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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. be on the block? Tonight - could Kim Beazley's head

found support from within Rebel Mark Latham has unexpectedly in charge. for his claim the wrong man's

this little girl's life? What's the event that's changed And - for the sake of going to London. I'm not going to London I'm going there for my health, I want to face that chemist. and when I come back, Rose Porteous fronts court to a chemist? but why did she issue an ultimatum and welcome to Tens Late News. Hello, I'm Charmaine Dragun Also Tonight - in a New York hotel Russell Crowe's violent outburst

with the telephone throwing, allegedly didn't start and stop that's causing so much concern? so what else is he accused of doing Could Shane Warne be a sex addict? An expert delivers the verdict. A little later in Sports Tonight - has him on top of the world This Australian's US triumph so many basketballers back home. but why has he upset resignation of coach Frank Farina And what impact will the shock have on the Australian soccer team. in the Labor Party tonight First - the public brawling continues explosive new book. after the launch of Mark Latham's is right One MP says the former leader about his thoughts on Kim Beazley, before the next election. saying he needs to be dumped

in Central Queensland, Chatting to workers the chaos in his party. Kim Beazley was trying to ignore It's good to be a Labor leader now.

But at least one of his own MPs was leader instead. wishes someone else He's not a strong leader, like a ship drifting in the night. and until he asserts some, with his leader, The Tasmanian MP might look friendly he's been a long time critic. but in reality and soon. He now says Mr Beazley should go well before the next election. To my mind, it needs to be resolved on former leader Mark Latham. It comes after the launch of a book is a stand-for-nothing leader, In it, Mr Latham says Kim Beazley has the leader it deserves, and the party blasting the factional system. Latham supporter Harry Quick agrees, outside Parliament saying faceless men on the front bench. are deciding who sits going to give us the support Until we change, people are not in the wilderness and we're going to be for another 10 years. ark Latham's book has re-opened in the Labor Party barely healed wounds early this year. after his spectacular fall from grace Kim Beazley's time in the top job

for the ALP, has done little to boost support his job that much more difficult. and this internal brawling makes is a popular man these days. Not that Mark Latham He's described Premiers Geoff Gallop, as A-grade arseholes. Bob Carr and Peter Beattie That is Mark's language. and I don't think that really helps. It's notn the language of leadership Even the man who launched the book to take advice, has criticised Mr Latham's refusal

from politics. and his eventual stormy exit There has been no meltdown like it. his diaries Mr Latham is now preparing for publication later this year, and Senator Faulkner has warned him

which gave him so much. not to burn bridges with the party was a risk, He says Mark Latham's leadership not to over-compensate. but also warns Labor

if the only lesson Labor learned It would be a very great shame was to always play it safe. Laurel Irving, Ten News. High emotions today, held on Nauru as the last family of asylum seekers

the Australian mainland. finally reached with troubling new allegations Their arrival coincides against the immigration department. for the arrival of the Rahmati family Tears of joy at Canberra Airport

on Nauru. after 3.5 years in detention from Afghanistan Greeted by fellow former detainees to make them welcome. who've been waiting here because my friend is here with me. I feel good She is my best friend. I feel so happy to have found her. in Canberra. The family will now begin a new life for people to be in detention It is a very long time

and to be in limbo.

to be removed from Nauru, The Rahmatis are the last family asylum seekers held on the island. but there are still 34 individual We all suffer there is there with my other brothers. and still I am here but my mind

is again in focus And the suffering of detainees

after evidence emerged who took part in riots of violent abuse of people detention centre. at the now closed Port Hedland for a royal commission. That's drawn new calls from Labor

We've got a situation administration of a department where the Government's is truly out of control. Department Pressure also on the Immigration

from the Palmer report over leaked extracts of Australian woman Cornelia Rau. on the wrongful detention Despite her distressed state, before being seen by a psychiatrist. she had to wait five weeks for that sort of delay. There's no excuse Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone the final report, won't comment until she receives

seemed to agree. but the Attorney-General It is not about punishment should be treated humanely. and people who are detained Out of the Pacific heat, to acclimatise to Canberra's cold. the Rahmati family now happy

Greg Turnbull, Ten News. Official estimates have been released by Queensland's Dr Death. of how many people were killed of a small number of his patients A government audit in more than a dozen deaths. reveals a role

There may be more is in Bundaberg and Ten News Reporter Danielle Isdale covering the Royal Commission.

Out of the potential 2,000 people

he operated on, it was found he

exhibited unacceptable levels of he operated on, it was found he

care for aigs patients,

contributing to their deaths. Links

to 16 deaths overall. Interestingly,

it also noted that Dr Patel at some

times retrieved patients from

dangerous situations. Regardless,

the audit found him incompetent.

That's cold comfort for many of the

victims in Bundaberg, who are

feeling the stress attending the victims in Bundaberg, who are

commission day after day. No more

so than one little girl who lost

her father. She's been every day

unable to leave her mother's side.

I'll always want to come with mum

because I always feel lonely.

Losing her father, the insecurity

is always in the back of her mind.

Her dream is now very different to

those of her friends. Just get him

those of her friends. Just get him and send him in for life in jail.

Send Dr Patel to jail for life.

There are plenty of other

heartbreaking stories like that,

and more are expected to emerge as this commission continues.

New criticism over the way police handled one of the worst riots witnessed in Australia, the Macquarie Fields violence in Sydney.

An official report outlines a number of clumsy mistakes, saying they went in too soft, didn't have proper equipment, suffered communications breakdowns, and even got lost.

suffered communications breakdowns, and even got lost. It's a damning report detailing blunder after blunder. The police investigation into the Macquarie Fields riots explains how riot officers entered the heat of battle without proper maps. They got lost, they were accidentally operating on different radio channels, they went in without food and water, wearing reflective vests that made them sitting ducks. On the first night of rioting,

general duties police weren't issued with helmets and the command post was parked so close to the violence, logistics officers came under attack. Commanders were overwhelmed with the scale of the rioting. I think there was a lack of appreciation of what was occurring. The Commissioner says it's yet another lesson learnt. The Redfern riot was the first. That was a resource problem. Macquarie Fields, he says, was plagued by tactical mistakes. Arrests should have been made sooner.

It would have been, I believe - in hindsight - better that a more pro-active and firm approach taken sooner than later. My response is I think the police could have been tougher. The Macquarie Fields commander, John Sweeney, has stood down due to health reasons. According to new measures announced today, special riot squad commanders

will now take over from local police chiefs. It didn't take a genius to realise

that allowing a riot to run for four nights and escalate was unacceptable to frontline police and unacceptable to the people of NSW. The police union is renewing its calls for a permanent riot squad. We're not satisfied with the way NSW police are responding to these incidents. There was another disturbance at Macquarie Fields at the weekend,

although it wasn't on the same scale as the riots. Brendan Kelly, the brother of alleged riots fugitive Jesse Kelly, was arrested and accused of breaching bail. He's appeared in court only to be released on the same bail conditions. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. Jailed drug smuggler Schapelle Corby, says she's terrified, confused and hurt, but confident her sentence will be overturned. Speaking from her cell in Bali's Kerobokan prison, Corby says she refuses to think about spending 20 years behind bars.

Blaming the stress of prison, the 27-year-old says she's been very confused lately, but now has total faith in her restored legal team. Schapelle says President Yudhoyono's vow not to pardon drug offenders doesn't bother her, as she won't need a pardon when her conviction is quashed. Bali police have tonight completed investigating three of the Bali nine drug suspects,

and given the evidence to prosecutors.

They now have two weeks to decide whether to go ahead with a trial,

that could result in the death sentence. At least one more case is expected to be finished within days. HMAS 'ANZAC' is taking part in the greatest sea battle ever waged. The ship participating in the massive re-enactment of the battle of Trafalgar.

The first shots rang out over Portsmouth Harbour as the sun faded from view - the Battle of Trafalgar had begun once again. It was to be the way it had been 200 years before when British Admiral Horatio Nelson and his crew aboard HMS 'Victory' overpowered Napoleon's army and warships from Spain.

Gunpowder and fireworks taking these sailors back in time to when Britannia ruled the waves - the beginning of a 100-year reign.

But two centuries later, there were some glaring differences, political correctness hijacking the historic day. This time 170 tall ships from 36 nations lined the English south coast to watch as an unidentified red army took on an unnamed blue.

And a modern improvement - the addition of two aircraft carriers and a fly-past. Before the battle began, the Queen, in her role as Lord High Admiral, reviewed her massive fleet, which included Australian Navy frigate HMAS 'Anzac'. Tens of thousands of spectators lined the English shore and millions watched from home, no-one caring if the details were a little off - they were part of the greatest sea battle ever waged.

Amy McCarthy, Ten News. When we come back - I'm not going to London for the sake of going to London. I'm going there for my health, and when I come back, I want to face that chemist. Rose Porteous fronts court but why did she issue an ultimatum to a chemist? And a claim Buckingham Palace ordered Prince Harry to have a blood test but

what was the Queen trying to find out?

This program is captioned live. An Australian film director has drowned in France trying to save his 7-year-old daughter.

The Foreign Affairs Department says it's investigating the tragedy that killed 41-year-old William Mather-Brown. The fate of his daughter isn't known. William Mather-Brown co-directed the documentary 'Troy's Story', a look at the life of Australian motorcycle champion Troy Bayliss. The movie won best feature film in the international section of the New York International Independent Film and Video Festivals.

A blitz on shops in Sydney has exposed dozens of highly-flammable children's pyjamas. Only a spark is needed and the illegal nightwear quickly becomes a death trap. Families are urged to check the labelling of their children's pyjamas during the cold, winter months. This particular item here, it should not be sold.

Shop owners involved face fines of over $100,000. Rose Porteous has pleaded not guilty to allegations she forged a prescription for a powerful painkiller. She says she's determined to clear her name before moving from Perth to Melbourne later this year. Rose Porteous's lawyer entered her not guilty plea at a brief hearing.

She says she was in agony at home, busy preparing for a lightning trip to a London neurosurgeon on Saturday after a hospital appointment tomorrow. I'm not going to London for the sake of going to London. I'm going there for my health, and when I come back, I want to face that chemist. It'll be alleged in court next month she altered a prescription for the pain-killer Hypnovel to be filled at this suburban pharmacy. She says she's prescribed the drug for chronic neck and back pain. On that day I was not in my right senses. I was really not in my right senses. Mrs Porteous is expecting to present a string of witnesses on her behalf. The pain-killer case comes as she and husband Willy go into a Supreme Court battle with Slater and Gordon over the law firm's $14 million legal bill for defending Mrs Porteous against her former daughter-in-law,

Gina Rinehart. They've launched a counter claim, saying some of the agreements were signed under duress. And Rose Porteous is adamant the latest legal developments won't stop her going ahead with the proposed garage sale here at Prix D'Amour. She'll probably put it back just a couple of weeks till the end of August. The famous mansion will be bulldozed to make way for a 10-lot development. She says four blocks are already under offer.

She's planning to move into her refurbished Melbourne home in December. I am Rose...and this is Rose.

What you see is what you get. Nick Way, Ten News. Prince Harry had to have a blood test to prove Prince Charles was his father. A new book about Princess Diana claims the Royal family was worried the young Prince was the son of love rat James Hewitt who has red hair like Harry.

The book says the tests proved Princes Harry and William were fathered by Prince Charles. When we come back - Russell Crowe's violent outburst in a New York hotel allegedly didn't start and stop with the telephone throwing, so what else is he accused of doing that's causing so much concern? Could Shane Warne be a sex addict? An expert delivers the verdict. And in Sports Tonight -

Frank Farina has quit as Socceroos coach over uncertainty about his future role.

would use Pantene Frizz Defence serum

This program is captioned live.

Russell Crowe's phone tantrum could be far worse than first reported. A lawyer for his alleged victim has scoffed at Crowe's apology, saying it's all a big act and much bigger problem. In the days after his arrest, Russell Crowe repeatedly expressed remorse.

This is possibly the most shameful situation I've ever gotten myself in in my life.

But today lawyers for his alleged victim, 28-year-old Nestor Estrada, slammed Crowe's apologies as one big act. I believe they're nothing but empty gestures. Eric Franz claims the phone-throwing was just the beginning of Crowe's violent altercation with the concierge. After he finished striking my client with a telephone, knocking him to the ground, causing my client to lay there bleeding, Mr Crowe then threw a ceramic bowl at my client's head. Far from regretting his actions, Franz says Crowe was proud. And then Mr Crowe, rather than seeking aid for Mr Estrada or calling for help or trying to assist him in any manner,

turned, saw two hotel employees standing there in shock

and took a bow. In September, Russell Crowe is due back in Manhattan Central Court

to face assault and weapons charges which carry a maximum sentence of seven years. In a separate civil case, Nestor Estrada has indicated he'll sue the Oscar winner for $2.3 million. We're going to continue on with our investigation of Mr Crowe's antics at the Mercer Hotel for that entire week, and when our investigation's concluded we'll file our lawsuit.

In the meantime, Mr Estrada has no plans to respond to Crowe's repeated attempts to apologise by phone. The last time Mr Crowe attempted to contact Mr Estrada via telephone, Mr Estrada ended up on the ground, bleeding. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News.

To finance news now - and at Commonwealth Securities tonight, it's Tom Piotrowski. And yesterday's recovery by the Australian sharemarket

was rather short-lived. Well, that's true Charmaine. Part of the reason for that is that tomorrow is the last day of the financial year, so the big money was happy to remain in hibernation today. Not even a 3.5% drop in the price of crude oil was enough to lift the spirits of the market. The result of that was that oil stocks

were the worst performing group today, although Oil Search was able to buck the trend, the shares rose by more than 1% -

coming on the heels of yesterday's announcement that the group will be supplying gas to Alcan's aluminium refinery in the Northern Territory. Elsewhere, consumer confidence hit a 3-year high overnight in the US for the month of June, and that helped stocks that rely on the US market for their profits,

particularly building products maker James Hardie and Rinkers, both shares up 1%. Thanks, Tom. Tom Piotrowski at CommSec. The Australian sharemarket's rise was brief, ending today with the All Ordinaries index sliding five points.

Shane Warne's serial cheating has been put down to a text book case of sex addiction. The diagnosis comes from a leading therapist as the spin king finds himself a talking point over another torrid affair. Once again, Shane Warne's sordid sex life has the world in a spin.

Now one expert says there's a plausible excuse for the Test star's philandering.

There's definite characteristics of a person with a serious sexual addiction. Low self-esteem driving the Spin King into the arms of other women. And rather than condemn him, sex therapist Robert Mittiga says Warne needs compassion.

Regardless of knowing the consequences, he cannot stop.

When they're in the grips of that addiction, they totally lose control.

The father of three is said to be in hiding in Spain following his separation from wife Simone. The final straw - revelations of an affair with a London student. Now, news of another sex scandal involving 31-year-old Kerrie Collimore.

The pair exchanging explicit text messages during their 2-month fling.

The high, here in this case is not just the five minutes of sex, the ritual, the high, really comes from the cruising, from the text messages. He says Warne's shown no amount of money, fame or sporting success

will be enough to rid him of his addiction. Intensive therapy the only answer. Cricket commentators fear the scandal could damage morale within the Australian camp. There's going to be so much more baggages now with the difficulties he's been through and the exposes we've seen,

that it's going to be very difficult for Warne and the players to focus. Belinda Heggen, Ten News. The weather's next and then it's Sports Tonight with Leigh Diffey. And Leigh, in the lead-up to the Ashes, Matthew Hayden is fired-up? Charmaine, he is. And he's not happy about being accused of swearing at a child before last night's one-dayer. While on the pitch, things didn't get much better for him. Direct hit - Hayden in the firing line, instant hit - Bogut in the hiring line. And no hit - it's full-time for Frank Farina.

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This program is captioned live. The satellite's showing thick cloud forming On the Synoptic Chart - a low is moving south down the east coast, as a high edges into the Tasman. And a cold front and trough sweep into WA ahead of another high approaching the south-west. And that's the latest from Ten News. Sports Tonight with Leigh Diffey is next. I'm Charmaine Dragun. From the Late News team, goodnight.

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