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(generated from captions) that angered his union? what he was offered instead but wasn't paid cash - And this apprentice did overtime, but what led to her chilling act? to kill her boyfriend's wife, A woman pleads guilty to trying before her wrongful deportation. Vivian Alvarez was treated showing how badly Tonight - the disturbing new evidence This program is captioned live.

would be reviewed after six months the situation of Ms Alvarez minister says The office of the Community Services which could be more than $1 million. and refuses to discuss compensation six months accommodation and care, the Government has offered only The Alvarez legal team says paid for. We're not even having a phone call not a single cent. We're doing it all for nothing, Gold-digging - for what and how? It blames her lawyers for the delays. back to Australia. and is willing to bring Ms Alvarez and an apartment in Manila The Government has provided care to do either. The Government's not willing appropriately compensated. and she needs to be properly looked after, Two things need to happen - and was unable to sign her name. spinal cord she had a partially severed from Liverpool Hospital despite a report she was kicked out of Australia According to documents on the ABC, She'd been there since July 2001. in the Philippines. in a rundown hospice since Vivian Alvarez was found It's now 50 days and she couldn't even sign her name. was partially severed at a time when her spinal cord She was kicked out of the country about her medical condition. as shocking new evidence emerges a million-dollar payout, could be up for Australian citizen Vivian Alvarez First, wrongfully deported (Sing 'Hot Potato' in Spanish) do they have their sights on? now what other countries And the Wiggles conquer Spain - Wiggle training. REPORTER: Wiggle training. and singing and dancing. of intense workshopping We had seven days In that camp it was great. which was the Wiggle camp. interesting experience, We went through a really that wiped out the Kelly gang? escape the carnage and did he secretly Ned Kelly's brother Also tonight - is this really no-one can dispute this claim. and I'll guarantee I'm the real Dan Kelly Welcome to Ten's Late News. Good evening. I'm Deborah Knight. wants to see more people working in. This is the work place John Howard This is the work place of 2005.

is continuing to deteriorate The court heard Maria Korp's health as she choked her victim. through Ms Herman's head The words allegedly echoing Joe Korp instructed her: The defendant alleges Ms Herman's lawyer telling court: against Maria Korp. and poison the defendant's mind into following his directions to brainwash her longing and naivety Mr Korp exploited his lover's Instead, the lawyer claimed, that dogged her. bannishing the loneliness lifelong partner and protector, and thought he'd be her Ms Herman loved Joe Korp The defence lawyer told court the victim's husband and her lover. against Joe Korp, and agreed to give evidence to attempted murder Today Ms Herman pleaded guilty Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance. in the boot of a car dumped near battered but somehow still alive, Ms Korp was discovered, Four days later in the victim's Mickleham home. choked her lover's wife, Maria Korp, Last February the 38-year-old her own among them. destroyed many lives, for her dream man Tania Herman's passion not to revive her if she dies. Doctors are under instruction tonight, barely alive. The victim remains in hospital of her boyfriend's wife. over the attempted murder A woman has entered a plea by someone with no vision. and is being led He says the party is without hope of NSW, Queensland and WA. and the Labor premiers he blasts the man who replaced him coming out tomorrow In his autobiography on his former party comrades. is showing no mercy Former Labor leader Mark Latham Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. claim has been lodged. The PM's office says no compensation between parties of good will. in a very short time indeed We could resolve this matter come from the Government. Those instructions has to act on instructions. The Government solicitor Australian Government solicitor. They can't hide behind the of the Solicitor-General. and compensation is in the hands of the Palmer Inquiry they are waiting for the findings office says The Immigration Minister's is out of their hands. But the question of compensation of looking after her. with every intention

inviting their friends along too. The victim claims one man said: Documents tendered in court allege the victim was then forced to have oral sex with five men over two hours, at least four of them tried to have intercourse with her. Police have collected four DNA profiles from the victims' unit. However, the defence says the police have a weak case. Only one man has been linked through the DNA. That man has already been committed to stand trial. The three men arrested this morning were granted bail for $100,000. They'll appear in court on August 23. Evan Batten, Ten News. Queensland's Dr Death scandal may be made into a feature film, angering the surgeon's victims and their families. Danielle Isdale has more. Reliving their ordeals The news was a big shot to some of the victim, outraged at the suggestion a movie may be made about thaur suffering and report I will a New York based film company is considering shooting the film here in Bundaberg. to her home and forced their way in, The men then followed the girl at a nearby shopping centre. and had three copies cut They grabbed the set of keys threatened to bash her. but dropped them when one of the men The 17-year-old girl refused the keys to her unit. who demanded she hand over He was joined by two friends in Sydney's south-west. one of the men at a train station The girl told police she meet the other two were born in Lebanon. one was born in Australia today, Three people that were charged a maximum penalty of life in jail. an offence that now carries sexual assault in company, each with one count of aggravated and charged this afternoon - The trio then interviewed by police living in the same house. two of them brothers in the early hours of this morning, into custody and police take three men Three years after the sexual assault charged over the incident. Police raids today saw three men assaulted a 17-year-old girl. in which five males allegedly of a vicious gang rape, A court has heard graphic details Christopher Still, Ten News. and that he is innocent. his lover acted alone Joe Korp has previously told court Also charged with attempted murder, at a later date. Herman will be sentenced but his mother and father as well. her younger brother's sister and was now not only her daughter Laura told court: Through a victim impact statement, becomes life-threatening. if her condition not to resuscitate the 50-year-old has instructed hospital staff and that her legal guardian Oh! The victims at the moment are so stressed out, the last thing I think they'd probably want is to hear about a movie being made about it right now. Many say it's just too soon, their pain is too raw. It's hard enough pain is too raw. It's hard enough sitting in the commission every day, let alone seeing something like that on the big screen. A woman who's already a star to the victims whistleblower Tony Hoffman was back on the stand today for her final cross-examination and for the first time today she was asked to consider potential excuses for his behaviour. One case who died when Patel operated, it was an operation that should never have happened allegedly because I was too complex for the hospital but the commission heard another surgeon performed the same operation earlier, so perhaps Patel thought he could too. Also the case of a 15-year-old boy whose leg was amputated when Dr Patel allegedly took too long to transfer him to Brisbane. We've heard in the commission that in the period when the boy should have been transferred when he was stabilised Dr Patel was on holidays. You were unaware of Dr Patel having a couple of weeks leave at tend of December. I done recall it. I thought that would be something you would have been most interested that he wasn't going to be at the hospital not operating on people? I don't recall. All these cases will with fully explored by those drekly involved when they take the stand in the coming weeks. There's another damaging sex claim tonight against cricketer Shane Warne. He's been accused of having yet another affair with a woman and sending her lewd text messages at the same time as he was trying to save his marriage. A British newspaper is reporting he had a 2-month fling with the woman and sent her 48 text messages. Shane Warne and his wife Simone announced at the weekend they're separating after 10 years of marriage. Apprentices have taken their anger to the streets, complaining about workplace rip-offs in the building trade. They highlighted the case of an under-age apprentice who received bourbon instead of wages for working overtime. Apprentices employed in the building trade marched on the offices of the Housing Industry Association, complaining about being put on individual contracts. The issue sparking anger after 17-year-old Mark McGrath was ripped off after working two hours overtime. Because instead of being paid overtime he got a bottle of bourbon. And, frankly, bourbon is not the way overtime should be paid. The apprentice was employed directly by the Housing Industry Association under a scheme that places them in a job with qualified tradesmen. ALL: No way HIA! No way HIA! The boss says he'll investigate the claim and take action. So that if they do work overtime, we're there to ensure that overtime is paid for in the correct form of compensation, and that is not by bourbon. The bourbon purchased by the brickie as he drove the under-age apprentice home. He pulled into the shop and he said, "I'll buy you a bourbon for working overtime." I said, "Alright then." Mark's father angry his son was asked to sign a contract he didn't understand and given hard liquor. It took away his RDOs, took away his right to overtime and then the boss paid him in bourbon. I mean, he came home half-cut. The young apprentice is now working for another employer under an enterprise agreement. This is the workplace of 2005. This is the workplace John Howard wants to see more people working in. John Hill, Ten News. Coming up in Ten News - why you should think again if you're in the market for an older and smaller car. And later in the bulletin - is this really Ned Kelly's brother and did he secretly escape the carnage that wiped out the Kelly gang? And when you can expect to see 'King Kong's triumphant return to the cinemas.

This program is captioned live. The Gold Coast lawyer sacked by Schapelle Corby has had an unexpected letter from her. is The convicted drug smuggler has written to Robin Tampoe from her Bali jail cell, begging him to rejoin her defence team. His reaction to the offer is not known. And tonight, the Indonesian President dashed Schapelle Corby's hopes of a presidential pardon, saying he'll never pardon drug smugglers and there's no point campaigning for the release of foreigners held in his country. Freedom at last for a humpback whale entangled in cray pot lines off Victoria's west coast. The mammal was becoming increasingly distressed when fishing nets trailing a polystyrene buoy became tightly wrapped around its right pectoral fin. Rescue crews were able to cut through the line late this afternoon when the sea was calm. The whale will be monitored tomorrow as it's expected to continue its migratory route east. Heartache tonight in the NSW town of Wagga Wagga, after the deaths of a popular local couple in the United States. They were on a flying tour when their plane got caught in heavy fog, plunging into the sea near New York. It was a trip Peter Walsh and his wife Helen had planned would be their last. The couple from Wagga Wagga in regional NSW was in America for a Rotary International conference in Chicago when they decided to mark the end of the event with a joy flight. But joy ended in tragedy when their light plane crashed en route to Connecticut, killing them instantly. The single-engine Cessna left Maine and only made it as far as Long Island Sound when it came down in heavy fog. The pilot and another passenger, both Americans, also died in the crash. A close friend of Mr and Mrs Walsh, Alan Lane, says they'll be remembered for their humility and community commitment. This is an absolute tragedy, of course, not just for the town, but for the region generally. Peter and Helen were a fantastic couple that were involved in all sorts of community activities. Peter ran a very, very successful business in the town, he was involved for 36 years as a Rotarian. It's understood the couple left behind three foster children. The cause of the accident is still being investigated, but it's believed the weather may have contributed. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. A major event in Australian history could soon be rewritten. DNA testing is set to determine once and for all if two of the Kelly gang died in their fiery showdown with police or if the people buried were someone else. The Kelly Gang's story has grabbed the imaginations of Australians for 125 years. But now it's being challenged. A Queensland historian and local councillor has requested the Victorian Coroner reopen part of the case. You'll hear from us in due course of the State Coroner's decision. If Australia's history books have to be rewritten, so be it. Paul Tully says it's possible Ned Kelly's brother Dan and fellow outlaw Steve Hart did not commit suicide inside the Glenrowan Hotel, as this century-old film depicts, but, in fact, escaped the blaze and lived for decades. In 1933 this man, James Ryan, claimed he was Dan Kelly. Ryan is buried at Ipswich and many locals believe his story. He lifted his shirt up, and there was horrible big scars. I imagine they would be burn scars. Victoria police say Dan Kelly and Hart were identified by a priest inside the hotel. It stood at the time and the people there at the time all took it as being face value and we've been running with that since. But Mr Tully says no formal ID was made and he wants DNA samples taken, believing two men burnt beyond recognition and buried in country Victoria were not bushrangers but hostages. I'm the real Dan Kelly and I'll guarantee no-one can dispute this claim. No word yet from the Coroner, perhaps the only person who may yet test the dead man's boast. Paul Kennedy, Ten News. It's one of the most anticipated movies of the year. The giant ape King Kong is being brought back to the big screen by Oscar-winning 'Lord of the Rings' director Peter Jackson. Naomi Watts stars as actress Ann Darrow. Kong is another creation from Jackson's technical wizards. But if this trailer has whet your appetite, you've got a while to wait. King Kong opens on December 14. Coming up in Ten News - why you'd be well advised to think again if you're looking to buy an older and smaller car. We went through a really interesting experience, which was the Wiggle camp. In that camp it was great. We had seven days of intense workshopping and singing and dancing. REPORTER: Wiggle training? Wiggle training. The Wiggles conquer Spain, but what other countries do they have their sights on? (Sing 'Hot Potato' in spanish) And in 'Sports Tonight', Melbourne's David Neitz to test his cheekbone out against the Lions. This program is captioned live. A chilling confession tonight from an American serial killer. 60-year-old Dennis Rader admitted he's the killer known as BTK, which stands for 'bind, torture, kill'. Today he gave disturbing details of the ten murders committed between 1974 and 1991. I put a bag over his head and a cloth over his head - a T-shirt and a bag, so he couldn't tear a hole in it. And he died, he suffocated from that. A father and respected scout leader, he hid his crimes for over 30 years. Rader was caught after sending anonymous letters taunting police for not finding the killer. Used car buyers should beware of smaller and older vehicles. They pose the greatest safety risks, according to one of the world's largest surveys of crashed cars, carried out over the past 18 years. Crashed and crumpled cars are of little use on the roads, but they make valuable tools for life-saving research. Australia's top motoring bodies have assessed 1.7 million smashed vehicles. Of the 288 models tested, all but one of the larger cars provided above-average driver protection. A lot of the large, locally manufactured cars, like Falcons, Commodores, Magnas and Camrys perform particularly well and they're very suitable for family use and are readily available on the second-hand market. With used car sales making up 70% of all transactions, the tests also monitored their danger to other road users. Older makes were generally below par, highlighting the benefit of standard safety features like airbags in later makes. Smaller, lighter cars ranked lowest for crash safety, particularly the Ford Festiva and Daihatsu Charade, which sustained substantial cabin intrusion, crushing the occupants on impact. A lot of very light cars - in fact, none of them in the survey performed particularly well in protecting their occupants. A notable exception - the Toyota Corolla, for its strong structural integrity. While no safer for their occupants than large family cars, four-wheel drives proved the biggest risk to others. Particularly the larger four-wheel drives do have an adverse effect on other road users. Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. To finance news and at Commonwealth Securities, Tom Piotrowski, and the Australian market found its feet again today, Tom? Yes, it was quite an impressive gain today because over if proceeding six sessions the Australian share market shed in the order of about 2% but today it managed to recover just under half of that. There wasn't any one particular reason it made buyers a bit bolder today because there's not much that's changed in the world in the last 24hourss. Significantly the price of oil remains above $60 per barrel. Today I was the banks and the mining stocks that took it higher. We saw CSL become one of the top 200 stocks best performers. The shares were up by 5% after the group confirmed it's profit guidance at confirmed it's profit guidance at the same time announced the share buy back. The Australian share market ended its 6-day slump today. The Wiggles have gone Latino - Australia's fab four now have a Spanish spin-off and they're set to rake in the pesos. Meet the Spanish Wiggles - handpicked from more than 100 hopefuls who auditioned to be part of one of the world's most adored children's acts. But it's tougher than just slipping on a skivvy - mastering the signature wiggle wave is the real test. We went through a really interesting experience, which was the Wiggle camp. In that camp it was great. We had seven days of intense workshopping and singing and dancing. REPORTER: Wiggle training. Wiggle training. Wiggles' manager Paul Field thrilled they could find the talent they needed right here. God bless immigration. We have a fantastic multicultural base here, particularly from South America. And it's wonderful, because initially that's where we're looking to have our TV broadcast. And, for the first time, there are girl Wiggles. And that's great for kids to see guys and girls represented. Months of work have gone into translating the songs. (All sing in Spanish) And now the gang is shooting a 26-part TV series. But it's not Jeff they have to wake up any more - it's Katty. (All speak in Spanish) This is just the latest step on the path to world domination for the Wiggles. There's already a Taiwanese troop, and there are plans for a French, German, Italian and Portuguese Wiggles. (All sing in Spanish) Angela Bishop, Ten News. The weather's next and then it's Sports Tonight with Leigh Diffey. And Leigh, players' salaries the talking point today? Yes, Deb, both here and overseas there are some pretty impressive numbers being thrown around. Bogut's about to get the bucks, Willie's already signed for the bucks and Lleyton's only three games away from more big bucks. This program is captioned live. Looking now at the national weather. The satellite's showing thick cloud along the Queensland coast, more over parts of NSW with cloud building over the west coast. On the synoptic chart, a broad trough is sweeping across eastern districts as a high crosses the Bight and another cold front and trough nears the west coast. So tomorrow we can expect clearing showers around Cairns, windy and wet in Brisbane, showers for Sydney and Canberra, mostly sunny in Hobart, a foggy start then fine in Melbourne, sunny in Adelaide, showers increasing around Perth, then sunny in Darwin and Alice Springs. There's been some flooding in northern NSW tonight. Some aras near Mullumbimby are awash. A deluge today dumped 50mm of rain on the Northern Rivers town. The rain's now heading south, providing some hope for Sydney's disappearing dams. That is the latest from Ten News. Stay with us. Sports Tonight with Leigh Diffey is next. I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. From the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.