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(generated from captions) Olympic Games from favourite Paris London has snatched the 2012 But first this morning - Ten News with Natarsha Belling. after NSW wraps up the Origin series. And Queenslanders drown their sorrows CROWD BOOS But bitter disappointment for Paris. CROWD CHEERS the city will host the 2012 Games. Olympic victory for London - This program is captioned live.

richest nations Leaders of the world's Gerard Scholten, Ten News. but right now it's party time. a clean, green monument to sport, converting a run-down suburb into a reality, to making the $20 billion event will turn their thoughts Soon London organisers an inspirational presentation. and he gave He's a wonderful athlete I think Seb Coe was very important. just six months ago. close to collapse credited with saving the London bid, Former champion athlete Sebastian Coe ever in my life. I cannot expect a better moment we've done it! We've done it, we've done it, into this bid and it's paid off. 'cause a lot of hard work has gone has got to be proud today, I think the whole country team London celebrated victory. once the contracts were signed, In Singapore, and finally Madrid. then it was New York's turn, to be eliminated, Moscow was the first congratulating the winners. putting on a brave face, Dejected President Jacques Chirac for the third time in 20 years. The French missing out which had barely contemplated losing. for the sentimental favourites, Shock turned to anger CROWD GROANS became a wake. In Paris, the planned party the person next to you. do a little jig and embrace you punch the air, It's not often in this job It was a brilliant feeling. everyone just went nuts. When he said London, optimism was overflowing. the site of the Olympic City, while in London's East End, The sky turned red, white and blue, WILD CHEERING national pride at Trafalgar Square. as thousands surfed a wave of unbearable tension turned to ecstasy In the winning city, CROWD CHEERS are awarded to the city of London. in 2012 the Games of the 30th Olympiad The IOC has the honour of announcing their bitter disappointment. to come to terms with but the French are struggling in celebration Britons have taken to the streets by just four votes.

Too many lives at stake. They cannot play poker. the world's leaders on poverty. was the final bid to press and Annie Lennox, The free gig, featuring James Brown is held in Edinburgh. It comes as the final Live8 concert leaders to discuss Africa's plight. met with George W. Bush and other Sir Bob Geldof and Bono high profile campaigners And breaking with G8 tradition, Yes, we can. but we can make progress. I'll push them the whole way, his commitment to ending poverty. Prime Minister Blair confirming change are top of the agenda. where aid to Africa and climate of tonight's meeting, The formalities come ahead earlier in the day. after coming off his bike on his hand The US President sporting a bandage a formal dinner hosted by the Queen. Leaders gathered in the evening for from his 2012 Olympic bid win. also appeared fresh British Prime Minister Tony Blair and daughter Jenna. arriving with the first lady US President George W. Bush had been arriving throughout the day. where a steady stream of dignitaries at the Gleneagles compound, In the end, no breach of security for reinforcement. A Chinook helicopter called in housing the world's leaders. away from the hotel forcing them back, stormed the encroaching protesters, Riot police no match for the activists. This security fence to storm the summit. in an aggressive bid from the agreed route Some breaking away but the anti-G8 protesters pushed on, to call off the march, At one stage, police threatened peaceful protests turning violent. Clashes began before daybreak. fences to try and storm the meeting. Demonstrators have torn down security hosting the G8 summit. have arrived at the Scottish resort

across NSW last Friday and Snickers bars from sale The company withdrew all Mars in Ballarat yesterday. letter arrived at its headquarters Masterfoods has confirmed a fourth has sent another threatening letter. of Mars and Snickers bars The extortionist targeting the maker Laurel Irving, Ten News. right up to the next election. and we'll be pacing ourselves There's a long way to run in this, it still has ammunition left. but the ACTU is adamant That funding has limits, on members. paid for through special levies spent millions, but unions have already its campaign, The Government's only just starting its campaign, The Government's only just starting by the side with the deepest pockets. may well be won The war over industrial relations are going to affect people. from other influences what factors coming beyond the Government's control, I don't know what circumstances will be worse off under the changes. still refusing to guarantee no worker no simple solution - And he's offering hit the streets in protest. which saw nearly 200,000 people for the Coalition, after a tough couple of weeks into taking control of the issue but has been forced on holidays, The PM is still technically is coming from the ACTU is wrong. that much of the fearmongering which They will then begin to see of the merits of the changes. to try to convince voters could begin as early as this weekend own advertising campaign The Government's about the detail of these changes. information in newspapers We're going to provide some factual planning a fightback. Now John Howard's oppose them. who know about the changes with polls showing 60% of Australians of damaging advertisements, with a series in the industrial relations war Unions won the early battle from the unions. after a successful attack about to launch its campaign The Federal Government's over Industrial Relations. Get set for an advertising blitz Kathryn Robinson, Ten News. for action, not words. Recognise that the world is hungry after an extortionist claimed to have contaminated seven chocolate bars in the Sydney area. The recall doesn't affect other States. The latest letter follows the release of test results on a poisoned Snickers bar that was sent to the manufacturer. Police say a pesticide was used to contaminate the chocolate. A minor miracle in Melbourne overnight with a family avoiding disaster by just metres. The occupants of the home were watching television when a car crashed through their front wall. Bricks were thrown accross the lounge room narrowly missing the family. They were sitting on a couch less than three metres from the impact. We're extremely fortunate tonight that a, nobody in the house was hurt and b, the car driver's actually not seriously injured. A police investigation is continuing. Thousands of State of Origin fans hit the streets of Brisbane last night. Queenslanders to drown their sorrows while the Blues fans celebrated their victory. It was also a long night for the police with dozens of arrests and brawls. WHISTLE BLOWS After the whistle, the wake, at least for Queensland fans pouring from Suncorp Stadium into surrounding streets last night. For Blues supporters, it was a different story, enjoying not just the win but the manner of the one-sided affair. CHEERING Come on, the Blues! So good to be on a winning side, so depressing sometimes not to be. This was just one of the arrests of unhappy fans or those far too happily inebriated. (Screams) A heavy contingent of police watched over the thousands who partied in Brisbane's Caxton Street and had to break up sporadic brawls. We don't feel safe at all, no. Go the Blues! Once again, taxis were flat out catering for the huge crowds. We've been waiting forever. We've been waiting forever. 30-45 minutes - too long. We're ready to go home. Brisbane's relatively new 3:00 hotel lockout for patrons who aren't already inside is still causing concern. It's getting worse because of the 3:00am lockout. Basically, there's more people on the streets who can't get into clubs so they go to the cab ranks. Despite all that, most fans, Blues or Maroons, enjoyed the night, some even the game. Oh, it was great. How in the world could you beat Lang Park? It was sensational. Go, the Maroons! No matter what, we love you. Anyway, there's always another game, another year. Mark Suleau, Ten News. Still to come - the countdown for Schapelle Corby. Her defence team has just two weeks to find witnesses to convince a Bali court she's not a drug smuggler. Plus - a female rap star is jailed over a shoot-out. The bowling wizard who's doing it backwards. And - the romance of fashion returns to the catwalk.

This program is captioned live. A race against time for Schapelle Corby's legal team with just two weeks to find new witnesses for her reopened trial. The Indonesian High Court has set July 20 as the date the convicted drug smuggler will get another chance at proving her innocence. She'll be told of the decision today. The defence wants to call up to a dozen people, including prisoners in Australian jails and Qantas staff. Corby lawyer Hotman Hutapea is urging the Federal Government to grant immunity from prosecution to potential new witnesses. But Attorney-General Philip Ruddock says that's unrealistic. Grammy-winning rapper Lil' Kim has been locked up in jail. The one-time Queen Bee of the rap world has been sentenced to one year and one day in prison for lying to a US Court to protect friends involved in a shoot-out three years ago. Lil' Kim, whose real name is Kimberly Jones, hit the big-time with songs such as 'Crush on You' in 1996. The former mistress of the late rap star, BIG, she was also fined more than $67,000. She's the first big-name female rapper to be sent to prison. A trick that's turning the bowling world back to front. A man is hoping his bizarre technique will help him strike it rich but not everyone's impressed. It's a strike against convention and one that has pins flying. I've seen a lot of strange things but this is the first. It began as a bet between mates. This man trying his hand at a little backward spin - and it stuck. Because I'm horrible going forward I just pushed one down the lane backward and it struck and that's where it started. But don't think it's all for show, he's bowled 11 straight strikes and his highest score is 279 out of a possible 300. But his back-hand approach has landed him in the gutter with bowling authorities across America. Some organisers even banning him from competition. No backward bowling allowed. They consider it horseplay. I've been in the bowling business for about 45 years and that's - about as ridiculous as I've seen. He's now something of a bowling alley sideshow We're going to tell everybody in our league on Monday night. Year so going to show everybody because they won't believe it. You have to see it to believe it. He's hoping a beer company might be so bowled over by his style they'll sign him up and make him a knockdown start. The odds against it were astronomical, but only two years after giving birth to identical twin girls, an American woman has delivered identical triplet boys. Doctors say the chance of having identical twins followed by identical triplets without the use of fertility drugs is one in 15 million. Right now that seems to be the parents' odds of getting a good night's sleep. Paris might have missed out on the Olympics, but they're still claiming the title of style capital of the world. The catwalk looked more like a horror movie set as Britain's John Galliano used some of the world's top models to strut his stuff. Tina Turner turned up for the latest head-turners at the Armani collection. The Armani empire is now estimated to be worth more than $2 billion. Next in Ten News - how the rocketing oil price .5will hit you at the petrol pump. Also - the Melbourne star who scored a rare State Origin hat-trick of tries. COMMENTATOR: Try, try, try!

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What do the new job figures show? It seems job-seekers have never been in a better position. They show employment increased by just under 42,000 show employment increased by just under 42,000 jobs in June - Australia's 10th consecutive month of gains. Unemployment is at just 5%, twoigt-year lows. So great news for job seekers. Thank you. Rugby league's State of Origin series has ended in a one-sided demolition job. NSW totally dominated the decider against Queensland with a history-making win. Andrew Johns and the Blues hoping to become only the second NSW team in history to win the series after losing the first game. Johns was rumoured to have a knee problem heading into the game and he gave the Blues an early scare calling for treatment. The Maroons had all the early possession, five straight sets of six in NSW territory. But the visitors' defence held firm. Then, a spectacular counterattack. COMMENTATOR: He's away! Minichiello's over halfway! Bowen is chasing him. Minichiello at the 20m line. Not long after first points to the Blues with a penalty to Craig Fitzgibbon. As usual Queensland full of pride and passion - just ask Jason Ryles. As Ryles tries to thunder out, and look at them - they're driving, driving! New South Wales didn't waste their field position, Johns a matchwinner in Game II and setting up the opening try for Braith Anasta in Game III. Johns is dangerous! Anasta's over! Six minutes later a Johns kick brought more points - 14-nil the Blues. There's plenty of chasers. They got a try out of it. There's a try for Gasnier! Queensland enforcer Michael Crocker went on report for a high shot on Ben Kennedy. The Maroons in disarray when Matt King scored NSW's third try to build an 18-nil half-time lead. NSW have scored! King was strong in defence as well, then Johns got the Blues attacking machine back into rhythm and King was there again with his second try. The Maroons struggled to build any momentum while their interstate rivals were full of running and points, ahead 28-nil after 53 minutes. The winger has scored! Tahu! Timana Tahu! No backward steps from Queensland battering ram and debutant Danny Nutley. NSW did their damage on the scoreboard, racing to a 32-nil lead. King grabbing a hat-trick of tries. Try, try, try! Tempers boiled over when Fitzgibbon and Queensland forward Ben Ross indulged in some traditional Origin push and shove. Some relief for the home side. Matt Bowen crossed for one of the Maroons' two late consolation tries. The Blues 32-10 victory a record win over Queensland in Brisbane. New South Wales celebrating their third straight series win. To AFL and star Collingwood forward Alan Didak tonight fronts the AFL Appeals Board in an attempt to overturn his two-match suspension. The Magpies are desperate to have their 22-year-old goal sneak available for Saturday night's tough assignment in Brisbane. for Saturday night's tough assignment in Brisbane. Alan Didak didn't even make it onto the track yesterday. The forward meeting for much of the day with Magpie legal eagles to nut out a strategy to try and beat a 2-match ban. His black and white team-mates admitting they're losing faith in the game's new Tribunal process. Nowadays, you're not too sure what you can and what you can't do. Obviously you know you won't get away with a hell of a lot, so your safest bet is to just play the ball. Six nights after his wild off-the-ball elbow on Port Adelaide defender Daryl Wakelin, Collingwood will appeal the fortnight suspension they say is manifestly excessive. The Tribunal came out and spoke to us all as a team, so we do know where we stand. As far as how far we push that, I guess a few players might be a bit confused. The appeal begins at 6:00 this evening. And the under-18 tribunal last night handed out eight guilty verdicts, totalling 14 match suspensions to players from Tasmania and Queensland involved in a wild half-time brawl in the national championships. Tim Hodges, Ten News. Aussie cyclist Robbie McEwen has brushed aside a week of controversy to claim his first victory at this year's Tour de France. The race was delayed when six-time winner Lance Armstrong opted not to wear the leader's yellow jersey, out of respect for a fallen competitor. But race officials eventually forced Armstrong to don the jersey and he'll keep it for another day after maintaining a 55 second lead. The fifth stage won by McEwen in a time of 3 hours and 46 minutes making amends for his disqualification two days ago for an apparent head butt. Next in Ten News - we'll check out the conditions on the snowfields plus a look at the weather around the nation. Charmed. Anger. 'IT'S TOO LATE' BY EVERMORE PLAYS Jealousy. Inspired. Happy. Melancholy. Wonder. Despair. Suspicion. Excited. Joy. Outrage. Desire. Delighted. Give your emotions a good work-out for: SONG: # Ride on... # Call FOXTEL Digital on 131 787... # Ride till early morning sun... # ..and see exclusives, like J.Lo's assault on the fashion world... # Ride on... # ..inspired home ideas from around the world... # Like the dawning of the day... # ..and shows for your kids where they'll laugh AND learn. Isn't all that worth $2 a day? Call now: # Go on # Till the night has crept away... # This program is captioned live. Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day. Now for a look at the snowfields and joining us from Thredbo is snow reporter Scott McKinnon. Scott, with school holidays under way, the conditions - are they good or are they bad? They're not too bad and they're actually quite similar to last week on the mountains. We started out under blue and sunny skies with the cloud cover rolling in around Wednesday, bringing with it some drizzle and rain. But now, more beautiful blue skies and sunshine. The good news - blizzard conditions are on the way. OK, so tell us what's happening around the Australian resorts. The cover is quite soft and heavy going across the resorts due to the overnight wet weather, with the groom trails providing the best on-snow action. In Thredbo, 13 lifts are open with the Cruiser and Terrain parks the go. Perisher Blue has 45 lifts, with Front Valley the standout for intermediate riders. And unfortunately no lifts at Selwyn snowfields, but there is snow about for building snowmen and tobogganing. Over to the Victorian resorts, where the cover is firm to start, but it will soften quickly during the day. In Falls Creek, Ruined Castle is the locals' tip - 14 lifts there. The Steep and Fast Heavenly will have advanced riders ripping in Mount Hotham, and 10 lifts are operating at Mount Buller, with Baldy for beginners. The bureaus say blizzard conditions are expected for Saturday, with anything up to 30cm of fresh snow expected, so fingers crossed for a white weekend. Absolutely. Thank you snow reporter Scott McKinnon joining us from Thredbo. Thanks, Natarsha. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling. Good afternoon. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.