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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. struck down by a police car. A 79-year-old man killed after being And sporting history the NBA's number-one draft pick. as an Australian basketballer becomes

Ten News with Natarsha Belling. Good morning. sex scandal dogging Shane Warne, First today, to the latest the third in just a fortnight.

the cricketer's two month affair A British tabloid has uncovered with 31-year-old Kerrie Collimore, from his new home in Southampton. a blonde sales manager messages Warne bombarded her with. Also published were explicit text that Warne ended the affair The paper reports

children left Australia to join him. just before his wife and three Warne remains in hiding in Spain. is Robert Mittiga And joining us on the phone now a sex addiction therapist. in the headlines for years Robert, Shane Warne's been over extra marital affairs - is he a sex addict?

Um, good morning. Well, let me say

this to you - he displays, in my

observations, he displays all the

characteristics of sexual addiction.

How serious is this problem?

Obviously, it has an impact on his family and also colleagues.

Absolutely. Sexual addiction,

unfortunately, is one of those

topics that is very - it's

discussed very little in our

society. However, it is a major

problem. And it has very

devastating consequences, just the

same as alcohol, drugs and gambling

do. How widespread is the problem

and what are some of the key

warning signs, I suppose, that you

can identify it with? I actually

believe it is very common in our

society. And I think in large it's

not recognised, particularly

because there's a lot of shame

about talking about sexual

addiction. But some of the characteristics would be a

recurrent failure to resist

impulses to engage in specific

sexual behaviours. Frequent

engaging in those behaviours to a

greater extent or over a longer

period of time than intended, you

know. You can see the

characteristics there already.

Persistent desire or unsuccessful

efforts to stop or reduce and

control the behaviours, a

preoccupation with the behaviour

or the rituals around that. We'll

have to leave it there. Thanks for

your time this morning. phone tantrum Russell Crowe's New York could be worse than first reported. As the lawyer for Crowe's victim within days, prepares to launch a massive lawsuit of the incident. he's given a blow-by-blow account with a telephone, After he finished striking my client my client to lay there bleeding, knocking him to the ground causing at my client's head. Mr Crowe then threw a ceramic bowl Thankfully it missed my client. seeking aid for Mr Estrada And then Mr Crowe, rather than to assist him in any manner, or calling for help or trying

standing there in shock turning, saw two hotel employees and took a bow. of his behaviour. That's how proud he was money they'll be seeking. It's not yet known just how much if convicted of assault. Crowe also faces seven years in jail a Presidential pardon Schapelle Corby's hopes of receiving if her appeal fails, have been dashed.

officers, In a speech to police narcotics Bambang Yudohoyono Indonesian President Susilo with drug convictions has said that all foreigners must serve out their sentences legal system. and respect his country's After exhausting all appeal avenues, to be released from jail the only hope for foreigners is to ask for a Presidential pardon. to never pardon drug smugglers. But the President vowed in the speech An elderly pedestrian is dead in Victoria's south-east last night. after being struck by a police car the story and joins us on the line. Ten' Luke Waters is following

what happened in this accident? Luke, any details about exactly

Well, Natarsha, the 79-year-old and

his wife were crossing the highway

just after six o'clock. They

stepped on to the road and the man

was struck by the car, ironically a

Victorian police traffic management

vehicle. Police say the car was on

a standard patrol. In this early

stage of the investigation, they

say he was doing well under the

90km/h speed limb. The victim's

70-year-old wife was uninjured.

It's believed she made it to the

median strip, heard the thud,

looked around and obviously

realised what had happened. The

pedestrian's body penetrated the

windscreen injuring both police

officers. The driver sustained

bruising. He was discharged from

hospital last night. The passenger

remains in hospital. He's got a

broken arm and lacerations. He's

recovering in a satisfactory

condition. Thank you, Ten reporter

Luke Waters from Moe in Victoria. delayed his resignation Claims Mark Latham deliberately from becoming leader. to stop Kim Beazley Julia Gillard for the top job Revelations Mr Latham was backing to be released today. have surfaced in his biography dismounts from high political office It was one of the more amazing in Australian history. a gruff statement A brisk walk in a park,

from the public stage. and then an enigmatic disappearance launch today of a Latham biography, Disappearance until now, with the 'Loner: Inside a Labor Tragedy'. And Mark Latham hasn't held back to make him prime minister. against the party that tried replaced him as Leader, Kim Beazley. And bile too towards the man who Latham says: his resignation statement And he reveals he actually delayed at the request of anti-Beazley forces frontbencher Julia Gillard who were trying to elevate or at least to the deputy leadership. to the leadership, In the end, he says: with his resignation on January 18 - And much to his relief he went ahead and with public life. a man totally out of love with Labor his genuine fears for his life The book also reveals during his illness with pancreatitis, every available moment and his desire to spend with his young family. Greg Turnbull joins me now. And Ten political reporter Labor Leader Greg, Kim Beazley's not the only Mark Latham has in his sights?

No, Natarsha. Certain Labor

Premiers, notably Peter Beattie

from Queensland, Bob Carr from NSW

and Dr Geoff Gallop from WA are in

his sights. He resents their

intervention in December and

January when they said time was up

for him and that Federal Labor

needed to resolve the leadership

issue that surrounded Mark Latham

at the time. He is also critical of

the media and how we covered his

downfall and his illness and so

forth. His view through the book

seems to be that everyone was out

of step but him. The enduring

mystery is how anybody with such

low regard for the people around

low regard for the people around him, the whole process and the

media, how somebody got to be the

-- somebody like that got to be in

the highest office that Labor can

bestow. This is damaging for Kim

Beazley and the entire Labor Party.

It's certainly embarrassing. It's

the last thing they need at the

moment. Kim Beazley could do

without it as he tries to deal with

he's own issues with the tax debate

behind him and the industrial

relations issues he'd like to be

talking about rather than this.

This is also a dose of sour grapes

and I think people will thank see that. Melbourne's Andrew Bogut has made Australian basketball history today after being chosen first overall in the 2005 NBA draft. It's the moment Andrew Bogut became an instant millionaire.

The Milwaukee Bucks select Andrew Bogut from Australia. The 2.13m-tall giant the first Australian to be number one pick in America's national basketball draft. It's surreal to me. Still, I think I'll wake up tomorrow morning and have a better realisation for what's going on, but this is just a dream for me come true. His contract with the Milwaukee Bucks reportedly earning him a staggering $18 million in the first three years as well as tens of millions in sponsorship deals. This is a huge night in the life of Andrew Bogut. But it seems it's Bogut's mouth, not his money, that's dominating the headlines. The 20-year-old star making one arrogant gaffe after the other. The so-called $100 million man was trying to explain yesterday's stinging attack on former Australian basketball star Luc Longley.

He's one of the best players to come out of Australia. He's a very good player. He's won three championship rings. I just don't like to be compared to another player. He says what he really meant was that they are different players. But then this - an attack on Australian basketball in general. If you want to play in the NBA or Europe you don't want to go through the NBL. It's too much of a long process and it's not the best coaches in the world.

Still, in America he is being hailed a future king of the court. It'll be good to just start playing and let people comment on my game instead of off court. In Madison Square Gardens in New York, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. In his home town of Melbourne friends and family watched on as the pick was announced. After a sleepless night,

Bogut's grandmother was jumping for joy at the announcement. His selection putting her grandson's name alongside our greatest basketball exports. When it was announced I like to fly (laughs). I like to jump in the sky, you know. Andrew Gaze accepting an apology via phone from Bogut over his claim he's a more competitive player. Bogut's first coach proud to have had a small hand in the dream come true. Startling allegations the Palace conducted paternity tests on Prince Harry. That story when Ten's Morning News returns. And - the premature baby who weighs more than triplets. We'll tell you just how heavy this bouncing bundle of joy is after the break. This program is captioned live.

has addressed the US President George W. Bush pleading for patience over Iraq. As daily violence continues, they remain in Iraq Mr Bush told Americans it's vital until the insurgency is defeated. would be a serious mistake. He says a timetable for withdrawal to our troops It would send the wrong signal about completing the mission who need to know that we are serious to achieve they are risking their lives to the enemy and it would send the wrong message to do is wait us out. who would know that all they have give greater detail of his strategies Critics are demanding President Bush for Iraq's future. a blood test Prince Harry was forced to undergo was his father. to prove Prince Charles

claims the Royal family was worried A new book about Princess Diana of so-called love rat James Hewitt the young Prince was the son who has red hair like Harry. Princes Harry and William The book says the tests proved were fathered by Prince Charles. in the U.S. The stork had an unusually heavy load

entered the world Baby Delaney Jessica Buzzell and measuring 56cm from head to toe. weighing a whopping six kilos Her mother was in intense pain for the final months of pregnancy, by caesarian three weeks early. so the baby was delivered

I was measuring 47cm, Two days before I had her with triplets or at least twins. which is bigger than most people didn't have nappies to fit her Delaney is so big the hospital made for 6-month-olds. and she's already wearing clothes in Britain to re-live history. 250,000 people have turned out marking the 200th anniversary A spectacular show of naval might of the battle of Trafalgar. 14 tall ships moved into position This evening, out on the Solent, of the Royal Navy's greatest battles. to re-enact scenes from one MAN: Weigh anchor! Lively on the capstone there! Nelson was victorious, Napoleon denied the French were beaten, to make way for the British Empire. and the sea routes open but this was a very bloody battle. All facts of history to review the fleet Mid-morning and the Queen arrived in nearly 30 years. for the first time people had seized vantage points. All along the shoreline, time off school. Children had been given warships from 35 countries. The Queen's ship sailed past the decks and raised their caps. As she passed, sailors lined of the tall ships. Others stood in the rigging

harriers and sea harriers. Then, out of the sky, a fly-past -

a celebration of British history. For many of the people, this was Going on behind me now in the Battle of Trafalgar are the final scenes when Admiral Nelson lost his life.

And you can probably see the part of HMS 'Victory' the tall ship that is playing to go on for several minutes longer. and this re-enactment is going is going on, But even whilst this firework display the crowds are still hearing about of the Battle of Trafalgar the last moments when 27 British ships defeated French and Spanish fleet. a much larger about the French and the British, But, of course, they're not hearing they're hearing about Reds and Blues not wishing to offend anyone. because of sensitivities about another Wimbledon final. Maria Sharpova's charge towards returns. That's when Ten's Morning News ignite next month's Ashes series. Also the incidents that could well This program is captioned live. for the Australian share market. To finance - and a strong start at Commonwealth Securities Jacquie Maddock of oil last night? and a welcome fall in the price

Well, Natarsha, oil fell about 4%

overnight. That's off the record

highs of $61 a barrel on Monday. It

was mostly due to the big global

fund managers cashing in profits

from oil's recent record run. But

don't get too excited. It usually

takes about a fortnight for us to

feel any of the impacts of

changing oil prices at the petrol

bowsers. In fact, oil is likely to

move higher in the coming weeks,

which means petrol price also be

higher before we feel some, if any,

you. relief in our back pockets. Thank

The scene is set for some fireworks between Australia and England in Saturday's one-day final after a spiteful clash overnight. to proceedings, Rain caused an early halt top scored but not before Andrew Symonds that has the Aussies fired up. and Matthew Hayden copped a blow to Saturday's final, Both sides are already through when Australia versus England. but there's no dead rubbers intentional from Jones. COMMENTATOR: Well, that wasn't not impressed with that. He apologises, but Hayden's then took on Collingwood as well. Hayden hit back at Jones, they probably would've been next. If he heard the commentary team,

on Hayden's shoulder after that. There'll be a nice medal He was livid. Get on with it. Well, he's big enough. Jones adamant it was an accident. Yeah, you have to show aggression, to hit him. but obviously I didn't mean but it's already 2-0 to the quick. Hayden's plotting a rematch, to go. Trapped in front, Hayden has got He doesn't like it. picked out Pietersen on the fence. More controversy when Martyn Caught. Just about. is convinced. I'm not sure Damien Martyn He's hanging around. to the third umpire. I think the umpire should've gone is touching the grass. I think that ball there

an agreement The skippers yet to reach before the Tests. on contentious catches their top form with a century stand Symonds and Hussey continued after a mix-up. but the innings fell apart The Aussies lost 5/30. two matches with a back injury. Clarke out for 3 after missing eventually stopped play. Lightning and rain in the decider this weekend. The battle continues at Lord's

Tania Armstrong, Ten News. a Wimbledon semi final spot tonight Lleyton Hewitt will play for against Spaniard Feliciano Lopez. have already been decided The Women's semi match ups all going through. with the top 3 seeds the one to beat. Defending champ Maria Sharapova defending champ, Maria Sharapova, For the first time, this Wimbledon didn't breeze past her opponent. Big-serving Russian Nadia Petrova pushing her compatriot with blasting power. The first set going to a tense tie break with Sharapova stamping her class. COMMENTATOR: Gee, that's good play. The 18-year-old eventually taking the opener in 55 minutes. (Sharapova screams) "Come on," she yells. Sharapova's own grunt was evident in the second. The number two seed winning her 22nd consecutive match on grass. UMPIRE: Game, set and match Sharapova. Finishing off the match is tough, you know, it gives me shivers all down my body. She'll now play 2-time winner Venus Williams in the semis, who was unstoppable in the first set against Mary Pierce, winning 6-0. The second wasn't as one-sided - Pierce improving ten-fold, pushing a tie break. APPLAUSE Pierce wasn't put off by the loud grunting by Venus Williams there. It was tennis at its best, with Williams coming out on top, 12-10 in the tie break.

The 14th seed playing considerably better than her ranking. The other women's semifinal will see top seed Lindsay Davenport in action after she disposed of Svetlana Kuznetsova in straight sets. She'll play Amelie Mauresmo for a final berth,

with the French number three seed too good for Russian Anastasia Myskina. Thai Neave, Ten News. Melbourne will welcome captain David Neitz back to the goal square

for Saturday night's crucial round 14 clash with the Lions in Brisbane. The 30-year-old will return inside three weeks from his broken cheek. 16 days since surgery to lift the left side of his shattered face, David Neitz says he's ready to return to footy's toughest stage. It's not 100% normal, but as far as pain goes and things like that, it feels fine. Neitz is wary of physical contact to his still-swollen face, but he's confident he'll stand up to the Lions defence. I spoke to the surgeon, and the surgeon... There's a couple of steel plates in there, so he reckons it's stronger now than it's ever been. And club heavyweights have welcomed the league's radical decision to encourage Sydney youngsters to play AFL. Under the plan, likely NSW teenagers would be targeted with footy apprenticeships. If they show enough promise, clubs would be allowed to draft them to senior level. It's an opportunity to show towns, cities, cities like Broken Hill, Wagga, Albury, the whole lot, there's a chance for a young kid there to be on an AFL list. Tim Hodges, Ten News.

The NSW State of Origin team has assembled this morning to begin preparations for next Wednesday's decider against Queensland. But the Blues have their share of problems. The fitness of captain Danny Buderus who has a foot injury is one and the other concern is Parramatta forward Nathan Hindmarsh who faces the judiciary tonight on a contrary conduct charge. If he doesn't beat the charge he will miss the big match. I think he's been a little bit stressed and frustrated. He wants to play in the third Origin. We'll just see what happens later on. Next in Ten News, a look at the weather around the nation.

Now for a look at the national weather. That brings you up to date with all the news. I'm Natarsha Belling. Good afternoon. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.