like substance and four letters threatening more contaminations. Simone Warne and her three children have flown back into Australia after her split with husband Shane. The family landed at Melbourne Airport early this morning on a flight from London. The Warnes announced their plans to separate about two weeks ago. It followed claims by a 25-year-old English student that she had an affair that she had an affair with the Australian spin bowler. Two other women also came forward claiming they had relationships with Warne. Next in Seven's 4.30 News

we will check the weekend weather,

and see what is making headlines around the country.

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This is the 4.30 News.

Now let's take a look at what the weather has in store for the weekend. Rob Gell has the details. Rob?

Thanks, Rebecca. Good afternoon.

Meant tea of rain around not in the

west though this high pressure

maintaining fine conditions but

this pressure trough lots of cloud

in it, cold near Adelaide and if

you haven't got rain already it is

on the way. The development for

tomorrow is that this low will move

and intensify down here or the

southern New South Wales coast.,

and produce further rainfall but still fine out in the west.

That's the latest weather. More at 6.00. Rebecca. That's Thanks, Rob. Seven News coming up in your capital city at 6.00. Apart from the London attacks, these are some of the stories making headlines. A senior Queensland Health official has revealed he warned his Minister Gordon Nuttall about problems with foreign doctors long before the Dr Death scandal erupted. The Opposition says the minister has lied and should be sacked. In Sydney, a self-styled religious guru has been found guilty of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl more than 10 years ago.

William Kamm, known as Little Pebble, assaulted the girl while she was living in his religious community on the New South Wales north coast. In Melbourne, Kylie Minogue has made her first public appearance

since being diagnosed with breast cancer. Showing no ill effects of treatment, Kylie made a surprise visit to the Royal Children's Hospital lending her support to kids also suffering from cancer. A freak accident on Adelaide's busy Marion Road has landed the driver in hot water. A sedan crossed four lanes of traffic before crashing into the front of a house. Several plastic containers full of white powder were found inside the car. In Perth, after severing his hands and one foot in a backyard basketball accident 10-year-old Terry Vo 10-year-old Terry Vo has left hospital after severing his hands and one foot in a backyard basketball accident three months ago. Surgeons were able to reattach his hands but Terry lost part of his left leg. Just some of the stories coming up in State editions of Seven News at 6.00. And recapping the main points of our top story now.

Two are in a critical condition.

Complete coverage of the London attacks coming up in Seven News at 6.00. But that's the 4.30 News for today and another week.

I'm Rebecca Maddern.

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