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(generated from captions) has opened up on another front. The battle over industrial relations Ten News with Natarsha Belling. for the State of Origin decider. Queensland fans gear up And - in a league of their own - offering financing for fees. to child-care centres could end up in debt Warnings families for Australian workers. to defend his plans John Howard returns from holidays This program is captioned live.

of deferring child care payments just giving them the option it's not lending parents money But ABC Learning says pay their fees. offering financing to help parents of private childcare centres with Australia's largest chain may end up in debt There are concerns families Laurel Irving, Ten News. "Hang on, that can't be right". and say but after a while people sit back get the first headlines Those who run the fear campaign are deeply unpopular. showing the changes and he's not bothered by polls he expected the union's campaign The PM says to pay less than that minimum wage. for any emplower in this country and it'll be illegal There'll be one minimum wage should be cut or reduced in any way. but we're not arguing that they arrangements should stay in place We're arguing that those are already paid by the piece. And they say some workers is a complete lie. To argue otherwise or the safety net system. to the minimum wage In no way are we arguing for cuts Employers are furious. a guaranteed minimum income. wage level, There must be a guaranteed minimum than the person next to them. because they're slower but be paid on a piece rate where a worker could work 38 hours like the textile industry, An industry, where they get paid by the piece. to move to a system in industries like clothing, by forcing slow workers, want to cut minimum wages Now unions say some employers over individual agreements. will walk off the job today Minister's own departmental staff Even the Workplace Relations the Government's planning. against the IR changes and are screening advertisements across the country who've held mass protests from the unions The Government's under siege Industrial Relations. in the fight over for laughter But there's not much room with East Timor's Xanana Gusmao. meetings and exchanges of presents John Howard's first job was official Returning from holidays, considered slow could be cut. Unions now claim the wages of workers

that are bidding. I think everyone's doing their level best. Britain still eyeing gold. Soccer star David Beckham displaying his skills on the basketball court before turning on the London charm. I think to have the Olympics in my manor would be... LAUGHTER One of America's greatest, Mohammed Ali, entered the ring to support New York's fight to host the Games. Former first lady Hilary Clinton still pressing the flesh. I think it's fair to say that New York itself is like one giant Olympic village. I don't disrespect the other cities I'm not going to disparage anybody. a country who cook as bad as that. over comments he couldn't trust with his cross-channel rivals walking into a diplomatic disaster French President Jacques Chirac to decide the 2012 Olympic host. as tension builds ahead of the vote Fireworks were exploding in Singapore as the home of lousy food. The French President damning Britain between rivals London and Paris. a food fight has erupted to decide the 2012 Olympic host city, Just hours before the crucial vote They'll interview him later today. may have been involved in the crash. to a city hospital for treatment Officers believe a man who went disappeared before police arrived. that sparked the accident The driver of the car closing two southbound lanes. The car also ruptured a fire hydrant, then exploding in flames. and mounting a median strip, after hitting a guard rail collided with another car The Mitsubishi Magna on the Harbour Bridge. after it burst into flames for a driver who abandoned his car Sydney police are searching to decide the 2012 Olympic host city, Just hours before the crucial vote climate change and African poverty. momentous issues - eight men will start discussing with watchtowers, behind a wire fence in this extraordinary setting, So tomorrow, if there's any trouble. but they promise a tough response close to Gleneagle, The police will allow a march of the summit. to disrupt the smooth functioning in a blockade tomorrow I am going to take part they want to disrupt it. to influence the summit - but many of them don't want They wouldn't allow us inside, of 2,500 protesters. there is an encampment Not far from Gleneagles, Many of them had come from abroad. pounding the side of the prison van. some of them appeared in court today, 100 of those arrested yesterday It's idiotic. you know? What's the big achievement there, or otherwise doesn't do anything. hitting a young man, policeman I mean, you know, you know? They're nothing to do with me, which he angrily dismissed. despite yesterday's violence, to come to the city tomorrow, He still wants people to make poverty in Africa history. the pressure on the G8 leaders Bob Geldof, vowing to keep up ahead of the summit - Arriving in Edinburgh richest nations to meet. for the leaders of the world's of what it takes This is just a little vehicles for the operation. they've had to hire over 2,000 police in rented vans - On the highways, look like police compounds. Nearby villages like Blackford bomb disposal teams. Going through the gates - inside the grounds of Gleneagles. RAF Chinook helicopters landing During the day, violent clashes with protesters. Authorities fear there will be more head to Scotland for the G8 summit. as the world's most powerful leaders biggest ever security operation are mounting Britain's Thousands of police the repayment deadline. if parents miss how much interest they'll charge ABC Learning won't reveal their eligibility for. that they didn't know parents to sign up for a scheme so we would not be encouraging for the 30% rebate, who is going to be eligible At this stage we don't know they can't afford to pay. and left with a debt by the financing deal struggling parents could be enticed Welfare bodies are worried they'll be hit with interest charges. of the deferred payment - to cover the cost isn't enough But if their means-tested rebate from their tax return. using the child care rebate at the end of the financial year pay off their debt The parents will have to of up to $4,000 per child.

Madrid hasn't dismissed the possibility of an upset. The Spanish Queen hoping to snare the Olympic crown. We're going to win for sure. In a first for the Russian President, Vladimir Putin plans to pitch Moscow's case in English via video but it appears even that won't be enough. The smart money is still on Paris, with London close behind and while lobbying continues in earnest at least a few IOC members are still to make up their mind. REPORTER: But it could be a last minute decision for many voters? Yes, 20% last minute. We don't know who's voting for who and it's very exciting. The winner will be announced later tonight Australian time. Gerard Scholten, Ten News. The stage is set for the State of Origin decider in Brisbane tonight. Ten reporter Peter O'Dempsey joins us live from Suncorp Stadium. Peter, Origin fever is already hitting the streets of Brisbane? Well, Natarsha, it doesn't get much bigger than a State of Origin decider here in Brisbane. We've had gangs of supporters lining up into the city this morning, urging motorists to honk for the Maroons. You've got to understand, it's been a long time between drinks for Queensland - 2002 was the last time they retained the series. The players are desperate for a win, but so are the fans. Both team are relying on their superstars for victory tonight? They sure are. Of course, who can forget Game II with that fairytale return for Joey Johns from a series of injuries to help the Blues to victory. But the Maroons have a playmaker themselves and his name is Darren Lockyer. He's been quiet by his own admission in the first two games, and he's set for a big one tonight, which has Blues coach Ricky Stuart worried. The way we've handled him has been probably more to the fact we've contained Darren. When such a great player comes out and delivers that message, you've got to show concern as a coach. The great players like Andrew Johns and Darren Lockyer, you know, that's what people come to see, and I think no question they'll have a big influence on the team that wins the game. I see you're wearing neutral colours this morning. Who are you tipping? The Maroons did fade in the second half of both games but they've made some changes to their bench . I reckon Queensland by four, but is that a shade of Maroon I see you wearing? Certainly not. The Blues will win. Thank you. A Victorian woman is battling to join a men's soccer team. Fiona Parker wants to play in the men's team at the Ballarat North United club in Victoria's north-west and has the support of team-mates and officials. But competition administrators have blocked the move. Last night Ms Parker took her fight to the board of the district soccer association but the verdict was delayed. Well, I don't know. They've got to make a decision. REPORTER: So you'll find out tomorrow, will you? I'm not too sure. They didn't tell me. A decision is expected tonight. Still to come - relief for home-owners as the Reserve Bank leaves interest rates on hold. A driver's incredible escape after his car catches fire at a service station. And the way of the future - an amazing invention from Japan that can double your strength.

This program is captioned live. There's been another attack on a diplomat in Iraq, the third this week. A car carrying Pakistan's ambassador crashed after being fired on. The diplomat escaped injury and has now been flown out of the country. The attack coincided with a new crackdown on insurgents with a number of suspects rounded up. Since the weekend Egypt's ambassador to Iraq has been kidnapped and Bahrain's envoy has been shot. A July 4 fireworks display in Florida went off with a larger than expected bang. Spectators ran for their lives when a fireworks shell malfunctioned, shooting it from a pier onto a crowded beach. Oh, no, no! No, no, no! 10 people were injured, at least two taken to hospital. It's not yet known what triggered the malfunction. An incredible escape as a fireball engulfs a man and his car at a petrol station. The driver survived. His classic Ferrari didn't. All of a sudden, I can feel the heat. And then I can see it, I can see the flames coming up, and I lose all my breath, it just disappeared from me. Derrick reacted, leaping backwards out of the flash of exploding flames. Then you see it completely surround me. At first, he thought he was burning along with his car. I was checking myself out thinking I was on fire, but I wasn't. The rare Ferrari was totalled, but the fire had been wurps had the store's owner not leaped in, pulling the gasoline nozzle right out. He's a pretty tough guy. He stepped right in there. It took seconds to ruin the classic car, but Derrick's amazed he can tell the story. I can replace the car. It's not that big a deal. I'm fine, you know. That's the big deal for me. An amazing invention from Japan that can instantly double your strength. While it might cause a few stares, the robot suit has been designed for the elderly and those suffering weakened muscles or brain damage. The strap-on machine can also help care-givers lift patients. The makers say there's a growing market for the robot because of the world's ageing population. The suit is expected to retail for about $12,000. What began as a competition based on the legend of wife stealing has become an event of universal proportions. US basketball star Dennis Rodman was on hand to declare the winner of the wife-carrying world championship. Men must run through a 250m obstacle course while carrying a woman who weighs at least 49 kilos. Among the prizes - the winning woman's weight in beer, bringing some stiff competition. 'Cause I want to win the beer! Next time I hope to get a nice Finnish man who really has a good thirst for beer. The NBA star tried to complete the course, but had to pull out due to a knee injury. Still to come - the experts' tip on the future for interest rates after the Reserve Bank decides to keep rates on hold. And - what a way to lose the lead in the Tour de France. Alarmed. Amazed. Anguish. Amused. Nervous. Troubled. Guilt. Confused. Despair. Respect. Envy. Pride. Lonely. Embarrassed. Relief. Surprised? SONG: # Give it all I can... # Give your emotions a good work-out for: Call FOXTEL Digital on 131 787... # I give it all I can... # ..and see exclusives, like the international hunt for a new singer to front INXS... # I give it all I can... # ..the latest UK comedy hits... ..and rock stars up close and personal on dedicated music channels. Isn't all that worth $2 a day? Call now: 'GIVE IT ALL I CAN' BY THE LOVETONES PLAYS This program is captioned live. Peter Cosgrove's corporate career has taken off less than a week after he retired as Australia's military chief. The 57-year-old will be working for Qantas after taking a seat on the airline's board of directors. Qantas says his leadership skills will be invaluable to the company. Cosgrove was chief of the Australian Defence orce from 2002 until his retirement this month. In finance news - the Australian share market is slightly higher this morning. Jacqui Maddock at Commonwealth Securities and no change in interest rates? Good news for home-owners? No change and no surprises. The decision to leave official rates at 5.5% was widely expected because there appears no reason to shift rates in either direction. The Australian economy seems to be enjoying a goldilocks situation - not too hot and not too cold. Despite surging oil prices, Australians are still spending and the job market is still tight. But another battering for the Aussie dollar? It slipped to 8-month lows against the greenback overnight, mean your trip to the US just got a whole lot more expensive. It has fallen four US cents in just a fortnight. A trip to Europe would give you more bang for your buck. Thank you. To AFL and Collingwood had a win and a loss at the tribunal last night. Midfielder Scott Burns was cleared of a rough conduct charge, but forward, Alan Didak had his penalty doubled to two weeks. The Magpies will appeal the decision. Collingwood's gamble backfired - originally offered a week courtesy of a week discount from the match review panel, with a guilty plea, Alan Didak will now miss two. The tribunal last night threw out his case and added an extra week's suspension disagreeing with Collingwood's submission this elbow was negligent rather than reckless. Didak will miss matches against Brisbane and Essendon. He was gonna get one and then we thought we'll have a go at none and we got two, so there was certainly a punt in there. We're trying to get him up for this week. A bit disappointing. But the Pies fared better with Scott Burns, who proved just as hard-headed off the field as on when he stood down his ground under strong questioning from AFL advocate Andrew Tinney. The tribunal cleared him of a rough conduct charge when he convinced them the surface contributed to the collision and he had no option but to brace for impact. Richmond's Greg Stafford became the first player to be rubbed out for a jumper punch. He'll miss the next two. And the Saints are hoping a new guard get the thumbs up from Fraser Gehrig. Battling a broken thumb, Gehrig's only chance of playing on and avoiding surgery is if the guard works. He'll try it out at training later this week before a final decision on his immediate future is made. I'm pretty confident there will be no dramas and I won't miss any games I'm pretty sure so I'll do some testing tomorrow at training and I'm pretty confident there's nothing wrong. Rob Waters, Ten News. Lance Armstrong has seized the yellow jersey after a dramatic fourth stage of the Tour de France. Former leader David Zabriskie crashing out in the final 2km. With victory in the last two team time trials, Lance Armstrong warmed up with confidence. His team Discovery Channel could get the job done again. Regardless of how many I've had in my day, it's still a jersey that I cherish. But despite trailing race leader David Zabriski by just two seconds going into the 67 kilometre stage, the 6-time champion was facing a tough job to overtake him. COMMENTATOR: Here they come now. Zabriski's Team CSC ahead of Armstrongs in the final kilometers at the last time check. But with just 1,500 meters to go, disaster struck. This is going to go down to the wire. But with just 1,500 meters to go, disaster struck. Oh! Hit the bend. Zabriski remounting to ride to the line with cuts to his knees and arms which required stitching. Lance Armstrong in familiar yellow jersey for the first time in the race. Alan Davis's team Liberty the best of the Aussies coming in 4th moving Davis into 40th spot overall. Neil Cordy, Ten News. The Australian swimming team heads to Montreal on Thursday for the World Championships minus Superfish Ian Thorpe. He's just diving back into the pool after taking a well-earned break, all part of a grand plan to be at his peak for the Beijing Games. He's Australia's greatest-ever male Olympian. COMMENTATOR: He's done it. An absolute legend. Back in the pool after six months off. I'm back in full training - early mornings and being in Sydney it is very cold outside in the mornings. So could that be a reason to call it quits? To retire and be happy. It's pretty simple. What about swimming-wise? at the weather around the nation. Next in Ten News, a look that could be put off to tomorrow. and other things that you do today that you should do today things that you put off to tomorrow Makes you realise that there's having a huge impact on his life. September 11 to the champion's heart. A place close the 2012 Olympics. for New York to host drumming up support Thorpe's currently It's like no, there's no chance. It's too far. Hell no. Perhaps not in the 1500m. competing in Melbourne. and I look forward to to have a break and that's why I decided from the previous four years and recover mentally I needed time to recuperate I really needed time off. and for me, I shouldn't be there as well but I know for my swimming, I'd love to be there Yes and no. being at the World Championships? As for Thorpe, will he miss and lead the way. the women's team will stand up just like in Athens, he believes that, the men's team will miss Ian Thorpe, While there's no doubt the World Championships. that he'll by-pass It's the first time in eight years is his heart still in it? So it's easy to question to get home at a reasonable hour. start dinner at 6:00 and, you know, I didn't have to I could go out to dinner My big thing was for the good things in life. acquiring a taste Making the most of his break, in swimming. Yeah, well, that is my goal by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions I'm Natarsha Belling. Good afternoon. in Ten's news hour tonight. and the full details throughout the day Stay with Ten for updates with all the news. That brings you up to date weather and for the rest of the day. Now for a look at the national This program is captioned live.